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Photos of Aileen Weibel:

Aaron, Beatrice & Aileen Weibel Photos of Aaron & Aileen look like they are in same outfits as their wedding photo (about 1893). Photo of Aileen was taken later as she was not born until 1896. Guessing about 1900, age 4??
Beatrice & Aileen Weibel About 1900. I'm guessing Aileen is about age 4 in this photo. She may be older. Aileen was born in 1896. Photo taken in Wilber, NE
Hiram & Mattie Meister and Beatrice & Aileen Weibel About 1902. I'm guessing Aileen is about age 6 in this photo. She may be older. Aileen was born in January 1896. Photo taken in Wilber, NE
Aileen Weibel Guessing High School graduation at about age 18, which would be about 1914. It may be a confirmation photo so she may be younger. Lotus Nicholas told me that photo was of Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer, but to me it looks so much like the wedding photo of Aileen (hair style, hair pins, eyes, mouth, nose, etc) that I think it is Aileen.
50th Wedding Jacob & Maria Weibel

ID's and photo from Doris Peters & Beulah Felderman Dunn (widow of Everett E. Dunn, they farmed Jacob Weibel farm all of their active life) At time of the ID, Beulah is 3 months short of age 100, and says that they pronounced Maria's name "mah-ri'-ah" like the wind is called "Mariah"
Jacob & Maria were married 2 Jan 1865, this would have been 2 Jan 1915 at their home in DeWitt.
Start at the left: Elmer and Pauline Weibel with son Alton Weibel in front of them;
Burton Robert Dunn, Clara Lavinia (Weibel) Dunn, Everett (behind her shoulder), Russell beside Clara, Verna (girl in light dress in front) and Burrell (young boy in front of the family);
In front: Jacob and Maria Weibel;
Behind Jacob: Rolandus and Frances Weibel;
Behind Maria: Andrew and Minnie (Weibel) Clapp with small son Wayne at left of Maria;
Standing tall behind the group on the porch: Ada Schwab (tall) and Aileen Weibel (Nicholas) the shorter one.
In front of those ladies: Cora (Dunn) and Harvey Weibel with daughters Frieda and Letha (large hair bows) in front.
On right end is Oscar Weibel holding Roland, to his right is Cassie (Matthews), in front of Cassie is Hollis and in front of Oscar is Bernice.

Aileen Weibel Nicholas About 1915. Wedding photo.
George & Aileen Nicholas George Worthington "Worthy" Nicholas and Beatrice "Aileen" Weibel were married about 1915. Worthy and Aileen were both about age 19 at the time of their marriage.
Group Nicholas house with numbers I think photo was taken in early 1920's based on the two little blonde girls who I think are Lotus & Ruth Nicholas, born in 1916 & 1918. Jacob Weibel died in 1920 & I do not think he is in the photo, unless he is #25. I think the baby is Richard Nicholas, who was born in June 1920, so that would make photo about spring of 1921) Maria Weibel died in 1934. Hiram & Mattie Meister both died in 1931.
#3 & 4 are definitely Hiram & Mattie (Leamer Potter) Meister
I think #12 is Maria (Schrotberger) Weibel. #13 looks like someone I have seen but I am not finding the photo I recall - is he a Weibel? He is standing next to Maria.
I think #16 is Ileta Pfeifer, holding Ruth Nicholas (Ruth born 1918)
#20 may be Ira Pfeifer, with Ira holding Lotus Nicholas. (Lotus born 1916) #11 looks like older photos of Ira's wife Ruth Reid Pfeifer, but they were married in December 1931, and I think this photo is earlier than that, so may not be Ruth Pfeifer. (Besides she would only be about age 19 in 1922, and I think this woman looks older than that although it is hard to see her well). I think Lotus looks about age 6, so maybe photo taken in 1922????
#22 is Beatrice (Meister Weibel) Pfeifer, holding Laverne Pfeifer, who was born in 1915, so again I think photo was 1920 to 1922 based on his age. #24 is Aileen Weibel Nicholas. #21 is probably Woodrow Pfeifer
#29 is George Nicholas holding baby - possibly his son Richard Nicholas who was born in June 1920
Group Nicholas house without numbers
Children of Jacob & Maria Weibel

The 8 children of Jacob & Maria Weibel taken 1926-1936? Photo taken before Rolandus' death in 1936. Aileen Weibel Nicholas (born 1896) is representing her desceased father Aaron George Weibel.
The men left to right: Oscar Warren Weibel; Elmer E. Weibel; Rolandus Franklin Weibel; Harvey Everett Weibel.
The ladies left to right: Beatrice Aileen Weibel Nicholas; Minnie E. Weibel Clapp; Ada S. Weibel Schwab; Clara Lavinia Weibel Dunn.
Thanks to Doris Peters & Erma Weibel for the ID's in this photo. Click here for photo with names

Pfeifer & Meister Group

Adults L-R: Irma Pfeifer, Aileen (Weibel) Nicholas, Unknown woman, Mattie (Leamer) Meister, Hiram Meister, Ileta Pfeifer, Beatrice (Meister) Weibel Pfeifer
Children L-R: Lotus Nicholas, LaVerne Pfeifer, Ruth Nicholas, Unknown girl, Unknown boy

Pfeifer Family Reunion Photo taken in summer 1950 (based on cast on Arda Weekly Pfeifer's arm) Adults Left to right: Lotus Nicholas, Arda Weekly Pfeifer, Jack Mankamyer (can only see part of his head), LaVerne Pfeifer, Betty Parsons Pfeifer, Ruth Reid Pfeifer, Irma Pfeifer Mankamyer, Aileen Weibel Nicholas, Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer, Woodrow Pfeifer. Children Left to Right - Linda Pfeifer (on Beatrice's lap), Ron Pfeifer, Erv Pfeifer & Kay Mankamyer.
Pfeifer photo with names - ID's written by Linda Pfeifer Dodds, daughter of Woodrow & Arda Weekly Pfeifer