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Notes for William Bennett

Born 1711 in PA?

1731-1770 - son John born
1731-1770- son James born
1731-1770 - son William born
1765 - 1774 - daughter Nancy born
abt 1773 - son Robert born
March 30, 1877 - son Anthony born

May 1778 - William Bennett is listed on Tax list for Bald Eagle Twp, Northumberland Co., PA.

abt 1778 - son Henry born
January 16, 1783 - son Samuel born
abt 1784 - daughter Marjery born

1785 William is listed on tax records for Nippinose Twp, Northumberland (now Lycoming) Co., PA along with James & John Bennett.

abt 1786 - daughter Elizabeth born

1786 - James, William & John Bennett (single man) listed as residents of Bald Eagle, Northumberland Co., PA

1787 William listed on tax records for Nippinose Twp, Northumberland (now Lycoming) Co., PA along with James, William Jr & John Bennett. Nippenose is about 15 mile from Bald Eagle, along the river. They could have owned or rented land in both places in order to secure lumber. In 1787, William & James Bennett owned a grist mill.

June 21, 1787 - daughter Margaret born

1790 census Northumberland, PA
Wm Bennitt 2-3-4
2 males age 16 & older (William, age 79 & Robert, age 17)
3 males under age 16 (Anthony, age 13, Henry, age 12, Samuel, age 7)
4 females (Ann, age 53, Margery, age 6, Elizabeth, age 4, Margaret, age 3)
Next to Robt Bridgens, and near William Reed, James Bennitt, Henry Thompson, Benjamin Thompson. Where is William Bennett, Jr, age 20 or John Bennett?

1798 - William & his sons Henry & Anthony moved to what is now Crawford Co., PA

Crawford Co., PA formed March 12, 1800 from Alleghany Co., PA

1800 - settled in North Shenango, Crawford Co., PA

1800 census - ??

Daughter Margaret married Isaac Collins in 1802

1810 census Shenango, Crawford Co., PA
Henry Bennett page 423
Anthony Bennett page 423
William Bennett page 423 (Henry & Anthony's father)
1 male over 45 (William, age 99)
1 female over 45 (Ann, age 73)
1 female 16-26 (Elizabeth, age 26?)
On same page as Andrew Thompson, George Espey, William Reid
Robert Bennitt, page 420

March 25, 1812 - William Bennett died at age 101 at the home of his son Robert.

USA SURNAMES 1600-1940
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ID: I03999
Sex: M
Title: Major
Birth: 1711 in Of Susquehanna River Settlements, CT
Death: JAN 1812 in Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA
Occupation: Iron Master
_FA2: 1785 lived in Bald Eagle Twp.,Northumberland Co., PA
_FA3: 1787 with James owned a Grist Mill
_FA4: 1798 Moved with Anthony & Henry to Crawford Co.
_FA6: Died at home of son Robert
_FA1: 1819 Bur. Presbyterian Cemetery, S. Shenango, Crawford Co., PA.
Burial: South Shenango Cemetery Row IX #19, Crawford Co., PA
_FA5: Among 1st settlers of N. & S. Shenango Townships.
Note: Given William's age it would seem most likely that William had a wife that preceded Ann and that they likely had a family as the children that are believed to be Ann's were born late in William's life. Below you will see that Jame's and John are not proven as William's sons, they could possibly be sons by a previous marriage. I believe them to be Williams sons as the names James and John are carried down through the family in a traditional way. There were so few early settlers in the area that it seems doubtful that at this early stage in the area's development there would have been two unrelated Bennett families using the same names. This is the only reason why "I" have chose to list James and John as sons of William.

Father: WILLIAM BENNETT b: in Of Susquehanna River Settlements, CT
Marriage 1 ANN b: ABT. 1737
William BENNETT b: ABT. 1770
Nancy BENNETT b: ABT. 1772
Robert S. BENNETT b: 1773
Samuel BENNETT b: ABT. 1775
ANTHONY BENNETT b: 30 MAR 1777 in Crawford Co., PA
Henry BENNETT b: ABT. 1778
Margery BENNETT b: ABT. 1782
Elizabeth BENNETT b: ABT. 1784
Margaret BENNETT b: 21 JUN 1787 in Bald Eagle Twp., Northumberland, Co., PA
Crawford County, Pennsylvania History & Biography 1885
"Township Histories." <page 576> CHAPTER XIII.
Anthony and Henry Bennett, came from the Susquehanna about 1798. The former settled on Tract 42, the latter on Tract 46. They were Seceders and life-long residents of the township. Their aged father, William Bennett, said to have built the first keel boat on the Susquehanna, also immigrated to the township and died in 1812, aged one hundred and one years. Anthony Bennett erected the first grist and saw-mills in the township in 1800 or 1801, on Bennetts Run, and both were operated for many years. ...... James and William Reed, brothers, came from the Susquehanna about 1800. William proceeded as far as Franklin in a canoe, his wife following along the river upon horse-back, and driving two cows. They stopped at first in the eastern part of the township, but subsequently removed to the southwest part, in the vicinity of a spring discovered by Mrs. Reed while lost in the woods. She and Mrs. Bennett, the latter with a babe in her arms, started through the forest to carry the mid-day meal to their husbands, but lost their way and rambled through the woods till evening, then took refuge in a small tree. They passed the night in terror, beholding <page 579> a panther for a long time crouched beneath them. Descending in the morning they were attracted by the sound of chopping and soon found two men by whom they were guided homeward, where they learned that the neighborhood was aroused and searching for them.
Not much is known about William Bennett, some say that he is the William of Stonington, Ct. and other's believe that this is not so. William lived to be 104 years old. He served in King Philip's War.
Known Children of WILLIAM BENNETT are:
i. REBECCA BENNETT, b. November 22, 1678.
ii. JOHN BENNETT, b. August 11, 1683.
2. iii. MAJOR WILLIAM BENNETT, b. 1711
iv. HENRY BENNETT, b. Abt. 1713.
v. JAMES BENNETT, b. Abt. 1715.

2. MAJOR WILLIAM BENNETT (WILLIAM1) was born 1711 and was of the Susquehanna River Settlements, and died January 1812 in Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA. He married ANN. She was born Abt. 1737, and died 1819 in Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA.

It would seem probable that William had at least one wife that preceeded Ann and that they most likely had a sizable family as the children that are believed to be Ann's were born late in William's life. Below you will see that James and John are not proven as William's sons, or they could possibly be sons by a previous marriage. I believe them to be Williams sons as the names James and John are carried down through the family in the traditional way. There were so few families that were early settlers in the Espyville, Shenango area that it seems doubtful that at this early stage in development there would have been two unrelated Bennett families using the same names. This is why "I" have chosen to list James and John as sons of William.

A William Bennett is listed in 1775 the Buffalo Valley Numeration as owning a grist mill on land belonging to William Blythe. He had 1 horse and 1 cow.
A William Bennett Jr. is listed in the same enumeration he had 17 acres, 1 horse, 3 sheep on William Blythe's land.
Source: Annals of Buffalo Valley by Linn p. 75

This passed on by Pauline Brown from her cousin Dale Collins;
"William Bennett probably not from Stonington, CT., but perhaps Old Philadelpia Co., PA. First official location; Bald Eagle Twp., Northumberland Co., PA. in May 1778. Taxed 1787 Nipponose Twp. recorded in Sunbury. He is buried in S. Shenango Cemetery 1711-March 25, 1812. They were Seceders* from the Susquehanna area.
Children : possibly James, John, William - Northumberland."
* Seceders or Covenanters came to be know as “Reformed Presbyterians and in the mid-1800’s, they united with some of the factions from which they had split earlier in the century becoming known as members of the United Presbyterian Church.

"Bennett Family history: William Bennett was born in 1711, died in 1812, 101 years old. It is said he built the first keel boat on the Susquehanna, before emigrating to North Shenango Twp. It is likely that William was one of the first settlers on the Susquehanna perhaps around the years 1753-1754. William Bennett was a First Lieutenant* in Capt. Somme Dale's Company formed in Upper Div. of Northumberland Co. was among the body of soldiers present at Ft. Augusta on 25 June 1777. Col. Bennett erected the first grist and saw mill in the township in 1800 or 1801 on Bennett's Run, and both were operated for many years. He was a Major in the 133rd Regiment under Col. Samuel Goudy in the War of 1812--promoted to Colonel."
Source: The Espy-Espey Genealogy Book
*Wm#2, if he was a 1st Lt in 1777, he would have been 66 yrs old. Those over 60 wer not expected to serve. It has been reported to us that the Espy book may contain many errors, check carefully.

7.8.05 email sent by Dale Collins.
William Bennett lived in Bald Eagle Twp, Northumberland Co., PA, May 1778, according to Linn's "History of Centre and Clinton County". In the original tax records in Sunbury, Northumberland Co., PA entitled "Northumberland, Muncy, and Others 1778-1796" is found the following information concerning Bennetts. Bald Eagle Twp.
Taxes: William Bennett - Exonerated 36 19s 9p
William Bennett Jr. - collected 11s

In 1785 listed in Washington township, now partly Lycoming and a subdivision of White Deer are the 1st inhabitants and among them are the following: Ephraim, Justice, Thaddeus, Abraham and William Bennett.

At Sunbury, 1785 Nippinose Twp., then Northumberland, now Lycoming Co., across the Susquehanna River from Jersey Shore:
William Bennett, 1 horse, 1 cow, 400 acres
James Bennett, 2 horses, 1 cow, 200 acres
John Bennett, 3 horses, 1 cow

Linn's History stated: Residents of Bald Eagle Twp., in 1786:
James Bennett, William Bennett, and John Bennett-single man.

Nippenose Twp., 1787: William Bennett, James Bennett, William Bennett, John Bennett. Nippenose is about 15 mile from Bald Eagle, along the river. They could have owned or rented land in both places in order to secure lumber.

Linn's History contains the following (pp 595,586) YoungWomanstown (now North Bend), also called William Reed's Improvement, was on the shore of the west branch of the Susquehanna now Chapman Twp., Clinton, Co. It was occupied before 1780 by William Reed who had no title. Reed sold his improvements to Stuart Campbell. Campbell sold to Thomas Robison who obtained a pre-emption warrant 1 Oct. 1785 for 307 acres on the north side of the west branch of the Susquehanna beginning at upper end of the narrows in the lower ends of sides and extending up the river to the head wing of a fish-dam and adjoining John Fleming's improvement. This included nearly all the flat land adjacent to the mouth of Young Womans's creek. Robison sold to Andrew Epple of Philadelphia 10 Jan. 1787. William Bennett rented it from Epple for 56. He built a tub-mill at the mouth of YoungWoman's creek for which he was allowed 33, which was deducted from his rent bill.

YoungWomanstown, Jan. 19th 1798

Sir I take this opportunity to let you know that I am going to Move of your place in the spring: my son has been out at French Creek and they have a Mind to Move out their in the spring And I would be glade you would take this place of my hands and send some Man to it a Cording to your Mind that you can be shoure of paying the rent I can get men a-nauf here that would take it But I would rather you would satisfy you Self. I have a very good fall crop in the ground thir is 20 acres of Wheat and 11 of Ry and land fit for a prime Crop corn oats or flax all fit for the plough and they can have all the grane if them and me can agree there is men anof her that would Be glad of it but I would be glad you would Send Some Man to it that would pay you the Rent and give me no more trouble a Bout it Sir please to Send me an ancer by Frances Fargy for I would be glad to know as quick as possible and so I Remain your Hum Ser't.

William Bennett
To Andrew Epple

Source: "Bennett Family" by Dale W. & Florence H. Collins p 85-86

The Collins, Henry, David, Isaac, and Elijah were in Conniut Twp., Crawford County and were counted in the 1800 census. William Reed and his family were settled here, as did the Barrackman s and Linn's. The Bennetts came about 1801 and the Espy's about 1802.

William Bennett was born in 1711 and died at the home of his son, Robert in South Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA. He and his wife have a common marker in South Shenango Cemetery. Row IX, #19. The gravestone reads: died Jan. 1812. The Crawford Co. Atlas says he died March 25, 1812 and Warner's History of Crawford County says he lived to be 101. William's wife, ANN, died 1819, age 82 years. She may have been a second wife.

Crawford County Genealogy.
Source: "Bennett Family" by Dale W. & Florence H. Collins pp 86-87

1787: with James Bennett owned a Grist Mill
1798, moved with son's Anthony & Henry to Crawford Co.
He died at home of son Robert.
Occupation: Iron Master

William was probably married two or more times. There is a long standing family tradition that William, James, and John were first cousins of General Anthony Wayne. Dale and Florence Collins have done some research, that so far has been unsuccessful in connecting the Wayne family to the Bennett’s through the Iddings line. Iddings was Gen. Wayne’s mother’s maiden name.

(Ann may or may not be the mother of all of eight of William’s children)

Samuel Bennett shown as deceased on the 1803 tax roll, whose land was assessed to Anthony. Letters of administration on his estate were issued to Anthony Bennett on 17 Nov. 1803; bondsmen were Anthony and Henry Bennett and Moses Scott. The appointment of Anthony as administrator suggests that he was closely related to Samuel. Deed records provide confirmation.

David McKee and Anthony Bennett, from Susquehanna County, moved to Crawford County in 1798, the former near Espyville, the latter farther north. Anthony, Henry, and Samuel had settled in a part of Conneaut Twp., which was attached to Shenango Twp in 1804, and to North Shenango Twp in 1829; Robert located a short distance south along the eventual boundary between North and South Shenango Townships. The process of land acquisition there was governed by a 1792 statute, which provided for the purchase of a warrant, i.e., an order to have a tract of land surveyed. Once the survey was completed, and certain settlement conditions had been met, the Commonwealth granted a deed (the "patent") to the purchaser. By the time the Bennetts arrived, most of the land had already been surveyed on warrants taken out by the Pennsylvania Population and North American Land Companies. Anthony had settled upon what was numbered Tract 42 on the latter's registers (warranted in the name of Thomas Sinn), Henry on tract 46 (John Sinn, warrantee). The North American Land Company later disbanded, and its 625 warrants in northwestern PA, were assigned to Stephen Barlow and Henry Baldwin (later Justice Baldwin of the U.S. Supreme Court, and builder of the Baldwin-Reynolds House in Meadville).

In May of 1817, Baldwin and Barlow reached an agreement with the Bennetts and several other Shenango Twp., residents who had "adverse to the original warrantee, taken possession" of the surveyed tracts. In return for their "settlement residence and improvements" the settlers were to receive, gratis, 150 acres from the tract each had settled. Baldwin and Barlow would purchase the patents, and could sell the residue of the tracts free from the settlers' claims of adverse possession. Some of the patents were obtained as early as Oct. 1817. In June of 1818, Baldwin and Barlow deed Henry Bennett about 305 acres from Tract 46 for $389.15; 150 acres were for his settlement and the additional land was sold to him for two and a half dollars an acre. Anthony Bennett was similarly conveyed about 170 acres from Tract 42 in 1822 for $60.43.


Other land titles were more complicated. In drafting the 1817 agreement, to indicate which tract had been settled, the name of the original warrantee (rather than the tract number) was listed opposite the settler's name. "Thomas Sinn" thus appears opposite the name of Anthony Bennett, and "John Sinn" opposite Henry. Matthew Gamble was also a party to the agreement, and opposite his name is that of Joseph Sherrett. The tract warranted in the name of Joseph Sherrett was numbered 45, adjoining Henry Bennett's land. Isaac Wright Collins also had some claim to this property, for on the same day he executed the agreement with Baldwin and Barlow, he gave a "Deed of Release" quitclaiming to Matthew Gamble all of his interest in the tract "warranted in the name of Joseph Serritt." This was recited to be "the same tract of land on which the said Matthew Gamble now lives."

Some of the settlers, such as Henry Bennett, had previously had their tracts re-surveyed on new warrants. Tract 45, where Matthew lived, had again been warranted on 4 April 1804 in the name of "Anthony Bennett Adm. In trust for the heirs of Samuel Bennett dec. The Bennett interests there also needed to be extinguished if Matthew was to obtain clear title. On 26 June 1817, a month after execution of the Baldwin and Barlow agreement, Matthew Gamble was deeded this 400 acres by Robert Bennett, Anthony Bennett, Henry Bennett, Isaac Wright Collins and Margaret Collin, his wife, and James Mason, all of Crawford County. The deed recites that the land had been "warranted in the name of Joseph Sherrit, settled by Samuel Bennett, and by said Samuel surveyed on a vacating warrant, and at his death descended to us by heirship, the said Samuel having died intestate, we being the heirs at law of the said Samuel." Gamble had probably been paying the taxes on Tract 45 since at least 1813, when Anthony was no longer assessed as agent for the heirs of Samuel Bennett.

How were the grantors Samuel's heirs at law"? They were not his children, since he had been assessed as single only sixteen years earlier. Under Pennsylvania intestacy laws at the time, the real estate of a man who died without issue went to his siblings, with his widow receiving a life estate in one-half of the property. If he was unmarried, his land went to his parents (if they survived him) during their lifetimes, then to his siblings or to their issue by representation. The three Bennetts, the Collins’, and James Mason were all roughly the same age, and evidently Samuel's contemporaries, hence they had to have been his siblings, or their spouses. This confirms the assertion in the county history that Anthony and Henry had been brothers. It also agrees with a biographical sketch of Robert B. Collins (1825-1892), which states that his mother, Margaret, "was a daughter of William Bennett and sister of Robert, Anthony and Henry Bennett, who were among the first settlers of North and South Shenango Twp. James Mason's wife Margery had died the previous year, and adding her to the list of siblings explains why Anthony Bennett is referred to as James's brother-in-law in a descendants' account. This Samuel Bennett had thus been the brother of Robert, Anthony, Henry, Margaret, and Margery. Other deeds suggest that there were also two other sisters.

The 1817 deed was not recorded until 1828, after the death of the grantee, Matthew Gamble. Matthew, who had served as Constable of Shenango Twp. (as well as owning a distillery), testified in February of 1822 that he had been assaulted there in the execution of his duties. His exact date of death is unknown, but it occurred by the following January (as a result of his injuries?) Anthony Bennett, and Thomas Elliott, James Mason and Robert McKee served as additional bondsmen. Baldwin and Barlow finally obtained the patent to Tract 45 in 1825, and on 31 October 1827, deeded part of the tract "warranted to Joseph Sherrit" to the unnamed "heirs and legal representatives of Matthew Gamble, late of the township of Shenango, County of Crawford, Pennsylvania, dec'd. The purchase price for this 161 acres was stated to be $300. . . . .


On the same day that Baldwin and Barlow conveyed land to Matthew Gamble's heirs, they also deeded an adjoining nine acres from the same 400-acre tract to "Elizabeth Gilliland wife of Hugh Gulliland, of Coniatt twp, of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, late Elizabeth Bennett." The Gillilands lived in that part of Summerhill Twp., which in 1843 became Summit Twp/, but Hugh continued to be taxed on this 9 ½ acres in South Shenango Twp, until his death in 1848. In 1849 and 1850, the 9 ½ acres were assessed to Gilliland, Elizabeth (heirs). Elizabeth was still alive in 1847, when she signed a deed, so evidently she died shortly before or after Hugh. In 1851,"one half of the undivided…nine acres" which had belonged to Elizabeth Gilliland were sold to John Collins by Henry Bennett, Anthony Bennett, and Margaret Collins of North Shenango Twp. Henry, Anthony, and Margaret were thus three of Elizabeth's heirs. As for the other half-interest, four and a half acres purportedly belonging to Elizabeth Gilliland were sold to the same John P. Collins at a tax sale held in 1852.

Only if Elizabeth had died without surviving issue could the three Bennett siblings have been her heirs. Her husband, however, was survived by several children, as shown by deeds acknowledged 25 October 1848 in which "Hugh Gillilands"s heirs" divided up his land in Summit Twp. Consequently, Hugh must have had a previous wife. This leaves open the possibility that Elizabeth had been Matthew Gamble's widow, since Hugh's youngest known child (by that previous wife) was born about the time of Matthew's death.


On the same day in 1827 when Baldwin and Barlow conveyed land to Matthew Gamble's heirs and Elizabeth Gilliland, they sold another adjoining nine acre parcel from Tract 45 to the "heirs or legal representatives of Nancy Bridgen's, dec'd, late Nancy Bennett, of Shenango twp., Crawford County, Pennsylvania." This land was thereafter assessed in the name of Bridgens' Heirs, sometimes with Anthony Bennett as agent. It was finally sold to John P. Collins at the same tax sale at which he bought Elizabeth Gilliland's acreage.

Nothing more concerning Nancy (Bennett) Bridgens has been discovered in Shenango Twp. A Bridgens family reportedly settled in the vicinity of YoungWomanstown, where the Bennetts originated, and a Robert Bridgens's household follows that of William Bennett in the 1790 census returns for Northumberland County. No other Brigden is in fact listed in federal census returns for Pennsylvania from 1790 to 1810. A Robert Brigden, Esq., born at YoungWomanstown in 1796, named his (eldest?) daughter Nancy. Considering William Bennett's advanced age at death, it may be significant that this Robert's biography notes that he "belonged to a family of old settlers, nearly all of whom lived to reach an age far beyond the usual number of years accorded to men."

Nancy Bridgens was thus almost certainly another of the Bennett siblings, married before the others moved to Crawford County. She left descendants, and her heirs were evidently allotted part of the tract settled by Samuel Bennett - of whom they were also heirs - because they had not quit-claimed their interest to Matthew Gamble. Nancy's descendants also account for the other half interest in Elizabeth Gilliland's land: In 1851, Robert Bennett and Margery (Bennett) Mason had living children and other descendants. Henry, Anthony, and Margaret were thus able to convey only a one-half (three-sixths) interest in Elizabeth's estate because their three deceased siblings - Nancy, Robert , and Margery - each had surviving issue, entitled to their respective one-sixth share.

The published Bennett account included three additional, elder sons of William named William (Jr.), James, and John. Their placement here appears to be based solely upon their appearance in tax rolls for Northumberland County to the dating from 1778 and 1785.

Finally, we must dispose of William's alleged son Samuel Bennett who died 15 May 1874, late of South Shenango Twp. His tombstone in the South Shenango Cemetery reportedly give his age as 67 years and 4 months, placing the date of his birth in about January of 1807. This is consistent with his age as given in every census: between 30 and 39 in 1840, 45 (or 43? in 1850, 53 in 1860, and 63 in 1870. It also explains why he does not appear on the tax rolls until 1830. His true identity is suggested by the Bennett article, which notes that Robert Bennett (ca 1774-1842) had a son Samuel who was devised part of his father's real estate, and who was mentioned in his brother William's 1854 will. This Samuel is placed in Robert's family between daughters born in 1805 and 1809 - suggesting that he was born in 1807. The 1874 county directory, under South Shenango Twp., notes that Samuel Bennett was occupying his father Robert's land; and indeed, the 1865 county map shows "S. Bennett" in the part of Tract 58 where Robert's farm was located. The Samuel who died in 1874 divided his land between his eldest son Robert and his second son James D. Bennett. When James sold his inheritance in 1876, it was a part of Tract 58 which had been deeded to Robert Bennett. James, in other words, was selling land devised to him in 1874 by his father Samuel, land which Samuel had been devised in 1842 by his father Robert. The Samuel who died in 1874 was thus Robert's and not William's son.

Source: "Crawford County Genealogy" (Aug. 1998) p 132-142
The Crawford Weekly Messenger: 25 March 1812 reported his death having "lately" occurred. He left no probate record identifying his family.
Historical accounts of the Bennett family appear in the "Gazetteer of Townships" section of the 1874 county directory.
Dale Collins sent me this information about Shenango: Crawford Co. erected 1800 with Shenango Twp. In 1830 Shenango split into North and South Shenango.

Children of WILLIAM BENNETT and ANN are:
Notes for JOHN BENNETT: Single in 1786. A John Bennett ran the first stage line from Franklin to Meadville. It ran weekly; fare was a half a dollar per trip.
ii. WILLIAM BENNETT, b. Abt. 1770.
Notes for WILLIAM BENNETT: William stayed in Northumberland Co. (Northumberland Co. Letters of Administration Book 5, p. 534 or 543: William A. Bennett, Dec. 6, 1868 to Oct. 4, 1871 for Mary T. Bennett; $5000.) Single in 1786. I think he was most likely to have been the oldest son being named after his father and grandfather. He was probably dead by Nov. 1803 as Anthony not he was administrator of Samuel's estate. As the older brother he would probably have been named the administrator, Anthony and Henry along with a Moses Scott were bondsmen for the estate. May 01, 1778, Taxed Bald Eagle twp. Northumberland Co., PA. 1785, might be the Wm. Single freeman Bedford Co., Archives p 85
3. iii. NANCY BENNETT, b. Abt. 1772.
4. iv. ROBERT S. BENNETT, b. 1773.
5. v. COL. ANTHONY BENNETT, b. March 30, 1777.
6. vi. HENRY BENNETT, b. Abt. 1778.
7. vii. MARGERY BENNETT, b. Abt. 1783.
viii. SAMUEL T. BENNETT, b. January 16, 1783; d. May 15, 1874.
Notes for SAMUEL T. BENNETT: Owned 400 acres of land in No. Shenago Twp., east of brother Henry's and south of the 400 acres of Henry and Elijah Collins. Original Plots #92. His will is Reg. WB D, p. 458,11 April 1874. Burial: S. Shanango Twp. Cemetery Crawford Co., PA
ix. ELIZABETH BENNETT, b. Abt. 1784; d. Bet. March 23, 1847 - October 1848; m. HIGH GILLILAND, Bef. 1827, Summerhill Twp., Crawford Co., Pa.
8. x. MARGARET BENNETT, b. June 21, 1787, Bald Eagle Twp., Northumberland, Co., PA.
More About JAMES BENNETT: Not proven a son of William Bennett.