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Notes for Barbara Maria Schrotberger Meier:

Born Oct 16, 1852 in Goodfarm, Grundy Co., IL. Baptised 2 1853 in Oswego, Kendall Co., IL. Info from Linda Willibey

1860 census Goodfarms, Grundy Co., IL
Household #418/414
George Schotberger, age 49, b. Bavaria, farmer
Maria, age 39, b. Bavaria
Maria, age 12, b. IL
George, age 10, b. IL
Barbara, age 8, b. IL
Sophia, age 5, b. IL
Margaret, age 3, b. IL
Mena, age 10 months, b. IL

1870 census Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL Page 16
Household #117
George Shrodberger, age 59, b. Beyern, farmer
Mary, age 50, b. Beyern, keeping house
George, age 20, b. IL, farming
Barbara, age 18, b. IL, at home
Margaret, age 14, b. IL, at school
Mina, age12, b. IL, at school
John, age 10, b. IL, at school
Leonard, age 6, b. IL, at school

1880 census Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL
John M. MEIER Self M Male W 30 IL BAVARIA BAVARIA Farmer
Barbara MEIER Wife M Female W 27 IL BAVARIA BAVARIA Keeping House

1885 State Census DeWitt,Saline,Nebraska, Date: 01 Jun 1885 ED: 687
Name: Geo Schrabberger, Age: 34, Birth Place: Illinois
Name: Margaret Schrabberger, Age: 30, Birth Place: Illinois
Name: John M. Myer, Age: 35, Birth Place: Canada
Name: Barbara Myer, Age: 32, Birth Place: Illinois
Name: Rolanda Myer, Age: 8, Birth Place: Illinois
Name: Allie Myer, Age: 8/12, Birth Place: Illinois

Paper written by Leah Schrotberger Olfson:
The following information regarding Meier relations comes from the will of George Schrotberger, who died 2/21/1936 in Lincoln, Nebraska and was married to Margaret Meier. who apparently predeceased him. He bequeathed money to each of the following:

Mrs. Allie Hewlett and Mrs. Ada Rathbun both of DeWitt Nebraska, both of whom were identified as children of his deceased sister Mrs. Barbara Maria Meier. Later in the will he makes another bequest to these same people as children of John N. Meier, deceased brother of
George's wife, Margaret. Apparently he considered it unfair to deprive them of the share they would have on the Meier side just because they already had a share on the Schroiberger side!

His sister Mrs. Minnie Meier of Dwight, who survived him.

Herbert Meier of Dwight and Chloe Kelch ofDwight, children of his wife's deceased brother George L. Meier.

Henry L. Meier of Dwight, his wife's brother.

Unnamed children of his wife's deceased brother. John L. Meier, described as formerly living at Fort Wayne, Indiana. As this seems to be the same brother who was the father of Allie Hewlett and Ada Rathbun, this reference is unclear. He may have had a second family.

Curtis, Elmer and Clyde [my father] Schrotberger and Julia Gantzert, the children of his wife's deceased sister Augusta Barbara Schrotberger [my grandmother].

Estella E. Unz of Louisville, Ky, and Vema Couse of Beaumont, Texas, children of his wife's decease sister, Mrs. Caroline Philapina Unz of Reddick.

Paper thought to be written by Leah Schrotberger Olfson:
Information from a family tree entitled Descendants of John G. & Anna Maria Schrotberger

John George Schrotberger, Born Bavaria, Germany September 16,1810; Died Goodfarm Twp IL February 19, 1898 A flour mill worker, baker in Germany; a farmer in Goodfarm Twp.
Anna Maria Krug, Born Bavaria, Germany June 16,1820, Died Goodfarm Twp IL October 16,1892
They had 8 children, all of whom married and also had (or in one case, adopted) children, as follows:

Maria, born 10/5/1848, married Jacob Weibel on 2/2/1865; 3 surviving children: Aaron, Rolandus and Minnie.

George, born 9/21/1850, died 1935, married Margaret Meier 12/26/1873; adopted two children, a Mary and a boy not named in these materials.

Barbara, born 10/16/1852, married John Meir 3/3/1874; 3 children: Rolandus, Allie and Ada.

Sophia, born 12/17/1854 [lived into her 90's - I remember meeting her in Joliet around 1946-47], married Nelson Blatt 2/9/1876; 3 children: George, Alfred and Garland.

Margaret, bom 4/25/1851, died 11/22/1938, married Fred Pfeifer 10/17/1876; 2 children Erwin and George.

Minnie, bom 8/5/1859, died 4/13/1942, married Henry Meier 8/14/1878; 5 surviving chilren: Laura, Arthur, Mabel, Jesse, and Pearl.

John, bom 6/25/1861, died 6/10/1925, married Augusta Meier 2/25/1882 [these are my grandparents]; 5 surviving children: Curtis, Elmer, Milton, Julia, and Clyde [my father]

Leonard, bom 9/21/1864, died 1/16/1938, married Caroline Baker in 1885; 5 surviving children: Aaron, Daniel, Otis, Minnie and Ruth.

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ID: I387
Given Name: George
Surname: Schrotberger
Sex: M
Birth: <1822> in ,,Germany
LDS Baptism: status: SUBMITTED 19 Jun 1998
Endowment: status: SUBMITTED 19 Jun 1998
Change Date: 04 Mar 1998 at 17:49:54

Marriage 1 Anna Maria KRUG b: <1826> in ,,Germany
Married: <1847> in
Sealing Spouse:
Maria Margaretha SCHROTBERGER birth b: 5 Oct 1848 in Osweko,,Illinois
George Leonard SCHROTBERGER birth b: 21 Sep 1850 in
Barbara Maria SCHROTBERGER birth b: 16 Oct 1852 in
Sophia Catherine SCHROTBERGER birth b: 11 Dec 1854 in
Margaret SCHROTBERGER birth b: 25 May 1857 in
Minnie SCHROTBERGER birth b: Aug 1859 in
John George SCHROTBERGER birth b: 25 Jun 1861 in
Leonard SCHROTBERGER birth b: 21 Sep 1864 in

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ID: I1835
Name: Barbara Maria SCHROTBERGER
Given Name: Barbara Maria
Surname: Schrotberger
Sex: F
Birth: 16 Oct 1852 in
Death: 24 Nov 1893
LDS Baptism: status: SUBMITTED 19 Jun 1998
Endowment: status: SUBMITTED 19 Jun 1998
Change Date: 31 Mar 1998 at 16:36:27
PEDI: birth
Sealing Child: status: SUBMITTED 19 Jun 1998

Father: George SCHROTBERGER b: <1822> in ,,Germany
Mother: Anna Maria KRUG b: <1826> in ,,Germany

Marriage 1 John Michel MEIER
Ada MEIER birth
Allie MEIER birth
Earl MEIER birth

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ID: I22434
Name: Barbara Maria SCHROTBERGER
Sex: F
Birth: 16 OCT 1852 in Osweko, Illinois
Death: 24 NOV 1893
Reference Number: 22434

Father: George SCHROTBERGER b: in Germany
Mother: Anna Maria KRUG b: in Germany

Marriage 1 John Michel MEIER

Info from Linda Willibey ( - "After Barbara died, John Meier remarried. John & his second wife Susannah had a son. John & Susannah & William Raymond are buried at Goodfarm cemetery. I do not know what happened to Rolandus Meier. Maybe I will find him when I work more extensively with the Meier family."

----- Original Message -----
From: Doris A. Peters
To: Erma W
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 3:00 PM
Subject: Meier

Hi Erma,
I called Ada Meier Rathbun's daughter, Meryl Rathbun Zimmerman, who is my best friend here at DeWitt, to help us get the Meier family straightened out. I am sending you 5 attachments of sheets which she gave me. Hope you are able to read them on your PC. One sheet is on the John George Schrotberger and his wife Anna Maria Krug family. You can see how so many of the children intermarried with the Schrotberger family. The second set of sheets is the John Leonard Meier, Sr. and his wife Christena Julianna Sorg family. Third is the family of John Michle Meier and his wife Barbara Maria Schrotberger family.
This is the family we have been discussing. John M. Meier and Barbara M. Schrotberger m. 3 March 1874 and lived in the area where he had grown up--Goodfarm Township, Grundy County, IL.. They had 3 children: Rolandus Franklin Meier b. 15 Apr 1877 ; Allie Nora Meier b. 10 Oct 1884; and Ada Julia Meier b. 4 May 1887.
They moved to Ne in Feb 1883. Barbara d. 24 Nov 1893.
On 28 Feb 1895 he m. Mrs. Susanna Zingrebe Rayman. A son Earl V. Meier was b. 15 Sep 1896 at DeWitt, Saline County, NE.
Rolandus Franklin Meier d. 15 Apr 1895 in the State Home at Beatrice, Gage County, NE.
John Michle Meier d. 15 Dec 1921 of cancer at his home DeWitt, Saline County, NE.

Allie Nora Meier m. Ord William Howlett 16 Apr 1913. She d. 19 Jan 1983.
Ada Julia Meier m. Henry Lewellen Rathbun 23 Nov 1910. She d. 12 July 1958.

Regardless of what you have found in the census--THIS is the correct info.
According to Meryl's notes, George and Margaret Meier Schrotberger did not have any children. However, they took a boy and girl to raise (not adopted). Girl didn't turn out well and info on boy was lost.
I am enclosing the obit for Augusta Meier Schrotberger which describes her family of seven. It is very likely that a picture could have been of her young family but there is no way to prove it. I think we shall just have to disregard that picture for now rather than be wrong.
Now if you can't bring these scanned sheets up on your PC to read, I will scan them and send by mail. Hope I have made everything clear. Will send this to Kari too while I have it all at hand. Love, Doris