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Notes for Daniel Eells

Daniel Eells and Polly Thomas both born Bet. 1765 - 1770 in New Haven Co., CT. Daniel born in Milford and Polly born in Waterbury Twp.

1803 - Daniel married Polly Thomas in Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT

January 07, 1804 - son Edward born
October 08, 1805 - son Lewis born
October 23, 1807 - daughter Maria born

1810 census Waterbury, Salem Society, New Haven Co., CT page 652
Eels, Daniel
Males 20011
2 males under age 10 ( Edward, age 6 & Lewis, age 5)
1 male age 26 to 44 (Daniel, age 35-40)
1 male over 45 (Lenthall Eells?)
Females 10011
1 female over 45 (Mary Smith Eells?)
1 female age 26 to 44 (Polly, age 35-40)
1 female under age 10 (Maria, age 3)

September 10, 1810 - daughter Minerva born
1813 - son Loren born
January 15, 1815 - son Samuel born. Died before 1820?? Not on any census records

1810 to 1815 - moved to New York - in Ashtabula OH in 1813???

October 15, 1818 - son Daniel Jr born

1820 census, Solon Twp., Cortland Co., NY page 582
Males - 211101
1 male 45+ (Daniel, 45-50)
1 male 16-18 (Edward, age 16)
1 male 16-26 (Edward, age 16)
1 male 10-16 (Lewis, age 15)
2 males under 10 (Loren, age 7 & Daniel Jr, age 2)
Females - 11002 - 01
2 females 45+ (Polly age 45-50, Mary Smith Eells??)
1 female 10-16 (Maria, age 13)
1 female under 10 (Minerva, age 10)
1 person engaged in agriculture

December 19, 1820 - son Ezra born

Son Edward married Anna Howell in 1823.
Son Lewis married Nancy Crandall about 1825
Daughter Maria married David Orson Hickox about 1826

1828 - Moved to Ohio

Daughter Minerva married Otis Waite about 1830

1830 census Denmark Twp, Ashtabula Co., OH, Page 118
Eells, Daniel
Males - 41124001
1 male 50-60 (Daniel, age 55-60)
4 males 20-30 (Edward, age 26, Lewis, age 25, David Hickox, age 20-30 & Otis Waite??)
2 males 15-20 (Loren, age 17)
1 male 10-15 (Daniel, age 12)
1 male 5-10 (Ezra, age 9)
4 males under 5 (Edward's son Giles, age 2, Edward's son Andrew, age baby, Lewis' son Nelson, age 2, Daniel Hickox, age 1)
Females - 51004001
1 female 50-60 (Polly, age 55-60)
4 females 20-30 (Edward's wife Anna, age 25, Lewis' wife Nancy, age 22, Maria, age 23 & Minerva, age 20)
1 female 5-10 (Edward's daughter Nancy, age 6)
5 females under 5 (Edward's daughter Polly, age 4, Lewis' daughter Nancy, age 2, Malina Hickox, age 3, & Louisa & Fidelia Hickox, both age 0-5,

1834 - Moved to Pennsylvania

1840 census Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., PA page 323
1 male 50-60 (Daniel, age 65-70?)
1 male 30-40 (Lewis, age 35)
1 male 20-30 (Daniel Jr, age 22)
1 male 15-20 (Ezra, age 19)
2 males 10-15 (Lewis' son Nelson, age 12, Daniel Hickox, age 11)
1 male 5-10 (Lewis' son Orson, age 6)
1 male under 5 (Lewis' son Harvey, age 5)
1 female 60-70 (Polly, age 65-70)
2 females 30-40 (Lewis' wife Nancy, age 32 & Maria, widowed, age 33)
3 females 10-15 (Lewis' daughter Nancy, age 12, Malina Hickox, age 13, & Louisa & Fidelia Hickox, both age 10-15,
2 females 5-10 (Eliza Hickox, age 8 & ??)
1 female under 5 (Lewis' daughter Sarah, age 1)
Also in same town are households of EDWARD EELLS & OTIS WAIT. In same county is LORIN EELLS

Daniel Eells died August 1842 in Crawford Co., PA. Polly died in 1843

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
72 DANIEL EELLS, the son of Lenthall and Mary (Smith) Eells was born in Milford, Conn 1781, and bap. Jul 24, 1785, in Salem Congregational Church, Waterbury Township, New Haven County, Conn. He married Polly Thomas of Salem Society, Waterbury; and died in Greenwood Township, Crawford County, Pa., in Aug 1843. A letter of administration dated Aug 18, 1843 to settle his estate, was granted to two sons, Edward and Loren by Crawford County officials. Eight children were born of this marriage. Namely: EDWARD, Lewis, Maria, Minerva, Loren (Lorin), Samuel, Daniel and Ezra. 55/56
73 POLLY THOMAS, born Waterbury Township, New Haven County, Conn., was the dau. of Joseph Thomas. She married Daniel Eells, and died in Crawford County, Pa., late July or early August 1843. 57

Daniel and Polly (Thomas) Eells had eight children born of their marriage: The first five were born in Waterbury Township, New Haven County, Conn., and the last three born in Solon Township (now Taylor Township), Cortland County, New York: Edward Jan 7, 1804, (094 and a Reid/Eells family ancestor); Lewis Oct 8, 1805; Maria Oct 23, 1807; Minerva Sep 10, 1810; Loren (Lorin) 1813; Samuel Jan 15, 1815; Daniel Oct 15, 1818; and Ezra Dec 19, 1820, baptized by Rev Ira Dunning, Feb 22, 1822, the First Congregational Church of Cincinnatus and Solon Townships, Cortland County, N.Y.. The villiage of Cincinnatus was about three and a half miles south of Daniel's home, while the village of Taylor was one mile south southwest. The town of Solon was about seven miles west of the residence.

The 1810 United States Federal Census for New Haven County, Conn., indicates that, Daniel Eells, of Waterbury, Salem Society had two male and one female child under ten, one male and one female between 25 and 45, (Daniel and his wife), plus one male and one female over 45, living in the same household. There being no separate listing in Waterbury township census for a Lenthall Eells household, more than likely Lenthall and Mary (Smith) Eells were a part of their son Daniel's household, since in 1810, they were in their early to mid seventies, and were residents of the Salem community, as well as church attendees.

A typical New York farm family during the early 1800's farmed about 100-160 acres. The owned 15 - 120 sheep, 3 to 40 cattle, 2 - 12 horses, spun or weaved about 40 yards of flannel and 50 - 100 yards of linen, for the families use.

On April 8, 1811, Lenthall Eells of Durham, purchased from Robert M. Ashley and Fiske Ashley of Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 140 acres of land, located on the West end of Lot # 67, for $250, in the town of Berkshire, Tioga County, New York, being a part of a track granted to Samuel Brown, Esq. 17 November 1787. Although a copy of this deed, is retained by the Mattuck Museum, Waterbury, Conn., there is no record of its recording, in Tioga, County, N.Y. Daniel Eells, (072) a Reid Eells family ancestor and the son of Lenthall and Mary (Smith) Eells, was the thirteenth child of their large family, and brother of Lenthall above. According to the Eells Family Genealogy, Daniel was born in Milford, New Haven County, Conn., in 1781 and based on church records, was baptized July 24th, 1785, in the Salem Congregational Church, by Rev. Abraham Fowler the pastor. As indicated previously, Daniel married Polly Thomas, the daughter of Joseph Thomas (057) and granddaughter of Elijah ,(also spelled Elyjah) Thomas, of the town of Waterbury, Conn..

The Deed Records of Cortland County, Cortland, New York, indicates, Daniel Eells of Solon township purchased for $434 from Phillip Van Cortland, 100 acres of land in Lot 090 Solon Township Military Tract, June 7, 1814, at that time Westchester County. Ref: Page 522, Book C. And purchased from the Peoples State Bank, of New York parts of lots 6 and 9 of Lot 090 Solon Township Military Tract, containing 150 acres. Nov 14, 1825. Ref: page 267, Book 0. (Note: A Lot in N.Y. is 640 acres or one section.) It is interesting to note that Solon Township is approximately twenty miles southwest of Sherbume, N.Y., where Lenthall Eells (Daniel's brother) moved to in 1815, and also is about twelve miles northwest of German, Chenango County, N.Y., where Polly's sister Esther (Thomas) Wheeler, and her family lived in May 1823; thus the family and relatives either moved together or followed each other in their westward migration from Connecticut.

Page 582 of the New York Federal Census Cortland County, Solon Township for 1820 shows eleven individuals living in Daniel's household. Two male children under ten, one 10-16, one 16-18, one 18-26 plus himself over 45. In addition one female child under ten, one 10-16, and two females over 45. (His wife and his mother Mary, since by this time his father had passed away.) This would indicate that Lenthall Eells (Daniel's father), died between the move from Waterbury, Conn., in 1815 and this census. Subsequent research may Indicate the date and place of death as well as burial. Solon Township in the early 1800's was a heavily wooded area. Consequently the early settlers in rural areas traveling to settlement areas blazed trees for a guide path through the woods. At the time the Eells family moved to the area there were eight churches, two Methodist Episcopal, two Wesleyan Methodist, one Congregational, one Union Valley Free Church, one Baptist and one Roman Catholic. The Eells belonged to the First Congregational Church of Cincinnatus in Solon Township, which on Nov 18, 1822 became the Union Congregational Society of Cincinnatus and Solon.

The Union Congregational Society of Cincinnatus and Solon was organized Nov 18, 1822. The first sermon was given by Dr. Williston of the Congregational Order, in the school house. Miss Hepsy Beebe was the School teacher of the Cincinnatus School. (Thus probably the teacher for the Eells Children.)

Cortland County, New York was initially settled in 1791. The population of the Solon township (sixty square miles) in 1814 was 717; in 1820- 1,262; in 1825- 1,781; and 1830- 2,033. Solon township formerly included Taylor township, which was organized in 1849. During the early 1800's Taylor and Solon townships were heavily wooded areas without established trails, consequently travelers utilized blazed trees as a guide through the forest to avoid getting lost enroute to their destination.

The Solon Township Meeting Records for the period 1798-1842, retained by the Cortland County Historical Society indicates the following relative to the Eells family: The Township Meeting was held at the dwelling house of Garrett Prichard the first Tuesday of March 1824. The minutes recorded on page 24 shows, Daniel Eells was overseer of Highways for District # 33. It was voted that the Inspector of Common Schools be reimbursed fifty cents per day, and that the Township of Solon raise $100 for the use of the Common Schools. Edward Eells (a Reid Eells family ancestor and the father to be of Catherine Eells Reid), was listed as the Inspector of Common Schools. The first Tuesday of the March meeting minutes 1826, held the same location, indicates Edward Eells continued as Inspector, and was also listed as the Township Constable. The meeting held the first Tuesday of March 1827 shows that Edward Eells continued holding the same two positions, and was being paid seventy five cents per day. Road District #33 did not have a representative at the meeting, and nothing was indicated if Daniel Eells attended the meeting. The first Tuesday of March 1828 meeting minutes on page 31, indicates that Edward Eells was Commissioner of Common Schools and was no longer Common School Inspector nor Constable. The minutes of the first Tuesday meeting March 1829 does not list the Eells family in attendance, and shows different people holding the positions Daniel and Edward previously held.

Data held by the Cortland County Historical Society, on the Taylor, Solon and Cincinnatus Townships School District and Commissioners Records 1820 - 1851 indicates on page nine that Edward Eells served as a School Commissioner and signed meeting notes for the Freetown and Solon Common School District # 2, at the commissioners meeting, July 16, 1828 held in Lydia Ingersol's, Freetown residence. This meeting altered the boundaries of the school districts. Recorded Sep 8, 1828. This was the last time Edward Eells signed any papers for the school district. As of this writing it is not known if Edward and his wife Anna (Howell) Eells or Daniel and Polly (Thomas) Eells removed their families directly to Ashtabula County, Ohio from Cortland County. The 1830 Census for Cortland County and other New York Counties do not list either family. Although, the 1850 United States Census for Pennsylvania indicates that Edward's two older children, Giles and Andrew J., were born in New York state, in 1828 and 1830 respectively, the special and detailed Iowa Census of 1856 indicates that Andrew J. was born in Ohio in 1830. The 1830 Census for Ohio, indicates that Daniel Eells and family was listed in Denmark Township, Ashtabula County, and since the families continued to stay together it is thought that Edward and his family occupied the same household, in view of the fact that Edward is not listed in a separate household, or the 1830 Ohio Census.

The 1818-1839 meeting records of the First Congregational Church of Cincinnatus and Solon, retained by Cortland County Historical Society Library, Cortland, New York indicate on page 6 dated Feb 13, 1820 that the Sacrament of the Lords supper was administered and Daniel Eells professed his faith and was united with the Church. Attested by Tapper Wilkinson. Page 8 - July 30,1820 Rev. Oliver Hitchcock administered Sacraments of the Lords Supper to Mary Eells and Polly Eells and they were united with the Church. Attested by Tapper Wilkinson. Page 18 - Feb 27, 1822, the Sacrament of the Lords Supper was administered by Rev. Ira Dunning and he likewise baptized Ezra, son of Daniel Eells. Attested by T. Wilkinson. Page 48 - Mar 31, 1825. At the annual church meeting, Daniel Eells was selected as one of a three member committee to admonish negligent members. Page 54 - Feb 23, 1827, Daniel Eells was chosen as the delegate to represent the church in the Association Meeting the Second Tuesday of May. Page 60 - August 30, 1828 Church meeting at the school house opened with a prayer. A notice was read that Daniel Eells and his wife have a letter of dismission from the church. Signed by C.H. Clark.

Daniel and Polly Eells sold the foregoing one hundred acres of land to David Wire April 10, 1828 for the sum of $850. The remaining one hundred fifty acres was sold by Daniel and Polly Eells to David Wire July 10, 1834. Ref: page 518 Book U. Cortland County, New York, deed records. (Note: The decision to sell the last acreage was after spending nearly four years in Ohio and deciding to live there.)

Details relative to the family of Polly (Thomas) Eells, the wife of Daniel Eells is provided on Page 721, Vol., 37, Waterbury Township Land Records of 1819, Waterbury, Conn., as follows: "To all people to whom these Presents shall come. Greetings. Know ye that Samuel Wheeler, Esther his wife of the town of German in the County of Chenango of State of New York. Daniel Eells and Polly Eells his wife of the town of Solon in County of Cortland, and State of New York. For the consideration of Three Hundred Dollars lawful money received to our full satisfaction of Reuben M. Hines, of the town of Woodbridge, in the County of New Haven, and State of Connecticut. Do give, grant. Bargain, Sell and Confirm unto the said Reuben M. Hines, and to his Heirs and assigns forever, the three rights or parcels of land that is set off to Polly Eells, Esther Wheeler, Marshal Thomas, the right of Marshall Thomas belongs to the said Samuel Wheeler by conveyance of deed, and the Polly Eells, Esther Wheeler, Marshall Thomas as being the Heirs of Joseph Thomas, deceased of the town of Waterbury, in the said County of New Haven. Said land lying and being in the Town of Waterbury in New Haven County, formerly owned by Elyjah Thomas; said rights or parcels of land Bounded as follows. Two rights and a part of another bounded South on Silas Thomas, West by Dier Hotchkiss land. North by Marshall Baldwins land. East on the highway, the remainder part lying on the East side of the Highway and Ellsha Thomas and. Containing Eighteen or Eighteen and a half acres of land, be the same more or less, - -etc.- -. Dated 18th day of January Anno Domini 1823. Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Signed by: Samuel Wheeler, Daniel Eells, Esther Wheeler, and Polly Eells.

Edward Eells, a Reid Eells family ancestor and eldest son of Daniel and Polly (Thomas) Eells was born January 7, 1804, in Waterbury Township, New Haven County, Conn.. He married Anna Howell, apparently from Cortland County, probably in the year of 1822-3, since their first child was born in Jan 1824. Anna was born in the State of New York in the year 1805. There appears to be no deeds recorded in the Howell name in Cortland County, prior to the 1830's nor family listing in the First Congregational church of Cincinnatus. As of this writing nothing additional is known about Anna Howell, her parents or ancestors prior to the marriage.

Edward and Anna (Howell) Eells, had ten children born of their marriage. Nancy, Jan 23, 1824; Polly, Feb 26, 1826; Giles P., Jan 6, 1828; Cortland County, New York; Andrew J. probably born in Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1830; Martha, Jan 15, 1832; Enos, Oct 28 1833; Edward, Dec 28, 1835; Catherine, (109) Oct 29, 1837, Crawford County, Pa.,and the daughter to eventually marry William Henry Reid, in Iowa; Daniel, Jan 29, 1840; and Spicer D., Sept 4, 1845.

Daniel and Polly Eells purchased from J.R. and L.W. Giddings a Quit Claim deed to sixty acres of land in Pierpoint Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, April 17, 1837, for the sum of one dollar. Ref Page 218, Deed book U, Ashtabula County. This same property was sold by Daniel and Polly of Crawford County, Pennsylvania to Mary Armstrong of Pierpoint Township, for $200, July 12, 1843. Ref Page 636, Deed Book 28.

The 1840 United States Federal Census for Greenwood Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, page 323 lists the Daniel Eells household with a total of seventeen family members. The Edward Eells household shown on page 322, Greenwood Township lists ten individuals by age grouping, and indicates that three were involved in agriculture. Loren Eells (Edwards brother), is shown on page 361, Fallowfleld Township with a listing of four individuals, in the household.

The Crawford County, Pennsylvania Records of Wills and Letters of Administration, Volume 1, Docket 227, lists a Letter of Administration dated August 18, 1843, as being granted to Edward Eells and Loren Eells, in regard to death of Daniel Eells, late of Greenwood Township, Crawford County. Signed by Bond Takers -John McMichael and Samuel Marshal. (Based on this letter and the above Deed granted by Daniel Eells; Daniel died between July 12th and August 18th, 1843, Greenwood Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The Eells Family Genealogy lists his death in August 1843. Additional details relative to Polly or the location of Daniel's and Polly's graves, are unknown at this writing.

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From: Charlene L Pinkowski
Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 1:39 PM
Subject: Hi Cousin!

Dear Kari

I have just visited your rootsweb page and your home page and am quite impressed. I call you cousin because you see, we both descend from Daniel Eells (1781-~1844) and Polly Thomas (dates not established in my research). I descend from Maria Eells and David Orson Hickox. I took notice of your establishment of birth places for the last three named children in the family group of Daniel and Polly and have some questions to which I would love to know the answer. I always knew it is important to establish Daniel Eells and Polly in the place in New York to which they emigrated, but had not yet pursued that information. I do have some information on them in Ohio, although not likely as much as you have.

My reason for wanting to establish them in New York is simple. The marriage of Maria Eells to David Orson Hickox had to have taken place in New York, because their eldest child, Malina was born in New York, whereas, my 2 great grandmother Eliza Jane Hickox was born in Ohio as was her brother David Daniel Hickox. That knowledge led me to determine that they migrated into Ohio about 1828 give or take under a year. Thus I found Daniel Eells in Denver Township, Ashtabula, Ohio in 1830 with a number of apparently-married young couples and numerous children under his leadership. I have not had the opportunity to follow up further on that in Ohio but will get to it as I can. I was always interested in determining where they had lived in New York to see if I could find out more regarding David Orson Hickox, or as he is designated in the settlement of estate of Daniel Eells: “Orson Hitchcup”. I was aware that there were some HICKOX families in Cortland County because my 3 great grandfather Nathaniel CALVERT had lived there with his immigrant father John CALVERT before moving on to Mercer County Pennsylvania and in researching in that locale I did see the name Hickox. I always had a question in my mind as to what brought Eliza Jane Hickox together with William Nathaniel Calvert, and feel that if there is a Cortland County connection in this family that could account for their meeting.

I cannot share a lot with you at this time, but will share with you what I know. I would definitely like to know your sources on this family group. Here is an extract from the estate settlement of Daniel Eells that I have in my notes:

The settlement of Daniel EELLS estate (August 1842) says " Polly EELLS, Relick of Daniel EELLS late of Greenwood Township, Crawford county, aforesaid dec'd, presents her petition to the said court, setting forth that your petitioners said husband died late leaving a widow, to wit, your petitioner, with issue of 14 (sic) children (to wit:) Edward, Lewis, Lorin, Daniel, Maria intermarried with Orson Hitchcup (sic), now dec'd and Minerva, intermarried with Otis Wait, and that the said intestate died seized in his demise as of fee or deed in the following lands and tenements, to wit: ----" Note that the petition names 6 children but clearly states issue of 14 children, therefore, at least 8 must have died young, or moved away, and this needs further investigation.

I look forward with great anticipation to your reply


Charlene Calvert Pinkowski

Camp Family Database
Entries: 156236 Updated: Mon Mar 10 10:26:41 2003 Contact: Barbara Farris-Carrie Camp Memorial Library
Home Page: Camp Family
ID: I156002
Name: Daniel Eells
Sex: M
Birth: 1781 in Milford,,Ct
Death: 1844/1845 in Greenwood Cem,Crawford County,Pennsylvania
Change Date: 23 FEB 2003 at 15:23:01

Father: Lenthall Eells
Mother: Mary Smith

Marriage 1 Polly Thomas
Edward Eells b: 7 JAN 1804 in ,,Ct
Lewis Eells b: 8 OCT 1805
Maria Eells b: 23 OCT 1807
Minerva Eells b: 10 SEP 1810 in Greenwood,,Pa
Loren Eells b: 1813 in Ashtabula,,Oh
Samuel Eells b: 15 JAN 1815
Daniel Eells b: 14 OCT 1818 in Greenwood,,Pa
Ezra Eells b: 19 DEC 1820

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Subject: Re: Daniel Eells


The distribution of estate for Daniel EELLS clearly states that there were 13 children born to Daniel EELLS and Polly THOMAS. It actually shows a map of the property and on that piece of property is a small graveyard. Now, what I have no idea about is if there is any extant record that would show who is buried in that graveyard, but it is likely that at least Daniel and Polly would be there. Because the censuses were recorded decennially, there is a lot of room for children to have been born and died young. Even if the NY pentacennial records were available for that time period, there could still be children born and deceased between enumerations. Wouldn't it be great if a family bible existed?

It would appear that even the other resources can only account for the 8 children, and those are likely the ones who lived past early childhood. We may never be able to find out anything about the missing 5 children, but evidently they existed. By looking at the birth years of the named children, I can see a few gaps where others could have fit and if there was one or multiple births that would comfortably put 5 more between the names ones. Well maybe comfortably is not the right word to use for Polly's sake, huh?

BTW, that is the ONLY distribution of estate that I have ever seen the number of children given, and particularly when only 6 of them are named within (I think that it is only 6, I did not lay my hands on that document at this time to review it, but memory tells me that not all of the
grown children were named but I do not know for what reason. Likely some had already deceased was my assumption, but I did not know where in NY they came from before contacting you, and did not have the opportunity to check to see if any were there who died or what happened.)

You have done a wonderful job of putting together Daniel EELLS and Polly THOMAS' lives. I would mention what the distribution of estate does about the number of offspring with the simple explanation that they have not ever been identified to date.

I have been busily engaged in editing my data files and have taken 43 pages of items needing my attention down to 12 still needing it. As I go through each family group to do this editing, I am doing some online research of census records and other documents available. It won't be too long until I can put up a web page. But at this point in my research, it will not be as thorough as what you have shown me partially because the records are not there for a lot of families and partly because I am not where all the records are.

Speaking of Cortland New York, it is interesting to me that my Nathaniel CALVERT and wife Elizabeth GAMBLE as well as his brother William CALVERT and wife Sarah __?__ grew to manhood there after they immigrated into this country. Then, my two great grandfather William Nathaniel CALVERT married Eliza Jane HICKOX whose parents resided in Cortland NY for some time. As, Nathaniel CALVERT had left Cortland County New York in 1822, it makes me think that he may not have known Daniel EELLS, but perhaps they did know one another. I have always wondered how William N CALVERT and Eliza Jane HICKOX met and fell in love. I finally settled on religion as the answer to that as she was or converted to the Scotch Covenantor Sect of Presbyterianism of which the cALVERT family were members
for several generations at least.

your cousin
Charlene Calvert Pinkowski