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Notes for Enos Eells

Enos born on October 28, 1833 in Ashtabula Co., OH

1834 - his parents moved to Pennsylvania.

1840 census Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., PA page 322
1 male age 30-40 (Edward, age 36)
2 males 10-15 (Giles, age 12 & Andrew, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Enos, age 7)
1 male under 5 (Edward, age 5)
1 female 30-40 (Anna, age 35)
1 female15-20 (Nancy, age 16)
1 female 10-15 (Polly, age 14)
1 female 5-10 (Martha, age 8)
1 female under 5 (Catharine, age 3)
In same town are households of DANIEL EELLS & OTIS WAIT

1850 census Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA
Census taken October 1850
Edward Eells, age 45, farmer, b. NY
Anna, age 44, b. NY
Giles, age 22, farmer, b. NY, farmer
Andrew, age 20, b. NY, farmer
Martha, age 18, b. OH
Enos, age 16, farmer, b. OH
Edward, age 14, b. OH
Catharine, age 12, b. PA
Daniel, age 9, b. PA
Dayton, age 6, b. PA
Isaac Hazen, age 24, farmer, b. PA
Polly, age 24, b. NY
Willis, age 2, b. PA
Edward, age 5 months, b. PA
William Biddle, age 76, b. KY

1852 - Anna died in Allamakee Co., IA

1859 - Edward died in Allamakee Co, IA

1860 age 26

May 5, 1862 - list of heirs of Edward Eells in a probate document submitted by Giles P. Eells & Andrew J. Eells:
Polly Hazen resides in Crawford Co., Penn. & is a daughter of the deceased.
Giles P. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Andrew J. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Edward Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Martha Williams resides in St Croix Co., Wis. & is a daughter of deceased.
Catherine Reid resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a daughter of deceased.
Daniel Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Spicer D. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
And Enos Eells whose residence is unknown, is also a son of the deceased.

Civil War Service Records
Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance
Ells Enos C 9 Batt'n. Louisiana Infantry. Sergeant Sergeant Eal Enos Confederate

Louisiana Confederate Soldiers
Confederate Research Sources Volume 1D. page 746
Eal, Enos (also Ells, Enos),Pvt. Sergt. Co. C, 9th Battn. La. Inf. En. April 23, 1861, Springfield, Present on Rolls for Sept. and Oct., 1862. Paroled at Port Hudson, La., July —, 1863.

Confederate Research Sources Volume 1D. page 772
Ells, Enos (also Enos, Elly),2nd Sergt. Co. C, 9th La. Battn. On Roll of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Port Hudson, La., July —, 1863.

1870 10th Ward, Livingston Co., LA
Edward Halker, age 23, Lumber getter, b. LA
Zeltha, age 20, keeping house, b. LA
MaryAnn, age 3, b. LA
Mariah, age 1 month, b. LA
Alice Blue, age 9, b. LA
Eanest Ells, age 35, merchant, b. Iowa
Suanah, age 24, keeping house, b. LA
Arthur, age 3, b. LA
Giles, age 2, b. LA

1880 United States Census 6th Ward, Livingston Co., Louisiana Page Number 143C
Enos EELLS Self M Male W 46 OH Shingle Maker --- ---
Susan EELLS Wife M Female W 35 LA Keeping House MD LA
Arthur M. EELLS Son S Male W 13 LA At School OH LA
Giles P. EELLS Son S Male W 11 LA At School OH LA
Annie A. EELLS Dau S Female W 8 LA OH LA
Enos M. EELLS Son S Male W 7 LA OH LA
Katie EELLS Dau S Female W 5 LA OH LA
John T. EELLS Son S Male W 2 LA OH LA
Nancy E. EELLS Dau S Female W 1 LA OH LA
Alice D. BLUE SDau S Female W 18 LA At Home LA LA
James FLETCHER Other S Male W 19 LA Laborer LA LA

Enos died between 1880 to 1900

1900 census New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA page 272A Sheet 10 B, ED 31, 14th Precinct
Household 195/205 2316 Cleveland Ave.
Susan Eells, head, Jan 1845, age 55, widowed, 10 births, 7 surviving, LA/MD/LA
Enos, son, May 1874, age 26, LA/OH/LA, Saw Mill
John, son, Nov 1876, age 23, LA/OH/LA, Day laborer
Nannie, daughter, Oct 1878, age 21, LA/OH/LA, saleswoman Dry Goods
There is an Enos Eells who has been listed as being buried at Bear Island Cemetery, Livingston, LA

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
141 Enos Eells, born Oct 28, 1833, Ashtabula County, Ohio, married Marcia Lea of Clio, Livingstone Parish, Louisiana, where they lived. Enos served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Seven children were born of this marriage: Arthur, Giles Platt, Enos, John F., Daisy M., Katy L. and Nannie B. Eells. 102/103

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From: Brenda Felder
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Subject: Enos and other EELLS

Hi Kari,

Lynn Romer was nice enough to pass your e-mail along to me. I am directly descended from Enos Eells. He was my gggrandfather and I have been searching this family for 20 years but just "met" Lynn about a year ago. She is the only other person I have found who was searching this particular family of Eells. My grandmother used to sit on her front porch and say, if you ever run across the name Eells you'll surely be related because there are not that many. Little did she know! If you are interested, I will gather up my Eells notes and share what I have.

As far as we can find, Enos was never married to a Marcia Lea. We have never been able to figure out where that came from. He left home {Iowa} after his father died and never went back. We were told, no proof, that he worked his way down the Mississippi to N.O. where shortly after he joined the Confederate Army. I'm suprised because surely he had not been in the south long enough to sympathize with our cause. I was also told that when he died the family offered Susan his part of their dad's estate and she refused. My grandmother called it foolish pride. Apparently Susan had been told that he left home on bad terms which is what my grandma always said. She was a widow of a Rebel soldier, Daniel Blue, and the girl on the census you saw was their daughter. Alice lived with them till she married. Susan was a Murphy before Blue. The only way he{Enos} could have married Marcia would have been in the early days in N.O. and she died. That info was in the EELLS family book and I don't know who submitted it.
Let me know if I need to check my paper records. Brenda Gray Felder

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From: Brenda Felder
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Subject: RE: Enos and other EELLS

Hi Kari,
Please excuse if I give info you already have.
Enos Eells born 28 Oct. 1833 in Geneva Ohio. married Susan Jane Murphy after Civil War [probably 1866] She was born 8 Jan. 1845 died 28 Oct. 1908 in New Orleans, La. Buried Stevens Cemetery, Independence, La. in a family cem. in her home town. Daughter of John M. Murphy and Catherine Adeline Childress Other husband: Daniel Blue Other child Alice Daniel Blue

Eells Children:
Arthur M. b. 1867 never married died 1922 buried Greenlawn, Hammond, La
Giles Platt born 1869 died 29 Dec. 1897 married Mabel Hare
Annie Adeline born Feb. 12, 1872 died 29 Dec. 1897 married Cyrus L. Tucker 25 Nov. 1888
Enos M. born May 1873 died 11 May 1929 Married Loretta Walsh
Katherine {Kate} born 5 Dec. 1874 died 16 Feb. 1967 married 27 May 1897 to Dr. George Pennington a sawmill doctor. Enos worked around timber cutting areas during the time he lived here. They met that way and were married in New Orleans.
John T. born Nov. 1879
Nancy E. born Oct. 1879 married Fred McCay

We do not know when Enos died. I have a hand written note from Oct. 1880 so we know he was still living then but he mentions being ill in the note. My grandmother gave the info that he was buried on Bear Island but even after going there many times we never found any sign of a grave. The water may have washed it away. After his death Susan and her unmarried children moved to N.O. where she did hand sewing to eke out a living. I have never been able to find a death cert. for her. After years of searching N.O. records we found her buried in Independence. As I told you we have never found a record of a Marcia Lea. That has to be wrong info submitted by someone somewhere along the way. Grandma said in a letter that he left home after a dispute over property. I think his two older brothers took over when dad died and he left. He never owned land here but moved his family around the area where timber was being cut. At one time I found a record where he was a shingle maker and also an agent for a local newspaper. I've been told an agent gathered news for the paper. I have been to most of the places he lived. All swampy areas here where cypress grows. At one time I also was told that Daniel came to La. also but I don't think it was Daniel, Enos' brother. I found a record of another Daniel living in the western part of La. and he must be the one. I think I saw that in the Eells Family History Book.
I'm tired of typing now ------more later. Brenda