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Notes for Jane Northup Shaw Harrington Blaylock

The Family of Hampton Northup& Elizabeth Jane Dean

21 July 1831 P. 686 of Will books C & D: (from Joanne Galvin,
Hampton Northup's Minors
Jane Northup age 15 next February and Joseph Northup age 17 last February chose James McCall guardian. McCall also appointed guardian to Stephen Northup born 25 Jan. 1819, Elenor Northup born 18 Feb. 1821, Sarah Northup born 4 March 1823 and Nancy Northup born May 1825.
Samuel R. Holcomb and Giles Herrington

Apr. 12, 1836 Aldis Harrington vs. Stephen, Eleanor, Sarah and Nancy Northup (from Joanne Galvin,
From "Abstracts of Gallia County Chancery Records, 1835-1852", page 3
Ch. 1, 39-42. . SEct. 13-5-15 which is Green Twp. Hampton E. Northup of Huntington died owning this land. Hampton had bought it from Daniel Northup Feb. 26, 1806. Elizabeth, widow of Hampton, remarried to James McCall. Heirs of Hampton, each entitled to one-eighth part were Polly, Anna who married Jesse Ingels, Joseph D., Jane, Stephen, Eleanor, Sarah, and Nancy Northup. Harrington of Huntington bought.

Illinois statewide marriage index
She next married Joseph Blaylock - is this the right records??? Only one that seems right.

1850 census Deer Park, LaSalle Co., IL
Joseph M. Bralock, age 45, farmer, b. TN
Jane, age 34, b. OH
Martha E. Shaw, age 7, b. IL
James E. Harrington, age 4, b. IL
Joseph Blalock, age 1, b. IL
Eli Blalock, age 36, farmer, b. TN

1860 census Deer Park, LaSalle Co., IL
Joseph Graylock, age 56, b. TN
Jane, age 50, (? Should be about 43) b. OH
Martha, age 18, b. IL
James, age 14, b. IL
Joseph, age 10, b. IL
Francis, age 8, b. IL
Nancy, age 6, b. IL
Eli, age 3, b. IL

1870 census Deer Park, LaSalle Co., IL
Household 131/127
Jane Blaylock, age 52, keeping house, b. OH
Joseph, age 21, farmer, b. IL
Francis, age 19, b. IL

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> Hi Kari,
> Thank you for the help. I would love to have that information on Hampton. My address is at the end of this letter. As it turns out Joseph S. Blaylock, the oldest of Jane and Joseph M. Blaylock, moved to St. Clere Co. Kansas as a young man and stayed there until his death.
> His oldest son, Joseph L. (oldest of 7 children), is my husbands grandfather. He moved to the west coast and settled in Los Angeles until his death. He (Joseph L.) had one child,My father-in-law, Robert Joseph Blaylock. My husband is from Los Angeles, Robert Charles, We live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
> Joseph L. Sister Laura Mable married James LeRoy. They had two daughters (that I know of now)Lourena Brown and Ester Brown. Ester married a "Rice" and lived in Norman, Oklahoma. I wonder if they lived close to any family.
> I just started to do this genealogy about 1 month ago. My father-in-law was only 5 when his father died and doesn't remember much about his family.
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> Thankyou for responding to my E-Mail. I will save your address.
> Sincerely,
> Janice Blaylock
> > Hi Janice,
> >
> > My husband is descended from Jane's brother Stephen Monroe Northup - they are both children of Hampton T. Northup & Elizabeth Jane Dean. Most of what I have for Hampton's ancestors is in my file on - if you go in my file to Hampton's page and click on Pedigree it will give you an idea of who I have for ancestors. You also should look at Rick Northup's website
> > at:
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> >
> >
> > As he has quite a lot of his notes posted on his site and he traces the line back quite a ways. I also have a writeup that was done in the early 1900's on the family - tells about Hampton's capture by the Indians, etc. I can scan and email it to you or copy and send it to your mailing address if you would rather. It is several pages long- maybe 10? Let me know if you want it and which way you would prefer.
> >
> > Thanks for the info on Jane's children - I did not have that before. I also corrected the spelling of Blaylock as I had Braylock. I'm not sure if our lines settled near each other although Jane & Stephen were close in age. Stephen Monroe Northup was in Gallia Co., OH in 1850, in Iowa by 1860, and in Kansas by 1880. Most of his descendants settled in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. I don't think there were any that were in Illinois.
> >
> > Thanks for the query - I like to connect with other researchers who are working on the same lines I am.
> >
> > Kari
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> > > Hi,
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> > > My name is Janice Blaylock. I am doing research on my husbands family. His Great-great grandfather is Joseph M. Blaylock Married to Jane Northup,Shaw,Harrington. Joseph was the 3rd husband of Jane. They had 4 children.
> > > 1-Martha Shaw (from Jane's first Marriage)
> > > 2-Joseph Stephen Blaylock (my husbands great grandfather)
> > > 3-Francis Monroe Blaylock
> > > 4-Eli Blaylock
> > > I know that they lived neer Deer Park, La Salle Co., Ill. The only date I have is Jane's death of 1872, she was about 55 yrs. old. If you have any other information that would help me, I would appreciate it.
> > > Sincerely,
> > > Janice Blaylock