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Records I have for the ancestors of Ira P. Pfeifer in the 1700's
Records I have for the ancestors of Ira P. Pfeifer in the 1800's

Records I have for the ancestors of Ira P. Pfeifer in the 1900's:

1900 census Frederick Pfeifer19001900 census Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL - Fred Pfiefer (45), Marugret (43), Ervin L. (23) and George A. (19). All listed as born Illinois. Fred & Marugret's parents listed as born Germany. Freds & Marugret listed as married 23 years. Marugret listed as having 2 births with 2 children living at time of census.
1900 census Hiram Meister and Beatrice Weibel19001900 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - H.A. Mister (53), Martha (48). Living with daughter Beatrice Weibel (26) & granddaughter Beatrice Aileen Weibel(4). H.A. & Martha listed as being married 27 years. Martha listed as having 2 births with 2 children living at time of census. Beatrice listed as widowed, having 1 birth with 1 child living at time of census. H.A. listed as born in Pennsylvania, with his parents both born in Germany. Martha listed as born in Iowa, with her father born in Pennsylvania & her mother born in Maryland. Beatrice listed as born in Missouri. Beatrice Aileen listed as born in Nebraska, with her father born in Illinois & her mother in Missouri. H. A.'s occupation listed as farmer.
1900 census George Meister19001900 census Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL page 144
Household #131/133 John Fulrath, head, Sept 1830, age 69, md 45 yrs, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1851, in US 49 yrs, na, farmer; Catherine, wife, Dec 1837, age 62, md 45 yrs, PA/Germany/Germany
George Meister, father-in-law, Sept 1818, age 81, widowed, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1837, in US 63 yrs, na
1900 census Rebecca Leamer19001900 census Eden Twp, Benton Co., IA page 88
Household #4 John Dilling, head, Dec 1833, age 66, md 45 yrs, PA/PA/PA, Farmer; Elizabeth R., wife, Nov 1835, age 64, md 45 yrs, 4 births, 3 surviving, PA/PA/PA
Clyde C., servant, June 1882, age 17, IA/IA/IA, Carpenter
Rebecca Leamer, mother-in-law, April 1812, age 88, 13 children, 8 surviving, PA/PA/PA
Alta B. Ferguson, granddaughter, Oct 1884, age 15, IA/IA/IA
1900 Teacher contract Beatrice Meister Weibel1900Dated June 25, 1900. Teacher's contract for one year between Mrs. A.G. Weibel & School District 112 of Saline Co., NE.
1901 Teacher contract Beatrice Meister Weibel1901Dated July 3, 1901. Teacher's contract for 8 months (beginning Sept. 1, 1901) between Mrs. Beatrice Weibel & School District 29 of Saline Co., NE. States that Beatrice has her second grade teacher's certificate, and will be paid $30 a month. Person who filled out contract spelled last name Wible, but it is signed by Beatrice spelled Weibel.
Marriage Ervin Pfeifer & Beatrice Weibel1902Dated April 2, 1902. Marriage record for Ervin Pfeifer & Beatrice Meister Weibel. Marriage witnessed by G. L. Schrotberger & Mrs. G. L. Schrotberger.
Birth Certificate Ira Preston Pfeifer1906This is actually a delayed birth certificate that was dated Feb. 1, 1943. It states that Ira Preston Pfeifer was born August 25, 1906 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. Parents were Ervin LaVerne Pfeifer, born 1875 in Goodfarm Twp., Ill., and Beatrice Kate Meister, born 1874 in Polo, Missouri. Evidence presented were a certificate of recorded baptism of Ira Preston Pfeifer in the DeWitt Methodist Church at DeWitt, NE, on Sept 8, 1907 on pages 154 & 155 of the church record there. There were also affadavits from Beatrice K. Pfeifer, mother, of Lincoln, NE; and also of W.S. Wiggins, MD, of Exeter, NE, who was the attending physician at the birth.
1909 Atlas Goodfarm Twp, Grundy Co., IL19091909 Atlas - Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL. Property of Fred Pfeifer in Sections 14 & 15. Property of Mary Pfeifer, including church and school, in Sections 16 & 21. Property of John Schrotberger in Sections 23 & 26. Property of John Krug in Sections 14 & 23. Other related surnames ie. Meier, Burkhardt, etc
1910 census Hiram Meister19101910 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NB - Hiram A. Mister (63), Mattie (58), granddaughter Aileen Weibel (14). Hiram & Mattie listed as being married 38 years. Hiram listed as being born in PA with both his parents born in Germany. Mattie listed as being born in Iowa, with both her parents born in PA. Aileen listed as born in NB with her father born in IL & her mother in MO.
1910 census Ervin Pfeifer19101910 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - Ervin L Pfeifer (32), Beatrice K. (34), Ileta M. (5), Ira P. (3) and Irma F. (1). Ervin and his parents all listed as born in Illinois. Beatrice listed as born Missouri, with her father listed as born in Pennsylvania & her mother listed as born in Iowa. Children all listed as born in Nebraska. Ervin's occupation listed as farmer. Beatrice's daughter Aileen Weibel, age 14, living with Beatrice's parents Hiram & Mattie Meister in same town.
Ervin Pfeifer Death Certificate1918Death certificate of Ervin Laverne Pfeifer, who died Nov. 2, 1918 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. Cause of death is listed as tuberculosis, with endocarditis from infection from throat. Parents are listed as Fred Pfeifer & Mrs. Fred Pfeifer, both born in Illinois. Birthdate is listed as May 26, 1877 in Illinois. Informant was his wife, Beatrice Pfeifer, of DeWitt, NE.
Ervin Pfeifer Tombstone1918Ervin Pfeifer died in November 2, 1918 in Nebraska. He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, DeWitt, Saline Co., NE.
1920 census Frederick Pfeifer19201920 census Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL, Census taken Jan 9, 1920, Household #102 Page 151
Fred Pfeifer, head, age 64, IL/Germany/Germany; Margaret, wife, age 61, IL/Germany/Germany; George, son, age 38, IL/IL/IL; Freddie, grandson, age 10, IL/IL/KS; Walace, grandson, age 8, IL/IL/KS
1920 census Hiram Meister19201920 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - Hirum Meister (73) and Mattie (68). Hirum listed as born PA, parents born Germany. Mattie listed as born Iowa with father born in England and mother born in Maryland. Hirum's occupation listed as laborer for Produce Exchange. On same page is Aileen Weibel Nicholas with husband George & daughters Lotus & Ruth.
1920 census Beatrice Pfeifer19201920 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - Beatrice K. Pfeifer (45), Ileta (14), Ira (13), Irma (11) Woodrow (9) and Laverne (3 months). Beatrice listed as widowed, occupation farm operator. Beatrice listed as born MO with her father born in PA & her mother born in IA. Children all listed as born in NB with father born in IL & mother born in MO.

1930 census Frederick Pfeifer


1930 census Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL, Household #97
Fred Pfeifer, age 75, age at first marriage: 21, IL/Germany/Germany; Margaret, wife, age 73, age at first marriage: 19, IL/Germany/Germany; Fred E., grandson, age 20, IL/IL/IL; Charles, grandson, age 19, IL/IL/IL
Lloyd Pfeifer next door is Fred's nephew

1930 census Beatrice Pfeifer19301930 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE ED 76-7, page 4A, Beatrice K. Pfeifer, head, age 55, widowed, MO/IL/MO; Ira P., son, age 23, NE/IL/MO, farmer, general farm; Woodrow H., son, age 19, NE/IL/MO, laborer, odd jobs; LaVerne F., son, age 13, NE/IL/MO
Hiram Meister Death Certificate1931Death Certificate of Hiram Augustus Meister who died January 6, 1931 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. He was 84 years old. Cause of death was given as Myocardial exhaustion and it was also notes that he had senility. Hiram's occupation given as Retired Farmer. His date of birth is given as June 22, 1846. His parents are given as George Meister and unknown, both born in Germany. Informant for personal information was his daughter Beatrice Pfeifer.
Mattie Meister Death Certificate1931Death Certificate of Mattie Leamer Potter Meister who died January 15, 1931 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. She was 79 years old and widow of Hiram Meister. Cause of death was given as Pneumonia Lobular with also beginning emphysema. Her date of birth is given as July 2, 1851 in Eden, IA. Parents are given as Jacob Laemer, born PA, and Rebecca Stevens, born MD. Informant for personal information was her daughter Beatrice Pfeifer.
Hiram & Mattie Meister Obits1931Hiram & Mattie Meister died within 9 days of each other in January 1931. For transcripts of these obits, see:
Notes for Hiram Meister or
Notes for Mattie Leamer Potter Meister
Margaret Pfeifer obit #11938

Dec 1, 1938 - K3 Republican News (Thursday)
Dwight. Dec. 1 -- Mrs. Margaret Pfeifer, 81, who was accidentally shot on Nov. 22 by her grandson Fred Pfeifer died at her home here at 10 o'clock last night. Funeral services will be conducted at the Salem Evangelical church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock by the Rev. Leo Schmidt. Burial will be in the Goodfarm Cemetery. She is survived by six grandchildren, sisters Mrs. Minnie Meiers of Dwight and Mrs. Sophia Blatt of Elwood, IL. and a brother Leo Schrotberger of Ellwood, NE.
Note from K - I think this obit has an error and she was accidentally shot by g-grandson Wallace and not grandson Fred. See second obit below

Mrs. Fred Pfeifer, who was shot through the upper part of her body a week ago last Tuesday when a rifle in the hands of her little great-grandson Wallace Pfeifer, was accidentally discharged, passed away at teh Pfeifer home five and one-half miles north of town Wednesday evening, November 30, about 10 o'clock. Sinking into a coma soon after she was shot, Mrs. Pfeifer never regained consciousness. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at two o'clock at the Salem Evangelical Church. Rev. Leo Schmitt officiating. Music will be furnished by Messrs. Clyde, Melvin, Alvin & Raymond Burkhart with Mrs. Elmer G. Gantzert at the organ. Pall bearers will be Frank, Fred, Edward & Elmer Gantzert, William Hoffman and Leonard Myer. Burial will be made in the Goodfarm cemetery.
Margaret Schrotberger was born April 25, 1858, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Schrotberger. She spent her girlhood and young womanhood in Goodfarm township and was later married to Fred Pfeifer, who survives. Two sons, George and Irwin, were born to them, both of whom preceded their mother in death. Besides the husband, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren survive, also two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Meier of Dwight and Mrs. Sophia Blatt of Elwood, Ill., and one brother, Leonard Schrotberger, of Elwood, Neb., also other relatives and many friends.
Born April 25, 1857
Died November 30, 1938
Services - Salem Evangelical Church, Saturday, December 3, 1938, Pastor - Rev. Leo Schmidt
Interment - Goodfarm Cemetery
Organist - Miss Ethel Hoffman
Music Quartet: Mr. Clyde Burkhart, Mr. Melvin Burkhart, Mr. Alvin Burkhart, Mr. Raymond Burkhart
Pall Bearers - William Hoffman, Leonard Meier, Frank Gantzert, Edward Gantzert, Elmer G. Gantzert, Fred L. Gantzert
Ushers - Everett Gantzert, Herman Haacke
Frederick Pfeifer obit1940ELDERLY FARMER AT DWIGHT DIES (He died February 21, 1940)
Dwight, Feb 21 - Fred Pfeifer, 84, farmer, residing five miles north of Dwight, died at 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon after a brief ? of infirmities. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon from Salem Evangelical church in Goodfarm township with internment in the church Cemetery. The Rev. Leo Schmidt will officiate. Born March 28 1855 in Goodfarm township, he was married to Margaret Schotenberger, who died in 1938. His son George also preceded him in death. Surviving are a brother William, sisters Mary Gantzert and Mrs. Mickleson, two grandsons Wallace & Fred Pfeifer and several great-grandchildren.
Frederick Pfeifer Funeral1940MEMORIAL RECORD for the FRIENDS & RELATIVES of FRED PFEIFER
Born Goodtarm Township May 28, 1855
Died Goodfarm Township February 20, 1940
Services Salem Evangelical Church, Friday, February 23, Two O'clock, Clergyman - Reverend Leo Schmidt
Interment - Goodfarm Cemetery
Pall Bearers: Marvin Pfeiter, Lloyd Pfeifer, Walter Houck, Vernon A. Reicke, Wayne Hoffman, Everett Gantzert
Music Quartet - Clyde Burkhart, Alvin Burkhart, Melvin Burkhart, Raymond Burkhart
Selections - "Old Rugged Cross", "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me", "I Know of a CIty"
Organists - Mrs. Clyde Burkhart & Miss Ethel Hoffman
Ushers - Reuel Hoffman, Herman Haacke
Tombstone of Frederick, Margaret & son George Pfeifer1929 to 1940George died on June 30, 1929. His mother Margaret died on November 30, 1938 and his father Frederick died on February 21, 1940
Beatrice Pfeifer Death Certificate1960Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer died March 05, 1960 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.
Beatrice Pfeifer obit1960Sunday, March 6, 1960, Lincoln Evening Journal
Mrs. Beatrice K. Pfeifer, 85, of 1960 Park Ave., died Saturday. She had been a Lincoln resident since 1934 and was a member of Christ Methodist Church. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Aileen Nicholas of DeWitt and Mrs. Irma Mankamyer of Sutton: sons, Ira P. of Honolulu, Hawaii, Woodrow H. of Lexington, and Dr. LaVerne F. of Lincoln. 14 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Wadlows.
Beatrice Pfeifer obit #21960Tuesday, March 8, 1960 Lincoln Evening Journal
Mrs. Pfeifer Funeral Held
The funeral of 85-year-old Mrs. Beatrice K. Pfeifer, former member of Bryan Memorial Hospital Board of Directors and Board of Women, was held Tuesday at Christ Methodist Church. Burial for Mrs. Pfeifer, who had died Saturday, was to be in DeWitt. She had come to Nebraska in 1877 in a covered wagon and settled in the DeWitt area. She had been a Lincoln resident since 1934, her last address being 1960 Park Avenue.
Pfeifer monument1960Pfeifer monument by tombstones of Ervin & Beatrice Pfeifer
Beatrice Pfeifer tombstone1960Beatrice Meister Weibel Pfeifer died March 05, 1960 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, DeWitt, Saline Co., NE.