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Notes for Mary Ann Northup Hornish

The Family of Stephen Monroe Northup & Harriet Eliza Gilbert

1850 census Harrison Twp., Gallia Co., OH page 99
Stephen Northup, age 33, b. OH, farmer
Harriett, age 30, b. OH
Mary A., age 6, b. OH
Sarah, age 4, b. OH
Nancy, age 2, b. OH
Amanda, age 1, b. OH
Living one house away from Gilbert family (Harriett's parents & sister)

From manuscript sent from Marie Fox to Charles W. Northup (year? Latest date on descendant out line is 1942):
Stephen M. Northup moved to Iowa in the spring of 1853 and settled in Jefferson County near Abingdon. He also lived in Keokuk and Wapello Counties.

1856 state census Polk, Jefferson, Iowa
Stephen Northup, age 37, b. Ohio, Farmer
Harret Northup, age 36, b. Ohio
Mary A., age 11, b. Ohio
Elisabet E, age 10, b. Ohio
Missouri C., age 8, b. Ohio
Daniel T., age 7, b. Ohio
Abram G., age 5, b. Ohio
Syrus W., age 3, b. Ohio
Rachel N, age 1, b. Ohio

1860 census Lancaster Twp., Keokuk Co., IA July 31, 1860 page 1030
S.M. Northup, age 40, b. OH, farmer, $800 real estate and $600 personal estate
Harriet E., age 41, b. OH
Mary A., age 15, b. OH
Elizabeth E., age 14, b. OH
Missouri, age 12, b. OH
Daniel F., age 11, b. OH
Abram G., age 9, b. OH
Cyrus W., age 8, b. OH
Matilda, age 7, b. IA
Charles, age 5, b. IA
Nancy, age 2, b. IA
V.W. Darling, age 22, male, occupation Miller, b. Vermont
Cyrus is not listed as blind although according to family papers he became blinded at age 8 or 9.

March 10, 1863 - John M. Hornish married Mary Ann Northup in Iowa

1870 census Dutch Creek Twp, Washington Co., IA July 29, 1870 page 65a
J. M. Hornish, age 30, farmer, b. OH
Mary A., age 25, b. OH
Ira W., age 4, b. IA

1878-1880 - moved from Iowa to Kansas

1880 census Lowell Twp., Rooks Co., KS page 478B
John Hornish, head, age 39, farmer, OH/OH/?
Mary A., wife, age 36, housework, OH/OH/?
Ira, son, age 13, IA/OH/OH
Harvey, son, age 6, IA/OH/OH
Hattie, daughter, age 3, IA/OH/OH

1885 state census Lowell, Rooks Co., Kansas March 1, 1885
S. M. Northup, age 66, b. Ohio, Farmer
Harriet Northup, age 65, b. Ohio
John M. Hornish, age 44, b. Ohio , farmer
Mary Hornish, age 40, b. Ohio
Ira Hornish, age 19, b. Iowa
Harvey Hornish, age 11, b. Iowa
Harriet E. Hornish, age 8, b. Iowa
All above lived in Iowa before coming to Kansas

July 19, 1891 - John Hornish died in Rooks Co., Kansas
Rooks County, Kansas Death Records, 1888-1901
Hornish, John M 50 yrs 19 Jul 1891 - 206

1895 state census - ?

1900 census Lowell Twp., Rooks Co., KS page 157A
Mary A. Hornish, head, Oct 1854, age 55, widowed, 5 births, 3 surviving, OH/OH/OH
Elizabeth E. Hornish, sister, Jan 1846, age 54, widowed, 11 births, 9 surviving, OH/OH/OH
Roy Hornish, nephew, Oct 1879, age 20, day laborer, KS/OH/OH
Stephen M. Northup, father, Jan 1819, age 81, widowed, OH/PA/PA11 births with 9 living at time of census.

1905 state census Lowell, Rooks Co., Kansas March 1, 1905
M. A. Hornish, age 60, male, b. Ohio, came to Kansas from Iowa, House Keeping

1910 census Lowell Twp., Rooks Co., KS
Mary A. Hornish, head, age 66, widowed, 5 births, 2 surviving, OH/OH/OH, ow income

1915 state census Woodston, Rooks Co., Kansas
line 2, household #83/86
May A. Hornish, age 70, female, b. Ohio, came to Kansas from Iowa, House Keeper

July 03, 1917 - Mary Ann Northup Hornish died, probably in Rooks Co., Kansas