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Diary of Emily R. Gregory

Jersey City, N.J.



~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ January ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Thursday 1

A dull day, rained in the evening. Took care of Baby all day. Went to Mrs. Egisto Fabbri's to supper, enjoyed it very much. Received from Father a present of $50 this a.m. Baby had $5 & Dave $50. Nobody received calls this year.

Baby: Emily Randall Gregory, daughter of Emily Weld Randall and David Henderson Gregory, born May 23, 1873

Mrs. Egisto Fabbri: Mary Kearny Fabbri, an Englishwoman. Her husband, financier Egisto Fabbri, is the brother of Ernesto Fabbri, husband of Emily's sister Sara.

Father: Dudley Sanford Gregory, Emily's father-in-law, in whose mansion in Jersey City she and her husband are living. Emily's own father had died in 1869.

Friday 2

A dull rainy day. At home all day & evening.

Saturday 3

Dull & foggy. Expected Mrs. Fabbri, Agnes and Cora over to lunch but they did not come. Mr. Jarves and Harry Gregory dined with us. At home in the evening.

Agnes and Cora: Her sisters Agnes Adelaide, widow of Charles Hadden Tomes; and Cornelia Marcy Randall

Harry Gregory: Henry Gregory, son of James Gilbert Gregory, a brother of Dudley Sanford Gregory.

Mr. Jarves: Demming Jarves, husband of Harry Gregory's sister, Josephine.

Sunday 4

At home all day. Muggy and wet. Charlie Randall came over this afternoon. Went to church this evening.

Charlie Randall: Charles Knower Randall, Emily's older brother.

Monday 5

Dull and rainy. Home all day. Went to Niblo's in the evening to see the Vokes in "Belles of the Kitchen." Very good.

Niblo's Garden: a popular theater and dance hall then on Lower Broadway. Historians say the first Broadway musical was presented there in 1866. It is no longer standing.

Tuesday 6

Dull and rainy again. Mr. Pearson spent the evening with us and we all amused ourselves over the Letter Game. Received a letter from Mamie Miller.

Mr. Pierson: He turns up frequently in the evenings to play cards. Later in the diary he is referred to as 'Willie Pierson.' He appears to have been a business associate or employee of DSG.

Mamie Miller: a girlhood friend.

Wednesday 7

Pouring rain all day. Home day and evening. Kate lived with me six months.

Kate: Later entries show that Kate is Baby's nurse

Thursday 8

Rainy morning. Cleared away. Cold in the afternoon. Baby and I spent the day with Mother. Called on Mamie Miller and Sara. Home in the evening. The Grinnells spent a with us. [she has omitted a word]

Mother: Sara Ann Limberger Randall, widow of John Randall

Sara: her sister, Mrs. Ernesto Fabbri

The Grinnells: B.B.Grinnell was a pallbearer at the funeral of Dudley Sanford Gregory's wife, Anna Maria Lyon.

Friday 9

Beautiful and clear. At home in the morning. Called upon Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Henry in the afternoon. Evening at home.

Saturday 10

Beautiful and clear, more like spring than winter. Went to the matinee of "Led Astray." Met Mamie Miller at the door. Dave came later but it was so crowded he could not get near us. The piece was splendid. Met Mother and Cora as I came out. Clara stopped in the carriage for me. Evening at home.

Dave: David Henderson Gregory, her husband. He was the youngest of DSG's 14 children.

Clara: Clara B. Gregory, daughter of Dudley Sanford Gregory, wife of Cornelius Kingsland Sutton

Cora: Her sister, Cornelia Marcy Randall, youngest Randall sibling

Sunday 11

Another beautiful day. Went to church this morning. Afternoon over to New York at Mother's. Evening took care of Baby. Dudley's family, Robin and Lucy and Mr Borst dined with us.

Dudley's family: Could refer to Dudley Gregory Gautier, or Dudley Sanford Gregory Jr.

Lucy: Lucy Fontaine Maury of the distinguished naval family had married Dudley Sanford Gregory III on Oct. 8 the preceding year. That Robin was Dudley S. Gregory III's childhood nickname is made clear by other correspondence of this period. Dudley III is the son of George Washington Gregory.

Monday 12

Clear and much colder. This morning Mother and Cora surprised me -- spent the day with me. Walked down to the ferry with them in the afternoon. Mr. Hart called in the evening. Had much better news of Archie.

Archie: Archibald McIntire Gregory, physician, born in 1842, brother closest in age to Dave. He was named for Archibald McIntyre, Comptroller of the State of New York, with whom DSG had worked closely as chief clerk.

Tuesday 13

Cold and looks like snow. This morning went with Baby for a walk to Hamilton Park. This evening Dr. and Mrs. Franklin called.

Wednesday 14

Snowed all the morning, clear in the afternoon. Dave and I had a glorious sleigh ride. Home in the evening. Mrs. William Hurlbut's reception. I sent cards.

Thursday 15

Clear and cold. Took Baby to New York, spent the day at Mother's. Auntie May was there at lunch. After lunch called upon Mrs. Fahnestock, found to my surprise a new baby there six weeks old. Also called upon Lizzie Alvord, found Katie Youngs there. Went to see Mamie who was away. Missed my sleigh ride with Dave. Home in the evening.

Auntie May: The name appears frequently in Randall family letters also. She owns a carriage and is clearly a lady of substance. She may be the same person as Mary Fabbri, wife of Ernesto Fabbri's brother Egisto.

Friday 16

Clear and bitter cold. Home morning. Sleigh ride with Dave in the afternoon. Evening home. It was too cold to go to New York. The Raffle took place this evening.

Saturday 17

Warmer and melting. This afternoon took a sleigh ride with Dave to Bergen Point. Called upon Maggie Jennings and the Trowbridges. Saw Stella, Lidie and the bride [?]. Home in the evening.

Sunday 18

Clear and warmer. Church this morning. Afternoon went over to Mother's, found that Sara won the screen [in the raffle mentioned above?] Giddie has the measles. Evening at home. Misses Grinnel and Miller called. Annie Stevens and Clara dined with us, also a Mr. McGill. A Mattie Mason is here for the night.

Giddie: Egisto Fabbri, eldest son of Ernesto Fabbri and Sara Randall

Misses Grinnell: Fanny and Louisa.

Annie Stevens: Married daughter of Clara Gregory Sutton

Monday 19

Foggy and rainy. Home all day and evening.

Tuesday 20

Clear. Took Baby, left her with Kate at Mother's, took Mrs. Fabbri, Mother and Cora to lunch at Delmonico's. Mother and Cora went with me to call upon Louise. Went to see Mamie, out. Went to Jersey City Theatre this evening. Saw the Magillons in "Gabriel Grub." Perfect. Willie Pearson called while we were out.

Mrs. Fabbri: Could be Mrs. Egisto Fabbri, or Mrs. Giovanni Fabbri, the aged mother of Ernesto and Egisto. The lady, usually referred to as Madame Fabbri, was apparently immortal, but then again so was Sara Ann Randall. It is unlikely Emily would refer to her sister as Mrs. Fabbri.

Wednesday 21

Snow and rain. Home all day and evening. Not feeling very well. Mr. Dudley spent last night here.

Thursday 22

Dense fog all day. Home day and evening.

Friday 23

Wet morning. Clear afternoon. Went over with Clara this morning and while she was elsewhere I spent an hour with Mother. Home to dinner, sewed all afternoon and evening. Baby eight months old today, weighs 22 1/2 pounds with the shawl, gained one pound since last month.

Saturday 24

A beautiful day. Home all day sewing. Expected to have taken Baby to New York but was disappointed. Charlie G. took lunch with us. Evening at home.

Charlie G.: Possibly Charles Edward Gregory, Dave's older brother, but more likely Charles Edward Gautier, who was about 14 and more likely to be known so familiarly.

Sunday 25

Very cold and raw, 40 degrees difference from yesterday. Went to church in the morning, heard a most beautiful sermon by Dr. Holly from Hackensack. Went to NY in the afternoon, called upon Robin and Lucy. They were out but we saw them at Charlie's and also went to see Mother. Home to tea and nurse in the evening.

nurse in the evening: Kate the nursemaid may have had the evening off. Some uses of the phrase suggest that it was Emily's turn to sit with her father-in-law, who was dying of stomach cancer. A beautiful quilt she made while sitting with DSG is now in the Jersey City Museum.

Monday 26

Clear and very cold. Took Baby to Louise Gautier to lunch. In the afternoon called upon Mamie, saw her mother. Went to 42nd St. and found all out. After a very pleasant day got home at half past five. Willie Pearson came in the evening and we had a game of whist.

Louise Gautier: Maria Louise, sister of Charlie and Dudley Gautier.

Tuesday 27

Dull, much warmer, looked like rain all day. Home sewing all the morning. Had a call from Mrs. Thomas Gautier. Took a walk in the afternoon with Dave. Willie Pearson came in the evening and we had a game of euchre. Mr. G. not so well today. Europe is talked of now for him.

Mrs. Thomas Gautier: Evidently the wife of Charlie and Louise Gautier's older brother Thomas Brown Gautier.

Mr. G.: Dudley Sanford Gregory. Perhaps Europe is being spoken of as a place he could receive advanced medical treatments

Wednesday 28

Dull and rainy. Home all day. Went to hear the Holleran Opera Troupe at the Jersey City Theatre. It was "Orpheus aux Enfers." It was surely horrible. We came out after the second act.

Thursday 29

Clear. Took Baby to New York. Spent the day with Mother. Saw Agnes and Mrs. Fabbri there. Took Mother for a ride to the Park. Home all the evening. Robin and Lucy spent the day and evening. Dave went out to Montclair today. I saw several nice houses, but mostly for sale.

Agnes: Agnes Adelaide Randall Tomes, Emily's older sister, widowed in 1871.

Friday 30

Cold and dull. Home all day, nurse all evening. Both Baby and I have bad colds.

Saturday 31

Dull all the morning. Cleared away in the afternoon. Expected Louise and Lulu to spend the day, but they disappointed me. Felt miserable with this pain in my limbs and head, so laid on the sofa most of the day. Charlie G. and Dudley Gautier were in this afternoon. W. Pearson was down for a game of whist in the evening.

Louise and Lulu: Helen Louise Whitlock, wife of Charles Knower Randall, Emily's eldest brother. Their daughter, Helen Louise Randall, was known as Lulu.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ February ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Sunday 1

Clear and very cold. Went to church this morning. Lucy and Robin went with us, also spent the day here. Afternoon went over to mother's. Considerable ice in the river. Home to tea and all the evening. Sara's five little girls in bed with the measles.

Sara's five little girls: Ernestine, Marie, Alice, Nathalie and Cora, daughters of Sara Randall and Ernesto Fabbri

Monday 2

Very cold. Commenced snowing about 2. We are having a very heavy fall, the first of the season. W. Pearson came down this evening and we had a game of whist.

Tuesday 3

Snowed this morning, clear in the afternoon. Had a delightful sleigh ride with Dave. Jennie Maury arrived this afternoon for a visit; the Grinnels and Miss Wilbur spent the evening.

Jennie Maury: Older sister of Lucy Fontaine Maury (Mrs. Dudley Sanford Gregory III) from Washington, D.C. The girls were daughters of the late J.W. Maury. His sister, Alice Woolfolk Maury, was the first Mrs. Charles Edward Gregory.

Wednesday 4

Clear and cold in the shade but very warm in the sun. The snow disappearing very fast. Went over this morning on foot to Arnolds and up to Mother's, saw them all. Most horrible walking. In the evening we all went out to see "Led Astray" played by Mrs. Conway's troupe. It was very well played. Jennie and Clara were with us.

Thursday 5

Clear, snow melting in the sun. Mr. Gregory's birthday. 74. I hope he will live to see many more. Lucy and Robin dined with us and visited. All to see the Vokes at Niblo's. It was very funny. "Good for Nothing" and "The Wrong Man in the Right Place."

Friday 6

Clear morning, but commenced snowing this evening and promises to be a heavy storm. I took Baby to spend the day with Mother. Had a very pleasant time, but I do wish Baby would get to know them. Called upon the Jacobs, all home but Nellie. Home all the evening. Robin and Lucy came over to go to Jennie's German. We were not honored with an invitation.

German: A wildly popular cotillion dance of the time

Saturday 7

A heavy fall of snow last night and snowy and dull all day. Lucy took Clara, Jennie and I to the matinee of "Humpty Dumpty" which we enjoyed very much. Dave sent us over in a carriage. We were home in the evening.

Sunday 8

Clear and beautiful. Went to church in the morning. I let Kate have the afternoon and evening out so I was nurse. Robin and Lucy dined here. Henry Worthington and old Mrs. Steele came in the afternoon. Also Charlie, Cora and Lulu came and had an hour with us. I took Baby down to the tea table with me.

Old Mrs. Steele: Eliza Lyon Steele, widowed sister of Dudley Sanford Gregory's wife, Anna Maria Lyon Gregory.

Monday 9

Looked like snow all day.This morning went out walking with Baby. Took a delightful sleigh ride with Dave in the afternoon, the going was magnificent. Home all the evening. Mr. Gregory is very poorly. I am afraid he will never be much better.

Tuesday 10

Clear and melting in the sun. This morning went on foot to New York. Had a pleasant call at Clara Sutton's. Met Fannie there. Clara presented me with her picture, beautifully framed. Called upon Mrs. Fabbri, she was out. Went to Mother's, all home. Sara's children have the scarlet fever now. Came home to dinner. Went sleigh riding with Dave in the afternoon. We were invited to a reception at Mrs. Marshall's house. I sent my card.

Fannie: Fannie M. Sims, the second wife of Charles Edward Gregory, whom he had married the previous year.

Wednesday 11

Clear, snow melting. Home all day and evening. Lucy and Robin spent last night and today here. Mrs. Sutton and Alice dined with us. Mr. Gregory very poorly today. Dr. Gautier and Charlie were here this afternoon to see him.

Dr. Josiah H. Gautier: husband of Dudley Sanford Gregory's eldest daughter, Mary Louisa.

Thursday 12

Clear and warm. Kate Steele called upon us this morning. Went to see Beckie and Annie Tilton at Steele's this morning. Mrs. Hart and Charlie and Louise were here this afternoon. Home all the evening. We were invited to join a reading club, which was to meet and organize at Becky's. We did not go as Mr. Gregory would be alone.

Charlie and Louise: Charles Knower Randall, her eldest brother, and his wife

Kate Steele: I believe, the daughter-in-law of Aunt Eliza Steele, wife of Dudley Sanford Gregory Steele

Friday 13

Poured all day. This morning went to New York on foot before the rain commenced. Had an hour with Mother, back to dinner, home in the evening. Commenced reading Pickwick aloud to Dave.

Saturday 14

A lovely day, warm as spring. Mother and Cora surprised me this morning and spent the day with me. Annie Morgan was also here for dinner. This evening we spent at Steeles sociably. About 25. Came home by half past eleven.

Sunday 15

Another lovely day. Went to church this morning and over to Mrs. Gautier's in the afternoon. Robin and Lucy, Annie Tilton, Miss O'Callahan dined with us.

Monday 16

Unpleasant morning. Cleared away. Took the baby and left her with Mother while I went to Alice Sutton's lunch. Susan dressed my hair at Mrs. Fabbri's. Had a very pleasant time. There were about 40 there except Lucy, Fannie and myself. Came home and took Baby to Georgie's birthday party. She stayed til quarter before nine as good as possible. There were over 40 children present.

Alice Sutton: Dave's niece, daughter of Clara Gregory Sutton.

Tuesday 17

Clear but very cold and blustering. Stayed home all day and evening. Had a call from Virginia Gallaudet this AM. Today Mrs Gautier gave her grand lunch from which the family were excluded. Joe Garns [?] had a daughter at one this AM. she was out shopping that afternoon till after six.

Virginia Gallaudet: Daughter of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Gallaudet, who married Emily and Dave

Wednesday 18, Ash Wednesday

Clear and very cold. This being Ash Wednesday, Jennie, Mary and I went over in the carriage to Dr. Lyng's. Took Mother and Cora by surprise. Persuaded them to ride with me while I called on Mrs. Reid, did one or two errands. Home to dinner and all the evening. Heard today that Mrs. N---- had died suddenly at Montagna's [?] of apoplexy.

Thursday 19

A dull day ending in rain. Not feeling well today. Robin took us all to the charity entertainment at Grand Opera House. It was two acts of "London," "Belles of the Kitchen" by the Vokes and last act of Fox Richard -- altogether an unforgettable affair. A family affair -- the Vokes sold programmes, flowers and took the tickets. Invited to the reading at Clarkes this eve but did not go.

Friday 20

My 27th birthday and of course a dull, wet day as usual. I expected Mother and Cora to spend the day, but was disappointed. Charlie and Fannie dined with us. Was invited to Mrs. [smudged] but declined to go. Received a telegram this AM that Joe's baby had died of water on the brain. How sorry I am for her, the second disappointment. Received a toilet set from Clara of pink silk and lace, also an embroidered coat for Baby from Mother.

Saturday 21

Wet morning, lovely warm afternoon. Home all morning and evening. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon.

Sunday 22

Damp and wet all day. Went to church in the A.M. Went to see Mother in the afternoon -- found Lulu had the measles, so could only speak on the front stoop. Went to see Mrs. Sutton, found her not well. Heard there was scarlet fever at the Windsor, but Lucy and Robin came here and said nothing about it. Home early and nurse all the evening.

Monday 23

Clear and excessively warm. The funeral of Joe's baby was this A.M. but it was so early I could not get over. Had a great deal of back ache today and have been lying down a good deal. Took a short drive with Dave this afternoon, Mr. Clarke, Jennie, Dave and I played Casino all the evening. Baby nine months old today, weighs 23 pounds.

Mr. Clarke: George Clarke, husband of Ann Maria Gregory, DSG's second daughter

Tuesday 24

Dull and cold. Took Baby with me to New York this A.M. to see how Joe was, also Mamie who was, as usual, out and up to Mother's. I stood in the stoop and she up in the stairs and that's how we talked. I did a little shopping and came back to dinner. Home all the afternoon and evening. Mr. Pearson came down and we played Casino all the evening.

Wednesday 25

Snowed all day, heaviest fall this season. Home all day and evening. Lucy was over this morning and took Jennie back with her the night.

Thursday 26

Clear and warm, snow very deep this A.M. but rapidly melting. Home all the morning. Dave and I attempted to take a sleigh ride this afternoon, but we had hard work to get back through slush and on the bare wood. Mr. Clarke, Dave, Jennie and I played Casino in the evening. Received a letter from Louise and one from [?]

Friday 27

Clear. Home all the morning. In the afternoon, Jennie and I went down to the steel works and saw how it was made. In the evening I was nurse. W. Pearson came down and we had him up in the sitting room and all played Casino for a change.

Saturday 28

Clear and beautiful. I took Jennie, Lucy and Mamie in Clara's place as she had a headache to Delmonico's and gave them a lunch. Mamie came over to spend the day for the third time this winter and found me going to New York. I met Mother and Cora at "Benoits" also did a little shopping, coming home at five. Home all the evening. See by papers of Mrs. Borst's death.

Mamie: Probably her friend Mamie Miller.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ March ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Sunday 1

A most charming day. March has "come in like a lamb" instead of a "lion." Went to church this morning and stayed in with Jennie. This afternoon went to New York. I went to Charlie Gregory's and Dave stopped at Mr. Meekers and then up for me. Home all the evening.

Monday 2

Clear and very warm. Went to Mrs. Wicher's funeral this morning. Went over early and stopped at Mrs. Sutton's and also went to see how Lulu and all were. Home to dinner. Dave went to Greenwood and so did not get home till late. Beckie came in and insulted Dave and I this afternoon. What a sharp tongue she has. Home all the evening.

Greenwood: the great garden cemetery in Brooklyn, where the Gregorys and Randalls have plots. Dave's mother had recently been interred there

Beckie: The only Rebecca in the family is Rebecca Olney, wife of Dudley Gregory Jr. It is unlike Emily to refer to her elder in-laws so familiarly, so it is uncertain whether this is the correct identification.

Tuesday 3

Dull. All cleared away later. Went over this morning and met Mother and Cora and went with them to lunch at Delmonico's and then to Mrs Borst's funeral. How sorry I feel for Sallie all alone now, mother and Jack both gone in less than a year. W. Pearson came down and we had Casino this evening. Miss O'Callahan and Kate Steele called this afternoon.

Wednesday 4

Clear and warm. Home all the morning. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon. He has developed a talent for reading aloud, so now of an evening he reads to me while I sew.

Thursday 5

A most lovely day. Home all the A.M. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon and he read to me in the evening after our usual game of checkers or cards. I went to church this afternoon.

Friday 6

Dull A.M. however I took Baby to Clara Sutton's to spend the day and enjoyed it very much, always do there. It snowed heavily before we came home and is still snowing, did a little shopping. Dave read aloud from Pickwick most of the evening to Jennie and I. Robin, Lucy, Charlie, Fannie dined here today.

Saturday 7

Snowed and rained all day. Home all day and evening. Dave read aloud all the evening to us.

Sunday 8

Clear all the morning and went to church. Snowed all the afternoon. Dudley's family dined here. He had most of the family here to see their father who is very poorly. Was nurse in the evening. Wrote to Cora and Agnes.

Monday 9

A very cold day. Wind a hurricane. Home all day and evening. Mamie Morris spent most of the morning with me. W. Pearson came in the evening and we had Casino.

Tuesday 10

Still very cold and blustering. Home all day. Went to church at five. Sat with Mr. Gregory most of the day. Anne in the evening.

Wednesday 11

Very cold and blustering. Home all the morning. Went out with Dave and bought a crib for Baby this afternoon. I also went to see the Steeles. Fannie and Charlie came over and spent the evening.

Thursday 12

Very cold and windy. Went to New York this A.M. met Mother, Cora and Agnes at Sara's. It is the first time since Christmas that I have been there. I did a little shopping and came home to dinner. Went to church at five. Home all the evening.

Friday 13

Still cold and more windy. Home all day, nurse in the evening. Baby slept in her new crib for the first time today.

Saturday 14

Another cold, windy day. Home in the evening. Made three calls, upon Mrs. Conditt, Misses Grinnell, Miss Clarke, all home. Home all the evening.

Sunday 15

Home this A.M. Kate went to church. Went over to Sara's in the afternoon, met Mother and Cora there. Also called upon Mamie, saw Mrs. C[larke] also. Went to church also. Monday 16 Took Baby to New York this A.M. and met them all at Sara's. Brought Agnes and little Emily back for a visit. Home for dinner and all the rest of the day.

little Emily: Emily Randall Tomes, youngest child of Agnes' first marriage

Tuesday 17

A dull rainy day-- home all day. It being St. Patrick's day gave Katie a holiday. Agnes helped me take care of Baby. Cut out a lot of things for her. Played Casino all the evening.

Wednesday 18

Another dull foggy day. Sewing all day for Agnes. Dave, Agnes and I went to the French Opera at the Lyceum "La Fille de Madame Angot" it was very enjoyable. Took Dud Gautier with us. It was awfully foggy. Got home about 12.

Thursday 19

Another wet foggy day. Sewing all day. Agnes still here. Played Casino in the evening.

Friday 20

Clear. Went with Agnes and Emmie over to New York, left them at Sara's. Saw Mother and all there. Home to dinner, not feeling well, lying down all the afternoon. Home in the evening. Miss Agnes.

Saturday 21

Clear. Home all the morning and evening. In the afternoon had a delightful ride with Dave. He has bought a mate for Nannie and they make a splendid team. Sent Mrs. Fabbri's sofa cushion to her.

Sunday 22

Clear and cold. Went to church this AM and then to Sara's in the afternoon. Met Mother there. Dudley and family and also Mr George Clarke dined here and Robin and Lucy came to tea. I was nurse in the evening. Wrote to Em, to Marie and Mattie.

Monday 23

Clear but very cold and blustering. Home all day and evening. Mrs. and Miss Day arrived this afternoon. Baby ten months old, weighs 23 pounds, same as last month.

Tuesday 24

Still cold and windy. Home all day and evening.

Wednesday 25

A cold day. Took Baby over to Sara's to lunch, the first time since Thanksgiving. Brother and Cora also there to lunch. They all thought the baby was lovely and very smart. Home to tea and all the evening. The Grinnells came over during the evening.

Thursday 26

Clear. Home all the morning. This afternoon received a telegram that Sara had a boy born at 2:25 All well. How glad I am that it is a boy. Took a ride behind the new span this afternoon. Home all the evening.

A boy: Ernesto Giuseppe Fabbri, seventh child and second son of Sara Randall and Ernesto Fabbri

Friday 27

Clear and cold. Took Baby over this morning. Went to Sara's and saw the boy, a splendid one. He is very near 11 pounds and Sara was sick only half an hour. Called upon Fannie and Mamie Miller. Clara Sutton and Anne to dinner and the rest of the day. Received a letter from Louise. Nurse this evening.

Saturday 28

Clear. Cora brought Marie and Jennie over to lunch. They enjoyed it most thoroughly and went back at 2. Dave drove me out to Newark, back to tea. Home all the evening.

Sunday 29

Clear but cold. My turn home this AM. Went over with Dave to Dr. Lyng in the afternoon, found the service commenced so late that we went to see Sara and Mother instead, found Mother has an awful cold. We sang hymns all evening. Fine playing.

My turn home: to sit with DSG.

Monday 30

Home all day and evening. Very cold and blustering.

Tuesday 31

Quite a snowstorm this morning. March has indeed gone out like a lion. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon, home all the evening. Little Kate, George sang in a concert this evening. Robin and Lucy dined with us.

Little Kate: Kate Gregory, daughter of Archibald McIntyre Gregory, Dave's brother, and his wife, Kate Worthington.


~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ April ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Wednesday 1

Cold and blustery. Went to New York this morning. Saw Sara, Mrs. Sutton and lunched with Mother. Fannie and Charlie dined with us late in the evening. The Grinnels, Kate Steele and Beckie came in to bid good-bye to Jennie.

Thursday 2

Cold. Jennie left this AM for which I am heartily sorry. Robin and Lucy went with her. Home all the morning. Rode with Dave in the afternoon. Took care of Baby this evening and let Kate go to church.

Friday 3

Today being Good Friday went to church this morning, took Baby for a walk before dinner but I am sorry it was so cold and windy. Took a delightful ride with Dave in the afternoon. Home all the evening.

Saturday 4

Very cold and windy. Snowed this morning. Dave and I went over to New York this afternoon in the large carriage. Saw Sara and baby, and Mother whose cough is still bad, Cora, Louise, Agnes and "her future" Mr. Hall, a man much older than she is. Home in the evening.

Mr. Hall: Addison Hall, who will soon marry Emily's widowed sister, Agnes Randall Tomes

Sunday 5

A very cold day. Fountain frozen solid. Went to church this AM. Extra singing and seats in all the aisles. Home the rest of the day and evening. Kate out, Baby very fretful, has an awful cold.

Monday 6

The first springlike day. Home all the morning. Took a lovely drive with Dave in the afternoon to Bergen Point. Home in the evening. Lizzie Catlin came today.

Lizzie Catlin: Elizabeth Wing Catlin, born Nov. 22, 1837, was the daughter of Clara Bartlett Gregory (a sister of Dudley Sanford Gregory) and her husband George Catlin, the noted painter.

Tuesday 7

Dull and rainy all day. Home, and spent the morning refolding my house linen. Willie Pearson came down in the evening. Mr. Gregory had a game of whist, the first in many months. He seems a great deal better.

Wednesday 8

Dull and rainy this morning but cleared by afternoon so Dave and I had a delightful ride. Home all the evening. Baby has two more teeth through.

Thursday 9

Stormed all day and evening. Home all day and in the evening went with Dave to the Jersey City Theatre, saw Mrs. Conway's troupe in "Charity" which was very well performed. It rained in torrents when we came home. Had a letter from Cora saying Mother had been quite sick with sore throat.

Friday 10

Stormed in the morning but cleared away by the afternoon. I began the day well. On the way to breakfast caught my heel on the top stair and pitched forward on my face half down. My thumb is badly sprained and my knee hurt. Nothing serious, however it was a narrow escape. I went to New York today, saw Mother and Sara and bought a bonnet home in approbation. Nurse this evening.

Saturday 11

Home all the A.M. Dave bought a two-seated waggon today so we went over to the Park, stopped for Cora and Lulu and got caught in the rain, had a magnificent ride however. Home in the evening, it snowed and rained all the way.

Sunday 12

A bitter cold day, very high winds, anyhow home this AM and this afternoon took Baby over to New York in the big carriage. Called on Sara, Ernesto and Mother. Home in the evening.

Monday 13

Another very cold although clear day. Home in the A.M. and in the afternoon took Annie Gregory and a friend of hers driving to Bergen Point. It was bitter cold. Home in the evening. Have been sewing this eve and my hand pains me very much.

Annie Gregory: a daughter of Dudley Sanford Gregory Jr., born December 2, 1856

Tuesday 14

Clear and warmer. Baby has been very poorly all day, had such high fever this A.M. that I sent for Dr. Link and he said it was remittent fever. She seemed better this afternoon so I took a drive with Dave. My hand has been very painful all the day, however I sewed in the evening. Beckie was in.

Wednesday 15

Rainy. Took Baby to spend the day with mother. Only stayed a little time, as it rained. Baby has been much better today, her teeth are way through. Home in the evening.

Thursday 16

Dull and raw. Robin came on from Washington this A.M., left Lucy there. Home all day. Robin went driving with Dave. In the evening we had whist.

Friday 17

Rained all day. Sewed on the machine. Played whist in the evening. Lizzie came today.

Saturday 18

A lovely day. Cora and Lulu came over and spent the morning. After lunch we took them over to the Park and home. Mother's cold has settled in her eyes. Mr. Pierson dined with us and we had whist in the evening. Robin went back to Washington this evening.

Sunday 19

Clear A.M. Rained in the evening. Wore my spring hat and suit for the first time and went to church this AM. To New York this afternoon and walked up and down from Mother's to yellow cars. Was nurse this evening. Mr. Barrett called. Mother's eyes very bad.

Monday 20

Rained all day. Sat with Mr. Gregory this AM. Rested all the afternoon, not feeling very well. Home all the evening. Had a letter from Mamie Miller, full of excuses as usual, also one from Em.

Tuesday 21

Clear and cold. Took Baby to New York to spend the day with Mother.Found her eyes better, but she was not able to go out yet. Called upon Fannie, was out, also upon Sara, found her looking very well. Did some shopping in the afternoon, home to tea and all the evening. Received a letter from Lizzie A[---] full of excuses. My friends [---] take it out writing.

Wednesday 22

Dull. Home all the morning. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon. Home all this evening. [This entry is written over an erased entry]

Thursday 23

Dull and rainy. Had a girl sewing all day. Home for the evening. Baby eleven months old.

Friday 24

Clear. Had the girl again sewing. In the afternoon took a drive with Dave to Central Park. Nurse this evening. Looks like rain for a change.

Saturday 25

Cold, hailing and raining all day. Home day and evening. Mr. Gregory had a bad time this afternoon.

Sunday 26

Cold and Windy. Mr. G. had a very bad turn again this morning. My turn home this AM. This afternoon Dave and I drove to Greenwood, meeting Charlie and Cora on the other side of the ferry. It was bitter cold, more like mid-winter. Our plot looked in very nice order. Back to tea and home in the evening.

Our plot: John Randall, their father, was reinterred in Lot 19320, Section 149 of Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, in May 1870, along with his son John Randall Jr., who died in early childhood. The rest of the family will arrive in the same plot in due time.

Monday 27

A clear day. Home in the morning. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon. Lou and baby spent the day. Mrs. Steele and Annie called. I gave Annie the little blanket I made for her. Lucy and Robin arrived this afternoon. Robin and I played Cribbage all the way.

Tuesday 28

A dreadful day-- snow and hail, however I took Baby over to New York and spent the day with Mother. I went to see Mrs. Gautier and Mrs. Reed. Home to tea. Had a letter from Mattie this AM all about her baby. Mr. Gregory had another haemorrhage this AM at one and he feels weak after it.

Wednesday 29

Snowed hard this AM. The ground was covered, also this afternoon. Home all day and evening Mr. B[ ---] and Mr. Pearson called this eve. Mr. G. feels better today. Mrs. Gautier and family were here this afternoon.

Thursday 30

A clear day but very cold and windy. Home day and evening.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ May ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Friday 1

The first pleasant day. Took Baby to New York to spend the day at Sara's. After church took Sara, Mother and Cora for a short drive. Mother went to Mrs. Summer's to board yesterday also Mr. and Mrs. Egisto Fabbri. Home to tea and all the evening.

Saturday 2

A cold windy day. Mamie Miller spent the day with me, in the afternoon we all went for a drive in the park, stopping for Alice Sutton. Home in the evening.

Alice Rebecca Sutton: a daughter of Clara Bartlett Gregory and Cornelius K. Sutton

Sunday 3

A lovely day. Went to church this AM. Robin and Lucy with us and stayed in. Went to New York in the afternoon. Walked down to the yellow cars. By evening home.

Monday 4

Cold. Had a dressmaker, sewed all the AM. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon Lucy and Robin left for their house today. Home in the evening.

Tuesday 5

Very unpleasant. Home all day and evening, sewing. Mr. Coolidge spent the evening. He leaves for Europe the 9th.

Wednesday 6

Cold and windy. Sewed with the dressmaker all the AM. Took a ride with Dave this afternoon. Home all the evening. We are looking for Mrs. Clarke tonight.

Thursday 7

Very cold and clear. Mrs. Clarke and Maude arrived this AM early. All day the family have been calling to welcome them. Took a ride in the afternoon. Home in the evening.

Mrs. Clarke and Maude: Anna Maria Gregory Clarke, a daughter of DSG and her daughter Eleanor Maude, born August 9, 1854

Friday 8

Warm and pleasant, the first spring day. Sewed all day. Evening home.

Saturday 9

Clear and very warm. Home this AM sewing, the dressmaker's last day. Drove with Dave to the Park this afternoon. Excessively warm. Stopped at Mother's and found she had been threatened with rheumatism (inflammatory). Evening home.

Sunday 10

An intensely hot day. Thermometer aiming for the nineties. Home this morning. Mr. Gregory very weak and feeble. We went over to Mother's this afternoon. The heat was something dreadful, and so sudden.

Monday 11

Much cooler. The change came about 11 last night. Mr. G was very low all night, no one going to bed, but taking time with him. Today he seems a little better. I took Baby to Sara's this AM. When I got home found Dave sick -- had had an attack of hysteria. Was nervous all day and had gone to bed early. All the family have been here today.

Tuesday 12

Clear and pleasant. Mr. G. better. The family have all been here again today. Dave was feeling dull this AM so we went for a walk down in the Battery, the first time I had ever been. It was lovely, very cool. From there we walked up to Fulton Market and had some oysters. Took a drive in the afternoon. Ben and Dud sat up tonight. Had a short call this afternoon from Mother, Cora and Mrs. Egisto F.

Ben and Dud: brothers Benjamin Gregory and Dudley Jr., sons of DSG. Benjamin had been scandalously divorced; Dave had represented Benjamin in the matter, one of the few known instances of him practicing law.

Wednesday 13

Clear and warm. Mr. G very much better. He was very anxious Dave should try a heavier waggon so this afternoon we walked up to Bradley & Prey's, there saw a tea-cart, turnover seat we liked, so after dinner we went back and purchased it. Warm afternoon and evening. Charlie and I sit up tonight. And the tea cart came home this PM.

Tea-cart. Style of light carriage.

Thursday 14

A clear, lovely day. Home this AM. This afternoon took Baby riding in our new turnout. She was so good. There was not a prettier turnout in the Park. Mr. G. so much better today that he went for a drive this morning. Evening home. Am not feeling very well. The warm weather has given me the diarrhea.

Friday 15

Cloudy and rain towards night. Home all day and evening. Louise R. came to see me this morning and spent nearly an hour. Mr. G. still continues better. I am still troubled with the diarrhea.

Saturday 16

Rainy all day. Mr. G. not feeling so well. Totally weak. Home all day and evening. Busy sewing. Have the diarrhea yet.

Sunday 17

A lovely clear day. Mr. G. very poorly. Has kept his bed for the first time today. Has been kept very quiet all day under the influence of opiates. Was nurse all the afternoon and evening.

Monday 18

Rained all day. Cleared by evening. Mr. G. much better. I have been lying down most of the day, not feeling very well. Evening home.

Tuesday 19

A lovely day. Home this AM. In the afternoon took a drive to the Park. Baby with us. Stopped at Mother's, but all were out. Evening home. Mr. G. very well and bright today.

Wednesday 20

Clear morning, rain rest of the day. Little Kate broke out with measles this A.M. much to my alarm. Mother and Cora spent the A.M. with me. Home all day and evening. Mr. G. quite bright and well.

Thursday 21

Showers. Took Baby to have her picture taken this A.M. but she is so restless we did not succeed and have to try again. Got home just before a heavy shower, hailstones. Very cool in the afternoon. Took a ride in the Park with Dave. Home all the evening. Annie Tilton came to say goodbye before going to Decotah.

Friday 22

Clear and pleasant. Went to see Annie this A.M. Also took Baby to have her photo taken, but she was frightened and we did not succeed very well. Last hour of afternoon took Baby for a drive. Home in the evening, nurse out.

Saturday 23

Clear and pleasant. My Baby is one year old today. She cut two teeth today. Mother, Cora and Agnes came over this A.M. and brought Baby a little shaker walking chair from Auntie May, a doll from Cora, a lace cap from Mother, a picture book from Cora. I put $5.00 in her bank. We took Maria and Cora for a drive in the Park this afternoon. David traded Nannie for a bigger horse this A.M. and the new one is splendid. Banged tails. Evening home.

Maria: Could be Marie Fabbri, who is ten years old

Sunday 24

Pleasant A.M. I went to church with Maria. Dave stayed home to take his father driving. Unpleasant afternoon and eveningtime. Weighed Baby yesterday and found it just the same as three months ago, 23 pounds or 20 1/2 without shawl.

Monday 25

Poured all day. Home day and evening.

Tuesday 26

Cloudy but no rain. I took Baby to spend the day with Mother. We went out in the carriage with Maria and Dave came for us in the afternoon with the trap cart. We took Cora and little Alice out to the Park. Stopped at Mrs. Gautier's on the way up. Home all the evening.

Mrs. Gautier: Mary Louisa Gregory, wife of Dr. Joseph Gautier. She was DSG's eldest surviving daughter.

Wednesday 27

Clear and beautiful. Mamie Miller came over and spent the day with me. We took her back in the tea cart and for a ride in the Park. She brought a nice doll to Baby.

Thursday 28

A most beautiful day. Took baby again to sit for her photos, this time with success. In the afternoon took Baby to Bergen Point. Sat an hour. Evening at home. Dave had to go in search of Professor Muller as he is off again.

Friday 29

A very warm day. This A.M. I went up to New York and took the elevated subway uptown and the 34th Street cars to Dr. Kidder's. Made a short visit to Mother and also Lucy and Mrs. Maury and upon Fannie, who was not home. Home to dinner. Went for a short drive in the afternoon and evening at home. Mr. G. not so well today.

Saturday 30

A lovely day. Home morning and evening. In the afternoon to Baby to the Park and stopped for Mother en route. Have succeeded in getting an excellent photo of Baby.

Sunday 31

Another lovely day. Went to church this A.M. Home all the afternoon and nurse in the evening.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ June ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Monday 1

A perfectly charming day. Quite cool. Kept Baby out in the air most all day. Went out and ordered Baby's photos this A.M. Took a drive in the afternoon and home in the evening.

Tuesday 2

A beautiful day. Home this A.M. Went to the Park in the afternoon. Stopped for Sara but she could not go. Sent Kate and Baby to see the marionettes in the afternoon, evening at home.

Wednesday 3

A dull day. Home in the morning. I started for a drive in the afternoon but was caught in the rain before we had gone three blocks. Evening home.

Thursday 4

Dull all day. Home all day and evening. Dave came home after dinner with a touch of his old chills and went to bed after tea. Fannie had a little girl born at 2 PM two or three weeks ahead of time. Very small but both doing well. Mr. G not so well today.

Fannie Marion Gregory, daughter of Fannie M. Sims and Charles Edward Gregory, was born June 4, 1874

Friday 5

Dull and muggy. We received very bad news this AM. Archie died yesterday in London. Charlie received the telegram yesterday but did not tell us till today. Dud and Ben broke it to Mr G. who took the shock much better than we expected. Little Kate was told this afternoon. I went to New York this afternoon to order my mourning. Took Baby. Mother and Cora went with me. Dave home with sore throat.

Little Kate: Kate Worthington Gregory, daughter of Archie

Saturday 6

Dull and muggy. Home all day and evening. No further news. Dave's throat quite bad. I put some liniment on for him which nearly blistered his neck.

Sunday 7

Pleasant but warm. Home all day and evening. Sara D--- dined with us and Mrs. Maury, Lucy and Robin "tea-d." Alice and Louise Sutton and Annie Stevens were over this afternoon and Greg and King this evening. Dave's throat still bad. Mr. G bears up wonderfully. Received a telegram that the body would be sent Wednesday.

Alice and Louise, Annie Stevens, Greg and King: Sutton are all young adult grandchildren of DSG. Their mother was Dave's sister Clara B. Gregory Sutton, Mrs. Cornelius Kingsland Sutton.

Monday 8

The hottest day I ever felt. At 3:30 PM thermometer stood 90 degrees in shade -- 86 degrees in my room. I had to go to the dentist this AM also to get a hat and to be fitted for my dresses. I really thought I should be sunstruck as I was on foot and had a good deal of walking to do, first to see Mother. I met Agnes at the dentist. We took a ride this PM but there was not a breath of air.

Tuesday 9

Another scorcher. I slept very badly last night with the heat. The doctor told me I had a narrow escape being sunstruck. Poor Baby is all out with prickly heat but is so good. Her picture came home today and is perfect. Dave has been home all day not feeling well with his cold. Towards night a thunderstorm cooled the air some. Dr. Abercrombie called today.

Wednesday 10

Cooler. I took Baby to New York and left her with Mother while I went to see Fannie's baby. I did not see it however and the colored nurse was very impudent. I met Charlie on way home and told him. I went to see --- and Mrs. Maury. Home late for dinner. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon. Evening home.

Thursday 11

Showery all day and much cooler. Home all day and evening. This being the anniversary of our wedding day (2 years), Mother, Sara, Mrs. F. and Cora came over this afternoon to call and brought me a lovely basket of flowers. Mrs. and Miss Day called this afternoon. Received a letter from --- from Charles R.

Friday 12

Warm again. Home all the morning and evening. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon as usual. It was intensely hot at seven, not a breath of air, but it changed in the evening and became quite cool. Received a letter from Lizzie and Clara Sutton; Annie and Alice dined with us.

Saturday 13

Very cool and delightful. Home all the morning and evening. Took a delightful drive with Dave in the afternoon as usual. Not feeling very well today. Louise Sutton dined with us. Mrs. Finck called this afternoon.

Sunday 14

A charming day. Home all day and evening. Nurse out this PM. We had quite an excitement here this last night. For some time the plants have been stolen at night. Riggs caught one of the boys last night. He was only 9. Dave took him to the stationhouse, but let him go. He promised to appear today, but didn't.

Monday 15

Rainy and cool. Home all day and evening. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon.

Tuesday 16

Cloudy and cool. Home all day and evening. Rode with Dave in the afternoon. Maria and Maude went today to Hyde Hall.

Maria and Maude: Anna Maria and Eleanor Maude Clarke, granddaughters of DSG. Their mother was Ann Maria Gregory, wife of George Clarke, the Hops King of Otsego. Clarke was the son of his mother's scandalous second marriage. Hyde Hall was a notable colonial estate overlooking the lake, now a museum. George Clarke nearly lost the estate due to 'pigheadedness,' according to a biographical sketch.

Wednesday 17

Clear and not very warm. Took Baby to New York on foot today and spent it with Mother. We went upon the elevated road and came back 23rd St. Had a delightful day. Came home evening.

Thursday 18

Clear and warm. Home all day and evening. Took a ride with Dave in the afternoon. We heard today by letter about Archie's death, he being taken in the AM with a fit and had three. Died at 2 PM and was unconscious to the last.

Friday 19

Clear and warm. Home all day and evening. Nurse out. I had a bad headache. Maria and Maude returned from Hyde tonight. They also had letters about Archie, same as yesterday.

Saturday 20

Clear and warm. Home all day and evening. Rode with Dave in the afternoon.

Sunday 21

Clear and very warm. Home all day till near five, and the Dave and I went over to Sara's and took dessert with them. Saw them all together once more before they go to Cooperstown next Saturday. We got home half past ten.

Monday 22

Clear and intensely warm. Home all day and evening, and a pleasant with Dave this afternoon. Received a letter from Marie Murray today. She has expectations for August.

Tuesday 23

Clear and awfully hot. Took Baby for a walk this AM to get her pictures and some little presents for Maria to take back to the children. She sails tomorrow. Baby is 13 months old today and says a great many words. Home all the day.

Wednesday 24

A beautiful day. Maria and Maude sailed today in the Abyssynia. We all went down to see them off and were there some two or three hours. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon. Home all the evening.

Thursday 25

Intensely hot. Home all day and evening with the exception of a drive. We moved into the front room today and keep our old room for a nursery.

Friday 26

Very hot. Home all the day, busy arranging our things. Took Baby over to bid goodbye to Mother this afternoon, was caught in an awfully heavy shower. Dave was out in his light wagon and was drenched to the skin. Saw Mother and Mrs. Fabbri and bid them goodbye. Received a letter from Mattie today with her baby's picture which is very sweet.

Saturday 27

Much cooler. Home morning and evening. After dinner did a little shopping and went for a drive with Dave. They all started for Cooperstown this AM, 18 in party.

Sunday 28

Intensely hot. Home all day and evening. Wrote letters this AM, nurse all the rest of the day. Baby as good and sweet as possible.

Monday 29

The hottest day in 50 years. Thermometer in the afternoon stood 102 in shade -- a cool place. Poor Baby suffered much but with all was so good. Busy sewing all day and trying to forget the heat. Got cooler towards night.

Tuesday 30

Cooler during the day and very cool at night. Baby very fretful teething. Took her to NY in the carriage after dinner and did several errands. Stopped at Clara Sutton's. The steamer arrived tonight bearing Archie's remains. Received a letter from Mother and one from Marie who is at Delaware Water Gap.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ July ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Wednesday 1

A delightful day, so much cooler. The funeral took place at 5 PM from St. Matthew's Church. Dr. Imbrie made a prayer at the house before going to the church. Dr. Abercrombie officiated there. The body is to remain in the church until 8 AM tomorrow, then we are to go to Greenwood. The house is full of relatives staying.

Thursday 2

A cool cloudy day. This AM at 8 1/2 we, the family only, took poor Archie's remains to Greenwood and interred him in the family lot. Mr. Wilcox had a prayer at the grave. It was awfully dusty but we were thankful it was so cool. We got back about one o'clock. Mr. Gregory bore up wonderfully. Dr. Gautier took him back to Newport with him tonight.

Friday 3

Still cool, I think it must be owing to the comet, this remarkable weather. Home all the morning and evening. We took a drive in the afternoon. The noise has commenced.

the comet: Comet Coggia, described by contemporary catologers as a very bright object, passed its perihelion on July 9, 1874. the noise: must be firecrackers, as tomorrow is the Fourth of July

Saturday 4

Still cool. Just before night we had a shower which wetted all the frame houses and made them fireproof. Dave was home with me all day which made it very pleasant. The fireing commenced at 2 AM. Dudley had quite a successful display in front of his house but came near burning himself up. I am glad it is over.

Sunday 5

A most lovely day. We went to church this AM it being the first Sunday in the month. Stayed in this afternoon. Dave went out to see Lucy who is quite poorly. Stayed with her while I went up to see Charlie. Dudley's family dined and tea'd with us, also Robin.

Monday 6

Another cool day. Home this AM. Took Lizzie and Louise G. down to Bergen Park for a drive this afternoon. Stopped at Donnells and had clams. It was cold driving home. Got back late for tea. Dr. and Mrs. Nicholls, Mrs. Maury and Mary N took tea with us.

Lizzie: Elizabeth Wing Catlin, niece of DSG.

Tuesday 7

Very warm. Home all day. Took a drive with Dave in the afternoon.

Wednesday 8

Very warm, A slight shower about 8 p.m. Mr. Gregory, Clara, Kate, Louise and Annie all started for Saratoga by tonight's boat. Lizzie Catlin is still with us.

[The next six dates have no entries]

Wednesday 15

Very hot. Today I am up for the first time since last Thursday. When I came back from New York I was taken very ill with high fever and it proved to be an attack of diphtheria and my dear baby has had to be weaned. I have not seen her before today in a week. I am very weak.

Thursday 16

Today seems a little cooler. We have had intensely hot weather for the past week. Agnes came today for the night. This afternoon I went out for a short drive and I think it did me good. I had a letter from Mother today. Rebecca was so afraid! of diphtheria. She never once inquired how I was. Delightfully cool this A.M.

Friday 17

A lovely day -- home all day and evening. Mr. Hall and Charlie R dined with us at 5 p.m. after which they all went for a dusty ride. I was nurse. Mr. Hall and Agnes went back to Tarrytown late but Charlie stayed overnight.

Mr. Hall: Addison Hall, Agnes Randall Tomes' second husband.

Charlie R.: Possibly Charles Knower Randall, Emily's elder brother, but more likely Charlie Tomes, Agnes' son..

Saturday 18

Warmer today. Charlie left us this A.M. Home all day and evening. We all went for a ride to Central Park. The way up, "Tom" lost his shoe, so Katie, Baby and I got some ice cream while he was getting another one put on.

Sunday 19

Cooler and clear. Home all day. We took a walk in the evening. Wrote all the afternoon.

Monday 20

Very pleasant. Home morning and evening. Took a drive to the Park in the afternoon. Rained in the evening.

Tuesday 21

A lovely day. Home morning and evening. Drove to Bergen Point and sat for an hour at Donnells. Had clams.

Wednesday 22

Pleasant. Home all morning and evening. Mrs. Fabbri spent the day with me and we took her home in the afternoon and drove to the park. Baby not well today.

Thursday 23

Clear and warmer. Home morning and evening. This afternoon took Baby for a sail to Staten Island and back. She seems better for it and drank her milk nicely.

Friday 24

Clear and warm. At 9 this A.M. I took Baby for a sail to Sandy Hook. Got back at half past three. The boat waited there over two hours. Baby very fretful and won't drink her milk. Drove back to see Mrs. F. this afternoon and to Park. Got a bottle for Baby this evening but she won't touch it. Met Mr. and Mrs. Harry Opdyke in the boat today. She is very pleasant.

Saturday 25

Clear and cool. Baby seems better today. More appetite and so have I. Agnes spent the day with me and we took her to the depot this afternoon and drove in the park. Evening home.

Sunday 26

Clear. Baby not so well. Home all day and evening.

Monday 27

Clear and warmer. Baby not at all well. We have made up our minds to go to Cooperstown and have telegraphed for rooms. Home morning and evening. Took a drive in the afternoon.

Tuesday 28.

Clear and very warm. Baby very poorly. Dave [illegible] today for Friday. We are going up in the boat. Home all day sewing.

Wednesday 29

Very warm and clear. Busy all day putting things away for the summer while we are away. Went to see Auntie Steele and the Grinnels this afternoon.

Thursday 30

Clear and cooler. In New York most of the day making a few necessary purchases for our departure. Evening home, nurse.

Friday 31

Clear and very warm. Busy packing all the morning. We start this afternoon by Albany boat.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ August ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Saturday 1

Cool and rainy. We arrived here this morning. Mother and all were at the depot to meet us. Ernesto came up with us. Dave drove up from Albany. Our rooms are very small but on the first floor. I shall retire early as I sat up by baby all night on the boat. Dave arrived this evening.

Sunday 2

Very cold and a great change from the city. Dave left his horses at Esperance and came up to stay over Sunday. I was tired and rested all day.

Monday 3

Cold. Dave went down this A.M. for his horses and arrived at 10 this P.M. after a hard ride of 42 miles. Took a drive with Sara this afternoon and wore my pea jacket. Baby takes milk from one cow and begins to perk up already. There was a German tonight. Mr. and Mrs. E.P.F. went down.

Mr. and Mrs. E.P.F.: Mr. and Mrs. Egisto Paolo Fabbri

Tuesday 4

Clear and cold. Went to the lake this A.M. and spent the afternoon in the piazza.

Wednesday 5

Clear and warmer. This A.M. Dave, Ernesto and I with the three eldest children walked to the three mile point and back. Took a drive in the afternoon. German in the evening.

Thursday 6

Clear and lovely. Sat down by the lake this A.M. Took Sara and Ernesto to Hyde Hall for a drive. It is the first time I have seen it since I met my husband there. Dancing as usual in the evening.

Hyde Hall: The colonial-era mansion is still a landmark on Lake Otsego. Hereditary home of the colorful Clarke family, which was connected to the Gregory family by the marriage of Anna Maria Gregory, daughter of DSG, to George Clarke.

Friday 7

Clear and warmer. Spent the morning at the lake. This afternoon took dinner at the five-mile point and met Charlie and Lulu there. The dinner was not as good as usual. They have come back with us for the night. A German this evening.

Saturday 8

Cloudy but no rain. Down on the Lake this A.M. Charlie and Lulu went back after dinner. We took a drive this evening. There was a fair in the ball room for the benefit of the orpanage. They realized $500 clear. Mr. and Mrs. Egisto Fabbri came back this evening.

Sunday 9

Clear and cool. I was not feeling well and did not go to church. Dave went, Dr. Cook preached. Felt better and took a drive in the afternoon. Baby has picked up wonderfully. [crossed out: We all took tea at the three-mile point. Mother and Cora did not go]

Monday 10

Clear and warmer. Spent the A.M. as usual on the lake, took Baby for a row, Driving in the afternoon. This evening had an entertainment for the benefit of the orphanage, also singing.

Tuesday 11

Clear and pleasant, only very dusty for driving. Spent the day same as yesterday.

Wednesday 12

Clear. Spent the day same as yesterday.

Thursday 13

Clear and intensely warm. We all went up to Hyde this A.M. It was awfully hot. The others came back to dinner, but Cora, Dave and I spent the day and came back in the cool.

Friday 14

Clear and very cool. Dave and I drove to Richfield this A.M. and spent the day. Found it had rained there. Lulu not at all well. Baby imprioves daily and drinks nearly two quarts of milk with toast.

Saturday 15

Clear. Ernesto came up today. Morning at the lake, afternoon driving. Evening in the parlor watching the dancing.

Sunday 16

Clear and pleasant. Very dusty. Stayed in and let Katie go to church this A.M. This afternoon, the Fabbris and Dave and I went to Zenith Point to tea. It was delicious.

church this A.M.: The Feast of the Assumption

Monday 17

Clear and warmer. Mr. and Mrs. E.P.F. went down this A.M. Morning at the lake. Afternoon driving and playing cards.

Tuesday 18

Clear and dusty. Day spent same as yesterday.

Wednesday 19

Clear and still dusty, notwithstanding a light shower in the night. We hear very bad accounts of Lulu. They leave today for Saratoga. Day spent same.

Very bad accounts of Lulu: not certain at this point if she has a passing childhood illness, or the mental illness which was very evident in her adulthood is becoming apparent.

Thursday 20

Clear. Met Sallie Borst at the lake this morning and took her for a drive this afternoon.

Friday 21

Clear and warm. Morning at the Lake, afternoon driving. A full dress German this evening for the benefit of the band.

Saturday 22

Clear and still awfully dusty. Day spent same as yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. E.P.F. returned tonight.

Sunday 23

Clear and cool. Went to church this A.M. and heard a few words of a sermon by old Dr. Mercer. Called upon Mrs. Worthington at the church. Took a drive in the afternoon and listened to the singing this evening.

Mrs. Worthington: mother in law of the late Archie Gregory

Monday 24

Clear. Ernesto went down this P.M. Spent the day same as usual.

Tuesday 25

Clear and warmer. Spent the morning with Sallie Borst. Lucy and Robin arrived by the train -- Lucy looks very well. Took a drive in the afternoon, evening in the parlor.

Wednesday 26

Clear and pleasant, only dusty. This A.M. we went fishing. No success. This afternoon every one of us, servants and all, went to the 3-mile point to tea. The stage came up for the nurses and children and a merry party they were. A family party of 25.

Thursday 27

Clear. This A.M. Lucy, Robin, Baby and ourselves went up to Hyde to spend the day. Had a delightful day and Baby seemed to enjoy it as much as any of us. We went fishing in the afternoon, not much luck however. This evening had an excellent Burlesque entertainment by the young people of the Cooper House for the benefit of the hospital.

Friday 28

Clear. On the Lake this A.M. Took Robin and Lucy for a drive this afternoon. Played cards in the evening. Ernesto came up today.

Saturday 29

Clear and warmer. This A.M. Robin, Lucy, Dave and I went up to 3-Mile point to breakfast at 9 and we did full justice to it. Mr. and Mrs. F. and all the children left this afternoon for Lake Mahopac, Sara, Ernesto and baby for Adirondacks.

Lake Mahopac: A watering hole in upstate New York popular with the middling wealthy.

Sunday 30

Clear. Did not go to church this day. Packed Dave's trunk this afternoon. He goes early tomorrow and we follow Tuesday. These four weeks have passed only too rapidly and we are all separated once more.

Monday 31

Clear and warm. Dave left at 5 this A.M. to drive to Albany. Tonight is the first time we have been separated in our marriage over two years. I have been busy packing all day.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~ September ~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Tuesday 1

Clear and very pleasant traveling. We are in Albany this afternoon. Mother, Cora, Robin, Lucy have driven with me and all took dinner here. Robin and Lucy have gone by boat to Catskill to join Mr. G. Dave has put Mother and Cora on the cars for Saratoga where Charlie will meet them. Dave met us at the cars.

Wednesday 2

Clear and very hot. We arrived home this A.M. by Albany boat met Wallie G. on board. Baby is again not well. Our trunks and baby carriage came this afternoon all right. I am not feeling well today. Home dinner tastes good.

Wallie G.: Walter Hanson Gregory, a nephew of DSG.

Thursday 3

Clear and very hot. The first hot weather they have had here they say all summer. Busy all day, putting things right.


[This is the last entry in the diary. Dudley Sanford Gregory died December 8 that year, making his wealthy children and grandchildren even wealthier. They cut all ties with Jersey City and scattered to more fashionable locations in the United States and Europe. Dave and Emily moved to New York City to be closer to her family. The couple's second child, a son, was stillborn in March 1877. Despite a temptation to join the Fabbri clan in Italy after the untimely death of Ernesto Fabbri at Lake Mahopac in 1883, the couple settled in "Sunnyside," a gingerbread house in Cooperstown. Baby grew up to be an accomplished young woman who in 1895 married Bernard P. Holland of Virginia Beach, Va. In their later years Dave and Emily joined their daughter there, residing near her at 207 11th St. After a marriage of 60 years, Dave died there in 1932, his wife followed in 1936. Emily Holland died in 1949.]

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This diary was transcribed, annotated and placed on the web by Emily's great-great granddaughter. Please feel free write to me with any additions, corrections or comments.