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Notes for Johannes Claus

The Family of Johannes Claus & Margaretha Vogler

Immigrated from Russia to America in 1879 with his sons John & Adam

"Our People" by Elizabeth Claus Faiman 1969
Book at the ASGR in Lincoln, NE
In the spring of 1875 the family of Johanas Claus arrived with his family of two sons, Adam and John Claus. John Claus brought with him his family. They were sponsored by Johannes Grosshans of Sutton Nebr. They settled near Stocham Nebraska, where they lived and homesteaded a farm. Their first house was built of Sod. From the sod house they moved to Sutton Nebraska, where a purchase of land was made and a new home was built. Latter on a farm was purchased south of town. The information about the Claus Families is also included
in this book. At the time the Claus Family arrived in the United States the Russian Ruble had a value of fifty-two cents, but much could be bought in this new land with the money they did bring with them. They had come across the Atlantic in the storage of the boat. Here they lived the 15 days, eating only what food they brought with them. Although the trip had many hardships they soon forgot it in their new land, and new home.
(Note - Johanas Claus listed is the one who married Margaretha Sinner. John Claus listed is the son of Johannes, and he married Margaret Traudt. Also they all immigrated in 1879. John & Margaret had children born through 1879 listed on the 1880 census as being born in Russia. Also later bio of their son Henry says they immigrated in 1879))

1880 census Grafton, Fillmore Co., NE
John Class, age 25, head, laborer, Russia/Russia/Russia
Margaret, wife, age 27, keeping house, Russia/Russia/Russia
Elizabeth, daughter, age 4, Russia/Russia/Russia
John, son, age 2, Russia/Russia/Russia
Wilhelm, son, age 1, Russia/Russia/Russia
John, father, age 65 (should be 56), no occupation, Russia/Russia/Russia
Adam, brother, age 10, Russia/Russia/Russia

Is this him??? Who is it????
1900 census Fairfield City, Clay Co., Nebraska
John Claus, head, Janu 1822, age 77, md 0 yrs, Russia/Russia/Russia, imm 1885, in USA for 15 years, no occupation listed
Maggie, wife, Aug 1833, age 66, md 0 yrs, 0 births, 0 surviving, Russia/Russia/Russia

1910 census Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska
John Klaus, head, age 86, 2nd marriage, md 10 yrs, Russia-German/Russia-German/Russia-German, imm 1871, naturalized, speaks German, Own Income
Magdalene, wife, age 74, 2nd marriage, 5 births, 4 surviving, Russia-German/Russia-German/Russia-German, imm 1892, speaks German, Washerwoman
Sutton Cemetery Records Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska
CLAUS, JOHN 01N-21-02-01 1/11/1824 11/06/1914
CLAUS, MARGARET 01N-21-02-02 4/04/1853 5/03/1932
CLAUS, JOHN 01N-21-02-03 1/25/1855 2/06/1922
CLAUS, VERNA 01N-21-02-04 1/26/1883 5/16/1964
CLAUS, ROBERT 01N-21-02-05 8/21/1912 4/10/1928
CLAUS, ADAM 01N-21-02-06 6/03/1870 5/18/1956
CLAUS, DORA M. 01N-21-07 8/18/1876 11/25/1931
CLAUS, JOHN H. 01N-21-02-08 6/12/1877 1/03/1956
CLAUS, KATHERINA 01N-21-02-09 7/06/1879 7/07/1923

CLAUS, MARIE CATHRINE 02N-19-05-02 2/07/1883 9/25/1902

CLAUS, ADAM 01W-18-10-08 3/10/1886 3/17/1959
CLAUS, MAGDALENE 01W-18-10-09 3/28/1886 5/20/1967
CLAUS, FLOYD G. 01W-18-10-10 7/09/1910 12/02/1946

CLAUS, CLARA ANNA 02W-02-10-03 7/02/1891 8/30/1970
CLAUS, GEORGE 02W-02-10-04 9/16/1889 1/03/1949
CLAUS, RALPH L. 02W-02-10-09 5/15/1923 11/16/1958