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Notes for Walter Brooks League

The Family of Isaac Mitchell Potts & Cornelia Kate Brooks


1910 ? Lexie is listed at age 23 in household of her father Frank Eaton in Ogallah, Trego Co., KS. Walter & Lexie married on April 20, 1910. Census page not dated.

1920 census Webster Twp., Mutual, Woodward Co., OK
Household #17
Robert M. League, head, age 64, IL/KY/OH, Harness maker, own shop
Cornelia, wife, age 77, IL/IA/NY
Household #18
Walter B. League, head, age 37, IL/IL/IL, Retail merchant, Hardware store
Lexie C., wife, age 33, KS/OH/MO
Martin E., son, age 8, NE/IL/KS
Virgie, son, age 6, OK/IL/KS
Manerva E., daughter, age 4, OK/IL/KS
Paul B., son, age 1, OK/IL/KS

1930 census Webster Twp., Mutual, Woodward Co., OK
Main Street Household #44
Walter B. League, head, age 46, age at first marriage - 28, IL/IN/IN, merchant, Hardware
Lexie E., wife, age 43, age at first marriage - 26, KS/US/US
Martin E., son, age 19, NE/IL/KS, clerk, Hardware store
Virgil R., son, age 17, OK/IL/KS
Manerva E., daughter, age 14, OK/IL/KS
Paul B., son, age 12, OK/IL/KS
Junior W, son, age 6, OK/IL/KS

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ID: I00519
Name: Walter Brooks League
Sex: M
Birth: 1882 in Illinois, USA 1
Death: MAR 1962 1
Occupation: Preacher
Occupation: Harness maker
Religion: Quaker?
Burial: Row 8, Dunlap Cemetery, Woodward County, Oklahoma
Section 7 - Township 20N - Range 18W
South of Woodward
Post Office established 4 Jun 1895
Name seleted by the Post Office Department
Local residents had requested the name Trenton

Sections 30 - 31 - Township 23N - Range 20W
County Seat
Post Office established 3 Feb 1893
Named for Brinton W. Woodward, director of Santa Fe Railway

WOODWARD: Created in 1893 from the Cheorkee Outlet. Named for its county seat, which in turn was named from a station on the Santa Fe railway, and it in turn, for a director of the Railway Company, B. W. Woodward. FHL has some marriage, cemetery, naturalization, probate records on microfilm , as does Woodward Library.
Woodward County
1600 Main St
Woodward, OK 78301
"Woodward County Pioneer Families Before 1915." Produced by Plains Indians and Pioneer Historical Foundation. Copyright 1975. Linda Spencer

The League Family

Lexie Elizabeth Eaton taught one term in Mutual School in 1907-08 and met Walter Brooks League who was visiting his parents. His Father, Martin League, had a harness shop in Mutual.

The couple was married near Palco, Kansas, April 20, 1910, at the farm home of Frank Eaton. They spent several years in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Walter was working for Will Way Hardware. He often said where there was a Will, there was a Way. He installed furnaces over the area, even to the end of the railroad.

Martin League had taught his son Walter to make harness, too, and after several years he asked Walter to come to Mutual to help in the business since he was having more than he could do. Lexie didn't like the city very much, since she really liked the farm, and was very happy for them to move to Mutual along with their young son, Martin Eugene.

Grandpa and Grandma went to Country churches and schoolhouses to preach. In a few years Marty, the young grandson, was able to drive them in their buggy hitched to their handsome team.

It wasn't long until another boy, Virgil, came to live in the League house. Then next was a baby girl, Minerva, who helped fulfill Lexie's dream of two boys and two girls.

Two more boys came to bless this happy home, Paul and Walter Jr. All the family graduated from Mutual High School, and all the boys except Walter Jr., played football. Lexie attended all the games, even those away from home, not that she expected to learn so much about football, but that she would be present if one of them got injured.

When Junior came home from his first day at school, he met one of the senior boys who asked him what he learned that day. He said, "Nothing, I've got to go back tomarrow."

All the boys helped their father build stock tanks and then helped deliver them to the farmers and ranchers of the area.

All the boys served in the armed forces during World War II, and Virgil and Paul served overseas. The family members were all happy to have them come home from the war in good physical condition.

All the boys were married and brought home grandchildren to make Lexie and Walter happy, Virgil had no children, and Minerva was just not so fortunate and still carries the name of League.

In 1944 Leagues sold their house in Mutual and moved to the store. Then Athel Weeks managed the store, and Walter and Lexie moved to Minerva's apartment in Woodward just two weeks before the tornado in 1947.*

Walter went to work at Butcher's Metal shop for eight years. They moved their building from Mutual, and Walter had a shop there for several years: he was a man who loved to work.

Walter passed away in March 1962, the year Minerva taught in Alaska.

Several years after that, Lexie had a telephone call about 6:am. and someone told her the building was on fire, and if she wanted to see it she should come quickly.

Lexie lived ten years more and passed away in November 1972.

They left several grandchildren and great-grandchildren in many parts of the country, working in various occupations. Paul and Virgil have also passed away, and the rest of the family hope we will some day have a happy reunion.
Submitted by Minerva League

Father: Robert Martin League b: BET JUN AND DEC 1855 in Illinois, USA
Mother: Cornelia Kate Brooks b: 3 JUL 1841 in Athens, Sangamon County, Illinois, USA

Marriage 1 Lexie Elizabeth Eaton b: 2 JUN 1886 in Kansas, USA
Married: 20 APR 1910 in Near Palco, Rooks County, Kansas, USA
Martin Eugene League b: 12 OCT 1911 in Nebraska, USA
Virgil Russell League b: 1 DEC 1913 in Oklahoma, USA
Minerva E. League b: 26 SEP 1915 in Oklahoma, USA
Paul B. League b: 19 APR 1918 in Oklahoma, USA
Living League

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Media: Tombstone