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Notes for Elizabeth Jane Northup McCall

The Family of Daniel Northup & Ann Hampton Collins

March 28, 1784 - Elizabeth born

Father Daniel Northup was probably in Botetourt Co., VA in 1785-1786, and he had moved to Kanawha Co., WV by 1791-1792 when he is listed on tax records there. The family moved from WV to Washington Co., OH in 1795. On her son Henry's 1880 census, he lists Elizabeth as being born in Virginia

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19
Husband's Name
James C. MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-V5) Pedigree

Born: 10 Mar 1782 Place:
Died: 17 Nov 1838 Place:
Married: 27 May 1802 Place:



Wife's Name
Elizabeth Jane NORTHUP (AFN:4VS2-0N) Pedigree
This is not the same person as Elizabeth Jane Dean who married Elizabeth Jane Northup's brother Hampton

Born: 28 Mar 1784 Place: <North Kingston, , Ri Northup, , Oh>
Died: 10 Jan 1830 (?????) Her widower remarried on December 22, 1829 in Gallia Co., Ohio Place:
Married: 27 May 1802 Place:

Father: Daniel NORTHUP (AFN:1NGM-LK) Family
Mother: Anna HAMPTON (AFN:1NGM-MQ)



M Thomas MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-FW) Pedigree
Born: 14 Aug 1803 Place:
Died: 2 Sep 1830 Place:

F Mary Ann MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-DQ) Pedigree
Born: 24 Nov 1804 Place:

M James MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-G3) Pedigree
Born: 12 Aug 1806 Place:
Died: 11 Mar 1873 Place:

M Daniel MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-H8) Pedigree
Born: 13 Jun 1808 Place:
Died: 17 Sep 1816 Place:

F Lavina MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-JF) Pedigree
Born: 26 Mar 1810 Place:
Died: 5 Mar 1862 Place:

F Sarah MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-LR) Pedigree
Born: 21 Jul 1811 Place:
Died: 22 Nov 1863 Place:

M Josiah MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-KL) Pedigree
Born: 30 Apr 1813 Place:
Died: 3 May 1830 Place:

F Jane MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-MX) Pedigree
Born: 28 May 1815 Place:
Died: 27 Dec 1871 Place:

F Harriet MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-N4) Pedigree
Born: 30 Nov 1819 Place:
Died: 5 Sep 1835 Place:

M Henry MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-P9) Pedigree
Born: 14 Mar 1822 Place: <, Lawrence Co., Kentucky>
Died: 12 Jan 1894 Place:

F Elizabeth Hale MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-QG) Pedigree
Born: 18 Nov 1824 Place:
Died: 27 Feb 1877 Place:

F Susannah James MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-RM) Pedigree
Born: 18 Dec 1827 Place:
Died: 21 Sep 1908 Place:

James McCall married his sister-in-law Elizabeth Jane Dean Northup (widow of Hampton) on December 22, 1829

M William Francis MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-SS) Pedigree
Born: 9 Oct 1831 Place: <Keota, , Ia>
Died: 6 Oct 1908 Place:

F Ormazinda MC CALL (AFN:4VS2-T0) Pedigree
Born: 7 Oct 1833 Place:
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North America
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Female Family
Death: 10 JAN 1830

Spouse: JAMES C. MC CALL Family
Marriage: 27 MAY 1802 Marietta, Washington, Ohio

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The link works. Thanks. There are a few minor things you might want to change. Daniel was in Col. Archibald CRARY's RI Regiment. Someone made a typo long ago and it has been perpetuated for many years.

I rechecked the "Tidewater VA Families" book. I misread it the first time. Anna Hampton Collins had one child, John Robert Collins, by her husband Robert Collins and he is mentioned in John Hampton's will as one of his grandchildren and one of her children.

Daniel's grave now has a new marker on top of the old one placed there by the Sons of the American Revolution. It is located in Rose Cemetery, Green Twp.

I am not sure about the dates of Daniel and Anna's children. My family history lists all their names, says Elizabeth Jane is their third child and gives her birthdate as March 28, 1784. Apparently it was taken from a family bible as was her date of death which we know is wrong. Don't know where that family bible is but I suspect someone in the McCall family living in Gallia County has it. I suspect that it was Eliz. and James McCall's family bible, but it could be the Northup bible as easily.
I have been unable to find a grave for her or James McCall.

RE: Henry , the only info that I have is that he was a Methodist minister and was last known to be in Washington, D.C. and married a woman by the name of Susannah Painter. She may have been from Marietta and searching there for her family might bring some info. I wonder if Sarah Northup married a relative of Susannah as Sarah married a man named Painter.

There is an inconsistency in the text about Anna's state that she died sometime after 1795 as her last child was born then, but in the listing of the children, you have them born from 1778-1785.

Vernon Northup had two daughters: Elizabeth b 7/13/1816 d 4//30/1841 and Sarah Jane b 4//14//1818 d 11/14/1840 and another child, sex unk. d 9/17/1830 age 50 hrs. All are buried in Rose cemetery, Green Twp.

I am going to do a little more research on Daniel's revolutionary service. I just realized that all I have is a copy of the General Index card but no dates of service are indicated. I traced the regiments and found dates but I am hopeful I can find date of enlistment and date of discharge. Will let you know.


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Hi everyone!
As I was going through my mother's things, I found this article written by Jack Nida to the Gallipolis Tribune in 1934. Thought that you might like to have a copy of it. I am trying to figure a way to scan it but it is a double column headline and storoy for about 6 inches and then a single column for another 10 inches or so. The paper is very brittle as it sat in my mother's garage for 30 years or so.



History of McCalls, Blakes Allied Families is Outlined

Southern Ohio McCalls Are Descendants of McCall Clan of Scotland------
Sally Blake Born on Site of Marietta Before That City Was Founded, Writes Attorney Jack Nida.

Interesting and important data concerning some of the oldest, largest, and most prominent families of Gallia county have been made available for Tribune readers by Attorney Jack Nida of Columbus.
Mr. Nida, born and reared here, has done considerable research work into the origins of the McCalls, Northups, Blakes and allied families. In a letter that merits a place in a multitude of scrap-books he tells much in a succinct clear way about the antecessors of these groups:
Columbus, Aug. 28th.
Gallipolis Tribune,
I have noticed several articles about the McCalls, Blakes and other related families all of which are apparently predicated upon a talk I gave at the McCall reunion. Unfortunately none of these articles are exactly correct and in order that those interested may have the full picture I am presenting these facts which I believe to be accurate.
May Wear McDonald Plaid
The McCall Family is descended from the Clan McColl of Scotland. This is a branch of the McDonald Clan and the McCalls are entitled to wear the McDonald plaid. This family settled in Northern Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania early in the 18th century. The first Gallia County McCall was James C. McCall born March 10, 1782, died Nov. 11, 1838. He married Elizabeth Jane Northup (1784-1830) in 1802. She was a daughter of Daniel Northup of Rhode Island (1738-1811) who was a Revolutionary soldier, the founder of Northuptown, who is buried in the Northup cemetery. After the death of Elizabeth (Northup) McCall, James C. McCall married the widow of his brother-in-law, Hampton Northup. She was Jane (Dean) Northup. There were 14 children in all: Thomas, James, Jr., Daniel, Lavina, Sarah, Josiah, Jane, Hariet, Henry, Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Susannah were of the first family and William and Ormazinda of the second family. James McCall, Jr., born Aug. 12, 1806 died Mar. 11, 1873 married in 1828 Martha Phelps (1807-1858). Their children were: Alexander McCaslin, Missouri (Stuart), Lavina (Northup), Josiah, Benjamin, and Martha (Nida).
Wed a Virginia Hampton
Daniel Northup (1738-1811) was descended from Stephen Northup Sr., who was one of the followers of Roger Williams and a signer of the Original Compact of the founding of what is now the State of Rhode Island. Daniels's wife was Anne Hampton, of the East Virginia family of Hamptons. His service in the Revolutionary War entitles his descendants to membership in the D. A. R. and S. A. R.
Martha Phelps was the daughter of John Phelps and Sarah (Sally) Blake. John Phelps was the son of Lt. John Phelps and the grandson of Col. John Phelps of Bedford County, Va. The father served in the Revolutionary War and the grandfather was an officer in the Colonial Wars preceeding the Revolution. The Phelps Family dates its history back to James Phelps was born in 1520 in England. The family came to America in 1630.
Born on Marietta Site
Sally Blake was the first white child born in what is now Marietta, her father being one of the officers of Gen. Harmar's troops stationed there several years prior to the accepted date of settlement, 1788. She was born May 7, 1787, and married John Phelps in 1806. After his death in 1812, she married Rev. John Strait, a Revolutionary soldier and a Baptist preacher. She died May 15, 1878. Rev. Strait died in 1860 at the age of 101 years. One history says he lived to be 105, but his tombstone says 101. Sally Blake was the daughter of David Blake and Martha Daggett, both of Rehoboth, Mass. David was not a Revo(d)lutionary soldier so far as I can determine, but was an officer in the Indian Wars following the Revolution, and as shown above, was an officer of Ft. Harmar. David lived in Campus Martius near the Putnam House which still stands. In 1817 he moved to Swan Creek, Ohio twp., Gallia County, and lived on the farm and in the same house in which his descendants still live.
David Blake born Feb. 13, 1764, dates his ancestry back to John Blake of Dorchester, Mass, who died in 1706.
Martha Daggett was born Oct. 6, 1765, in Rehoboth, Mass. She was descended from John Daggett who came to America with Governor Winthrop in 1630. He was one of the first settlers of Martha's Vineyard. Daggett served in King Phillips War, entitling her descendants to membership in Society of Colonial Wars and Colonial Dames.
The families of Turner, Pratt, Fuller, Bullard, Whiting, Palmer, Suttow, Knowlton, Ormsbee, Wilmot, Bowen and several others are also related to the McCall family.
Now That is Good Idea!
In conclusion may I compliment The Tribune upon its policy of giving adequate space to articles dealing with family histories. I suggest that it broaden this policy to the extent of carrying in one issue each week an article about some Gallia county family. I know that there are a number of local genealogists who would be glad to make their information available in this form. For myself I would be glad to contribute my information upon the families in which I am interested which include: Nida, Waddell, Campbell, Womeldorf, West, Armstrong, Grimes, and a number of others.
Very sincerely yours,

Gallipolis Tribune September 6, 1934
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin