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Notes for Mary Ann Stephens Russell

1800 census Tyrone, Huntingdon Co., PA
Nicholas Staffey
1 male age 16 to 25 (Nicholas, age 23)
1 female age 16 to 25 (Mary, age 22)
1 female under age 10 (Mary Ann age baby)
On same page as household of Samuel Russel

1810 census Frankstownship, Huntingdon Co., PA
N. Steffee
1 male age 26 to 44 (Nicholas, age 33)
1 male under 10 (Peter, age 6)
1 female 26 to 44 (Mary, age 32)
0 females 10 to 16 or 16 to 26 (??) (Should have Mary Ann, age 10)
1 female under 10 (??) (Should have Elizabeth, age 9, Susan, age 8, Margaret, age 3, Rachel, age 2 & Hannah, age 1)
Next door to P. Steffee
1 male over age 45 (Peter)
1 female age 45 (Mrs. Peter)
1 female age 26-44 (widowed daughter with children??)
2 females age 10-15
1 female under age 10
On same page as Wareham families, Myers, A. Sells.

Married Mr. Russell - when? About 1815??

1820 census Frankstown, Huntingdon Co., PA page 87
Nicholas Stephy
1 male 26 to 45 (Nicholas, age 43)
1 male 16 to 25 (??? not Peter, age 16 as there are 0 males in the age 16-18 category, so this unknown is age 19-25 )
1 male 10 to 15 (Peter, age 15)
2 males under age 10 (Henry, age 10 & Nicholas Jr., age 3)
1 female 26 to 45 (Mary, age 42)
3 females 16 to 26 (Mary Ann, age 25, Elizabeth, age 19 & Susan, age 18 )
3 females age 10 to 16 (Margaret, age 13, Rachel, age 12 & Hannah, age 11)
3 females under age 10 (Rebecca, age 8, Catharine, age 6 & Eliza, age 1)
2 persons engaged in agriculture
Peter Stephy 000001-00001-01
1 male over 45 (Peter, age 71)
1 female over 45 (Maria Elizabeth, age 64)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On same page as Jacob Wertz, Martin Moyer, Abraham Sells, Herman Farber & David, George & Henry Leamer

There is a George Russel and a George Russel Jr. in Hopewell, Huntingdon Co., PA in 1820, both with females age 16-25 in 1820. There is also a Samuel Russell in Tyrone, Huntingdon Co., PA in 1820 with females age 16-25.

1830 census Greenfield, Bedford Co., PA
John Russell
1 male 30-40 (John, age 31)
1 male age 5-10 (son??)
3 males under age 5 (William, age 3, Peter, age 1 & ??)
1 female 30-40 (Mary, age 29?)
1 female age 5-10
1 female under age 5
There is also a family of John Russel in Henderson, Huntingdon Co., PA

1840 census Bedford, Bedford Co., PA
John Russell
1 male 40-50 (John, age 41)
1 male age 15-20 (son??)
2 males 10-15 (William, age 13, Peter, age 11 or ??)
2 males age 5-10 (Peter, age 10? & John, age 8)
1 female 40-50 (Mary, age 39?)
1 female age 15-20
2 females age 5-10 (Rosanna, age 10 & ??)
There is also a family of John Russel in Hopewell, Huntingdon Co., PA

1850 census Bedford, Bedford Co., PA
John Russell, age 51, farmer, b. PA
Mary, age 49, b. PA
William, age 23, carpenter, b. PA
Margaret, age 23, b. PA
Peter, age 21, b. PA
Rosanna, age 20, b. PA
John, age 18, b. PA
Abraham Peice, age 9, b. PA
Mary A., age 20, b. PA
There is also a family of John Russell, age 48, wife Susanna, age 50 in Hopewell, Huntingdon Co., PA
1856 Benton Co., IA index
Russel John
Russel Mary
Russell Alfred
Russell Anderson
Russell Catharine
Russell John
Russell Margaret A.
Russell Martha
Russell Sarah M.
Russell Wm. F.

1860 census Taylor Twp., Benton Co., IA page 871
John Russel, age 60, carpenter, b. PA
Mary, age 59, keeping house, b. PA
Living near household of Henry Hite, age 25, b. PA

1870 census Taylor Twp., Benton Co., IA page 247
John Russell, age 76, carpenter, b. PA
Mary, age 69, keeping house, b. PA

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard J. Leamer []
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 8:55 AM
Subject: odds and ends

Dear Kari,
I just was going over (again!) the Prairie UB cemetery list and I noticed that Mary (Stephens) Russell, wife of John is buried there. Says date of death April 16, 1875. You may have found this since I copied your Nicholas Stephens family info from your website, but in that you don't have her date of death. He is not there.

The will of John Wareham, wife Christina, was written June 13, 1805. He has a son John who may be the one who married Elizabeth Stephens but she is not mentioned in this will.

Peter Stevens, Dec. 3, 1804, wife Mary, no children listed. Leaves everything to Stephen Collet.

Peter Steffy, wife Mary Elizabeth. Will written April 24th, 1833. He has son Nicholas, daughters Elizabeth Moyers, Susey Moyers, Catherine (dec) who married Harmon (?) Farber. His exec was his "friend" Henry, I think his last name was Stephen. ( Others named Stephen in list, didn't look up: Mattias Stephen and Peter Stephen.)

Other Steffys ---Leonard Steffy ---son is Adam Steffy. George Steffy, estate to Samuel Steffy, 1871.

Anthony Sells is father of Abraham Sells.

In the little bit of time we took to look at the Orphan's Court Docket stuff, I found a lot listed. But we only had time to look at a couple of them, and it took us a while to figure out how to use the books!

In the document entitled "Leamer, John --guardian for minor children appointed" I thought we might find a lot. However, the guardian was being appointed for the minor children of John's daughter Catherine, deceased. Dated April 10, 1837. John Flora and Elizabeth Flora, twins, abt. 4 years old. (Father is Daniel Flora, husband of Catherine.) John Kimmerlein (Miller) is appointed guardian. Catherine, daughter of John Leamer and granddaughter of Henry Leamer. Kids get share of Henry's estate. Document W-34, page 328. Dates: 1831-1837.

There are several related to the settlement of Henry's will, 1844-1846. There should be some items before that but we didn't find them.

in 1816-1830 there was one about guardians appointed for minors, Henry and Jane. L, no. 2, p. 94. Dick may have photographed that since I don't have notes on it.

There were four about the sale of John's real estate after his death, and Dick did photograph that stuff. Seems like he had a lot of debtors and didn't own much!

More later! love, Bobbie