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Notes for Catharine Eells:

Oct. 29, 1837 - Catherine born in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania.

1840 census Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., PA page 322
1 male age 30-40 (Edward, age 36)
2 males 10-15 (Giles, age 12 & Andrew, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Enos, age 7)
1 male under 5 (Edward, age 5)
1 female 30-40 (Anna, age 35)
1 female15-20 (Nancy, age 16)
1 female 10-15 (Polly, age 14)
1 female 5-10 (Martha, age 8)
1 female under 5 (Catharine, age 3)
In same town are households of DANIEL EELLS & OTIS WAIT

1850 census Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA
Census taken October 1850
Edward Eells, age 45, farmer, b. NY
Anna, age 44, b. NY
Giles, age 22, farmer, b. NY, farmer
Andrew, age 20, b. NY, farmer
Martha, age 18, b. OH
Enos, age 16, farmer, b. OH
Edward, age 14, b. OH
Catharine, age 12, b. PA
Daniel, age 9, b. PA
Dayton, age 6, b. PA
Isaac Hazen, age 24, farmer, b. PA
Polly, age 24, b. NY
Willis, age 2, b. PA
Edward, age 5 months, b. PA
William Biddle, age 76, b. KY

Will of Edward Reid filed for probate May 10, 1859 in Allamakee Co., IA. lists all his holdings and names his heirs, including Catherine Reid, a daughter.

1860 census Hanover Twp. Allamakee Co., IA
Household #815/800
William F. Rid, age 29, b. PA, farmer
Catharine, age 22, b. PA
James M., age 2, b. IA
Sarah, age 1, b. IA

May 5, 1862 - list of heirs of Edward Eells in a probate document submitted by Giles P. Eells & Andrew J. Eells:
Polly Hazen resides in Crawford Co., Penn. & is a daughter of the deceased.
Giles P. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Andrew J. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Edward Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Martha Williams resides in St Croix Co., Wis. & is a daughter of deceased.
Catherine Reid resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a daughter of deceased.
Daniel Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
Spicer D. Eells resides in Allamakee Co., Iowa & is a son of the deceased.
And Enos Eells whose residence is unknown, is also a son of the deceased.

1870 census Hanover Twp., Allamakee Co., IA
W. H. Reed, age 39, b. PA, Farmer
Catharine, age 33, b. PA
J. M., male, age 12, b. IA
S. A., female, age 11, b. IA
George, age 8, b. IA
Mary, age 6, b. IA
William, age 3, b. IA
Martha, age 1, b. IA

Moved to Nebraska when James was 19 (about 1877).

1880 United States Census Blakely, Gage, Nebraska Page Number 98B
William H. REID Self M Male W 49 PA Farmer PA PA
Katherine REID Wife M Female W 43 PA Keeping House PA NY
James REID Son S Male W 21 IA Farmer PA PA
George REID Son S Male W 18 IA Farmer PA PA
Mary REID Dau S Female W 16 IA At School PA PA
William REID Son S Male W 14 IA At School PA PA
Ella REID Dau S Female W 12 IA At School PA PA
Lulie REID Dau S Female W 10 IA At School PA PA
Hattie REID Dau S Female W 4 NE PA PA

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
120 WILLIAM HENRY REID, the eldest son of William and Sarah Cline (Bennett) Reid) bom Jul 8, 1831, Crawford County, Pa., married Catherine Eells, in Allamakee County, Iowa in 1856, and died Nov 21, 1898, Gage County, Neb. Both are buried in the Reid family plot of Oak Grove Cemetery, DeWitt, Neb. William
and Catherine having an urge to move West traveled by covered wagon with their family to Gage County, Neb and purchased homestead land on the west side and near the Big Blue River between DeWitt and Beatrice, approximately three miles
from DeWitt. William was considered to be one of the most efficient and successful farmers in the county, farming approximately four hundred acres of land. In addition to the normal production of agricultural crops, he raised quality
horses, numerous hogs and cattle. William, harboring a number of mental problems shot his wife Catherine Jul 22, 1882. Although sentenced in March 1884 to serve ten years in the Nebraska State Penitentary, he served seven years and one month as inmate #734, being released April 10, 1891. (Arch Reid t 240 told the author the following while laughing). "A Beatrice lawyer told William he would get him out of the prison by having him declared crazy. In turn, William would have to give him part of the homestead. After being released, the lawyer took William to court to obtain title to the property. William told the Judge he should not be required to give up his property, since he was crazy. The Judge agreed, thus there was no transfer of property to the lawyer". Details of the shooting and other incidents are provided elsewhere in this genealogy. Eight children were born of this marriage: JAMES MADISON, Sarah A., George Washington, Mary E., William Edward, EUa Martha, Lula L. and Harriet Reid. 100/101
121 CATHERINE (Eells) REID, born Oct 30, 1837 Greenwood Twp, Crawford County, Pa., daughter of Edward and Anna (Howell) Eells, married William Henry Reid, in Allamakee County, Iowa in 1856, and died Jul 22, 1882, from a gunshot wound inflicted by her husband at her daughter's farm home near Hoag, Gage County, Neb., and across the field from William and Catherine's farm residence. 102/103