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Notes for Hannah Stephens Ober

1810 census Frankstownship, Huntingdon Co., PA
N. Steffee
1 male age 26 to 44 (Nicholas, age 33)
1 male under 10 (Peter, age 6)
1 female 26 to 44 (Mary, age 32)
0 females 10 to 16 or 16 to 26 (??) (Should have Mary Ann, age 10)
1 female under 10 (??) (Should have Elizabeth, age 9, Susan, age 8, Margaret, age 3, Rachel, age 2 & Hannah, age 1)
Next door to P. Steffee
1 male over age 45 (Peter)
1 female age 45 (Mrs. Peter)
1 female age 26-44 (widowed daughter with children??)
2 females age 10-15
1 female under age 10
On same page as Wareham families, Myers, A. Sells.

1820 census Frankstown, Huntingdon Co., PA page 87
Nicholas Stephy
1 male 26 to 45 (Nicholas, age 43)
1 male 16 to 25 (??? not Peter, age 16 as there are 0 males in the age 16-18 category, so this unknown is age 19-25 )
1 male 10 to 15 (Peter, age 15)
2 males under age 10 (Henry, age 10 & Nicholas Jr., age 3)
1 female 26 to 45 (Mary, age 42)
3 females 16 to 26 (Mary Ann, age 25, Elizabeth, age 19 & Susan, age 18 )
3 females age 10 to 16 (Margaret, age 13, Rachel, age 12 & Hannah, age 11)
3 females under age 10 (Rebecca, age 8, Catharine, age 6 & Eliza, age 1)
2 persons engaged in agriculture
Peter Stephy 000001-00001-01
1 male over 45 (Peter, age 71)
1 female over 45 (Maria Elizabeth, age 64)
1 person engaged in agriculture
On same page as Jacob Wertz, Martin Moyer, Abraham Sells, Herman Farber & David, George & Henry Leamer

Married Jacob Ober/Over about 1829. Known as both Hannah Stevens and Hannah Stuckey - is it possible she had a brief marriage to a Stuckey first? There was a Joseph Stuckey, born 1803 in Bedford Co., PA, who died in 1825 in an accident when a tree fell on him - this would be possible if Hannah married him at age 16 and he died soon after. She then would have married Jacob Ober in 1829 as Hannah Stuckey. She named first son Cyrus Stevens Ober.

1830 census Woodbury, Bedford Co., PA
1 male 30 to 40 (jacob, age 30)
1 male 15 to 20 (Jacob's brother, Joseph??)
1 male under 5 (Cyrus, age baby)
1 female 20 to 30 (Hannah, age 21)

1840 United States Federal Census South Woodbury, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania
Roll: M704_445 Page: 368 Image: 299
Jacob Over
1 male age 30-40 (Jacob, age 40)
1 male age 5-10 (Cyrus, age 10)
2 males under 10 (Christopher, age 6 & Obadiah, age 4)
1 female age 20-30 (Hannah, age 32?)
1 female age 5-10 (Caroline, age 8)
1 female under 5 (Delilah, age 3)

1850 census South Woodbury, Bedford Co., PA
Jacob Ober, age 50, farmer, b. PA
Hanah, age 42, b. PA
Cyrus, age 10 (should be 20), b. PA
Christopher, age 16, farmer, b. PA
Obadiah, age 14, b. PA
Daniel, age 10, b. PA
Alfred, age 7, b. PA
Caroline, age 18, b. PA
Delilah, age 13, b. PA
Hannah, age 5, b. PA
Mary Susan, age 3, b. PA

Hannah died on July 25, 1851. Jacob died on September 09, 1855. Both died in Bedford Co., PA

Derr Ober Over
Entries: 2265 Updated: Wed Jan 7 18:47:33 2004 Contact: 421-3122 Webber
ID: I1486
Name: Jacob OBER
Sex: M
Birth: 20 FEB 1801
Death: 9 SEP 1855
Change Date: 19 NOV 2002

Father: Henry Jr. OBER b: 1769
Mother: Barbara HERTZLER

Marriage 1 Hannah STEVENS b: 20 APR 1809

Cyrus Stevens OBER b: 14 APR 1831
Henry OBER b: 8 JUN 1832
Caroline OBER b: 28 SEP 1833/1834
Christian J. OBER b: 18 MAY 1835
Obadiah S. OBER b: 18 APR 1837
Delilah O. OBER b: 18 JAN 1839
David H. OBER b: 23 JAN 1841
Alfred S. OBER b: 20 JUN 1843
Hannah Amanda OBER b: 1845
Mary Sue OBER b: 1847
Harriet S. OBER b: 1851

Two Ober/Over Families on the Pennsylvania Frontier
Entries: 7881 Updated: Thu Jan 9 19:59:18 2003 Contact: Regina Christman Martin Home Page: Two Ober/Over Families on the Pennsylvania Frontier
ID: I1103
Name: Jacob Ober
Sex: M
Birth: 20 Feb 1801
Death: 9 Sep 1855 in Sollenberger / Ober Cem., South Wodbury Twp., Bedford Co., Pa
The 1850 Census listed Jacob Ober, 50, farmer; Hannah Ober, 42; Cyrus Ober, 10; Christopher Ober, 16; Obadiah Ober, 14; Daniel Ober, 10; Alfred Ober, 7; Caroline Ober 18; Delilah Ober, 13; Hannah Ober, 5; Mary Susan Ober, 3 (1850 Pennsylvania Census, Bedford County, South Woodbury Township, p. 220:142/143).

I have found some records such as the cemetery record that list him as ÒJohn OverÓ but since his brother is John Over I will refer to him by his birth name Jacob. His obituary also lists his name as Jacob Ober.

Jacob Ober died at the age of 54 years, 6 months, and 19 days.

The Bedford Inquirer and the Bedford Chronicles (Sept. 21, 1855) lists a different age than the cemetery records for Jacob Ober at the time of his death. The paper lists 51 years, 6 months, and 19 days while the cemetery records lists 54 years, 6 months, and 19 days. The paper gives no date for the death of Jacob Ober, but does state that he lived in South Woodbury Township, Bedford County and his wife died in August 1851. Bedford Archives, Volume 6, p. 38 in possession of the Kittochtinny Historical Society.

Jacob Ober (grantor) sold 8 acres and 28 perches for $280 on Apr. 11, 1811 (recorded on May 31, 1830) to Henry Fluck. Witnesses: William Davis. Deed Book P, p. 701. Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

The tract was divided into two parcels: 113 acres and 93 acres. Bedford County, Pennyslvania. Orphan Court Docket, Volume 9, p. 313.

John Ober and Hannah Stevens were of the German Baptist faith. They lived in Salemville and owned 215 acres and 65 perches on Beaver Run.

Father: Henry Ober , Jr. b: 1769
Mother: Barbara Hertzler

Marriage 1 Hannah Stevens b: 20 Apr 1809
Death: 25 Jul 1851 in Sollenberger / Ober Cem., South Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., Pa.
Note: Hannah Stevens died at the age of 42 years, 3 months, and 5 days.
Cyrus Stevens Ober b: 14 Apr 1830
Henry Ober b: 8 Jun 1832
Caroline Ober b: 28 Sep 1832
Christian J. Ober b: 18 May 1835
Obadiah S. Ober b: 18 Apr 1837
Delilah O. Ober b: 18 Jan 1839
David H. Ober b: 23 Jan 1841
Alfred S. Ober b: 20 Jun 1843
Hannah Amanda Ober b: 1845
Mary Sue Ober b: 1847
Harriet S. Ober b: 1851

Note: son Henry is not on census records with this family in 1840 or 1850.

The Families of Blair and Bedford Counties, Pa
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Many thanks to all who have contributed to this file. As with any genealogy file you will find mistakes, let me know **not all info proven-sources in private file-use as guideline only**
ID: I04342
Name: Jacob Ober
Sex: M
Birth: 20 FEB 1801
Death: 9 SEP 1855 in S. Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co.
Reference Number: 4342

Marriage 1 Hannah Stuckey b: 20 MAR 1809
Married: WFT Est 1821-1844
Christ J. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Obediah S. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Delilah S. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
David H. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Alfred Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Hannah S. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Mary Sue Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Henry Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Harriet S. Over b: WFT Est 1823-1848
Cyrus Stevens Over b: 14 APR 1830 in S. Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA

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From: Louise McFadden
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: Nicholas Stephens (1777-1861)/Reply to updates

June 8, 2004

Dear Kari Northup:

You certainly made substantial additions to your website in this department. Wow!! It is so extremely impressive. After spending a number of hours, I am truly amazed at the information amassed and realize that you are a professional knowing how to use the resources at hand. Not sure I can be of any additonal help. However, following are observations. Then, I am again mailing further details and several photocopies of info gotten at Hollidaysburg and Bedford.

Mary Ann, b. ca. 1795: If the 1795 DOB is correct, Nicholas would have been only 18 years old; married at 17 with no more children recorded until 1801. Might Mary Ann have been a child born before Nicholas married Mary Unknown? I cannot determine the exact year of their marriage, nor the exact year prior to 1800 that Nicholas and Peter relocated to Huntingdon County.

The 1810 Census: Surely a mess!! I believe one must assume that children were not always "living at home" as we now understand it. It was common for relatives to keep children when there was a need. Hence, several at Peter's home; but even that does not account for all six. However, a transcribed record (which may be wrong) that I have, does show one female in the 10-16 column which would account for 15-year-old Mary Ann.

Peter, b. ca. 1804: (The notes for this Peter would not come up on my computer.) I have no information as to when or where Peter died. Reportedly, in the Brush Valley Lutheran Cemetery, there is a stone for a Margaret, wife of Peter Steffe; died February 24, 1866. Age: 68 yrs., 2 mos., 20 days. Will mail info.

Hannah: Probably, Hannah and Jacob Ober married in 1829 because Cyrus was born April 14, 1830 (not 1831: Derr, Ober, Over website is in error). The 1830 Census, Woodbury, Twp., Bedford County, PA, Page 154, shows a Jacob Ober with one male child under five (Cyrus). Also shows a male between 15 and 20 thought to be Jacob's brother, Joseph. This gets into the story of the Henry Ober family coming from Mifflin County into Morrisons Cove...................Error in 1850 Consus, South Woodbury Twp. Bedford County, PA, Pages 143/144: Cyrus, age 10 should be 20, as you corrected; the Daniel , age 10, should be David, age 10...................With much respect to Regina (And we Ober/Overs are much indebted to her), the family of Jacob Ober and Hannah was not of the German Baptist faith. They were Reformed. However, after Hannah and Jacob died, the families of all but two or three of their children became German Baptists. Will snail mail supporting info.

Hannah's name: Very confusing, and mysterious, is that Hannah was known generally as Hannah Stuckey and only rarely as Hannah Stevens. Might she have been raised by a Stuckey family, and thus naturally fell into the use of the Stuckey surname? Even Linda Cochran (Families & Blair Bedford. . . ) and Linda Wilkes (My Tree) refer to her as Hannah Stuckey.

Hope you have had response from Dale steffey. Best of luck as you continue your searches. Many thanks for the details to "my branch". Brown envelop is on its way.

Louise McFadden