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ID'd in May 2012 by Linda Pfeifer Dodds, daughter of Woodrow & Arda Weekly Pfeifer. Click on link beside thumbnail photo for larger picture.

1937Positive on this one. Mom & Dad's wedding day, August 18, 1937.
abt 1937 I'm not sure of the date on the next one, but I think shortly after Mom & Dad were married.
abt 1938 My folks, I think late-1930s.
abt 1938 Grandma Bea, Uncle Vern, Mom and Dad next to Grandma Bea's house in Lincoln. I'd guess late-30s to early-40s.
abt 1940Dad & Grandma Bea. Based on other photos I've seen & we've identified, I'd say late-30s to early-40s; especially since it doesn't look like anywhere in Lex.
abt 1940 Uncle Jack & Aunt Irm (Mankamyer) in Colorado (maybe Estes Park?) I think late-1930s. They, Mom & Dad, & Uncle Vern & Aunt Betty took a vacation together after Mom & Dad were married (1937) but before Vern & Betty were married in 1945.
abt 1947 I'd guess the funeral home sign was probably taken mid to late-1940s to very early 1950's. since I think Dad went into partnership with Cecil Newman in 1952 or 1953, it became Pfeifer-Newman Funeral Home & moved a few blocks south. This building was 2 houses east of the house in the bottom pic on 8th St. But it could have been a bit earlier since it was there before I was born in '49. The original funeral home Dad bought when they moved to Lex was the white one you see in the background. Then he built this building & sold the first one. This pic may have been taken when it was brand new. Sorry I don't know dates for sure.
The one's easy. Late June or early July of 1949 as I was born 6/15/49. They're in the back (south) yard of the house (also on 8th St.) that sat between 110 W. 8th & the Pfeifer Funeral Home. The brick wall in the background is the west wall of the funeral home.
1950 Pfeifer Family ReuinionPhoto taken in summer 1950 (based on cast on Arda Weekly Pfeifer's arm) Adults Left to right: Lotus Nicholas, Arda Weekly Pfeifer, Jack Mankamyer (can only see part of his head), LaVerne Pfeifer, Betty Parsons Pfeifer, Ruth Reid Pfeifer, Irma Pfeifer Mankamyer, Aileen Weibel Nicholas, Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer, Woodrow Pfeifer. Children Left to Right - Linda Pfeifer (on Beatrice's lap), Ron Pfeifer, Erv Pfeifer & Kay Mankamyer.
Pfeifer photo with names - ID's written by Linda Pfeifer Dodds, daughter of Woodrow & Arda Weekly Pfeifer
1952The one of Mom, Dad, Grandma Bea and me is also on the west side of the 8th St. house. We moved into it in early summer of 1952 so, judging from the clothes, etc., I'd say it was later that summer.
1952Me & Grandma Bea out by the old barn (that later morphed into an actual detached garage) at the 110 W. 8th St. house in Lex(ington, Nebraska),. Most likely 1952.
abt 1955 This one of Grandma Bea is, I would guess, early to mid-1950s and it looks like it was taken at her house on Park Ave. in Lincoln.
abt 1960Our house in Lex(ington, Nebraska), 110 W. 8th St., altho this pic is of the west facing (Lincoln St.) side of it.
1963Jack & Martha (Mankamyer)'s first house in Denver. I recognize this one & the next one Gram (Edna Skinner, my mom's oldest sister who raised her after their parents died), Dad & Laurel as Christmas 1963.
See comment above
1965I think this one of Dad was taken about 1965.
1966Dad & a friend of his took a fishing trip to, I think, Taylor Park, CO around 1966.
abt 1967Kay & Jim (Graff)'s second house in Denver & looking at Laurel I'd say 1966 or '67. With Jack & Irma Mankamyer.
abt 1967Jack & Irma Mankamyer at Kay & Jim (Graff)'s second house in Denver, 1966 or '67.
1967Arda, Linda and Woodrow Pfeifer, April or May 1967. I remember my senior prom dress.
1967Arda & Woodrow Pfeifer, April or May 1967.
1972Ken (Dodds) & I on our wedding day, Dec. 15, 1972.