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Notes for Eva Barbara Vellmond

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Ship Pauline, from Bremen, arrived Oct 9, 1841
Passengers below were all listed as being from Deutschland
Joh Peter Haag, male, age 47
Barbara Haag, female, age 45
Joh Georg Haag, male, age 18
Marie Haag, female, age 17
Leonhard Haag, male, age 16
Marie Haag, female, age 10
Georg Haag, male, age 7

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1850 census Oswego, Kendall Co., IL
Household #144
John Haag, age 29, Farmer, 640 real estate, b. Germany
Barbara, age 27, b. Germany
Leonard Mur, age 37, Farmer, 350 real estate, b. Germany
Julia, age 22, b. Germany
John, age 6 months, b. IL
Michael Sergi, age 31, b. Germany
William, age 15 (?, b. Germany)
Household #145
Leonard Haag, age 23, Farmer, 440 real estate, b. Germany
Mary, age 22, b. Germany
Mary, age 2 months, b. IL
Peter, age 56, Farmer, b. Germany
Barbary, age 54, b. Germany
George, age 16, b. Germany

1860 census Goodfarms, Grundy Co., IL Page 59
Household #418/414
George Schotberger, age 49, born Bavaria
Maria, age 39, born Bavaria
Maria, age 12, born IL
George, age 10, born IL
Barbara, age 8, born IL
Sophia, age 5, born IL
Margaret, age 3, born IL
Mena, age 10 months
Household #419/415
George Hoge, age 25, born Bavaria, Farmer
Margaret, age 23, born Bavaria
Mary, age 3, born Illinois
Lena, age 3/12, born Illinois
Peter Hoge, age 63, born Bavaria, Farm Hand
Barbara, age 61, born Bavaria, Helper

1870 census Oswego, Kendall Co., IL
Household #161/163
George Foust, age 54, farmer, b. Germany
Margaret, age 46, keeping house, b. Germany
Leonard, age 23, works on farm, b. IL
George, age 21, works on farm, b. IL
Mary, age 19, b. IL
Cami, female, age 17, b. IL
Maggie, age 15, b. IL
Peter, age 13, b. IL
Sarah, age 11, b. IL
Barbara Houg, age 73, b. Germany

1880 census Oswego, Kendall Co., IL
Household #77
Peter Faust, age 22, IL/Bavaria/Bavaria, farmer
Theresa, wife, age 18, IL/Germany/Germany, keeping house
Margaret, mother, age 55, Bavaria/Bavaria/Bavaria
Barbara, grandmother, age 84, Bavaria/Bavaria/Bavaria
William Warner, servant, age 18, IL/Bavaria/Bavaria, farm laborer

From John Hafenrichter book:
1) John Peter Haag, ?/?/1794[0berhinterhof, Ansbach, Bavaria] - 3/25/1862[Mazon, il] / m. ( )[_.Bavaria] Eva Barbara Vellmond, 4/1 /1796[Steinbach, Ansbach, Bavaria] - 4/25/1882[0swego Township, Kendall County, IL] ,
John Peter's obituary cites 1837 as his year of emigration. But we know that at least one son remained in Bavaria in 1840. Perhaps John Peter had come on ahead; and later his wife and five children came on separately. John Peter had been a master weaver in Bavaria. In the U.S. the family settled initially in Little Falls, NY, an Erie Canal town. Here they linked up with fellow Bavarian emigres, John Hem and
George Faust who arrived in 1840. Not far behind came Margaret Barbara Burkhart in search of her future husband, John Hem. By late 1843 or early 1844 the group had grown to 12, and they decided to move west toward Chicago. Reputedly, stone cutting, John Hem's trade, was in demand in Montgomery, IL, where Gray's mill was taking shape. Once in the area, Haag, Hem, and Faust, all, took land patents on adjoining acreage that had just come on the market in Oswego Township, Kendall County, IL. Thus was the Oswego Prairie German Settlement born.
John Peter's family prospered. But for an unknown reason the family also suffered a split in 1851. John Peter moved to Grundy County, 40 miles to the south, taking with him his two younger children. His wife and three elder children remained in Kendall County. John Peter is buried in Goodfarm Cemetery, Dwight, IL; his wife, Eva Barbara, in Oswego Prairie Evergreen Cemetery, Roth Road, Oswego Township, Kendall County, IL
(Note from Kari - I do not think they separated - Peter & Barbara are listed together on the 1860 census of Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL. Peter died in Goodfarm in 1862 and is buried there. After his death, Barbara went to live with the family of her married daughter Margaret Faust in Oswego, Kendall Co., IL, and she is listed with them on the 1870 & 1880 censuses. She died in 1882 in Kendall County (20 years after her husband) and that is why she is buried there.)

Family Summary
2) (John) George Haag, 3/22/1823-7/23/1880 / m. (4/30/1848) (Eva) Barbara Sorg, 1/31/1817 - 7/23/1880 (8 children)
2) Eva Margarette Haag, 9/8/1824 - 8/1/1898 / m. (12/15/1844) George [nmn] Faust, 12/27/1817 - 3/21/1878 (8 children)
2) (George) Leonard Haag, 12/7/1826-10/20/1900 / m. (11/14/1849) (Anna) MaryBrunner, 5/11/1828 - 1/7/1913 (9 children)
2) Mary Marguerite Haag, 9/16/1830-7/4/1913 / m. (6/15/1851) George Michael Pfeifer, 5/16/1815 - 3/8/1878 (5 children)
2) George E__ Haag, 6/26/1833 - 8/11/1866 / m. ( ) A__ Margeretha ___, ? - ? [at least 2 children ]