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Notes for Amanda Caroline Thompson Joyce

1850 census Symms Twp, Lawrence Co., OH Stamped page 425
Census taken Nov 6, 1850 Household #48
Martin W. Thompson, age 27, farmer
Eveline, age 26
Foster, male, age 7
Elizabeth, age 5
Amanda, age 1
William Jones, age 54, laborer
Isaac Jones, age 12
Birthplaces were not listed for any person on this census page

1860 census Easton Twp., Leavenworth, KS Page #212
Household #2043/1797
M. W. Thompson, age 37, farmer, b. KY
Evaline, age 39, b. VA
F.M.C., male, age 16, b. OH
Elizabeth, age 15, b. OH
Amanda, age 11, b. OH
Mary, age 7, b. OH
Eveline, age 4, b. MO
John, age 2, b. TX

1870 census (post office Beatrice), Gage Co., Neb.
M.U. Thompson, age 47, b. KY, farmer
Eveline, age 47, b. VA
Amanda C., age 21, b. OH
Mary E.. age 17, b. OH
Evalina, age 14, b. MO
John T., age 11, b. TX
Phluma A.. age 7, b. KS
Austie, age 3, b. NE

1880 United States Census Jackson, Benton, Iowa Page Number 239D
John M. JOYCE Self M Male W 36 OH Farmer PA PA
Amanda C. JOYCE Wife M Female W 30 OH Keeping House KY SC
Martha JOYCE Mother W Female W 64 PA PA VA
Mary E. JOYCE Sister M Female W 38 OH PA PA
Howard D. JOYCE Brother S Male W 26 OH PA PA
Donald H. JOYCE Son S Male W 8 NE OH OH
Geo. C. JOYCE Son S Male W 7 NE OH OH
Carrie C. JOYCE Niece S Female W 13 IA MI OH
Emma N. JOYCE Niece S Female W 9 NE MI OH
Harry JOYCE Nephew S Male W 8 NE MI OH
Pearle JOYCE Niece S Female W 2 IA MI OH

1900 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE
Household #25/26
J. M. Joyce, head, Jan 1844, age 56, md 29 yrs, OH/PA/PA
Amanda C., May 1849, age 51, md 29 yrs, 6 births, 4 surviving, OH/KY/SC
Fay, son, June 1881, age 19, IA/OH/OH
Earl E., son, Sept 1885, age 14, SD/OH/OH

1910 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE
Household #30
John M. Joyce, head, age 64, md 39 yrs, OH/PA/PA, Driver, delivery wagon
Amanda C., age 60, md 39 yrs, 6 births, 4 surviving, OH/KY/VA

1920 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE
Household #161/163
George Joyce, age 47, NE/OH/OH
Nona, wife, age 26, KS/KS/Unknown
Amanda, mother, age 69, widowed, OH/KY/SC
Household #162/164
Fay C. Joyce, age 38, IA/OH/OH
Grace, wife, age 22, NE/US/NE
Rex, son, age 2, NE/IA/NE
Keith, son, age 6 months, NE/IA/NE

Excerpt from "History and Genealogical Record of the REIDS, EELL'S, THOMPSON'S and Their Related Families of The United States of America" By WARREN E. REID. LtCol USAF (Retd), Everett, PA 15537, May 1998
175 John Minor Joyce, born Jan 13, 1844, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio mar. Amanda Caroline Thompson, Sep 18, 1870, Gage County, Neb. He died Sep 8, 1916 Beatrice, Neb.
176 AMANDA CAROLINE (Thompson) JOYCE, (Aunt Mandy) born May 15, 1849 in Ohio, mar. John Minor Joyce, (Uncle Jack) son of Jacob and Martha (Donald) Joyce, Sep 18, 1870 on Indian Creek Gage County, Neb. Following their marriage they resided in Iowa for two years before moving to South Dakota, then returning to OeWitt, Neb., in 1896 where the family resided till Amanda s death Aug 22,
1924. Both are buried Oak Grove Cemetery, DeWitt. Four sons were bom of this marriage: Harold Donald, Fay Conrad, George and Ernest Earl Joyce. 148/149


Husband's Name
Martin W THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8B2) Pedigree

Born: Abt. 1818 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>
Died: 30 Apr 1894 Place: , Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: , Saline, Ne, Dolan Cemetery
Married: 10 Aug 1843 Place: Lawrence, , Oh



Wife's Name
Evalina JONES (AFN:11KN-8QJ) Pedigree

Born: 17 Aug 1822 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>
Died: 7 Apr 1894 Place: , Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: , Saline, Ne, Dolen Cemetery
Married: 10 Aug 1843 Place: Lawrence, , Oh

Father: Samuel JONES (AFN:11KN-8N4) Family
Mother: Rebecca (AFN:11KN-8PB)



F Elizabeth Jane HURST (AFN:11KN-8DG) Pedigree
Born: 17 Dec 1845 Place: <Lawrence, , Oh>

F Amanda Caroline THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8FN) Pedigree
Born: 15 Apr 1849 Place: , , Oh
Died: 22 Aug 1924 Place: De Witt, Saline, Ne
Buried: Place: De Witt, Saline, Ne, Oak Grove

M William Richard THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8GV) Pedigree
Born: 25 Dec 1850 Place: <, , Oh>

F Mary Elizabeth DOLAN (AFN:11KN-8H3) Pedigree
Born: 16 May 1853 Place: , , Oh

F Evaline JONES (AFN:11KN-8J9) Pedigree
Born: 20 Sep 1855 Place: , , Tx

M John Fleuix THOMPSON (AFN:11KN-8KH) Pedigree
Born: 21 Jan 1859 Place: <, , Tx>

F Pluma ROSSITER (AFN:11KN-8LP) Pedigree
Born: 3 Apr 1863 Place: , , Ks

F Osta REID (AFN:11KN-8MW) Pedigree
Born: 27 Oct 1866 Place: , Gage, Ne
Died: 13 Feb 1950 Place: