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Notes for Henry Bennett

1778 - Henry Bennett born to William Bennett & Ann. William born b: 1711 in Of Susquehanna River Settlements

Father William Bennett
Birth: 1711 in Of Susquehanna River Settlements
Death: JAN 1812 in Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., PA
Occupation: Iron Master
_FA2: 1785 lived in Bald Eagle Twp.,Northumberland Co., PA
_FA3: 1787 with James owned a Grist Mill

1790 census Northumberland, PA
Wm Bennitt 2-3-4
2 males age 16 & older (William, age 79 & Robert, age 17)
3 males under age 16 (Anthony, age 13, Henry, age 12, Samuel, age 7)
4 females (Ann, age 53, Margery, age 6, Elizabeth, age 4, Margaret, age 3)
Next to Robt Bridgens, and near William Reed, James Bennitt, Henry Thompson, Benjamin Thompson. Where is William Bennett, Jr, age 20 or John Bennett?

1798 William Bennett moved with Anthony & Henry to Crawford Co. Among 1st settlers of N. & S. Shenango Townships.

Crawford Co., PA formed March 12, 1800 from Alleghany Co., PA

1800 - Henry age 22

1800-1803 - Henry Bennett married Elenor Thompson (raised by Cline family when her parents died enroute to America) in Crawford Co., PA

abt 1804 - daughter Polly born
1805-1810 - Unknown daughter born

1805-1810 - Samuel T born
1809 - daughter Anna born

1810 census Shenango, Crawford Co., PA
Henry Bennett page 423
1 male 26-44 (Henry, age 31)
1 male under 10 (Samuel T, age 0-5)
1 female 26-44 (Elenor, age 28)
3 females under 10 (Polly, age 6, Unknown Daughter #1, age 0-10, & Anna, age 1)
Anthony Bennett page 423
1 male 26-44 (Anthony, age 39)
2 males under 10 (James Espy, age 5 & William, age baby)
1 female 26-44 (Nancy, age 25?)
2 females under 10 (Hannah, age 2 & ??)
William Bennett page 423 (Henry & Anthony's father)
On same page as Andrew Thompson, George Espey, William Reid
Robert Bennitt, page 420
1 male 26-44
2 males under 10
1 female 26-44
4 females under 10

July 31, 1811 - daughter Sarah Cline born
1812-1820 - son William Perry born
1816 - son Robert W. born
1818 - son John C. born
April 1820 - daughter Elizabeth Jane born

1820 census Shenango, Crawford Co., PA page 54A
Henery Bennett 310010-31110-01
1 male 26-44 (Henry, age 41)
1 male 10-15 (Samuel T, age 10-15)
3 males under 10 (Robert, age 4 & John, age 2 & William, age 0-8)
1 female 26-44 (Elenor, age 38)
1 female 16-25 (Polly, age 16)
1 female 10-15 (Anna, age 11)
3 females under 10 (Sarah, age 8, Unknown Daughter #2, age 1-7? & Elizabeth, age baby)
1 person engaged in agriculture

1830 census North Shenango, Crawford Co, PA page 89
Henry Bennet
1 male 50-60 (Henry, age 51)
1 male 20-29 (Samuel T, age 20-25)
1 male 15-19 (Robert, age 14?)
1 male 10-14 (John, age 12)
1 male 5-9 (William, age 9? He should be 10-19 OR possibly Henry Jr, age 5-9??)
1 female 40-50 (Elenor, age 48)
1 female 15-19 (Sarah, age 18)
1 female 5-9 (Elizabeth, age 9)

1840 North Shenango, Crawford Co, PA page 256
Henry Bennett
1 male 60-70 (Henry, age 51)
1 male 20-29 (Robert, age 24)
1 female 50-60 (Elenor, age 58)
1 female 20-29 (Elizabeth, age 20)
On same page is Samuel T. Bennett, William P. & John C. Bennett. William P & John C both age 20-29, and neither has children listed in the household. Samuel T has male age 80-90 and also male 30-40.

1850 census North Shenango, Crawford Co, PA page 457
Robert N. Bennett, age 36, farmer, b. PA
Catharine, age 26, b. PA
Mary, age 9, b. PA
George, age 7, b. PA
Harriett, age 4, b. PA
Ellen, age 2, b. PA
Henry Bennett, age 71, farmer, b. PA
Elenor, age 68, b. Ireland
John, age 15, b. PA
William, age 13, b. PA
Jane, age 8, b. PA
Elizabeth, age 6, b. PA
The 2 older (and also 2 younger?) children in household are children of Samuel J. Bennett & grandchildren of Henry & Elenor. Two younger children are probably also Samuel's children, but may be children of William P. Bennett.

Sept 28, 1856 - Elenor died

December 1, 1856 - Henry wrote his will. He named as heirs (named in will in this order):
John F. Bennett
William R. Bennett
Jane E. Bennett
Polly Williams
Sarah C. Reed
Ann McNally
Betsy Jane Cook
Grandson William P. Bennett
Robert N. Bennett
John C. Bennett

November 29, 1859 - Henry died
1860 Mortality Schedule
North Shenango, Crawford Co., PA
Name: Henry Bennet
Age: 80
Sex: M
Married or Widowed: W
Place of birth: Penna
The Month in which the Person died: November
Occupation: Farmer
Disease or Cause of Death: Palsey [sic]
Number of Days Ill: 3 Months

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
Page 91
6 HENRY BENNETT (#87) born ca 1780 (Note: one document indicates shenango Twp. Crawford Co., Pa. Henry mar (#88) ELENOR THOMPSON (Cline) before 1809. She was called Nellie and was born in Northern Ireland in 1781, and died 28 Sep 1856. Nellie's parents died on board ship enroute to America. The three Thompson children were raised by a German family named Cline. The Christening Record in County Down, Down Patrick, Northern Ireland states Elenor was the daughter of James and Susan Thompson. In 1989, Elenor's grave marker is readable in Row IX, #27, S. Shenango Cemetery. There is a sandstone marker in #26, eroded, but could be that of husband, Henry. His first land was situated directly south of that of Anthony Bennett's Original Plots #91. Henry and Elenor had six children: Polly, born 1809, mar a man by the name of Williams; SARAH (Cline), born Jul 31, 1811 mar WILLIAM REID (#101, son of #77). When William & Sarah moved from Pennsylvania to Hanover Township, Allamakee County, Iowa, they left the family records with a cousin, Annette Clark of Simons, Ohio. The records were destroyed by fire. A descendant of this line Cora Julia Clark joined the DAR. Thirteen children born of this marriage: WILLIAM HENRY REID born 1831; Matilda born 1832; Zenus P. born 1834; Robert, born 1836; Mary, born 1838; Margaret, born 1840; Sarah born 1842; James born 1844; Nancy born 1846; Victoria, born 1848; Emma Josephine, born 1851; Nancy, born 1852 and died 1854; John Reed born 1853.
Ann Bennett, born 1817, mar a man named McNeally; Betsy Jane mar a man by the name of Cook, who died a few years after they were married, they had two children. Betsy Jane and the children were living with William and Sarah C. Reid in 1840 census, and the 1841 tax list shows that she had one cow; Robert W. born 1816 died in 1871, mar Catherine C. (?), they had six children; John C. Bennett, mar (?) and shown on the 1841 tax list was a carpenter and owned no land. A son of Henry and Elenor C. Bennett, name unknown, and his wife died before 1850 census shows their four children lived with Henry and Elenor Bennett in North Shenango Twp in 1850. It is thought that William P. Bennett and his wife listed iin the 1840 census, residing next to Henry Bennett's farm is the deceased son. In the 1839 tax list, William P. had 50 acres and is listed as a carpenter in 1840 census. The four children's names were: John T., born Sep 25, 1835, died Sep 25 1918, mar Hannah McKinney and had one son; William Perry, named for his father, born Aug 6, 1837, died Mar 9, 1915, was an invalid for 6 1/2 years, mar Mary A Stewart in 1862. William was exempt from the Civil War draft as a result of having a substitute. He served as a tax collector and a Parsonage Fund treasurer for the NSUP Church in 1899. Jane E. Bennett born 1842 mar Edward "Ned" Mullen who died in 1885. They lived in North Shenango Twp, and had one child. Elizabeth, born 1844, died before Dec 1856.
Page 148
87 HENRY BENNETT, the son of William and Ann Bennett, was born ca 1780 (Note: one document indicates 1778/79). He mar. Elenor Thompson Cline in about 1808/9. (Based on records of the Thompson families, Elenor was born in Donegal or Down County, of Northern Ireland). Henry died 29 Nov 1859, while Elenor (as spelled on her tombstone) died Sep 28, 1856, in North Shenango Twp. Crawford Co., Pa. Both are bur. in the cemetery East and North of Hartstown, So. Shenango Twp. Although a number of Bennett family members are buried in the cemetery, a tombstone for Henry Bennett could not be located, although it was probably adjacent to Elenor's. Elenor's tombstone was broken and laying flat on the ground in May 1993. Five children were born of this marriage: Polly, SARAH CLINE, John, Ann and Elizabeth Bennett. Another document indicates Sarah Cline had a brother by the name of Henry, who lived in Detroit, MI., having moved there from St.Paul, MN. John Bennett, a brother along with Henry moved to St.Paul, MN., from Crawford County, and reportedly built the first frame house in St.Paul. John developed a serious case of arthritis and became an invalid. 59

USA SURNAMES 1600-1940
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ID: I04004
Name: Henry BENNETT
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1778
Death: AFT. 29 NOV 1859 in N. Shenango Twp. Crawford Co., PA
Occupation: farmer
_FA2: ill 3 months before death
_FA1: 1785 might have been the Henry, Hopewell twp. declared freeman p 87 Bedford Co., Archives
His first land was situated directly south of that of Anthony's, Original Plots #91.
Land on tract 46

Father: WILLIAM BENNETT b: 1711 in Of Susquehanna River Settlements, CT
Mother: ANN b: ABT. 1737
Marriage 1 Elinor Thompson CLINE b: ABT. 1780 in Ireland
Married: ABT. 1804
James Espy BENNETT b: 1805
Mary BENNETT b: 1809
William Perry BENNETT b: BET. 1810 - 1820
Sarah Cline BENNETT b: 31 JUL 1811 in PA
John C. BENNETT b: 1815 in Crawford Co., PA
Robert N. BENNETT b: 1816 in Crawford Co., PA
Ann BENNETT b: 1817
Elizabeth Jane BENNETT b: 1821 in Crawford Co., PA
1876 ATLAS 1
David McKee and Anthony Bennett, from Susquehanna County, located in 1798 in this township, the former near Espyville, the latter farther north. In 1799, Sidney Herriott and Henry Bennett moved in; the one settled to the northward, the other near the centre of the township. Samuel Barackman came in April, 1800, originally from Susquehanna. During the same year, Hannah Linn moved to the western section with her family, and cleared the farm on which the descendants are living. William Reed was a third settler during 1800. The Collins brothers—Henry, Elijah, and Isaac—were from Mifflin County, and came West with a four-horse team in 1801. The latter was a solider of 1812, and cleared a farm at Espyville, where he passed his days. The others settled near the central part. In 1803, Patrick Davis located and cleared a farm in the eastern part; and James Pollock, about the same time, settled in the northwestern corner of the township.
Espyville is located in the western part of North Shenango. The Espys were the first settlers, and originated its name. George Espy was from Bedford County, and moved to Espyville in 1802. Anthony Bennett erected the first grist- and saw-mills in the township, on Bennett's Run. The first framed barn was built in 1818, by Samuel Barackman. James Reed, son of William, is considered to have been the first white child born in the township. Patrick Espy kept the first store, just south of Espyville. The first school was taught in a private log house at Elliott's Corners, by Joseph Wright. The first school-house was built at Espyville. The pioneer church organization took place in 1825, at Elliott's Corners. Thomas Carr was the first minister. The first house of worship was erected in 1827. The township was formed in 1811. Its area is fifteen thousand eight hundred and sixty-five acres. It is drained by the waters of Shenango Creek. The surface is level and the soil of good quality. The population is about one thousand. The Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad passes southward through the centre of the township.
Crawford County, Pennsylvania History & Biography 1885
"Township Histories." <page 576> CHAPTER XIII.
Anthony and Henry Bennett, came from the Susquehanna about 1798. The former settled on Tract 42, the latter on Tract 46. They were Seceders and life-long residents of the township. Their aged father, William Bennett, said to have built the first keel boat on the Susquehanna, also immigrated to the township and died in 1812, aged one hundred and one years. Anthony Bennett erected the first grist and saw-mills in the township in 1800 or 1801, on Bennetts Run, and both were operated for many years. ...... James and William Reed, brothers, came from the Susquehanna about 1800. William proceeded as far as Franklin in a canoe, his wife following along the river upon horse-back, and driving two cows. They stopped at first in the eastern part of the township, but subsequently removed to the southwest part, in the vicinity of a spring discovered by Mrs. Reed while lost in the woods. She and Mrs. Bennett, the latter with a babe in her arms, started through the forest to carry the mid-day meal to their husbands, but lost their way and rambled through the woods till evening, then took refuge in a small tree. They passed the night in terror, beholding <page 579> a panther for a long time crouched beneath them. Descending in the morning they were attracted by the sound of chopping and soon found two men by whom they were guided homeward, where they learned that the neighborhood was aroused and searching for them.

From: Dale Collins []
Sent: Monday, September 04, 2006 9:29 AM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Bennetts

Dear Kari, I've been going over those Bennetts again. We have a copy of an old map of North Shenango Twp, dated 1824-29 that shows land owners and "Heirs of Samuel Bennett" is mentioned on it. If that is the case, the Samuel in 1840 is another Sam. September is going to be a busy month, but we will loook up the old Tax Lists which should shead some light on deaths, etc. Over 30 years ago before we moved here permanently, we were mostly interested in Collins, so have to back tract. I have redone all the cemeteries-no Sam or wives of those early ones which seem to be lost. The cemetery on Collins land, not officially known as a cemetery- has at least 30+ graves. Since this is on land close to where Sam lived, he could be another burial. South Shenango Cem., where Henry & Elenor are buried is about 5 miles away.
Robert , son of Henry has a Robert W. on his stone,1816-1871. He married Catherine C. Mosman, 1819-1911. !880 she was living alone. early 1900's her mother Mosman was living with her and died age 94 [Alex Collins's diary, belonging to James Alonzo Bennett\
We didnt have any info on Samuel T or Henry Jr. Under Reeds [as used here] Sarah who married William Reed II: 1st daughter named Nancy is buried in Wilson Cem [land donated by a Collins] another girl you call Elenor, I have Nancy b 1852 , sent to me by a Lambert who in 1980's lived in OR.
Did you ever get your copy of the will of Henry? I do not have a copy, just this: Henry's first land was situated south of brother Anthony's plot #91. His will WILL BOOK C, pg 267. He left 60 acres to 3 grandchildren. John T. Bennett-26 acres, William P. Bennett=22 acres + $50, and to Jane E. Bennett-12 acres-new carpet, set of chairs, bed, bedding, rocking chair, glass sugar bowl, etc., The 2 boys were to pay $50 to each of Henry's daughters: Polly williams, Sarah C. Reed, Ann McNeally, Betsy Jane Cook; aand $1 to Henry's sons-Robert W. and John C. Bennett.
Under Elenor: Nellie's parents died on board ship to America and 3 children were raised by a family named Cline [German] In Downe, Downe Patrick, Ireland, the christining records state Elenor was the daughter of James and Susan Thompson. [from internet] Her grave marker in S. Shenango Cem. was readable. There is a sandstone marker next to her's probably that of Henry.
Keep in touch. Florence Collins