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Notes for Edward Eells Jr

1840 census Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., PA page 322
1 male age 30-40 (Edward, age 36)
2 males 10-15 (Giles, age 12 & Andrew, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Enos, age 7)
1 male under 5 (Edward, age 5)
1 female 30-40 (Anna, age 35)
1 female15-20 (Nancy, age 16)
1 female 10-15 (Polly, age 14)
1 female 5-10 (Martha, age 8)
1 female under 5 (Catharine, age 3)
In same town are households of DANIEL EELLS & OTIS WAIT

1850 census Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA
Census taken October 1850
Edward Eells, age 45, farmer, b. NY
Anna, age 44, b. NY
Giles, age 22, farmer, b. NY, farmer
Andrew, age 20, b. NY, farmer
Martha, age 18, b. OH
Enos, age 16, farmer, b. OH
Edward, age 14, b. OH
Catharine, age 12, b. PA
Daniel, age 9, b. PA
Dayton, age 6, b. PA
Isaac Hazen, age 24, farmer, b. PA
Polly, age 24, b. NY
Willis, age 2, b. PA
Edward, age 5 months, b. PA
William Biddle, age 76, b. KY

1860 census Makee Twp., Allamakee Co., IA
G. P. (Giles) Eells, age 31, farmer, b. NY
Louisa, age 24, Housekeeper, b. PA
A.J. (Andrew), age 29, b. OH
Edward, age 24, b. PA
Daniel, age 19, b. PA
Spicer D., age 15, b. PA
Lucinda McMana, age 29, housekeeper, b. PA
Cristina Johnson, age 23, servant, b. Norway
Terence Manahan, age 50, farmer. b. Ireland
Living next door to Loren & Elizabeth Eells & family.

May 5, 1862 - list of heirs of Edward Eells in a probate document submitted by Giles P. Eells & Andrew J. Eells:
Polly Hazen resides in Crawford Co., Penn. & is a daughter of the deceased.
Giles P. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Andrew J. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Edward Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Martha Williams resides in St Croix Co., Wis. & is a daughter of deceased.
Catherine Reid resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a daughter of deceased.
Daniel Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Spicer D. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
And Enos Eells whose residence is unknown, is also a son of the deceased.

Married Mary Jane McCracken on March 3, 1863

1870 should be age 34

Edward died about 1879

1880 United States Census Douglas, Clay, Iowa Page Number 262D
Mary J. EELLS Self Widowed Female W 47 PA Farmer PA PA
Jessie C. EELLS Dau S Female W 17 IA School Teacher PA PA
Franklin D. EELLS Son S Male W 16 IA At Home PA PA
Thomas E. EELLS Son S Male W 2 IA PA PA
Clark F. SNOW Other S Male W 26 WI Farmer VT CAN

1900 census Herdland Twp., Clay Co., IA
Household #27
Mary Eells, head, April 1833, age 67, widowed, 3 births, 3 surviving children, PA/PA/PA, farmer
Thomas W. Eells, son, April 1879, age 21, single, IA/PA/PA, farm laborer
Olina Eells, daughter (in law?), Dec 1867, age 32, married, IA/Norway/Norway, dress maker
Sidnie A., son Grand, Oct 1890, age 8, IA/IA/IA
Nelson, grandson, June 1893, age 6, IA/IA/IA
John, grandson, June 1895, age 5, IA/IA/IA

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
142 Edward Eells, bom Dec 28, 1835, Ashtabula County, Ohio, married his step sister, Elizabeth Goforth, daughter of Elizabeth (Goforth) Eells, wife of Edward Eells, Sr., in Waukon, Iowa Dec 6, 1857. Four children were bom of this marriage. 102/103
(Note from K - as Edward Jr is listed with no spouse in the household of his married brother Giles in 1860 I think the 1857 marriage record may be for Edward Sr who remarried Elizabeth Goforth between the time his wife Anna died in 1852 and he died in 1859.

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Kari, I was able to get to the site no problem.

I don't have the 1900 census on Daniel & Polly Eells, but I do have a 1885 Tipton Cass NE on them ED #100, Page 12, line 45. Film # 0499535
Daniel Ells, W M 44 Farmer Penn
Pollie W F 44 Keeping house NY NY NY
Herbert W M 18 Son Farming Iowa PA NY
Cora W F !6 Daug Iowa PA NY
Norma W F 11 Daug Neb. PA NY

Daniel Eells died from Acute Nephritis (Any of variously caused acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys & Senility) died in Lincoln Lancaster NE. Informant was Mrs. J. Eidman of Lincoln.

Polly Eells born 13 June 1840 in NY to Herman & Sally Bemis Greenslate, died from Bronchial Pneumonia & Senility. Informant was Mrs. Cora Eidman of 843 N 22 st Lincoln NE. Died in Lincoln Lancaster NE same address as Cora.

The children for them that I have are: 1- Girden Daniel (My Boy) 20-Sept 1864 in Waukon Allamakee Iowa, Married Hattie Mae Stopher on 12 May 1891 (don't know where) died 7 April 1935, buried Gaslin Cemetery, South of Brady Lincoln NE. Hattie born 15 March 1873 in Elmwood Cass NE. died 11 March 1947, buried Gaslin Cemetery, South of Brady Lincoln NE.

2-Herbert Enos born 17 Jan 1867 in Waukon Iowa, married a Myrtle Holley. died 18 August 1939 from Hypertension & chronic myocarditis, the informant on his death was the welfare Bureau of Del Norte Rio Grande Colorado and is buried in the Del Norte Cemetery on 21 August 1939. I can find no mention of his wife. I haven't been able to find him on census either.

3-Cora Gertrude Eells, born 24 November 1868 in Waukon, Iowa, married John Eidman. died 21 April 1931 in Lincoln Lancaster NE. Married John Eidman, he is not listed in the obit at all. Haven't found her in census either.

4-Lucinda, born 22/23 January 1870 in Waukon, Iowa. died as a young child.

5-Nellie born 12 March 1871 in Waukon, Iowa. Died 3 July 1872

6-Naomi M. "Omie" born 12 August 1873 in Elmwood Cass NE. died 6 November 1950 in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln. died from Carcinoma of ascending Colon & Liver. She had surgery on 9 May 1950 for same thing she died from. She was cremated and is buried in an urn in Elmwood Cemetery Cass NE. Informant was a Mrs. F.H. McMeen of 843 No 22st ST. in Lincoln, NE I haven't found her on census either.

7-I have no idea

Girden Daniel & Hattie Mae Stopher Eells children:

1-Onice unk

2.Ruth Ellen Eells born 21 March 1895 in Elmwood Cass NE, married Earl Threlfall, 2nd marriage Earl Sportsman, died 23 November 1965, buried in North Plate City Cemetery, North Plate Lincoln NE.

3-Roy Jacob Eells (my grandfather) born 13 January 1897 in Elmwood Cass NE. married 18 March 1918 in Seattle King Washington to Mahala Susan Granger. died 22 August 1967 in Cheyenne Laramie Wyoming. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Riverton Fremont Wyoming

4-Walter Herbert "Dutch" Eells born 11 April 1898 in Elmwood Cass NE, married 18 September 1924 to Eleanor Ruth Tilton. Died 19 March 1970 in Antioch California buried in Memory Gardens in Concord, California.

5-Cora Belle-born 13 February 1893, died 19 December 1894. buried in Elmwood Cass NE.

6-Elsie born 1901, died 12 August 1902

A couple of other things that I have are Andrew and Lucinda Ross Eells married on 15 January 1861 and I have Edward Jr. Married to a Mary Jane McCracken on 3 March 1863. But I'm not sure where they came from, I'll have to check it out.

Well I suspose that is enough to confuse you for a while. I don't know if you really want all of this, but do with what you want.

My only question as of right now is did you ever hear of an disagreement between Daniel, Enos and the older boys?

Thanks for everything, if you have any questions let me know. I'll study what you have a little more.