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Notes for Nancy Jane Northup Mills

The Family of Stephen Monroe Northup & Harriet Eliza Gilbert

1860 census Lancaster Twp., Keokuk Co., IA July 31, 1860 page 1030
S.M. Northup, age 40, b. OH, farmer, $800 real estate and $600 personal estate
Harriet E., age 41, b. OH
Mary A., age 15, b. OH
Elizabeth E., age 14, b. OH
Missouri, age 12, b. OH
Daniel F., age 11, b. OH
Abram G., age 9, b. OH
Cyrus W., age 8, b. OH
Matilda, age 7, b. IA
Charles, age 5, b. IA
Nancy, age 2, b. IA
V.W. Darling, age 22, male, occupation Miller, b. Vermont
Cyrus is not listed as blind although according to family papers he became blinded at age 8 or 9.

1870 census Competine Twp, Wapello Co., IA page 104a
Stephen N. Northup, age 51, farmer
Harriett, age 50, b. OH
Missouri, age 23, b. OH
Daniel, age 21, b. OH, Huckster
Abraham, age 19, b. OH, farm laborer
Cyrus, age 17, b. OH, blind
Matilda, age 15, b. IA
Charles, age 13, b. IA, farm laborer
Nancy, age 12, b. IA
Emma, age10, b. IA

1880 census Lowell, Rooks Co., KS page 478b
Amos Mills, head, age 32(?), farming, PA/PA/PA
Nancy J, wife, age, housekeeping, IA/OH/OH
John, son, age 2, KS/PA/IA
Mary, daughter, age 3/12, born January, KS/PA/IA

1900 census Edison, Furnas Co., NE page 146
Amos Mills, head, Nov 1847, age 52, md 23 yrs, PA/PA/PA, farmer
Nancy J., wife, July 1858, age 41, md 23 yrs, 9 births, 9 surviving, IA/OH/OH
John F, son, May 1878, age 22, KS/PA/IA, farmer
Mary E, daughter, Jan 1880, age 20, KS/PA/IA, teaches school
Lila M, daughter, Nov 1881, age 18, KS/PA/IA
Lily E, daughter, Sept 1885, age 14, KS/PA/IA
Ray, son, Sept 1887, age 12, KS/PA/IA
Emma I, daughter, Feb 1891, age 9, NE/PA/IA
Amy A, daughter, Oct 1892, age 7, NE/PA/IA
Mabel E, daughter, Aug 1894, age 5, NE/PA/IA
Marvin, son, July 1897, age 2, NE/PA/IA

1910 census Edison, Furnas Co., NE page 182b
Ames Mills, head, age 62, md 33 yrs, PA/PA/PA, farm manager
Nance J., wife, age 51, md 33 yrs, 9 births, 9 surviving, IA/OH/OH
Ray, son, age 22, KS/PA/IA, farm labor, home farm
Emma I, daughter, age 19, NE/PA/IA, teacher, school
Ama I, daughter, age 17, NE/PA/IA
Mabel E, daughter, age 15, NE/PA/IA
Marvan D, son, age 12, NE/PA/IA