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Who would have thought it hard to find the unusual name of Koschnitzki
on the West Coast or actually on ANY coast? And, the surname of
Jacobson, you would think that easy too, wouldn't you?


I started researching our family branches in December 1999 and was
anxious to find all the answers within a few months time. That was not
going to happen. Since then, I have read other genealogist websites
and found they have been doing this for 30 plus years,
so I've only just begun!

What you will see on these next few pages is information I've been able
to gather with the help of new friends and relatives who have generously
contributed to this collection of our family history.

By no means is our tree complete, so from time to time, new information
will be updated. I invite and encourage all to send any family records
and/or pictures that you would like to add to our tree.
After all, this compiled information is my gift to you and for all
generations to come. Please help me make this website a great research
tool for all to enjoy.

The family surnames in our tree that have been included in this site are:

  • Blackburn- Forsythe - Goodin-Courteau-Paulson

    If you have any questions regarding the Proud, Blackburn, Courteau, Forsythe,
    Goodin, and Paulson families, please E-mail Mary Paulson for information.

  • Enjoy!

    Cheryl N. (Kay) Jensen

    This website is dedicated to the loving memory of my father, Roy William Kay who
    got me started on this wonderful journey. Thanks Pop, for sending me there!

    April 28, 1917 - April 1, 1998

    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please E-Mail me, as I want to know!

    * Visit our cousin's (Bruce Pence) wonderful website for these branches of our family

    Bruce-Thank you so very much in believing that I could do this.
    I couldn't have made this site possible without your inspiration and help!
    Thanks for the "push" I needed to get this going!

    Please support free genealogy!

    The information on this family tree website is for free use only.
    Commercial and/or resell use is strictly prohibited.
    All pictures and graphic content are protected by copyright law.
    Please contact me for permission to use.

    I have tried to ensure no living persons are listed in these pages. This is intended to prevent the
    possibility of misuse of their identifying information,i.e. date of birth, mother's maiden name,
    etc. However, if you wish to have your name included,please email me with your permission.

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