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Records for the ancestors of Ruth LaVerne Reid 1900's

Records for the ancestors of Ruth LaVerne Reid before 1900:

1850 census
Martin Thompson

1850 census Symms Twp, Lawrence Co., OH Stamped page 425 Census taken Nov 6, 1850 Household #48
Martin W. Thompson, age 27, farmer; Eveline, age 26; Foster, male, age 7; Elizabeth, age 5; Amanda, age 1; William Jones, age 54, laborer; Isaac Jones, age 12
Birthplaces were not listed for any person on this census page

1850 census
Edward Eells
1850 1850 census Greenwood, Crawford Co., PA Census taken October 1850
#102 Edward Eells, age 45, farmer, b. NY; Anna, age 44, b. NY; Giles, age 22, farmer, b. NY, farmer; Andrew, age 20, b. NY, farmer; Martha, age 18, b. OH; Enos, age 16, farmer, b. OH; Edward, age 14, b. OH; Catharine, age 12, b. PA; Daniel, age 9, b. PA; Dayton, age 6, b. PA
1860 census
Martin Thompson
1860 1860 census Easton Twp., Leavenworth, KS Page #212 Household #2043/1797
M. W. Thompson, age 37, farmer, b. KY; Evaline, age 39, b. VA; F.M.C., male, age 16, b. OH; Elizabeth, age 15, b. OH; Amanda, age 11, b. OH; Mary, age 7, b. OH; Eveline, age 4, b. MO; John, age 2, b. TX
Catharine Eells Reid Tombstone 1882  
William Henry Reid Tombstone 1898