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This web site includes my research on several American families. None of the families are particularly noteworthy -- you won't find American presidents or movie stars or millionaires in my family. But you will find some of the people who helped shape this country into what it is today: ordinary people just like you and me. Some teachers, lots of farmers, miners, hotelkeepers, store owners, church members... the type of people who help shape communities in small and subtle ways.

The most recent immigrants in my family came to the United States in the 1860s. There were also members of my family in the States in the 1750s. They came to America from Germany, England, Ireland, France, and Switzerland. My ancestors were some of the early settlers of Shenandoah County, VA; Defiance Co., OH; Harrison Co., IN; Daviess Co., IN; Claiborne Co., TN; and Shelby Co., KY. They were pioneers, traveling by covered wagon and moving their families to new parts of the country.

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  this web site is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, lola irene bline oliver, who is the reason i started working on genealogy.  
      grandma, this is for you.

    | most common surnames |

The most common surnames on this web site are usually the names of my own direct ancestors. They are listed here:

Batt Bihler Boff Brenner
Deatrick/Deitrick Froelich Hoeffner Jungmann
Kolb Lang Mack Mohr
Pahl Roop/Raub Shondal/Shondel Shulz/Shutz
Singer Weber    
Bagby Billups Bline/Blind Breeding
Casey Crutchfield Cupp/Copp/Capp Denbo
Duley Edmondson Funkhouser Gander
Glassock Hudson Jordan Lawson
Lilly Meyers/Myers Moore Mitchell
Oliver Pauley Poteet Powell
Rice Robertson Sturgeon Underhill
Webster Whitacar/Whiteacre Woodfield Wynkold

If you're interested in knowing exactly who I'm descended from, please click here.

    | main surname index page |

I have a long list of all the names that are currently in my family tree. Some are directly related, some are distant cousins, and some are families of people who married into my family. So when you're looking at the surname index, please keep in mind that I probably don't have a lot of information about many of the people listed.

PLEASE NOTE: I have decided to disable this section of my website for the time being. I am revising my site so that I do not provide information for anyone who was born or who died after 1930 (in keeping with the current census). I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy. Until I can get the pages edited to omit people who were born or died after 1930, this link will be disabled.

click on the asterisk for the main surname index page  

    | legal |

The information on these pages MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED FOR PROFIT. Although anyone can walk into a courthouse or a library or go to a cemetery and look up this information himself or herself, it has taken me a LOT of time to put it all together. If you use any of the information from this web site in your own family tree, I would definitely appreciate it if you cite me as a source. I created this web site so that people who can't get to courthouses, libraries, and cemeteries can still benefit from some of the information found in those places. All I ask is that you remember how hard I've worked to bring it to you.

My name is Kelly Oliver, and my email address is .

Please feel free to email me if your family is connected so that I can send you updated information as I find it. Also, if you see any mistakes or would like to make any additions, don't be shy about letting me know.

    | documents |

I have copies (lots of them are certified copies) of many documents and would be happy to share them with family.

I used to have a long list here of the documents I have, but I've decided to disable the list because I don't want to put any sensitive information on the web. I've included a list of documents here that apply to people who died before 1930. I have a lot for people who were born and died later than that, but I don't want to put them on the Internet. Please write to me if you're related, and I'll tell you what I have.

    | gravestone photos |

I have taken photos of lots of gravestones. I used to have a list of them here, but the list was getting too long, and in keeping with my new policy of not showing information for people who were born or died after 1930, I had to remove several photos from the lists.

Use the following links to find the photos:
    | in search of... |

I'm always searching for new information about the people in my family, but there are a few questions that are at the top of my "To Do" list. If you see anything on this list that you can answer, please let me know!

    | links of interest to family members |     | my current genealogy projects |

It seems like I always have some sort of project going on in addition to my regular family research. I am currently working on the following:
click on the asterisk for the main 1900 Daviess Co. Census index page  

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    | acknowledgments and thanks |

When I first started working on my family history, I was just trying to collect information to tell my grandmother. Citing sources and looking at census records didn't interest me. To be honest, I just wanted to dig up as much as I could (read: take other people's research). But as I got more and more involved, I began to realize that being a keeper of the family history is not an easy job, and it's not a job in which making mistakes is okay. Keeping a proper record is difficult, but it's quite rewarding.

There were a few people who helped me get started in the right direction with genealogy, and they were very patient with me. I'd like to thank them.

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