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Notes for Rachel Stephens Delancy/Delaney

1810 census Frankstownship, Huntingdon Co., PA
N. Steffee
1 male age 26 to 44 (Nicholas, age 33)
1 male under 10 (Peter, age 6)
1 female 26 to 44 (Mary, age 32)
0 females 10 to 16 or 16 to 26 (??) (Should have Mary Ann, age 10)
1 female under 10 (??) (Should have Elizabeth, age 9, Susan, age 8, Margaret, age 3, Rachel, age 2 & Hannah, age 1)
Next door to P. Steffee
1 male over age 45 (Peter)
1 female age 45 (Mrs. Peter)
1 female age 26-44 (widowed daughter with children??)
2 females age 10-15
1 female under age 10
On same page as Wareham families, Myers, A. Sells.

1820 census Frankstown, Huntingdon Co., PA page 87
Nicholas Stephy
1 male 26 to 45 (Nicholas, age 43)
1 male 16 to 25 (??? not Peter, age 16 as there are 0 males in the age 16-18 category, so this unknown is age 19-25 )
1 male 10 to 15 (Peter, age 15)
2 males under age 10 (Henry, age 10 & Nicholas Jr., age 3)
1 female 26 to 45 (Mary, age 42)
3 females 16 to 26 (Mary Ann, age 25, Elizabeth, age 19 & Susan, age 18 )
3 females age 10 to 16 (Margaret, age 13, Rachel, age 12 & Hannah, age 11)
3 females under age 10 (Rebecca, age 8, Catharine, age 6 & Eliza, age 1)
2 persons engaged in agriculture
Peter Stephy 000001-00001-01
1 male over 45 (Peter, age 71)
1 female over 45 (Maria Elizabeth, age 64)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On same page as Jacob Wertz, Martin Moyer, Abraham Sells, Herman Farber & David, George & Henry Leamer

1830 age 22?

1840 age 32?

1850 age 42?
Freedom Township. - This township is bounded on the north by Juniata and Blair townships; on the east by Blair and Taylor; on the south by Greenfield township, and on the west by Juniata. It is drained by the Frankstown branch of the Juniata river and several of its tributary runs, and while broken in surface, yet contains some fine farming lands. Iron ore is mined in the township, which has received but mere mention in the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania.

Among the pioneer settlers and early residents of the township were:

Stephen Delaney.
George Myers.
William Earley.
John Shadle.
John Gost.
Christopher Gost.
Edward McGraw.
Peter McGraw.
George McKee.
William Leamer.
Richard Shirley.
Peter Miller.
Samuel Donner.
Jacob Glass.
Jolin Dodson.
Nicholas McGuire.
John Stiffler.
William Shaw.
William Dickey.
Samuel West.
Joachim Storm.
John Tickerhoof.
Charles Malone.
Nicholas Burke.
Peter Hetrick.
Jere. Reinhart.
Matthew Ivry.
John McConnell.
William Crawford.
David Crawford.
Harmon Forber.
William Riddle.
John Riddle.
Alex. Knox, sr.
Dr. Wallace.
Henry Colclesser.
John G. McKee.
Philip Beight.
Frederick Singer.

There are three villages in the township: Poplar Run, in the western part; East Freedom, on the Frankstown branch; and McKee's, on the Morrison Cove railroad.

Poplar Run was founded in 1840 by a man named Baird, under the quaint name of Puzzletown. Its present population is about ninety.

The first building at East Freedom was a log school house. The first house was built in 1838 by Joseph McCormick, and is now a part of the "Freedom House." The town was laid out in 1839 or 1840, and contained two hundred and seventeen inhabitants by the census of 1890.

McKee's Gap was owned before 1810 by George Myers, who had a grist and saw mill on the site of the present town. Sometime after 1810 George McKee purchased the gap propert y, and since then the place has gone by his name. The stream of water passing through the Gap was utilized in 1830 by Dr. Peter Shoenberger for driving his iron forges. His son, Edward, built Martha forge in 1838 and Martha furnace in 1844. This furnace has been rebuilt and enlarged, and is now known as the Hollidaysburg and Gap Iron works. In operating it, its owners, in 1880 employed over two hundred men. On April 4, 1871, McKee's Gap was laid out as a town, and by the last census
contained a population of one hundred andsixty-four.

The population of Freedom township, since 1860, has been as follows:


U.S. Census Population White Colored.

1860 792 792 0
1870 1020 1020 0
1880 1228 - -
1890 1140 - -

Greenfield Township. - It was detached in 1846 from Bedford to form a part of Blair county, and comprised, besides its present territory, the townships of Juniata and Freedom. It is bounded on the north by Juniata and Freedom townships; on the east by Taylor township and Bedford county; on the south by Bedford county; and on the west by Bedford and Cambria counties. Its surface is broken by precipitous mountain sides and narrow valleys, which are fertile and productive. The Blue Knobs run through the center of the township and
divide it into an eastern and a western (Swites) part.