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Notes for Herman John Brethouwer

The Family of Tony Albernadus Brethouwer & Arnolda Johannah Jentink

1860 census Holland, Sheboygan Co., WI
Hendrick J. Brethauwer, age 23, farmer, b. Holland
Toni Brethauwer, female, age 54
Diena Te Brinke, age 11, b. WI (daughter of Derk Jan & Anna Maria (Kolwagen) TeBrinke
Herman T. Brethouwer, age 8, b. WI
Adrian Brethouwer, age 30, farmer, b. Holland
Janna, age 35, b. Holland
Johanna, age 9, b. WI
Gerrit H., age 7, b. WI
Evert Gentink, age 84, b. Holland

1870 census Holland, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin
Tonio Brethour, age 62, female?, keeping house, b. Holland
Harmin, age 18, farmer, b. Wisconsin
On same page & one household away from Adrian Brethouwer

1880 United States Census Holland, Sheboygan, Wisconsin Page Number 57C
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Gertrude BRETHOUR Wife M Female W 31 WI Keeping House HOLLAND HOLLAND
Anthony BRETHOUR Son S Male W 5 WI WI WI
Hatty BRETHOUR Dau S Female W 3 WI WI WI
Mary BRETHOUR Dau S Female W 7M WI WI WI
Sheboygan County Deaths Vital Index "Bra - Brh"
Name Deathdate Vol. Page
Brethhaus, Johus Nov. 23, 1869 1 73-37
Brethouwer, Adriaan June 6, 1896 6 408-1631
Brethouwer, Adrianus Jan. 13, 1887 5 21-81
Brethouwer, Adrianus March 20, 1895 6 242-967
Brethouwer, Gesina Jan. 19, 1896 6 390-1556
Brethouwer, Gesina Sept. 22, 1901 9 5-29
Brethouwer, Herman June 19, 1895 6 382-1525
Brethouwer, Janna Oct. 23, 1886 5 72-285

1900 census Holland, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin
Jane G. Brethouwer, head, July 1849, age 50, widowed, 7 births, 7 surviving, , WI/Holland/Holland
Tony, son, July 1875, age 24, WI/WI/WI
Jennie, daughter, March 1884, age 16, WI/WI/WI
John, son, Feb 1886, age 14, WI/WI/WI
Henry, son, Dec 1889, age 10, WI/WI/WI
Next door is Mary Brethouwer, Nov 1879, age 20, servant in household of Arent Sveren
Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Bre - Bt"
Brethauer, Johanna {A.} April 7, 1859 1 122-365 Parents - Evert Law Brethauer & Helena Van Der Wege
Brethauer, Elisabeth E. April 25, 1861 1 122-366 Parents - Evert Law Brethauer & Helena Van Der Wege
Brethouwer, Gezina Jan. 20, 1870 2 114-340 Parents - Jan Willem Brethouwer & Janna Hendrika Prange
Brethouwer, John Feb. 7, 1874 103 364
Brethour, Lizzie Sept. 1, 1876 20 309-925
Brethour, Hatty Sept. 7, 1877 20 309-923
Brethour, Jane Nov. 15, 1878 20 323-965
Brethour, Mary Nov. 5, 1879 20 306-916
Brethouwer, Benjamin Dec. 9, 1882 110 65
Brethouwer, Janna B. Sept. 5, 1883 21 228-1366
Brethouwer, Willie Feb. 12, 1885 21 346-2070
Brethouwer, Herman J. Feb. 24, 1886 22 65-258
Brethouwer, Jan July 14, 1887 22 301-1204
Brethouwer, Geertruida May 11, 1887 22 250-1000
Brethouwer, George July 22, 1889 23 352-1408
Brethouwer, Hendrik J. Dec. 1, 1889 23 292-1168
Brethouwer, Dina June 5, 1893 25 17-65
Bretthauer, Florence E. April 10, 1897 26 573-2289
Brethouwer, Lillian C. Aug. 23, 1902 28 302-1810

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Hi Kari
I visited the courthouse today and was able to transcribe most of the Brethouwer deaths. I will type the info between your lines. In Wisconsin it is strictly forbidden to take photographs of the records. The records before 1907 are on microfilm at Wis. State Historical Society Library in Madison where you can get copies. I forgot to look for the record of Tony that was listed farther down the page. I will see if I can find obits for all of these and transcribe the death record of Tony the next time I get to the courthouse. I doubt if I will find anything if it was not in the index. Are you familiar with the GENLIAS website for Dutch genealogy? If not I will send you the link to the site. You may be able to find records of your ancestors in Netherlands. I work full time and indulge in this hobby in my spare time. Please tell me where you live. I am placing pins in a map of my RAOGK clients. I hope this helps you.

I have found the following Sheboygan Co., WI death records for the surname
Brethouwer posted online (I have listed them by Volume):
Sheboygan County Deaths Vital Index "Bra - Brh"
Name Deathdate Vol. Page Line
Brethhaus, Johus Nov. 23, 1869 1 73-37 (Was this Brethhaur?)
JOHN BRETHOUS, 4 yrs old, died Holland Twp., scarlet fever, father: Christian, mother: Jane

Brethouwer, Adrianus Jan. 13, 1887 5 21-81
72 yrs. 2 months, father: Adriannus, mother: Gertrude Rensink, born: Netherlands 12 Nov 1814 , spouse Gezina Renssink, died: 13 Jan 1887, consumption, Oostburg, buried: Oostburg Cem.
Brethouwer, Janna Oct. 23, 1886 5 72-285
age 62, born 10 Nov. 1824, father: Tuenes Seggers, mother: Maria, farmer's wife, Hareka Prov., Overysle Holland, spouse John B., died: 23 Oct. 1886, Holland Twp., buried: "section 18, Township 13, range 23

Brethouwer, Adrianus March 20, 1895 6 242-967
age 65, born: 5 Feb 1830 Winterswyk, Netherlands, Father: unknown, mother: Johanna, spouse: Gezina, died 20 March 1895, Holland Twp., pnuemonia, buried Oostburg Union Cem.

Brethouwer, Herman June 19, 1895 6 382-1525
age 42, farmer, born: 14 Oct 1852, father: Toney A., mother: Anna M., spouse : Jane, died: 19 June 1895, Holland Twp. heart disease, buried: Wolfert Cem., Holland Twp.

Brethouwer, Gesina Jan. 19, 1896 6 390-1556
age 25, born: 20 Jan 1870 Holland Twp., father: Jan William, Mother: Janna Hendricka, died: 10 Jan 1896, pnuemonia, buried: Oostburg Cem

Brethouwer, Adriaan June 6, 1896 6 408-1631
age 24, born: 29 Dec 1872 Holland Twp., father: Jan William, mother: Janna, died 6 June 1896, diptheria, buried: Oostburg Cem.

Brethouwer, Gesina (RENSINK) Sept. 22, 1901 9 5-29
age 85 yrs 1 month, born: Netherlands, 23 Aug 1816, died: 22 Sept 1901, Holland Twp. cause: "Marasmus", buried: Oostburg Cem.

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To: Kari Northup;
Subject: Issue #5: Another possibility? & more

Hi Kari & Ina,

When I first started working on genealogy many years ago, looking at the Sheboygan County Censuses was one of the resources that I used heavily. I haven't looked at them for years now. I didn't understand the significance of apparently unrelated individuals living with families. I've learned since then and when Kari mentioned that Diena TeBrinke was living with Tony in 1860, it got me thinking. Perhaps Diena was Tony's step-daughter; she would have been listed as a boarder because she was not in any way related to the head of the household, Tony's son. On 24 May 1839 in Aalten, Derk Jan ten Brinke married Anna Maria Kolwagen. If these are Diena's parents, it is likely (in my opinion) that Anna Maria Kolwagen was Tony's second wife. Do either of you know who Diena's parents were? I noticed on Kari's website that the first son and daughter of Johanna TeBrinke (Diena's sister?) were named Dirk J. and Anna M.

I have a theory about "Hannah Lygis" also. I think she might be Janna Siggers who married Adrianus (John), Tony's oldest son. The age is right. I'd have to look at the original records (which I don't have easy access to) to see if this is really a possibility. Janna, by the way, was born 10 Nov 1824 in Herike, Markelo Gem., Overijssel Prov. (FHL #0116831, Entry #95 in the 1824 births)

Kari, I'm quite sure you are right about the age error related to Anna, Evert's first daughter, in the 1860 census. I guess I should have added a few more question marks to my note.

I also have some other info that you might want: Helena van de Wege was born on 30 May 1841 in Hoek Gem., Zeeland Prov. (FHL #0122409, Entry #19 in the 1841 births) I assume since your website doesn't show it, that you don't have this info.

Ina, thanks for the confirmation on the note that appeared on Tony's and Arnolda's marriage registration.

Regarding issues #3 & #4: I'd just like to find some more substantial evidence for these two. I'd really like to find a passenger manifest in the first case, and maybe a family Bible in the second case. Probably neither exists, but I keep hoping.

Later, John