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Records for Hiram Meister & Mattie Leamer & their ancestors:

1850 census Jacob Leamer & Nicholas Stephens 1850

1850 census District #11, Benton Co., IA
#59 Jacob Laymour, age 40, farmer, b. PA; Rebecca, age 27 (She was 37), b. PA; Henriett, age 17, b. PA; David, age 16, b. PA; Elisabeth, age 13, b. PA; Eliza J., age 13, b. PA; Sarah Ann., age 9, b. PA; Rachel, age 7, b. PA; Delila, age 4, b. PA; Joseph, age 2, b. PA; Henry W., age 1, b. PA
#60 Nicholas Stephens, age 73, b. PA; Mary, age 72, b. MD
David & Margaret (Stephens) Hite living next door

1850 census George Meister 1850 1850 census Guilford Twp., Franklin Co., PA Page before is stamped 243 and also stamped 122.
Household 433/473 Census taken October 17, 1850.
George Meister, age 32, farmer, b. Germany; Mary, age 31, b. Germany; Catherine, age 12, b. PA; Christine, age 10, b. PA; Margaret, age 8, b. PA; John, age 5, b. PA; Hiram, age 3, b. PA; Mary, age 2, b. PA
1860 George Meister 1860 1860 census Carroll Twp., Carroll Co., IL, page 230 July 23, 1860
Household #1717/1586
George Meister, age 45, farmer, b. Darmstadt; Mary, age 44, b. Darmstadt; Hiram, age 14, b. PA; Ann M., age 11, b. PA; George, age 9, b. PA; Daniel, age 7, b. PA; Sarah E., age 2, b. IL
1860 census Rebecca Stephens Leamer 1860 1860 census Eden Twp, Benton Co., IA
#587/524 Rebecca Lamar, age 48; Sarah Ann, age 19, b. PA; Joseph, age 13, b. PA; Martha., age 9, b. PA
Gennett Thompson, female, age 38, Housekeeper, b. PA; Richard, age 38, Miner, b. PA; Samuel, age 4, b. PA; Irwin, age 1, b. IA
1870 census Hiram Meister 1870 1870 census Grant Twp, Caldwell Co., M, page 115 - Hiram Meister (22). Occupation listed as farmer. Living in household of John & Sarah Bosserman and family. Hiram, John & Sarah all listed as born Pennsylvania.
1870 census Mattie Leamer 1870 1870 census Grant Twp., Caldwell Co., MO page 117B June 22, 1870 Household #95
Richard Thompson, age 44, farmer, b. PA; Henrietta, age 37, keeping home, b. PA; Erwin, age 11, b. IA; Frank, age 3, b. IA; May, age 1 month, b. MO
John W. Thompson, age 35, b. PA; Ellen, age 28, b. NY; Annie, age 7, b. IA; Dora, age 3, b. IA
Nancy Thompson, age 73, b. PA
Martha Leamer, age 18, keeps house, b. PA
William Gingery, age 27, farmer, b. PA
1870 census George Meister 1870 1870 Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL page 23, stamped page 155
Household #161/160 George Meister, age 52, farmer, b. Darmstadt; Mary, age 50, b. Darmstadt; George, age 18, b. PA; Daniel, age 16, b. PA; Elizabeth., age 12, b. IL; William, age 10, b. IL
1870 census Rebecca Leamer 1870 1870 census Eden Twp, Benton Co., IA page 63B
Albert Thomas, age 27, Farming, renting, b. OH; Delilah, age 25, keeping house,, b. PA
Harriet Wright, age 5, b. IA
Oscar Potter, age 58, b. IA
Rebecca Leamer, age 58, Retired, b. PA
1880 census Hiram Meister 1880 1880 United States Census Plymouth, Jefferson, Nebraska Page Number 579A
Hiram MEISTERS Self M Male W 33 IL Farmer IL ...
Mattie MEISTERS Wife M Female W 28 IA Keeping House PA PA
Oscar MEISTERS Son S Male W 12 IA IL IA
Beatrice MEISTERS Dau S Female W 6 MO IL ...
1880 census George Meister 1880 1880 United States Census Mount Carroll, Carroll, Illinois Page Number 508A
Eliza MEISTERS Wife M Female W 21 PA Keeping House GERMANY GERMANY
Howard MEISTERS Son S Male W 1 IL PA PA
1900 census Hiram Meister 1900 1900 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - H.A. Mister (53), Martha (48). Living with daughter Beatrice Weibel (26) & granddaughter Beatrice Aileen Weibel(4). H.A. & Martha listed as being married 27 years. Martha listed as having 2 births with 2 children living at time of census. Beatrice listed as widowed, having 1 birth with 1 child living at time of census. H.A. listed as born in Pennsylvania, with his parents both born in Germany. Martha listed as born in Iowa, with her father born in Pennsylvania & her mother born in Maryland. Beatrice listed as born in Missouri. Beatrice Aileen listed as born in Nebraska, with her father born in Illinois & her mother in Missouri. H. A.'s occupation listed as farmer.
1900 census George Meister 1900 1900 census Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL page 144
Household #131/133
John Fulrath, head, Sept 1830, age 69, md 45 yrs, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1851, in US 49 yrs, na, farmer
Catherine, wife, Dec 1837, age 62, md 45 yrs, PA/Germany/Germany
George Meister, father-in-law, Sept 1818, age 81, widowed, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1837, in US 63 yrs, na
1900 census Rebecca Leamer 1900 1900 census Eden Twp, Benton Co., IA page 88
Household #4
John Dilling, head, Dec 1833, age 66, md 45 yrs, PA/PA/PA, FArmer
Elizabeth R., wife, Nov 1835, age 64, md 45 yrs, 4 births, 3 surviving, PA/PA/PA
Clyde C., servant, June 1882, age 17, IA/IA/IA, Carpenter
Rebecca Leamer, mother-in-law, April 1812, age 88, 13 children, 8 surviving, PA/PA/PA
Alta B. Ferguson, granddaughter, Oct 1884, age 15, IA/IA/IA
1910 census Hiram Meister 1910 1910 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NB - Hiram A. Mister (63), Mattie (58), granddaughter Aileen Weibel (14). Hiram & Mattie listed as being married 38 years. Hiram listed as being born in PA with both his parents born in Germany. Mattie listed as being born in Iowa, with both her parents born in PA. Aileen listed as born in NB with her father born in IL & her mother in MO.
1920 census Hiram Meister 1920 1920 census DeWitt, Saline Co., NE - Hirum Meister (73) and Mattie (68). Hirum listed as born PA, parents born Germany. Mattie listed as born Iowa with father born in England and mother born in Maryland. Hirum's occupation listed as laborer for Produce Exchange. On same page is Aileen Weibel Nicholas with husband George & daughters Lotus & Ruth.
Hiram Meister Death Certificate 1931 Death Certificate of Hiram Augustus Meister who died January 6, 1931 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. He was 84 years old. Cause of death was given as Myocardial exhaustion and it was also notes that he had senility. Hiram's occupation given as Retired Farmer. His date of birth is given as June 22, 1846. His parents are given as George Meister and unknown, both born in Germany. Informant for personal information was his daughter Beatrice Pfeifer.
Mattie Meister Death Certificate 1931 Mattie Leamer Potter Meister died January 15, 1931 in DeWitt, Saline Co., NE.