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Photos of Irma Pfeifer Mankamyer

Irma Pfeifer

Irma was born in 1908 - photo may taken in 1920 at age 18?

Pfeifer & Meister Group

Adults L-R: Irma Pfeifer, Aileen (Weibel) Nicholas, Unknown woman, Mattie (Leamer) Meister, Hiram Meister, Ileta Pfeifer, Beatrice (Meister) Weibel Pfeifer
Children L-R: Lotus Nicholas, LaVerne Pfeifer, Ruth Nicholas, Unknown girl, Unknown boy

4 generation photo Jack MankamyerThis is a 4 generation photo for Jack Mankamyer. Left to right are Margaret Schrotberger Pfeifer, Beatrice Kate Meister Weibel Pfeifer (Margaret's daughter-in-law, but Ervin Pfeifer was no longer alive), Irma Pfeifer Mankamyer, and Jack Mankamyer. Photo taken 1936 approx.
Pfeifer Family ReuinionPhoto taken in summer 1950 (based on cast on Arda Weekly Pfeifer's arm) Adults Left to right: Lotus Nicholas, Arda Weekly Pfeifer, Jack Mankamyer (can only see part of his head), LaVerne Pfeifer, Betty Parsons Pfeifer, Ruth Reid Pfeifer, Irma Pfeifer Mankamyer, Aileen Weibel Nicholas, Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer, Woodrow Pfeifer. Children Left to Right - Linda Pfeifer (on Beatrice's lap), Ron Pfeifer, Erv Pfeifer & Kay Mankamyer.
Pfeifer photo with names - ID's written by Linda Pfeifer Dodds, daughter of Woodrow & Arda Weekly Pfeifer
Irma Pfeifer MankamyerYear?
Irma Mankamyer & Northup kidsIrma Pfeifer Mankamyer with great-newphews & niece Max, Chris & Lauren Northup. Photo taken July 1989. Irma was age 85. She died October 28, 2002 at age 94.