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Notes for John Schleicher

The Family of George Schleicher & Katie Claus

1900 census Grand Island, Hall Co., NE
617 Koenig St., household #130/140
Katie Schleiger, head, Feb 1844, age 56, widowed, 10 births, 2 surviving children, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1886, in US 14 yrs, Launderess
Gottlieb, son, Oct 1881, age 18, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1886, in US 14 yrs, day laborer
610 Koenig St., household #131/141
George Schleiger, Feb 1874, age 26, married 6 years, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm. 1886, Saloon
Katie, wife, Apr 1874, age 26, married 6 years, 3 births, 2 surviving children, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1891 in US 9 yrs
Blanche, daughter, May 1895, age 5, NE/Germany/Germany
John, son, Jan 1897, age 3, NE/Germany/Germany
Conrad Glous, father-in-law, Feb 1849, age 5, Russia/Russia/Russia, imm 1891 in US 9 yrs, day laborer
Adam, brother-in-law, Mar 1890 (?? was listed as age 5 months on ship passenger list in 1891), age 10, imm 1891, in US 9 yrs Germany/Russia/Russia
John, April 1892, age 8, NE/Russia/Russia

1910 census Grand Island, Hall Co., Nebraska
George Schleicher, head, age 35, married 16 years, Russia/Russia/Russia, Imm 1887, Naturalized, Proprietor Saloon
Kathrine, wife, age 36, married 16 years, 4 births, 2 surviving children, Russia/Russia/Russia, Imm 1892
Blanch, daughter, age 15, NE/Russia/Russia
John, son, age 14, NE/Russia/Russia

1920 census, Washington, Hall Co., NE ED 108. page 3B
Household #74/75 421 East Division Street
Henry Fuss, head, age 50, German Russia/German Russia/German Russia, laborer, Railroad
Katie, wife, age 44, German Russia/German Russia/German Russia
John, son, age 19, Grand Island NE/German Russia/German Russia
Freda, daughter, age 14, Grand Island NE/German Russia/German Russia
John Scheicher, stepson, age 22, Grand Island NE/German Russia/German Russia, painter, Railroad

1930 census Grand Island, Hall Co., NE ED #12, Sheet 19B
312 South Oak Street #322/365
John Schleicher, age 33, age at first marriage - 22, NE/Russia/Russia, Brakeman, Railroad
Elizabeth, wife, age 26, age at first marriage - 17, NE/Russia/Russia
Evelyn, daughter, age 8, NE/NE/NE
Richard, son, age 11 months, NE/NE/NE
314 South Oak Street #323/366
Adam Claus, head, age 58, age at first marriage - 25, Russia/Russia/Russia, imm 1878, naturalized, no occupation
Dora, wife, age 54, age at first marriage - 20, Russia/Russia/Russia, imm 1887
Harry, son, age 20, NE/Russia/Russia, molter (?) Printing Office
Paul, son, age 13, NE/Russia/Russia

From: Harold Schleicher <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: Schleicher Family

Richard was born to John & Elizabeth May, 18, 1929. He has 3 boys- Harold (myself b. 1956), John (b. 1958), and James (b. 1962). He had the one sister (Marie Evelyn) born 1921 and died June of 1991 (I believe I may have told you 1992 earlier).
Elizabeth was born 1903. Her father's name was John Pfenning and she was born in York, Ne. She had 2 younger brothers both deceased William and Peter. William had no children while Peter has 2 boys (Ronald & ?) and one girl (Mary Pfenning Slagle). Her mother died when she was about young (15 or 16). Elizabeth died December 21, 1992. Elizabeth and John were married in 1919 (if I remember correctly - I do have their marriage certificate though in German).
The family picture I mentioned in the earlier email has 2 girls and one boy, however the boy is the youngest (approx. 1 year) while the girls appear to be maybe 3 and 5. Therefore, I am not sure who they might be as George and Katie's children do not match the picture. I wonder if this might not be a picture of John & Katie Kern Schleicher (with Catherine, Anna, and George) and be from 1985. My father also has a portrait of a single man (assumed George - possibly John as from same era as previous picture) which I will also try to make a copy of and get to you. There is also an 8" x 10" in its original frame of George and another man behind the bar in the saloon which I will also copy and get to you along with any other pictures I can find. My grandmother's albums may contain pictures you might be interested in.