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Berend Nusselder was born July 10, 1814 in Doetinchem, Netherlands. He was the son of Willem Nosselder & Wilhemina Frederika Willemsen. Berend was married twice.
Johanna Hendrika Schepers was born April 29, 1811 in Aalten Netherlands. She was the daughter of Gerrit Jan Schepers & Aleijda Boesveld. Johanna was married 3 times.
Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar was born on June 22, 1827 in Bredevoort, Netherlands. She was the daughter of Hendrik Willem Weggelaar & Mette Aleida Brusse


First marriage:

Berend Nusselder & Johanna Hendrika SchepersBerend Nusselder & Johanna Hendrika Schepers were married in 1850, probably in Aalten Netherlands. Johanna had previously been married on July 06, 1832 to Berent ter Horst, and then in 1844 to Derk Jan Lubbers. I do not have any record of children from the first two marriages. Berend & Johanna had one daughter, who was born in November 1850. Johanna Hendrika Shepers ter Horst Lubbers Nusselder died on July 4, 1854 in Aalten, Netherlands, and Berend was remarried on April 20, 1855 to Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar. Berend was a Carpenter by occupation.
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The Child of Berend Nusselder & Johanna Hendrika Schepers

Berendina "Dena" NusselderBerendina "Dena" Frederika Nusselder was born on November 01, 1850 in Aalten, Netherlands. Her mother died on July 4, 1854 when Dena was age 3-1/2, and her father remarried Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar on April 20, 1855 when she was age 4. Dena's father died on July 4, 1858 when she was age 7-1/2, and her stepmother remarried Jan Willem Pennings on December 01, 1859. At that time Dena was age 9, and her stepmother continued to raise her with her new husband and family. They lived on the Heeg farm, which is in Lintelo, near Aalten, Netherlands. Dena immigrated to America on November 26, 1868 at the age of 18, and letters from her family there state that "they never heard from her again!" (Note from K - I have now been in contact with Henk Lammers, and descendants of this line in the Netherlands were pleased and excited to learn what had happened to Dena, and of her family in America.) After emigrating, Dena settled in Nebraska where she was hired as the housekeeper of Dirk Obbink. Dena married Dirk Jan Engelbarts Obbink on March 24, 1870 in Holland, Lancaster Co., NE and they had 12 children. The family is listed on the 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 & 1920 censuses for South Pass (Holland), Lancaster Co., NE. Dena died on January 17, 1928 in Holland, Lancaster Co., NE. Dirk is listed on the 1930 census of Nemaha, Gage Co., NE, living with his son-in-law & daughter Henry & Susie (Obbink) Tenhulzen. Dirk dJan Engelbarts Obbink died on March 27, 1931 in Lancaster or Gage Co., NE. Dirk & Dena are buried in the Holland Cemetery, Lancaster Co., NE
The Family of Dirk Obbink & Dena Nusselder
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Second marriage:

Berend Nusselder & Johanna Jacoba WeggelaarBerend Nusselder & Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar were married on April 20, 1855 in the Netherlands, and they had 2 sons, and also were raising Dena who was Berend's daughter from his first marriage. Berend Nusselder died on July 04, 1858 in Aalten, Netherlands.

The Children of Berend Nusselder & Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar

Willem NusselderWillem Nusselder was born on April 13, 1856 in Aalten, Netherlands. Willem's father died on July 4, 1858 when he was age 2, and his mother remarried Jan Willem Pennings on December 1, 1859 when he was age 3. Willem died on May 16, 1879 in Aalten Netherlands.
Johan Nusselder

Johan Nusselder was born on November 02, 1857 in Aalten, Netherlands. Johan's father died on July 4, 1858 when he was age 1, and his mother remarried Jan Willem Pennings on December 1, 1859 when he was age 2. Johan married Johanna Kemink on July 7, 1887 in Aalten Netherlands, and they had 8 children. Jan was a farmer by occupation. Johan & Johanna's son Jan had a daughter Rietje who married Henk G. Lammers, and Henk has been my source for most of the information on the Nusselder family. Johan Nusselder died on November 2, 1936 in Beilen, Netherlands.
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Photo of Johan & Johanna (Kemink) Nusselder
Photo of the family of Johan & Johanna (Kemink) Nusselder in 1912. It was the year of their 25th wedding anniversary, and also they had just rebuilt their house, which had burned in 1911.

After the death of Berend Nusselder on July 4, 1858, Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar was remarried to Jan Willem Pennings on December 1, 1859. Jan Willem & Johanna had 3 more children named Bartha, Berend Hendrik and Mina Aleida, and they also raised the sons of Johanna by her marriage to Berend, and Berend's daughter Dena from his first marriage, who was Johanna's stepdaughter (orphaned at age 7-1/2 when her father died in 1858). Johanna Jacoba Weggelaar Nusselder Pennings died on October 20, 1870 in Aalten, Netherlands.