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Descendants of Thomas Green Vaughan

Generation No. 1 in America

1. THOMAS GREEN VAUGHAN, a son of Hector Vaughan, was born April 20, 1789 at Fancroft, near Rosecrea, in King's County (now County Tipperary), Ireland. He died December 6, 1836, in Elizabeth City County, Va. He married CLAUDIA HAMILTON ELLEGOOD on January 31, 1815, in Church's Point, Princess Anne County, Va. She was a daughter of WILLIAM ELLEGOOD and SARAH GACEY MATHEWS. She was born September 17, 1798, in King's Lane, Norfolk, Va., and died December 26, 1870, in Mahoney City, Pa.

Thomas is described as being "of Dublin" at the time of his emigration, though he was born in Rosecrea, where his brother was the priest of the Anglican church. His grandson, Harold Vaughan, recalled that Thomas set up a draper's store in Maiden Lane in Dublin, but when he failed to make good he emigrated to Norfolk, Va. where he was first employed by a merchant named Francis. An uncle, William Vaughan, may have preceded Thomas in emigration to Norfolk. It is certain that Alderman William Vaughan took part in the investigation of a suspected slave revolt conspiracy there in 1802.

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Frank Vaughan wrote of his father in his manuscript memoir:

I have but faint rememberance of my father, although I was nearly eight years old at the time of his death. He was an Irishman. I have never known any of his family, nor heard but little of them. My father came to America in 1809, when he was twenty years old. Both his father and mother were dead at the time. His eldest brother, Hector, who was educated at Trinity College, Dublin became a priest in the Anglican Church and removed to Edinboro, Scotland. Another brother, John, remained and died in Ireland. The youngest brother, Francis, ran away from home when a boy and Was traced to the West Indies - Nothing more was heard of him. The old family Bible has it that my father was “born at Fancraft in Roscrea, Kings County, 16 miles from Dublin.” For a short while he was engaged in the mercantile business in Dublin; then he came to America. He married my mother in 1815 and died in 1836. My father took an irregular course at Trinity College. He had a respectable education, was a fine pensman, a good accountant and a competent merchant. He could acquire, but knew not how to hold, and his judgment as to plan and management were not good.

He was of medium height, somewhat stout and of pleasing manner and affectionate disposition. He had had smallpox in his youth. I remember that his face was pockmarked.

Among my father's relatives was a wealthy family named Greene. I believe my uncle Hector married one of his cousins in this family. My uncle John was always a most affectionate brother to my father. The two constantly corresponded until death came to separate them. Since that time I have known nothing of my uncle John's family.

Capable as my father was, he had but small success in business, owing to bad management. He was generally cramped. Though kind and affectionate to his family, his continual reverses in time soured his disposition, and his misfortunes were attributed to bad luck. He finally settled down in the belief that the whole world had combined to oppose him and force him back in the down grade. He lacked the wisdom to understand that his own acts were the cause of his troubles and that he was his own greatest enemy. His cares seemed chiefly for the present, and whenever success attended his exertions -- which was often the case -- he was elated, because the present was provided for; but, as soon as the gains and profits disappeared, he became again morose and despondent -- "An enemy hath done this!" At the age of 45 years he had run almost completely down; dead poor, with a large family on his hands. He tried school teaching; had a few scholars. Enough was realized to keep off actual want. In December, 1836, he died at the age of 47 years, my mother being at the same time dangerously ill, from which she recovered only after several months. A widow now with eight children, with no permanent home and without a dollar!

I remember my father's going to his grave, the rude hearse moving slowly along, and shabby little I among the few, few followers.

[Note: It is recorded elsewhere that the Rev. Hector Vaughan left no descendants. Frank Vaughan's manuscript is in the possession of a descendant]

Frank Vaughan wrote of his mother in his manuscript memoir:

Precious Mother! Faithful, patient, loving guardian of that eight -- five of them utterly dependent, and she, their guardian, penniless, and oh, so feeble! Blessed Mother! How my heart throbs even now, old man that I am, as I feel her dear hand resting on my head, and hear the sweet music of her voice, and feel upon my forehead the warm touch of her loving lips! Dear guardian! Ever most dearly loved, but never so dearly as now when I am old and grayheaded. How kind she was, how gentle, how self sacrificing; how thoughtful ever of her wards! How weary, yet how patient; how tender with those who knew no better than, as birds in their nest, to look up to her with open mouths and be fed, and whose rest under her protecting wings was ever sweet and peaceful!

To read an excerpt from Frank Vaughan's memoir describing his mother, click here



Claudia Hamilton Ellegood Vaughan, in the words of her grandson, Harold Cowper Vaughan


Daughter of William Ellegood and Sarah Gasey Mathews, she was born in King's Lane, Norfolk, Va. February 17, 1798; married Thomas Vaughan at Church's Point, Princess Anne County, Va., January 31, 1815, died December 26, 1870. Her two grandfathers, Lt. Col. Jacob Ellegood and Lt. Col Thomas Mathews were on opposite sides at the battle of Great Bridge, Va., in 1775. She was named for Col. John Hamilton, British Consul at Norfolk, who was an intimate friend of her father and maternal grandfather. The death of my grandfather in 1836 left her in very reduced circumstances.



By any standard of the day, he made a brilliant marriage. CLAUDIA HAMILTON ELLEGOOD was descended on her father's side from the Ellegoods, a notable Huguenot family with Loyalist members who fled to Canada, and on her mother's side from Brig. Gen. Thomas Mathews, for whom Mathews County, Virginia, was named. Local histories record that “As a child, she sang a little song, at the home of her godfather, Col. John Hamilton, British Consul at Norfolk, for Thomas Moore, the Irish poet.” Her aunt Mary Mathews was part of the entertainment as well: Moore himself noted that "Miss Mathews came in and played the piano for us." Wiley family and Vaughan family descendants remembered the event, and the family's connection with the Hamilton family, decades later in letters.

Moore himself later assessed the experience: "The people of Norfolk looked like negroes and the town like a mudhole. Music here is like whistling in the wilderness."

Although the 1870 U.S. census finds her in the home of her son, Francis Vaughan in Elizabeth City, Claudia Ellegood Vaughan died at the residence of her son-in-law, the Rev. J.W. Murphy, in Mahoney City, Pa., on Dec. 26, 1870. She was buried March 11, 1871, in the Baptist Cemetery, Elizabeth City N.C. On a visit to Elizabeth City in the mid 1930s, Harold Vaughan discovered that an enlargement of the church had covered his grandmother's grave site.


2. i. ANNE ELIZA VAUGHAN, born April 19, 1816; died April 19, 1845.

3. ii. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS MATHEWS VAUGHAN, born February 13, 1819; died August 10, 1887.

iii. THOMAS HECTOR GREEN VAUGHAN, born February 24, 1819; died September 24, 1887, Pine Bluff, Ark.; m. (1) MARY A. LOVETT, November 18, 1841; b. Gatesville, N.C.; m. (2) MARGARET A. PARKER, 1858, Friar's Point, Miss. There were no children of either marriage.

Frank Vaughan wrote in his memoir:

My brother Thomas, then thirteen years old, had employment at Capt. Boushall's shipyard on Dry Point in this town [Elizabeth City].But soon after my father's death, a place was secured for him as an apprentice, to learn the blacksmith trade, with Messrs Mayer & Gormley, in Norfolk. Poor Tom was cruelly treated by his masters, which fact being shown to the Court, his indentures were annulled. He then got a place, in the same trade, in Baltimore, where he continued until he was nineteen years old, when he returned to his old home and set up a little business in his trade for himself. After about a year he removed to Gatesville, and, after living there a few months, at the age of twenty years, he married a widow lady much older than himself. He lived in Gatesville from that time (1841) until 1858, a year after his wife's death. He then went to Arkansas, and before he had been there a year, he married another widow. He died childless at Pine Bluff in October 1887. Augustus had died in August of the same year, in Norfolk, leaving a widow and six children.


4. iv. SARAH MARY MATHEWS VAUGHAN, born November 10, 1823, Hillsboro, N.C.; died September 28, 1884.

v. JOHN VAUGHAN, born January 13, 1826; died July 30, 1831.

5. vi. FRANCIS WILLIAM SHARPE VAUGHAN, born January 22, 1828; died January 3, 1913, Portsmouth, Va.

6. vii. JUDGE WILLIAM ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN, born September 11, 1830, Elizabeth City, N.C.; died April 8, 1877, Washington DC.

viii. JAMES NIMMO VAUGHAN, born February 26, 1833; died February 13, 1894. Unmarried.

7. ix. REV. MAURICE HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born March 17, 1836; died February 1907.


Generation No. 2

2. ANNE ELIZA VAUGHAN was born April 19, 1816, and died April 19, 1845. She married JOHN C. MORRIS October 13, 1835. He was born in Providence, R.I.

Frank Vaughan wrote in his memoir:

"A few months before my father's death his eldest child, my sister Ann Eliza, was married to Capt. J. C. Morris. ... The cruelly abused, longtime abandoned wife died in 1845. Years before she had sought refuge in the loving guardian's arms; how unsure, apparently, the protection in arms so weak against the trailing wolf! The brutal husband was not near when death came. The loving mother held close on her trembling bosom her dying child until the last heartbeat; her warm tears fell on the pallis cheeks of her who was at last at rest. I saw that face; how quiet, how peaceful, the sweet sleep of death! A few stand or kneel by the still form and weep. A few, whose very grief seemed selfish. She that had departed was theirs. The world could take no part in them now."

Known child of ANNE VAUGHAN and JOHN MORRIS is:

i. MARY TORRANCE MORRIS, died shortly after birth, according to the Vaughan family bible, 'In the highlands of Georgia.".


3. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS MATHEWS VAUGHAN was born February 13, 1819, and died August 10, 1887. He married MAY LOUISE ARMISTEAD July 12, 1845.

Frank Vaughan wrote in his memoir:

"The next oldest child, my brother Augustus, 16 years old at his father's death, was living at Norfolk, a bound apprentice to old Capt. Drummond, who, with the Garys, a branch of the family, resided at Ghent, where was the ropewalk at the borders of the town. Augustus was learning the trade of a tanner."

'Uncle Gus' was later a postmaster of Norfolk. Frank Vaughan wrote:

"In August 1848, my brother Augustus procured for me a clerkship in the Norfolk Post Office at $20 per month. Dr. Galt was then postmaster and my brother Augustus was chief of six clerks. I filled the place left vacant by Alexander Galt, a son of the doctor, and continued in it until August 1849, when my brother William was appointed in my place. I was then twenty-one years old."



i. CLAUDIA ANNE VAUGHAN, born May 18, 1848; she married ROBERT FREEMAN, December 2, 1868.

8. ii. CORNELIA HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born November 23, 1851.

iii. RICHARD SILVESTER VAUGHAN, born October 4, 1853. Unmarried.

iv. MARY ROSE VAUGHAN, born October 28, 1857; married LT. COL CLINTON R. CURTIS USN. No children.

v. NEWTON ARMISTEAD VAUGHAN, born March 3, 1859. Unmarried.

vi. AUGUSTUS M. VAUGHAN, born May 25, 1861, Elizabeth City, N.C.

vii. ROBERT E. LEE VAUGHAN, born October 19, 1862. Died in childhood.

viii. CHARLES G. VAUGHAN, born June 19, 1866. Unmarried.


4. SARAH MARY MATHEWS VAUGHAN was born November 10, 1823 in Hillsboro, N.C., and died September 28, 1884. She married the REVEREND JOSEPH W. MURPHY on June 3, 1852, in Elizabeth City, N.C. his portrait To read a brief essay about the challenges of tracking down the improbable Father Murphy, click here


i. CLAUDIA MARTHA MURPHY, born June 2, 1853; married her cousin WALTER STUMPH. No children. She died October 13, 1932, according to a letter from William to his cousin Harold Cowper Vaughan.

ii. WILLIAM BEDELL MURPHY, born October 15, 1856; married his cousin JULIA MURPHY. She was a daughter of the Rev. Samuel Murphy, a brother of Joseph W. Murphy. No issue.

William, Claudia and Walter all ended their days in California; Claudia and Walter in El Cajon, and William in nearby La Mesa

9. iii. GEORGE HERBERT MURPHY, born September 28, 1880, St. David's Parish, Washington Co., N.C.


5. FRANCIS WILLIAM SHARPE VAUGHAN was born January 22, 1828, and died January 3, 1913 in Portsmouth Va. He married ANNIE MAE CLUFF SCOTT November 22, 1855 in Elizabeth City, N.C., a daughter of COL. JAMES CHAMBERLAIN SCOTT and MARGARET MUSGRAVE. The Rev. Dr. Spencer officiated. MARGARET MUSGRAVE was the daughter of George Musgrave and Sarah Johnston, natives of of Trillick, County Tyrone, [now Northern] Ireland. Annie was born May 31, 1838, and died in 1920 in Portsmouth, Va. She is buried in Episcopal Cemetery, Elizabeth City.

Margaret Musgrave died just before the 1850 U.S. census that finds her husband, 48, a farmer , their five children, and her father, George Musgrave, 70, a carpenter, at home near Elizabeth City. The children are Sarah, 17; Ann, 13; Walter, 6; Mary, 4; and George, 1. Sarah and Annie were photographed as children.

To read more about Annie Mae's Scott lineage, click here

Frank Vaughan was certainly one of Elizabeth City's most notable, and perhaps most colorful citizens. As well as an attorney, he was an inventor who held over a dozen patents and the author of works of both fiction and nonfiction. J.B. Lippincott published his romance thriller "Kate Weathers, or Scattered by the Tempest" in 1878. In 1895 in association with his son, Frank Jr., he published "The Albemarle District of North Carolina, with a brief sketch of its history; its topography and physical features; its fertile lands; its rivers and great inland seas; its forests and fields; its products of land and water; its climate and healthfulness; its facilities for travel and transportation; its present financial condition; its modes of taxation and public school system, together with a description of Elizabeth City, etc." The title pretty well sums up the contents of the book. In a testimonial, one Mr. James E. Shepherd wrote, "Mr. Vaughan by his acquaintance with the deeds and records of the various counties, as well as his great fund of general information, is, in my opinion, better fitted to prepare such a work than any one of my acquaintance."

Children of FRANK VAUGHAN and ANNIE SCOTT, all born in Elizabeth City, are:

i. ANNIE MAE VAUGHAN, born November 23, 1859.; died 1868.

10. ii. FRANCIS (FRANK) ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN, born November 25, 1861; died June 1, 1915, in Albany, N.Y.

11.iii. BERTHA HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born June 1, 1865; died March 25, 1926, Portsmouth, Va.

12. iv. CLAUDIA MILDRED VAUGHAN, born February 10, 1868; died January 31, 1944, Portsmouth Va.

She kept a diary of doings in Elizabeth City in her teenage years Click here to read it

13. v. PERCY SCOTT VAUGHAN, born February 9, 1871; died Hampton, Va.

14. vi. HAROLD COWPER VAUGHAN, born December 17, 1872; died March 21, 1952, Veterans Hospital, New York, N.Y.

vii. ANNIE ALMIRA VAUGHAN, born February 10, 1875; she died April 27, 1961, in Riverside, California. Her photo

John Cloyd Emmerson writes: "Annie Vaughan outdistanced her brothers in the variety and scope of her activities, which might almost be said to have been conducted on a global scale. Beginning as a music teacher in Chocawinity, N.C., she turned to a business career at a time when women were just beginning to establish themselves firmly in that field. Largely self-taught in typing, stenography and bookkeeping, she achieved the status of certified public accountant before deciding that teaching, after all, was her vocation. In pursuit of her ambition, she earned degrees in education at North Carolina College for Women, the University of California and Columbia University, filling teaching assignments as well as engaging in sundry extracurricular activities during the intervals between. Her outstanding teaching was perhaps in conducting for a number of years a school in the mountains of North Carolina, where she became a community leader as well as instructor. This duty was interrupted by service with the YMCA in France during WWI; in the course of which she was stationed in Paris, Rennes, Nancy, Nimes and was at Neufchateau, in the Zone of Advance, when the Armistice was signed. For her exertions then in improvising shelter and comforts for English prisoners, released and left to shift for themselves by the retreating Germans, she was awarded a decoration by the British government. Regulations forbade he accepting it, and she received instead a letter of appreciation from Sir Esme Howard, British ambassador at Washington. She resumed her work in the mountains for a number of years following the war,and her later activities included: employment at the American Museum of Natural History,New York; conducting a class in Auction Bridge at Honolulu, her pupils consisting principally of Army and Navy officers and their wives, an activity later transfered to Shanghai, where she occupied her own suite in Cathay Mansions, teaching in a mountain school in the Philippines and operating a gift shop in Manila, before completing a circuit of the globe in returning home just prior to the outbreak of WWII. During her activities in the Portsmouth area, which included serving as a hostess at the North Carolina Building at the Jamestown Exposition, Annie made her home with us over a period of years, as well as at frequent intervals between her other activities, until her final move to California, where she continued her work for some years before retirement. (JCE Jr., Emmersons and Portsmouth, p. 568)

Annie wrote a charming memoir of growing up in Elizabeth City for her nieces.
Read it here

15. viii. WILLIAM KENT VAUGHAN, born June 10, 1880; died Richmond, Va.

16. ix. ARCHIE MUSGRAVE VAUGHAN, born January 4, 1880; died June 7, 1958, Petersburg, Va.

The census suggests that the Vaughan household was a large one; in 1870 the household included two Scott siblings of Annie Vaughan and two Vaughan uncles, as well as four of the couple's children.

Frank reveals in his memoir that he and Annie had lost four children at birth or in childhood:

"Twelve precious children have been born to us, four of whom now live with God. Margaret Mae, the first born, died at the age of sixteen months. Augustus saw but a few days of earthly life; he was born on my 30th birthday. Sweet Annie Mae came to us in 1859 and departed in 1868. Edward, born in 1864, lived but one week."

To view a Vaughan and Scott family portrait page, click here

6. JUDGE WILLIAM ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN was born September 11, 1830 in Elizabeth City, N.C., and died April 8, 1877 in Washington D.C. He married CLAUDIA MORRIS April 18, 1865, at Lemuel Morris Plantation, Gates Co. N.C. She was born May 1, 1844, in Gates County, N.C., and died November 5, 1905 in Washington D.C. WILLIAM ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN was a probate judge. He and his wife are buried in Congressional Cemetery.

Frank Vaughan writes in his memoir:

"My brother William died in Washington, D.C. in 1875, leaving a widow and three children."


17. i. EMILY MATHEWS VAUGHAN, born December 16, 1866.



William Bogart Vaughan Cash wrote to Harold Cowper Vaughan on June 8, 1946: "Uncle William Vaughan died last July of a heart attack from which he suffered a great deal. His wife was just operated on very seriously but is recovering very well. He leaves two sons, Wesley and William Vaughan Jr. They are both very fine boys though William Jr seems to be the most successful in business so far."



7. REV. MAURICE HAMILTON VAUGHAN was born March 17, 1836, and died October 24, 1906. He married (1) CAMILLA COOK, a native of Baltimore, Md., on February 8, 1862, in Tarboro, N.C. and (2) SARAH ANGELINA HAMME in Oxford, N.C. "Sallie" was born January 6, 1841 and died May 13, 1917.

A March 12, 1872 clipping from the Elizabeth City Economist states that "Rev. Maurice Vaughan has a daily Lenten service at Christ Church. He is an educated and courteous gentleman." (Emmersons and Portsmouth, p. 559)

His portrait hangs in St. George's Episcopal Church, Poplar Hill, Valley Lee, Maryland, where he and several members of his family are buried. Our thanks to parish historian Sarah Fitzgerald for providing portraits and information from the parish records.




i. JAMES ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN, born February 26, 1869; died September 16, 1894. He married Hettie V. Allen November 30, 1892, in Washington, D.C. The family bible kept by his father noted that he died of an internal hemorrhage at the age of 25.

ii. LIZZIE IRVING VAUGHAN, born October 2, 1870; died April 12, 1873, after an illness 'of one hour'

iii. SARAH ANDERSON VAUGHAN, born January 12, 1874 in Granville County, N.C., 'at the home of her grandparents'.

iv. MAURICE HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born August 27, 1876; died January 9, 1878, in St. Stephen's Rectory, Oxford N.C.

19. v. REBECCA LEWIS VAUGHAN. The Vaughan family bible notes that she was born March 28, 1878 in the rectory of St. Stephen's Church, Oxford, N.C. She married JOHN SHADRACK GUYTHER Jr. in William & Mary Glebe House, St. Mary's County, Md. November 30, 1893. He was born November 11, 1863 and died March 3, 1929. He is buried at St. George's; his wife in Washington D.C.


vii. RICHARD T. VAUGHAN, born August 16, 1872; died July 27, 1939. He married Mary Matilda "Mamie" Duke, April 28, 1897. She was born December 14, 1868, and died December 25, 1938. The couple, along with Susan Elizabeth Coppage, Mamie's sister, are buried at St. George's, Poplar Hill.




Generation No. 4

8. CORNELIA HAMILTON VAUGHAN was born November 23, 1851. She married DR. R.J. PERKINS October 25, 1876.

Children of CORNELIA VAUGHAN and R.J. PERKINS are:

i. LOUISA HAMILTON PERKINS, married LT. CLINTON R. CURTIS USN. Lt. Curtis was the widower of Mary Rose Vaughan, (8 iv.) above




9. GEORGE HERBERT MURPHY was born September 28, 1880, in St. David's, Washington County., N.C. John C. Emmerson Jr. writes: "While stationed in Franfort-am-Main Germany, early in his military service, he married Marguerite (Gretel) Schmidt of Chemnitz, Saxony. They, with their son, William Herbert, were frequent visitor with us at 419 High St and at the cottage [Cape Henry]; while I visited them at St. Catharine's, Ontario, in 1907, and mother and Mildred spent some time with them at Zurich in the 1920s. Young Herbert attended a number of schools in this country and abroad, including McGill University, and entered the Consular Service as vice-consul at Coburg, Germany. While at that post in the summer of 1913, he met me at Nuremburg, where we spent a day of sightseeing. At the outbreak of WWI, he secured a commission in the air forces - then Signal Corps - and among his postwar duties was a tour of duty as laboratory assistant to Nikola Tesla the physicist, who was at work upon aviation problems. Herbert was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force stationed at Hawaii in 1941, and was lost not long after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when his plane was shot down over Sumatra by the Japanese. (Emmersons and Portsmouth, p. 555) He is buried in Episcopal Cemtery, Hillsboro N.C., near the graves of his parents.


i. LT. COL. WILLIAM HERBERT MURPHY USAF was born April 11, 1889 in Berlin, Germany. He was killed in action over Sumatra in the first weeks of WWII. He married Germaine Horrickx of Antwerp, Belgium, leaving a son, William Herbert Murphy Jr., and a daughter. (JCE, MS communication to EMVT; letter Dec. 14, 1930, EGG to CMVE)


10. FRANK ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN was born November 25, 1861, in Elizabeth City, N.C., and died June 1, 1915, in Albany, N.Y. He married ADELE ELIZABETH FISHER November 20, 1887 in the church of the Ascension, Greenpoint, Brooklyn N.Y. ADELE, known in the family as "Dellie," was the daughter of Edward Fisher and Emma Smith. She was born in March 1869 in New York, and died April 16, 1955, in Amityville, N.Y. She married 2) R.C. Jarrold. Frank Ellegood is buried in Episcopal Cemetery, Elizabeth City, N.C.

"Co-publisher of a newspaper in Elizabeth City while yet in his teens, Frank early went to New York for a career in journalism and publishing, which included reportorial work on the old New York Star, and the post of day city editor of the New York Herald under the Bennett regime." (Emmersons and Portsmouth p. 568)


i. AUBREY NIMMO VAUGHAN, born 1888; died April 4, 1890. He is buried in Brookside Cemetery East, Englewood, N.J.

20. ii. ADELE PACKARD VAUGHAN, born April 1, 1892, 60 East 116th St., New York, N.Y. She died August 13, 1986, in Darnell, Mass. Her photo


11. BERTHA HAMILTON VAUGHAN was born June 1, 1865 in Elizabeth City, N.C., and died March 25, 1926 in Portsmouth Va. She married JONATHAN W. ALBERTSON, son of JUDGE JONATHAN W. ALBERTSON at Christ Church, Elizabeth City, on December 28, 1887. He was born in 1858 in Hertford, N.C. In the 1900 census, Bertha is living with her parents and children in Elizabeth City, though she describes herself as married. After moving to Portsmouth, Bertha describes herself as a widow in the 1910 and 1920 censuses. Her husband apparently died in Clackamas, Oregon, on March 3, 1930.


i. MILDRED ALBERTSON. She never married.

21. ii. ROBERT BROOKE ALBERTSON. An attorney of Norfolk. This longsuffering gentleman supported his grandparents, mother and simple aunt until their passings, as well as his own family.

iii ANNIE MAE ALBERTSON, born June 24, 1892, married DR. JOHN LEROY SHIPLEY JR., Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Va. She was born June 24, 1892 and died in Elizabeth City January 18, 1991. He was born January 22, 1890 in Maryland and died September 1977, also in Elizabeth City. The couple traveled the world with the United States Navy. They had no children.

12. CLAUDIA MILDRED VAUGHAN was born February 10, 1868 in Elizabeth City, N.C., and died January 31, 1944 in Portsmouth Va. She married JOHN CLOYD EMMERSON November 22, 1888, in Elizabeth City, N.C., son of JOHN EMMERSON and SUSAN BARRON COCKE. He was born January 10, 1865 in Oak Lawn, residence of Major Joseph Cloyd CSA, in Pulaski Co., Va., and was baptised December 28, 1865, at Trinity Church. He died June 27, 1942, in Parrish Memorial Hospital, Portsmouth, Va. The couple is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth.

(See Emmerson lineage for their descendants)

13. PERCY SCOTT VAUGHAN, born February 9, 1871; died Hampton, Va. He married VERNA MAE WHITCOMB. She was born about 1874.


i. FRANK VAUGHAN, born July 18, 1893

ii. PERCY SCOTT VAUGHAN, born about 1896

iii. AUSTIN VAUGHAN, born about 1897

iv. THEONIA VAUGHAN, born about 1900

v. MILDRED VAUGHAN, born about 1902

vi. MAE WOOD VAUGHAN, born about 1903

vii. ANNIE VAUGHAN, born about 1905

viii. VERNA MAE VAUGHAN, born about 1907

Correspondence reveals that Percy Scott Vaughan Jr. and his wife adopted a son in 1924; he is not named in the letter, but it was noted that the child's birth parents had died of tuberculosis.


14. HAROLD COWPER VAUGHAN, born December 17, 1872; died March 21, 1952, Veterans Hospital, New York, N.Y. He married HELEN FRANCES WISCH August 31, 1929 in the Church of the Transfiguration, New York City. She was born 1902i in Brooklyn, N.Y. to William and Emma Wisch [or Wesche, described in the 1910 U.S. Census as of German/Hungarian origin.] She was apparently "fending for herself," in Harold's words, by 1920, when she was a bookkeeper for a taxi firm. He was 56 and she 27 when they married.


i. HAROLD HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born January 25, 1930 and died August 6, 1997. He married and had two sons, presumably living.

ii. FRANCIS MUSGRAVE VAUGHAN, born March 6, 1934.


15. WILLIAM KENT VAUGHAN, born January 10, 1877, married CARRIE BELLE WALTER in about 1909. He was a druggist, and owned stores in Elizabeth City and Richmond.

i. WILLIAM KENT VAUGHAN JR, born November 11, 1909.

ii. FRANK COLES VAUGHAN, born in 1911.

iii. MAURICE HAMILTON VAUGHAN, born April 22, 1912.

iv. SOPHIA CAROLINE VAUGHAN, born November 8, 1915.

v. HAROLD MUSGRAVE VAUGHAN, born May 27, 1919

vi. HORACE WALTER VAUGHAN, born September 1921


16. ix. ARCHIE MUSGRAVE VAUGHAN, born January 4, 1880; died June 7, 1958, Petersburg, Va. He married Julie Marie LeJeune October 18, 1911, in Belleville, La. She was born May 11, 1881 and died February 18, 1954.

i. ANN SCOTT VAUGHAN, August 7, 1912

ii. JULIE MARIE LEJEUNE VAUGHAN, born April 13, 1914, died young

iii. KATHERINE MATHEWS VAUGHAN, born January 20, 1921

According to family letters, the marriage was not a successful one, and at least one letter speaks of the couple as divorced. It is certain that Julie Le Jeune Vaughan returned to her native Louisiana with the couple's youngest child.


17. EMILY MATHEWS VAUGHAN was born December 16, 1866 in Elizabeth City, N.C. According to a family bible, she was married twice, first to William Cash, and second, to Frederick William Triepel, who name is given as Theodore in the same family bible. She lived in Washington D.C., where she worked in the library of the Department of the Treasury. For a lady passionately interested in genealogy, she left very few clues about her own marriages and family for her successors.


i. WILLIAM BOGART VAUGHAN CASH, born July 18, 1889 and died December 8, 1967. He married Ann McRae Parker. As a young engineer he traveled to Panama and worked on the design of the Panama Canal.

18. CAMILLA COOK VAUGHAN, born May 17, 1863, in Tarboro, N.C. and died February 6, 1908. She married WILLIAM JOSEPH GRIFFIN on October 25, 1882. He was born June 10, 1854 and died September 3, 1897.


i. WILLIAM WHITE GRIFFIN, born October 1, 1883, died October 21, 1937.

ii. MAURICE HAMILTON GRIFFIN, born October 16, 1884

iii. MATTIE SAUNDERS GRIFFIN, born December 30, 1887

iv. ELIZABETH GORDON GRIFFIN, born January 23, 1890; died September 25, 1968.. "Lizzie" was another ardent genealogist. For a taste of her highly detailed 'black belt' genealogical style, click here

v. CHARLES EDWARD GRIFFIN, born March 26, 1892

vi. CAMILLA HELEN GRIFFIN, born August 12, 1894; died April 8, 1915.

vii. ELLEGOOD VAUGHAN GRIFFIN, born September 6, 1896

19. REBECCA LEWIS VAUGHAN. born March 28, 1878 in the rectory of St. Stephen's Church, Oxford, N.C. She married JOHN SHADRACK GUYTHER Jr. in William & Mary Glebe House, St. Mary's County, Md. November 30, 1893. He was born November 11, 1863 and died March 3, 1929. He is buried at St. George's; his wife in Washington D.C.


i. CLAUDIA GUYTHER, born December 8, 1897

ii. CAMILLA VAUGHAN GUYTHER, born July 13, 1900


20. ADELE PACKARD VAUGHAN married 1) HOWARD FREEMAN SCHOPPE in New York, in about 1915. She married 2) EDWARD MCMURTRY STEVENSON on June 8, 1923, in New York, son of Edward Stevenson and Mary Blackwell. He was born August 2, 1896, in Harrodsburg, Ky. and died October 8, 1987, in Hope Sound, Fla.


i. WILLIAM SCHOPPE, born May 31, 1915 in New York; he died there February 7, 1993. He married; one daughter is deceased, and one living.

Three of the four daughters of ADELE VAUGHAN and EDWARD STEVENSON are living, with many descendants.

21. ROBERT BROOKE ALBERTSON, born December 6, 1889 in Elizabeth City, married Louise Gaither of Hertford, N.C. He practiced law in Portsmouth, Va.





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