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Notes for Samuel Isaac Jones

May 27, 1825 - Samuel Isaac Jones born in Grayson Co., VA

1830 census Grayson Co., VA page 265
1 male 30-40 (William, age 34)
2 males 5-10 (John, age 10, Samuel, age 5)
1 female 30-40 (Jane, age 30-36)
2 females 5-10 (Evalina, age 8, and Elizabeth, age 14??)
Where is Isaac, age 2??)

1840 census Lymins, Lawrence Co., OH
John Jones
1 male 20-29 (John, age 20)
1 female 15-19 (Wife, age 15-19?)
Wm Jones
1 male 40-49 (William, age 44)
2 males 15-19 (Samuel, age 15 & ?)
1 female 40-49 (Jane, age 40-46)
1 female 15-19 (Evalina, age 18)
Where is Isaac, age 2?
December 18, 1845 - Samuel married Rebecca Pethoud in Lawrence Co., OH

1850 - age 25 in OH?

1860 census Beatrice, Gage Co., NE page 29
Household #63
Samuel Jones, age 35, farmer, b. VA
Rebecca, age 32, keeping house, b. OH
William, age 13, b. OH
Mary J., age 12, b. OH
John, age 9, b. OH
Sarah, age 7, b. OH
Samuel, age 5, b. OH
Francis, age 2, b. KS
Alvan, age 8 months, b. NE
Elizabeth McDaniel, age 43, b. VA
Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 45
A-Submitted by Mrs. Cecil Holland, Filley NE
On Sunday, 7 Aug 1864, occurred what is know in NE history as the Indian raid on the Little Blue river, in which several Gage Co. people lost their lives and property. The first semblance of a military organization in Gage Co. was a company of its citizens hastily called together by the sheriff, Joseph CLYNE, for the purpose of investigating the depredations of these savages, ascertaining the true condition of affairs, burying the dead killed in the massacre, and repelling the invasion. As far as known the members of this company from Gage Co., were William H. STONER, John GILBERT, Oliver TOWNSEND, Albert C. HOWE (half-brother of Church HOWE), H. M. WICKHAM, William R. JONES, Daniel FREEMAN, Thomas PETHOUD, James PETHOD, Enoch GRAVES# Henry GRAVES, Louis GRAVES, Ira DIXON, Leander WILSON, Samuel JONES, Richard C. DAVIS, William ALEXANDER, Joseph CLYNE, Edward WELLS, and his brother, Mr. BAGLEY, and Theodore M. COULTER.

1870 census Beatrice, Gage Co., NE Sheet 4 August 16, 1870
Samuel Jones, age 45, farmer, b. VA
Rebecca, age 42, keeping house, b. OH
John, age 19, asst. farmer, b. OH
Sarah A., age 17, b. OH
Samuel J., age 15, b. OH
Franklin, age 13, b. KS
Alva P. (male), age 11, b. NE
Chas., age 8, b. NE
LeRoy C., age 6, b. NE
Helen, age 4, b. NE
Elizabeth, age 2, b. NE
Rebecca, age 6 months, b. NE
Living next door to household of A. J. Pethoud, age 30

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
150 Samuel Jones, bom May 27, 1825, Grayson County, Virginia, married Rebecca Pethoud in 1845 in Ohio. He died Feb 8, 1872, Gage County, Neb. Samuel is buried in the Jones homestead cemetery NE 1/4 Sec 15, Midland Township, Gage County, Neb. Fourteen children were bom of this marriage.
151 Rebecca Pethoud, was bom in 1828 in Ohio, (Rebecca's mother was bom in Pa., while her father was bom in Ohio). She mar. Samuel Jones in Ohio in 1845, and after Samuel's death she moved to Gooding, Idaho to live with her brother's family. Following her death she was buried there.


Hi! My name is Marti McAninch, and in doing some name searches, I ran across the name Rebecca Pethoud on your web site (spouse Samuel Jones). This Rebecca is the daughter of an ancestor of mine (John Pethoud or Pithoud as it was sometimes spelled. While not a direct descendant of your Rebecca, my family history has it that the first John Pethoud had 9 children, one named Rebecca and one named Thomas. Thomas had a daughter also named Rebecca, who is my ancestor. The info I have is as follows: Phillip Augustus Pithoud m.
Nancy Watts. Son John Pethoud m. Mary Thompson. Son Thomas M. (brother to your Rebecca) m. Maria Warren = daughter Rebecca m. Sidney Hampton Brown. Philip Augustus immigrated from France, with about 100 other people who had bought land from the Scioto Land Co. When they all got here, they found out the company didn't own the land. The US government eventually made a land grant of a little over 200 acres for each family. Dates that you might be interested in: John Pithoud b. 8/27/1798 Gallipolis, Ohio m. Mary Thompson
11/14/1822 Irontown, Ohio, d. September 23, 1883. Children were Elizabeth b. 8/26/1823 m. John Wilson; Cynthia Ann b. 9/1824? m. John Blankenship; Thomas M. b. 1/5/1826 m. Maria Warren; Rebecca b. 3/18/1828 m. Samuel Jones; John Thompson b. 12/6/1830 m. Rebecca Steece; Sarah b. 2/1/1834; Francis Marion b. 7/7/1837 m. Emily Maloney; Andrew Jackson b. 4/10/1840 m. Eliza Bunker; James
Knox b. 11/24/1844.
Hope this is helpful to you. If you have any info to share, would appreciate it! Thanks.

Buried at the Jones homestead cemetery located in the NE 1/4 Sec 15, Midland Twp., along Salt Creek, north of Beatrice, NE.

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Husband's Name
Samuel Isaac JONES (AFN:14TW-FHX) Pedigree

Born: 27 May 1825/1826 Place: , Grayson, Virginia
Died: 8 Feb 1872 Place:
Buried: Place: Pethoud Cemetery, Beatrice, Nebr
Married: 18 Dec 1845 Place: , , Ohio


Wife's Name
Rebecca PETHOUD (AFN:14TW-FJ5) Pedigree

Born: 18 Mar 1827/1828 Place: , Scioto, Ohio
Died: 22 Dec 1900 Place: Ab Shoshone Fall, , Idaho
Married: 18 Dec 1845 Place: , , Ohio

Father: John PITHOUD (AFN:QVG2-HT) Family
Mother: Mary THOMPSON (AFN:QVG2-J1)


1. Sex Name
F Sarah Ann JONES (AFN:14TW-FQD) Pedigree

Born: 6 Jan 1853 Place: Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio
Died: Feb 1919 Place: Beatrice, , Nebr


2. Sex Name
F Mary Jane JONES (AFN:14TW-FLK) Pedigree

Born: 9 Jan 1848 Place: <, Lawrence, Ohio>
Died: 1917 Place:


3. Sex Name
F Helen Weston JONES (AFN:14TW-FXM) Pedigree

Born: 14 Jan 1866 Place: <Beatrice, , Ne>
Died: 14 Dec 1870 Place:


4. Sex Name
M John Thompson JONES (AFN:14TW-FP6) Pedigree

Born: 22 Jan 1851 Place: <Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio>
Died: 4 Jul 1938 Place: Gooding, , Idaho
Buried: Place: Gooding, , Idaho


5. Sex Name
M Alvin Plummer JONES (AFN:14TW-FT1) Pedigree

Born: 10 Oct 1859 Place: <Beatrice, , Ne>
Died: 24 Jan 1926 Place:


6. Sex Name
M Thomas (Twin) JONES (AFN:14TW-FN0) Pedigree

Born: 18 Oct 1849 Place: <Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio>
Died: 23 Oct 1849 Place:


7. Sex Name
M James (Twin) JONES (AFN:14TW-FMR) Pedigree

Born: 18 Oct 1849 Place: <Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio>
Died: 19 Oct 1849 Place:


8. Sex Name
M Leroy Clark JONES (AFN:14TW-FWF) Pedigree

Born: 12 Feb 1864 Place: Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska
Died: 3 Jun 1939 Place: Gooding, Gooding, Idaho
Buried: Place: Gooding, Gooding, Idaho


9. Sex Name
M Charles Augustus JONES (AFN:14TW-FV7) Pedigree

Born: 9 May 1862 Place: Beatrice, Nebraska
Died: 1 May 1916 Place: , Gooding, Gooding, Idaho
Buried: Place: Pioneer Cemetery, Gooding, , Idaho


10. Sex Name
M Francis Marion "Frank" JONES (AFN:14TW-FSS) Pedigree

Born: 31 Jul 1857 Place: <Beatrice, , Ne>
Died: 29 Jun 1889 Place:


11. Sex Name
M William Riley JONES (AFN:14TW-FKC) Pedigree

Born: 9 Sep 1846 Place: , Lawrence, Ohio
Died: 30 Dec 1925 Place: Beatrice, , Nebr


12. Sex Name
F Elizabeth Maria JONES (AFN:14TW-FZT) Pedigree

Born: 4 Nov 1867 Place: <Beatrice, , Ne>
Died: May 1953/1954 Place:


13. Sex Name
F Rebecca Alice JONES (AFN:4J20-MP) Pedigree

Born: 12 Nov 1869 Place: Beatrice, , Ne
Died: 1 Mar 1956 Place: Lincoln, , Ne


14. Sex Name
M Samuel Isaac JONES (AFN:14TW-FRL) Pedigree

Born: 30 Dec 1854 Place: <Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio>
Died: 30 Dec 1854 Place:

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Female Family


Spouse: SAMUEL JONES Family
Marriage: 18 DEC 1845 , Lawrence, Ohio