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Notes for Berendiena Aleda "Dena" TeSelle VanderGriend

The Family of Harmen Jan "Herman John" teSelle and Johanna Anolda Brethouwer

Sex: F
Birth: 23 Apr 1877
Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska
Father: Harman Jan TESELLE
Mother: Johanna BRETHOUWER

March 1876 - Letter from Gerrit John TeSelle to his family in Holland, relaying the sad news that Harmen Jan's wife Berendiena died on March 11, 1876 at age 35. She had given birth to a daughter named "Dina" (also Berendiena) on March 4, 1876. Harmen Jan was left with 4 small children at that time. The baby died on August 8, 1876. On May 9, 1876 Harmen Jan married Johanna Arnolda Brethower, a girl of about 17 years of age that he had hired to look after his children. They named their first daughter Berendiena also.

1880 United States Census South Pass, Lancaster, Nebraska Page Number 390A
Johanna TESELLE Wife M Female W 21 WI House Keeper HOLL HOLL
John TESELLE Son S Male W 15 WI Farm Hand HOLL HOLL
Dille TESELLE Dau S Female W 12 WI At School HOLL HOLL
Willie TESELLE Son S Male W 9 NE At School HOLL HOLL

1900 census Firth Village, South Pass, Lancaster Co., NE page 295a June 13, 1900
Di Vandergriend, head, July 1869, age 30, md 4 yrs, Holland/Holland/Holland, imm 1884, in US 16 yrs, farmer
Dena, wife, April 1877, age 23, md 4 yrs, 1 birth, 1 surviving, NE/Holland/WI
Marius, son, June 1899, age 11 months, NE/Holland/NE
Under Dei Vandergreind on index

1910 census Delta, Whatcom Co., WA
Dea VanderGriend, head, age 40, md 14 yrs, imm 1886, na Holland/Holland/Holland, farmer
Dena, wife, age 33, md 14 yrs, 4 births, 4 surviving, NE/Holland/WI
Morse, son, age 10, NE/Holland/NE
Hermitt, son, age 8, NE/Holland/NE
Delmore, son, age 4, WA/Holland/NE
Jennie, daughter, age 3 months, WA/Holland/NE
Christ Treferrs, hired man, age 35, imm 1910, al, Holland/Holland/Holland, farm laborer
On index under Voo Vandergriend

1920 census Delta, Whatcom Co., WA
Dea VanderGriend, head, age 49, imm 1884, na 1891, Holland/Holland/Holland, farmer, general farm
Dinie, wife, age 42, NE/Holland/WI
Marius, son, age 19, NE/Holland/NE, laborer, home farm
Herman, son, age 17, NE/Holland/NE, laborer, home farm
Delmar, son, age 13, WA/Holland/NE
Ada, daughter, age 9, WA/Holland/NE
Johanna, daughter, age 3, WA/Holland/NE

1930 census Delta, Whatcom Co., WA
Deo Vander Grind, head, age 60, age at first marriage - 26, imm 1885, na, Holland/Holland/Holland, farmer, own farm
Dena, wife, age 52, NE/Holland/WI
Delmar, son, age 24, WA/Holland/NE
Ada, daughter, age 20, WA/Holland/NE
Johana, daughter, age 12, WA/Holland/NE

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From: Geert te Selle
To: Kari Northup
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Subject: RE: TeSelle photos

Hello Kari,

Here are some dates concerning the children of Harmen Jan (Herman John) te Selle (TeSelle).

1. Dela TeSelle dies Feb 13 1900. Her father came to Nebraska Spring 1871 following his brother Jan Hendrik (John Henry) who came in March 1870. He complains about coming too late for a decent harvest in a letter he wrote to Winterswijk Fall 1871.
2. William TeSelle marries Mar 10 1896 and dies Feb 28 1936.
3. Berendina Aleida dates are correct, in Firth, Lancaster Co. NE.
4. Berendina Aleida TeSelle dies Sep 13 1946, Firth NE!! (?) Husband dies Feb 1948.
5. Evert John dates are correct.
6. Albert Herman TeSelle dies Oct 13 1932 Moxee, WA. Wife dies Mar 7 1955 also in Moxee WA.
7. Helena TeSelle dies Dec 1964. I don't know the exact date.
8. Harmina TeSelle dies April 29 1960. Husband dies May 20 1929.
9. Bertha Johanna TeSelle dies Dec 4 1951.
10. Herman John TeSelle dies Dec 1 1963 Firth, NE. Wife is Jennie VandeWege and she dies Aug 7 1982.
11. Benjamin F. TeSelle marries Dec 22 1915. Wife dies Dec 20 1968. (Parents of Norma)
12. Johanna TeSelle is born Sep 15 1891 and she dies Mar 25 1892.
13. John Henry TeSelle dies Jul 12 1955.
14. Gerrit H. TeSelle dies Oct 15 1953, Lincoln NE.
15. Johanna Marie TeSelle is born Sep 15 1896 and she dies Nov 9 1972.
16. Corneil TeSelle is born Sep 8 1898 and he dies Jan 1 1900, Firth NE.

I hope this gives you a hold for further research. If you find any obituaries I am very interested.