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Notes for Martin William Thompson:

October 14, 1822 - Martin born in Lincoln Co., KY



August 10, 1843 - Martin married Evalina Jones in Lawrence Co., OH

1850 census Symms Twp, Lawrence Co., OH Stamped page 425
Census taken Nov 6, 1850 Household #48
Martin W. Thompson, age 27, farmer
Eveline, age 26
Foster, male, age 7
Elizabeth, age 5
Amanda, age 1
William Jones, age 54, laborer
Isaac Jones, age 12
Birthplaces were not listed for any person on this census page

1860 census Easton Twp., Leavenworth, KS Page #212
Household #2043/1797
M. W. Thompson, age 37, farmer, b. KY
Evaline, age 39, b. VA
F.M.C., male, age 16, b. OH
Elizabeth, age 15, b. OH
Amanda, age 11, b. OH
Mary, age 7, b. OH
Eveline, age 4, b. MO
John, age 2, b. TX

1870 census (post office Beatrice), Gage Co., Neb.
M.U. Thompson, age 47, b. KY, farmer
Eveline, age 47, b. VA
Amanda C., age 21, b. OH
Mary E.. age 17, b. OH
Evalina, age 14, b. MO
John T., age 11, b. TX
Phluma A.. age 7, b. KS
Austie, age 3, b. NE

1880 United States Census Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska Page Number 38B
M. W. THOMPSON Self M Male W 57 KY Farmer VA SC
Evaline THOMPSON Wife M Female W 57 VA Keeping House VA VA
J. F. THOMPSON Son S Male W 21 TX At Home KY VA
P. A. THOMPSON Dau S Female W 17 KS At Home KY VA
A. E. THOMPSON Dau S Female W 13 NE At Home KY VA
1885 State Census Blakley Precinct,Gage,Nebraska, Date: 12 Jun 1885, Page Number: 9B
Name: Mart Thompson, Age: 62, Birth Place: Kentucky
Name: Evaline Thompson, Age: 62, Birth Place: Virginia
Name: Flene Thompson, Age: 26, Birth Place: Texas
Name: Mary Thompson, Age: 21, Birth Place: Iowa

Shot in Colorado while participating in the Colorado gold rush.

Buried in Dolen cemetery, Gage County, NE
The Dolen Cemetery is located in NE 1/4 of 2-4-5, Blakely Township, Gage County, Nebraska. The cemetery was named after Benjamin Dolen who homesteaded the land on which the cemetery lies. Mr. Dolen died in 1897 and was buried at the cemetery along with many family members. This cemetery has also been associated with the hamlet of Hoag, Nebraska which was located just two miles south of the cemetery. The land on which the cemetery lies was never officially deeded to the cemetery. There are 28 known individuals buried here. Dolen was classified as an abandoned cemetery in Gage County on June 1, 1982 and currently Boy Scout Troop #221 maintains it.
Name Death date
BOYCE Nettie M March 26 1907
CHESNEY Augustine October 17 1883
CHESNEY Thomas June 6 1921
DAVIS Eunice 1918
DOLEN Anna Rossiter 1924
DOLEN Benjamin July 16 1897
DOLEN Byron B. September 27 1963
DOLEN Edward January 13 1937
DOLEN Hanford C. 1937
DOLEN James June 13 1882
DOLEN Mary October 5 1904
DOLEN Nancy Chesny October 6 1906
DOLEN Prather M. 1933
LLOYD James 1917
RECKER Anita February 8 1933
RUSK Daniel May 9 1884
SPARKS Oscar Le Claire March 1911
THOMPSON M.W. April 30 1892
TOBABEN 3 Children
WALKER Bobby 1925
WALKER Carrie Dolen December 22 1967
WALKER Everett 1918
WALKER Frank P March 1 1932
WALKER Oma 1927
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Husband's Name
Martin W THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8B2) Pedigree

Born: Abt. 1818 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>
Died: 30 Apr 1894 Place: , Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: , Saline, Ne, Dolan Cemetery
Married: 10 Aug 1843 Place: Lawrence, , Oh



Wife's Name
Evalina JONES (AFN:11KN-8QJ) Pedigree

Born: 17 Aug 1822 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>
Died: 7 Apr 1894 Place: , Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: , Saline, Ne, Dolen Cemetery
Married: 10 Aug 1843 Place: Lawrence, , Oh

Father: Samuel JONES (AFN:11KN-8N4) Family
Mother: Rebecca (AFN:11KN-8PB)



F Elizabeth Jane HURST (AFN:11KN-8DG) Pedigree
Born: 17 Dec 1845 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>

F Amanda Caroline THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8FN) Pedigree
Born: 15 Apr 1849 Place: , , Oh
Died: 22 Aug 1924 Place: De Witt, Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: De Witt, Saline, Ne, Oak Grove

M William Richard THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8GV) Pedigree
Born: 25 Dec 1850 Place: <, , Oh>

F Mary Elizabeth DOLAN (AFN:11KN-8H3) Pedigree
Born: 16 May 1853 Place: , , Oh

F Evaline JONES (AFN:11KN-8J9) Pedigree
Born: 20 Sep 1855 Place: , , Tx

M John Fleuix THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8KH) Pedigree
Born: 21 Jan 1859 Place: <, , Tx>

F Pluma ROSSITER (AFN:11KN-8LP) Pedigree
Born: 3 Apr 1863 Place: , , Ks

F Osta REID (AFN:11KN-8MW) Pedigree
Born: 27 Oct 1866 Place: , Gage, Ne
Died: 13 Feb 1950 Place: