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Notes for Lavina Jones Wells

Lavina born in February 20, 1817 to which parents?

Birthdate is from an 1881 bio of her husband W. S. Wells that was printed in "The History of Buchanan County, Missouri." Lavina is listed in "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia" as being a relation to Samuel & Celia's family, and a large number of online trees list her as a daughter, but I am not sure. Her mother Celia was about age 53 in 1817, and it is possible but not probable that she had a child at that age, and also there is only one female under age 10 in the household of Samuel Jones in 1820, and I believe it is his daughter Mary, age 8. There is an unidentified male under 10 in the household that year, who may be Lavina if there was census taker error.

1820 census census Grayson Co., Virginia
August 7, 1820
Saml Jones
1 male over 45 (Samuel, age 56)
2 males 10-15 (Isaiah, age 14 & Unknown Son, age 10-15. Is this James Franklin?)
1 male under 10 (Samuel, age 6 & Unknown Son, age 0-9. Is this James Franklin?)
1 female over 45 (Celia, age 56)
1 female 16-25 (Sarah, age 22?)
1 female 10-15 (Ann, age 16?)
1 female under 10 (Mary, age 8)
No child who could be Lavina, age 3 if the female under 10 is daughter Mary.

1830 census

May 8, 1833 - Lavina married William Samuel Wells in Lee Co., Virginia
Mar 1834 - son James born in Lee, Virginia
1836 - daughter Ennett born in Lee, Virginia

1837 - moved from Virginia to Platte Co., Missouri. Returned to Virginia in 1838

Feb 1, 1838 - daughter Martha born in Lee, Virginia

1840 census

March 15, 1842 - daughter Minerva born in Lee, Virginia
April 7, 1843 - son Samuel born in Lee, Virginia

1843 - moved to Wright City, Missouri
1844 - moved to Marshall Co., Alabama

1845 - son Robert born in Red Hill, Marshall, Alabama
December 1847 - daughter Celia born in Red Hill, Marshall, Alabama
September 10, 1849 - son George born in Red Hill, Marshall, Alabama

1850 - moved to western Tennessee

1850 census Red Hill, Marshall, Alabama
William S. Wells, age 38, House carpenter, b. Virginia
Lavina, age 32, b. Virginia
James M., age 15, b. Virginia
Emmitt C., male, age 13, b. Virginia
Martha Ann, age 10, b. Virginia
Minerva, age 8, b. Virginia
Saml B, age 5, b. Virginia
Robert B., age 4, b. Alabama
Selia E, age 2, b. Alabama

1852 - daughter Mary born in Obion, Obion, Tennessee

1853 - husband William became an ordained minister

1854 - son Albert G. born in Marion, Tennessee

1856 - moved to Douglas Co., Kansas

1860 census Willow Springs, Douglas, Kansas Territory
W. S. Wells, age 48, farmer, b. Virginia
Lavina, age 40, b. Virginia
James M., age 26, farmer, b. Virginia
Ennett C., female, age 24, b. Virginia
Martha, age 22, b. Virginia
Minerva, age 19, b. Virginia
Saml B, age 17, b. Virginia
Robert B., age 15, b. Virginia
Celia, age 13, b. Alabama
Geo W., age 10 b. Alabama
Mary E, age 8, b. Tennessee
A. G., male, age 5, b. Tennessee

November 1860 - moved to Atchison, Kansas
1861 - moved to Rushville, Buchanan, Missouri

1870 census Rush, Buchanan, Missouri
William S. Wells, age 48, merchant, b. Virginia
Lavina, age 43, b. Virginia
Geo W., age 19, Canman Labor, b. Alabama

1880 census Rush, Buchanan, Missouri
William S. Wells, age 67, Merchant, Virginia/Virginia/Virginia
Lavina Wells, age 63, wife, keeping house, Virginia/North Carolina/North Carolina
Dena Elliott, age 8, grandson, Missouri/Missouri/Tennessee

1899 - Lavina Jones Wells died in Rush, Buchanan, Missouri

1900 census Rush, Buchanan, Missouri

From: Nathan Marks []
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2014 5:03 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Samuel Jones

Kari, I sent this e-mail to Scott C. Jones with this theory and would like to know your thoughts on this as well:

I believe that Samuel Jones who m. Minerva Tipton and Lavina Jones who married W.S. Wells are children of John Jones, rather than the children of Samuel Jones.

Lavina: According to a biographical sketch of W.S. Wells, Lavina was born 20 Feb 1817. This allows her to fit as one of the under 10 females in John's 1820 household, and one of the two 10-15 year old females in his 1830 household. (The other appears to be Ruth Jones, who m. David Boothe in Lee County in 1834 and is living next door to John Jones in 1860 in Wise County.) Obviously, Lavina is the name of John's wife, which could be her namesake. Also, Celia would have been 53 when Lavina was born. Women over 50 giving birth today is quite uncommon, so it would have been nearly unheard of back in 1817. Lavina and her husband are found in Marshall County, Alabama in the 1850 Census along with the widowed wife and children of

Samuel: Based on Minerva's age in the 1850 Census, Samuel was likely born about 1815 or so. This allows him to fit as the unknown under 10 son of John's in 1820, and the 10-15 year old son in the 1830 Census. John was married to a Tipton, so since Samuel was a Tipton and 1st cousin marriages were not uncommon in those days, I would be willing to wager that Minerva was his first cousin. Plus since Lavina moved to Marshall County, AL, it has seemed more common in my previous research that a brother and sister were more likely to migrate cross-country together than an uncle/niece, though it's possible.

What do you think of this theory that Samuel and Lavina could have been John's children? Since we don't know for sure where Celia is living in 1830, we can't even be certain that the unknown young male in Samuel's 1820 household wasn't already deceased, or wasn't a grandson or wasn't the elusive "James Franklin Jones". But since John clearly has a son in Samuel's age range and we KNOW he was living in Lee County in 1833 when Samuel married and we can't be sure when Celia moved to Lee County, I think the conclusion that Samuel belongs to John is a more logical one. I could be wrong though, of course.

Would very much like to hear your opinion on this.