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Frederick Pfeifer was the son of George Pfeifer & Mary Haag
Margaret Schrotberger was the daughter of John George Schrotberger & Maria Anna Krug


Frederick Pfeifer & Margaret SchrotbergerFrederick Pfeifer married Margaret Schrotberger on October 17, 1876 in Grundy Co., IL, and they had two sons. They are found in Goodfarm, Grundy Co., IL on all census records I have for them. They are on the 1880 census living next door to Margaret's sister Minnie and Henry Meier and also her sister Barbara and John Meier. Frederick & Margaret's younger son, George, was divorced and living with them with his two sons in 1920. George died on June 30, 1929, and in 1930 Frederick & Margaret were raising the two grandsons. Margaret's granddaughter Irma Pfeifer told me that one of Margaret's very young grandsons found a gun in the basement and accidentally shot and killed her. I have copies of two obits for Margaret: one incorrectly states that she was accidentally shot by her grandson Fred Pfeifer (age 28). The second obit states that she was accidentally shot by her "little great-grandson" Wallace Pfeifer, who was only age 7 at the time, and this is the correct information. Margaret was shot on November 22, 1938, and remained in a coma for a week before she died. Margaret Schrotberger Pfeifer died November 30, 1938 in Grundy Co., IL. Frederick Pfeifer died February 21, 1940 in Grundy Co., IL. Frederick & Margaret both are buried in the Goodfarm Cemetery, Goodfarm, Grundy, Illinois.
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The children of Frederick Pfeifer & Margaret Schrotberger:

Ervin PfeiferErvin LaVerne Pfeifer was born on May 22, 1877 in Goodfarm, Grundy Co., IL. He is listed with his parents on the 1880 & 1900 censuses of Goodfarm, Grundy Co., IL. Ervin married Beatrice Kate Meister Weibel on April 02, 1902 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE. Beatrice was the widow of Ervin's cousin Aaron G. Weibel, who had died in 1897; she had a young daughter, Aileen Weibel, from her first marriage. Ervin & Beatrice had 5 children. Ervin & Beatrice are on the 1910 census of DeWitt, Saline Co., NE. Ervin Pfeifer died on November 2, 1918, and Beatrice did not remarry. She is listed on the 1920 & 1930 censuses of DeWitt, NE, but moved to Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE in 1934 and remained there until her death in 1960.
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George Pfeifer

George Allen Pfeifer was born in June 12, 1880 in Goodfarm, Grundy Co., IL. He married Edith Schock on July 3, 1908, and had two sons born in 1909 & 1911. George & Edith are on the 1910 census of Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL. George & Edith divorced sometime between 1912 to 1920. George & sons are listed on the 1920 census of Goodfarm Twp., Grundy Co., IL, living with his parents Frederick & Margaret Pfeifer. George Allen Pfeifer died on June 30, 1929 in Grundy Co., IL. He is listed on the Illinois Death Index for 1922-1930. George is buried in the Goodfarm Cemetery, Grundy Co., IL, listed on the same tombstone as his parents.. In 1930 his two sons are living with their grandparents, Frederick & Margaret Pfeifer. Edith remarried in the 1940's, and she died in 1960.
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