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Notes for Berendina Frederika Nusselder Obbink:

The Family of Derk Jan Engelbarts Obbink & Berendina Frederika Nusselder

----- Original Message -----
From: Bruce J. Obbink
To: Henk Lammers & Rietje Nusselder
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 6:33 AM
Subject: Your letter of December 4, 2000

Dear Mr. Lammers.

Well, I believe you have found your mark. Berendina Frederika Nusselder was my paternal great grandmother. My great grandfather, Derk Jan Obbink left Aalten, Holland around 1868 and immigrated to Holland Wisconsin. In later years this place was called Sheboygan, Wisconsin. There as a major Dutch settlement there and obviously Derk Jan Obbink had acquaintances in the community that would help sponsor him. Some time after his arrival he found his way to Holland Nebraska, another settlement of newly emigrated Dutch people. Nebraska was the Wild West in those days, Indians and the like inhabited the area. Homes didn’t exist and the area was rolling plains with very few trees. The winters were very harsh. Derk Jan Obbink began a farming career, but was too young at the time to qualify for a homestead. This was a government program that would give 40 hectares of land to anyone that would farm it. To solve the problem he formed a partnership with another Dutch fellow by the name of Wilderdink. It was Mr. Wilderdink that signed for the homestead and turned it over to Derk Jan when he reached 21 years of age. Derk Jan became the owner of the homestead on July 30, 1878 about ten years after he immigrated to America. The two men lived in a sod house cut from the earth. Since Derk Jan and Wilderdink were single, they had to find someone to help with the kitchen chores. They became acquainted with Berendina Nusselder and hired her to keep house for them. Later, Berendina Nusselder became the wife of Derk Jan Obbink. It could well be that they knew each other in Holland and she followed him to the new world. Some of this story has been passed down through the family and I have to assume that is how they met. According to newspaper accounts, Berendina Nusselder and Derk Jan Obbink were married March 24, 1870. They both were in Wisconsin and. the newspaper reports that she emigrated from Holland at the age of sixteen. Berendina Nusselder died December 14, 1928 at the age of 71 and is buried in Holland Nebraska. She had nine children. My collaborator in the Obbink history is Wim and Nell Obbink who live in Aalten. Wim is a retired watchmaker and still lives in Aalten. They have a great deal of the Obbink history and may be able to give you some more detail as to the Nusselders. You are correct about the Obbinks coming from Aalten. That is the center of the family and the name has been consistent since the 1600’s which is about as far back we have been able to track. I am attaching a photo of the two of them hoping that you can open it. If not, please let me know and I will mail you a copy. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. We still maintain contact with many of our relatives in Aalten and Den Hague.


1870 census (Post Office Lincoln), Lancaster Co., Neb - Dierk Hobbink - (22) and Berendena (21). Both listed as born Holland. Dierk's occupation listed as farmer

1880 census South Pass, Lancaster Co., Neb. - Derk J. Obink (31), Dena (29), Johannah (5), Lyda (3), John W. (2) and Wilhemina (4/12ths). Wilhemina listed as born in January. Derk & Dena and both their parents listed as born in Holland. Children all listed as born Nebraska.

1900 census South Pass, Lancaster Co., Neb. - D. J. Obbink (51), Dena (49), Minnie (20), Henry (18), Lizzie (16), Bennie (16), Dena (12), Dick (10), Albert (8), Garret (6) and Susie (4). D. J. & Dena listed as being married 30 years. Dena listed as having 14 births with 11 living at time of census. D. J. & Dena & their parents all listed as born Holland. Children all listed as born Nebraska.
D.J & Dena both listed as immigrating in 1868.

1910 census South Pass, Lancaster Co., Neb. - Durk J. Obbink (62), Berindena (60), Susie (14). Durk & Berindena listed as married 40 years. Berendeiena listed as having 14 births with 10 alive at time of census. Durk & Berendena listed as born Holland, Susie listed as born in Nebraska. Immigration of both Durk & Berendena listed as 1878. (error - were in Neb. in 1870).

1920 census, South Pass Precinct, Lancaster Co., NE page 274
Household #146/169
D.J. Obbink, head, age 71, married, immigrated 1868, na 1875, Netherlands/Netherlands/Netherlands, Farmer, truck farm
Berandena, wife, age 69, married, immigrated unknown, na, Netherlands/Netherlands/Netherlands

Mrs. D.J. Obbink Will be Buried Friday
Holland Neb., Jan 18 1928 - Funeral services for Mrs. D.J. Obbink, pioneer in this section of the state, will be held at the Holland Reformed church at 2 pm Friday. Burial will be made at the Holland Cemetery. Mrs. Obbink was born in the Netherlands seventy-one years ago. At the age of sixteen her family transferred to America, settling in Wisconsin. After residing there a short period, Mrs. Obbink moved to this city. She is survived by her husband an nine children; Mrs. E.J. TeSelle, Mrs. C.B. Laird, Henry and R.J. Obbink, all of Lincoln; Mrs. A.H. TeSelle of Linden, Wash; Mrs. H.J. Penhussen and Benjamin Obbink, both of Firth, Neb., and Dan and Albert Obbink, both of Omaha. She also leaves many grandchildren and other relatives.