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Notes for Dr. Evert Jan Brethouwer

The Family of Evert Jan Brethouwer & Helena Van De Wege

1850 census Holland, Sheboygan Co., WI
Toney Britia, age 40, laborer, b. Holland
John, age 20, b. Holland
Everit, age 15, b. Holland
Hendrick, age 14, b. Holland
Christopher, age 9, b. Holland
Barnard, age 5, b. Holland
Everet Jantick, age 72, b. Holland
Hanna Lygis, age 26, b. Holland

July 12, 1858 - Evert Brethouwer married Helena VanDeWege in Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin

1860 census Wilson, Sheboygan Co., WI
John Brethouwer, age 26, farmer, b. Holland
Hellen, age 18, b. Holland
Anna, age 51 (? Should be 1), born Wisconsin

1870 census Holland, Sheboygan Co., WI
Evart Brethouwer, 38, Physician, b. Holland
Ellen, age 27, b. Zealand
Joanna, age 11, b. WI
Esther, age 9, b. WI
Jan Berent, age 6, b. WI
Martinus, age 4, b. WI
Tony, age 1, b. WI

1880 United States Census South Pass, Lancaster, Nebraska Page Number 392B
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
E. J. BRETHOUR Self M Male W 47 HOLL Physician HOLL HOLL
Lena BRETHOUR Wife M Female W 38 HOLL Keeping House HOLL HOLL
Ester E. BRETHOUR Dau S Female W 18 WI House Work HOLL HOLL
Benjamin BRETHOUR Son S Male W 15 WI Farm Hand HOLL HOLL
Martinus BRETHOUR Son S Male W 13 WI At School HOLL HOLL
Tony A. BRETHOUR Son S Male W 11 WI At School HOLL HOLL
Jane BRETHOUR Dau S Female W 9 WI At School HOLL HOLL
Christian BRETHOUR Son S Male W 3 NE At Home HOLL HOLL
1885 Nebraska State Census South Pass Precinct,Lancaster,Nebraska 04 Jun 1885
Evrt J. Brethower 54 Holland
Helena Brethower 44 Holland
John B. Brethower 21 Wisconsin
Mortin Brethower 19 Wisconsin
Jennie Brethower 15 Wisconsin
Christina Brethower 9 Nebraska

1899 -
*In a local Sheboygan Newspaper dated Tuesday March 7, 1899, his death was communicated: Firth, Neb., Mar. 7, '99 Sheboygan HERALD: Dear Sir: - I received those papers sent me three or four weeks ago and last week I saw that Jan Geurink had died. He has been an old friend of mine for the last fifty-one and a half years. He and his wife and her father and a couple more were survivors of the Phoenix, which was burned from Sheboygan two miles out in the lake, in the fall of 1847, not 1848. Most of them were all from the Town of Winterswijk, Gelderland, in the Netherlands, Europe. Yours, Dr. E. J. Brethouwer.
(Note: I believe this doctor was wrong in his statement that Arent was also on the Phoenix. There is no record of his name being listed with other survivors.)

1900 census South Pass, Lancaster Co., Nebraska
Evert Brethouwer, head, May 1831, age 69, md 39 yrs, Holland/Holland/Holland, imm 1847, in US 53 yrs, naturalized, Physician
Helene, wife, May 1841, age 59, md 39 yrs, 12 births, 6 surviving, imm 1858, in US 42 yrs

1902 - Helena died

1910 census 6th Ward Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska
2215 O Street #173/193
Everett J. Brethower, head, age 78, 2nd marriage, md 7 yrs, Holland/Holland/Holland, imm 1847, Physician
Caroline, wife, age 78, 3rd marriage, md 7 yrs, 2 births, 1 surviving, New York/Unknown/Unknown

1920 census South Pass, Lancaster Co., Nebraska
Ester Poort, head, age 58, widowed, WI/Netherlands/Netherlands, Farmer
Cornelius, son, age 31, single, NE/WI/WI, Farm labor
Evert J. Brethouwer, head, age 87, widowed, Netherland/Netherland/Netherland, occupation none
Sheboygan County Births Vital Index "Bre - Bt"
Brethauer, Elisabeth E. April 25, 1861 1 122-366 Parents - Evert Law Brethauer & Helena Van Der Wege
Brethauer, Johanna {A.} April 7, 1859 1 122-365 Parents - Evert Law Brethauer & Helena Van Der Wege
Brethour, Hatty Sept. 7, 1877 20 309-923
Brethour, Jane Nov. 15, 1878 20 323-965
Brethour, Lizzie Sept. 1, 1876 20 309-925
Brethour, Mary Nov. 5, 1879 20 306-916
Brethouwer, Benjamin Dec. 9, 1882 110 65
Brethouwer, Dina June 5, 1893 25 17-65
Brethouwer, Geertruida May 11, 1887 22 250-1000
Brethouwer, George July 22, 1889 23 352-1408
Brethouwer, Gezina Jan. 20, 1870 2 114-340 Parents - Jan Willem Brethouwer
Janna Hendrika Prange
Brethouwer, Hendrik J. Dec. 1, 1889 23 292-1168
Brethouwer, Herman J. Feb. 24, 1886 22 65-258
Brethouwer, Jan July 14, 1887 22 301-1204
Brethouwer, Janna B. Sept. 5, 1883 21 228-1366
Brethouwer, John Feb. 7, 1874 103 364
Brethouwer, John Feb. 7, 1874 103 364
Brethouwer, Lillian C. Aug. 23, 1902 28 302-1810
Brethouwer, Willie Feb. 12, 1885 21 346-2070
Bretthauer, Florence E. April 10, 1897 26 573-2289
12844 Christiaan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 04-03-1842, emigrated from Broekmans, Woold 78, Winterswijk in circa 1848 (source: Das emigranten uit Woold 1837-1851).
Son of Tony Albernadus BRETHOUWER (see also 12837) and Arnolda Johanna JENTINK (see also 12835).

12841 Evert Jan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 27-05-1834, emigrated from Broekmans, Woold 78, Winterswijk in circa 1848 (source: Lijst met emigranten vanuit Winterswijk 1837-1851).
Son of Tony Albernadus BRETHOUWER (see also 12837) and Arnolda Johanna JENTINK (see also 12835).

12842 Hendrik Jan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 08-07-1836, emigrated from Broekmans, Woold 78, Winterswijk in circa 1848 (source: Das emigranten uit Woold 1837-1851).
Son of Tony Albernadus BRETHOUWER (see also 12837) and Arnolda Johanna JENTINK (see also 12835).

12901 Jan Berend BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 07-07-1845, emigrated from Broekmans, Woold 78, Winterswijk in circa 1848 (source: Das emigranten uit Woold 1837-1851).
Son of Tony Albernadus BRETHOUWER (see also 12837) and Arnolda Johanna JENTINK (see also 12835).

12837 Tony Albernadus BRETHOUWER, born Aalten 11-8-1808? Emigrated from Broekmans, Woold 78, Winterswijk in circa 1848 (source: Das emigranten uit Woold 1837-1851).
Son of Adrianus BRETHOUWER and Helena Catharina WANDERS.
Married Winterswijk 25-08-1833 to Arnolda Johanna JENTINK (see also 12835).
From this marriage:

1. Adrianus BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 02-02-1831.
2. Evert Jan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 27-05-1834 (see also 12841).
3. Hendrik Jan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 08-07-1836 (see also 12842).
4. Harmen Jan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 27-02-1839, died Winterswijk 19-01-1847.
5. Christiaan BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 04-03-1842 (see also 12844).
6. Jan Berend BRETHOUWER, born Winterswijk 07-07-1845 (see also 12901).
Johanna Brethouwer was Herman John Te Selle's "Hired Girl"
Johanna Brethouwer was employed by Herman Te Selle as his "hired girl" to look after his four children: Manus John Schreurs, Dela, William, and baby Dina.

Marriage of Herman John Te Selle and Johanna Arnolda Brethouwer
I have a photocopy of the marriage certificate of "H.J. Te Selle and Johanna A. Brethouwer"; they were married on "May Ninth, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Six." She was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, on April 7, 1859, and was the eldest child of Dr. Evert J. Brethouwer and his wife, Helena (Van De Wege) Brethouwer. Witnesses were Martinus/Martienus(?) Van De Wege and Prinsen, Justice of The Peace. It was also signed by Evert J. Brethouwer, Johanna's father. Johanna was about 17 when they were married.

The Brethouwers Lived in Wisconsin Before Going to Nebraska
Dr. Brethhouwer was a country doctor; both he and his wife were born in the Netherlands. His mother (Arnoldina Johanna Jentink-Brethouwer) died about 1847 on voyage to USA; she was buried at sea. His father, Tony Aalbernados Brethouwer died in 1882 in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, the Brethouwers lived on a small farm or acreage which contained maple trees. They would tap the trees to collect buckets of maple syrup to use on the table and make candy. According to Aunt Minnie and Aunt Lena, it was the "only kind of candy they had."

The Brethouwers later settled in Holland, Nebraska. Dr. Brethouwer had an office in his home. He pulled teeth, delivered babies, had different kinds of pills for any ailment one might have. As Aunt Jennie once remarked, "I guess he knew how to care for himself... he lived to be 93 years old."
Family Group Record
Evert Jan BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Helena VANDEWEGE Pedigree
1. Ester BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 25 JUN 1861 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Death: 01 AUG 1928
2. John Benjamin BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 10 NOV 1864 Oostburg, Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Death: 30 MAY 1930
3. Martinus BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 1867 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Death: MAY 1900
4. Tony BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 07 APR 1869 Holland, Lancaster, Nebraska
Death: 08 APR 1915
5. Jane Jennie BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 09 SEP 1871 Holland, Lancaster, Nebraska
Death: 07 JAN 1917
6. Christopher Gerald BRETHOUWER Pedigree
Birth: 12 JUL 1876 Holland, Lancaster, Nebraska
Death: 27 JAN 1937
Evert Johan Brethouwer

Ref. Nr. :
27 Mei 1834 in Winterswijk 1
Notitie: Aangifte gemeente 28 mei 1834.
18 Mei 1923 in Amerika 2
Medical Doctor (arts)/physician
Kinderen: Johanna Arnolda P 912; Ester E P 916; Martinus P 920; JanBerend (John Benjamin) P 924; Tony A (Albernardus) P 928: Jenny P 932;Christopher (Cristian) Gerald P 936; Is vermoedelijk in 1847/1748 metzijn ouders vertrokken naar Oostburg Wisconsin Missouri U.S.A.Emigreerdevan
Broekmans,Woold 79 Winterswijk.Lijst van emigranten vanuit Winterswijk1837-1851.

Vader: Tony Abernaidus Aalbernadus Brethouwer - geb. 11 Aug 1808 Ovl. 19 Jan 1882
Moeder: Arnolda Johanna Jentink - geb. 4 Jan 1804 Ovl. 1860

(broers/zussen) Adrianus Brethouwer - geb. 2 Feb 1831
Garret Of Gerrit Brethouwer - geb. 1832
Evert Johan Brethouwer - geb. 27 Mei 1834 Ovl. 18 Mei 1923
Hendrik Jan (John Henry) Brethouwer - geb. 8 Jul 1836 Ovl. 1915
Harmen Jan Brethouwer - geb. 20 Feb 1839 Ovl. 19 Jan 1847
Crristiaan Christopher Brethouwer - geb. 4 Mrt 1842 Ovl. 1922
Jan Berend Brethouwer - geb. 7 Jul 1845 Ovl. 1900

Partner: Helena van der Wege - geb. 1837 Ovl. 1902
12 Jul 1858 in Sheboygan,Wisconsin 3

Johanna Annielda Anolda Brethouwer - geb. 7 Apr 1859 Ovl. 21 Dec 1927
Esther Brethouwer - geb. 25 Jun 1861 Ovl. 1 Aug 1928
Martinus Brethouwer - geb. 1862 Ovl. 1900
Jan Berend (John Benjamin) Brethouwer - geb. 10 Nov 1864 Ovl. 30 Mei 1930
Jane Jenny Brethouwer - geb. 1865 Ovl. 7 Jan 1917
Tailor(Tonie) Brethouwer - geb. 7 Apr 1869 Ovl. 8 Apr 1915
Jane Jenny Brethouwer - geb. 9 Sep 1871
Christopher John G Brethouwer - geb. 12 Jul 1876 Ovl. 27 Jan 1937

From: John S. Koning []
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 1:18 AM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Brethouwer Notes

Hi Kari -

I'm going to select some pieces out of your e-mails:

>Wedding date I have for Adrianus Brethouwer & Catharina Helena Wanders is from Ina Brethouwers website. I have October 17, 1807 & you have Nov 5, 1807. Maybe the earlier date I have was for the marriage >bond and your date was the actual marriage? I looked back at Ina's site and she has November 1, 1807 date for the "Gehuwd", which still does not correspond exactly with what you have.

My records show a banns date of 17 Oct 1807 and a marriage date of 5 Nov 1807. There are generally two sources for marriages during this period of time in Aalten. One is the Church Records. I have access to all of these records at my local Family History Center and will make a copy of the record the next time I am there (probably next week). The other source is the civil records from this time period. I don't have access to those records locally. I will be at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in late July at which time I will see if I can find a civil record. The Central Bureau of Genealogy that Ina cites as her source would have most likely used the Church record as their source since they apparently also provided her with the banns date.

>You are probably right about Christiaan Brethower being married to someone other than Jane Vandewege. That is a guess I made based on the fact that Jane was the right age and that Helena had married >Christian's brother Tony. Jane Vandewege was born on October 08, 1842 in Holland, and Christian's wife Jane was born abt 1843 so it seemed a reasonable fit. If you have an obit that lists Christian's wife as >Janna Loobeek, born Feb 2, 1843, am sure you are right and I will change my data. If you happen to know what became of Jane Vandewege born 1842 I would be interested. If you have copies of the marriage >& death records I would like to have them to post to my site.

>I am sure you are right about the Jane who married Christian Brethouwer not being Jane Vandewege, but in my defense she sure would have fit well there! She is the right age, emigrated from Holland the right >time as the Vandeweges, and in 1870 Christian & Jane are listed on the census between the household's of Martinus Vandewege (father of Helena & Jane) and Abraham & Maria (Vandewege) Kommers, which >was a sister of Helena's and Jane's. I would like to have scans of the records you have for Christian & Jane if you could scan and email them easily.

The obits and the marriage registration entry should clear most of this up. If you want, you can get a copy of the marriage certificate from Sheboygan County (you can get one for Evert Jan's marriage as well). As a direct descendant, your husband should be able to get a copy of Evert's death certificate from Nebraska; they are one of the more restrictive states when it comes to such things. If you want a copy of Christian's death certificate, you'll have to do some research since I don't know what Kansas' policy is on making vital records available. In all cases you will, of course, have to pay to get the copies. Since the van de Wege family is not in my line of ancestors or blood relatives, I haven't researched them so I can't tell you what might have happened to Helena's sister, Jane.

>Herman John was not a son of Arnolda Johannah Jentink Brethouwer as far as I can tell. There are no records of Arnolda after the birth of her last child in Holland in 1845 except for the family story that she >died enroute to America inn 1847. She is not listed with Tony in 1850, 1860, 1870 or 1880.

I agree that Herman John was probably not the son of Arnolda. I am going to try to follow up on confirming the death of Arnolda during the trip to America. One problem is that there is apparently no manifest (which sometimes note deaths enroute) for the ship that brought the family to this country. I have a whole slug of relatives that came to this country at the same time (and apparently on the same ship) as Tonij and his family, but no record of the trip. Finding the identity of Tonij's second wife is going to be a major challenge, since the marriage would have occurred prior to the keeping of records, and her death seems to have occurred between 1860 and 1870 when only some deaths were recorded. On this latter point, the death of Tonij was not recorded at either the state or the county level; there is also no tombstone or burial record or probate record for Tonij in Sheboygan County. This is why I asked about the source for Tonij's death info. I wonder if there is a family bible out there somewhere that answers a lot of these questions.

>On birth date for Evert Jan - the obit has May 28, 1831 & Ina has May 27, 1834. Ages for him on the census records are:
>1850 - 15
>1860 - 26
>1870 - 38
>1880 - 47
>1900 - 69, listed as born May 1831
>1910 - 78
>1920 - 87
>The obit also lists him as marrying Helena Vandewege in 1841, which can't be right (he would only be about age 10). I have marriage date for them as July 12, 1858 in Sheboygan, with first child born April 7, >1859. In 1900, Helena is listed as immigrating in 1858, and being married to Everett for 39 yrs, which I don't think is correct either. In 1860 they are married already, but child Anna is listed as being age 51, >instead of age 1 which she should be. In 1870, Evert & "Ellen" have 6 children, with oldest daughter Joanna listed as age 11. In 1910 Helena had died and Everett is married to Caroline, listed as being his >second marriage & her third.

May 27, 1834 is the correct date. A copy of the original record can be found on Family History Library Microfilm #0429634, entry #83 in the Winterswijk births for 1834. The obituary has more errors than most. I consider obituaries and vital records to be the best sources of accurate information; the internet and census records are the worst and are riddled with errors. Even the obits and vital records have many errors, that is why I work hard to find multiple sources whenever possible. Finding out more about Evert's second wife, Caroline, shouldn't be too hard if they were married near Lincoln, Nebraska; those records are available on microfilm.

I didn't get a chance to scan Herman John's marriage record this evening. I'll get it to you tomorrow night along with a few more notes.


From: John S. Koning []
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 1:46 AM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: And more Brethouwer notes

Hi Kari -

I think we're about done.

>It is confusing that the marriage document for Evert Jan Brethouwer lists his wife as being named Louise Vandemyer when he married Helena Vandewege. The parent s names for the bride are right (Martinus & >Esther), but the last name of Vandemyer is wrong and I don t know where they got Louise from. On the census records, Evert s wife is listed as being Hellen (1860), Ellen (1870), Lena (1880), Helena (1885) & >Helene (1900). On Sheboygan Co., birth records she is listed as Helena Van Der Wege, and he is listed as Evert Law Brethauer, and I don t know where they got the middle name Law from unless it was a >mistake in transcribing the name Jan.

I wouldn't let the naming discrepancies bother you. First names were pretty fluid for those who came over from Holland (as the census records that you cite for Helena plainly show). The last name discrepancy probably exists as a result of the registrar mistranscribing the name into the register. I've seen much worse discrepancies.

Finally, as I mentioned previously, there is work to be done on Jan Berend. Verifying that he did NOT marry Maggie Jelsma or Florence Terry is probably the first order of business. If these two marriages did actually occur in Lancaster Co., NE, I can check them on microfilm when I go to Salt Lake City. If Jan Berend died between 1860 and 1870, there is probably no way we are going to be able to prove it. It would at least be nice to know whether he died in Wisconsin with his brothers Adrianus and Herman, or whether he made it out to Nebraska with Evert, Hendrik, and Christian.