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Notes for Daniel Taylor Northup

The Family of Daniel Taylor Northup & Charlotte Ann McKendry

From manuscript sent from Marie Fox to Charles W. Northup (year? Latest date on descendant out line is 1942):
Stephen M. Northup moved to Iowa in the spring of 1853 and settled in Jefferson County near Abingdon. He also lived in Keokuk and Wapello Counties.

1856 state census Polk, Jefferson, Iowa
Stephen Northup, age 37, b. Ohio, Farmer
Harret Northup, age 36, b. Ohio
Mary A., age 11, b. Ohio
Elisabet E, age 10, b. Ohio
Missouri C., age 8, b. Ohio
Daniel T., age 7, b. Ohio
Abram G., age 5, b. Ohio
Syrus W., age 3, b. Ohio
Rachel N, age 1, b. Ohio

1860 census Lancaster Twp., Keokuk Co., IA July 31, 1860 page 1030
S.M. Northup, age 40, b. OH, farmer, $800 real estate and $600 personal estate
Harriet E., age 41, b. OH
Mary A., age 15, b. OH
Elizabeth E., age 14, b. OH
Missouri, age 12, b. OH
Daniel F., age 11, b. OH
Abram G., age 9, b. OH
Cyrus W., age 8, b. OH
Matilda, age 7, b. IA
Charles, age 5, b. IA
Nancy, age 2, b. IA
V.W. Darling, age 22, male, occupation Miller, b. Vermont
Cyrus is not listed as blind although according to family papers he became blinded at age 8 or 9.

1870 census Competine Twp, Wapello Co., IA page 104a
Stephen N. Northup, age 51, farmer
Harriett, age 50, b. OH
Missouri, age 23, b. OH
Daniel, age 21, b. OH, Huckster
Abraham, age 19, b. OH, farm laborer
Cyrus, age 17, b. OH, blind
Matilda, age 15, b. IA
Charles, age 13, b. IA, farm laborer
Nancy, age 12, b. IA
Emma, age10, b. IA
Rooks County, Kansas Marriage Records Book A, 1874-1891
Northup, Charles M McKendry, Sarah E 4 Feb 1879 27
Northup, Cyrus W Potts, Anna V 28 Feb 1882 136
Northup, Daniel T McKeudry, Lottie 12 Nov 1878 22

June 01, 1880 - son John Monroe born in Rooks Co., KS

1880 census Lowell Twp., Rooks Co., KS page 479a
Daniel Northrup, head, age 31, farming, OH/OH/OH
Charlotte, wife, age 16, IN/OH/IN
John M., age 1/2. born May, KS/OH/IN

September 27, 1882 - daughter Ella Elise born in Kansas

1882-1885 - family moved to Colorado

May 24, 1885 - daughter Minnie born in Golden, Jefferson Co., CO. Died same day.
August 30, 1886 - daughter Amy Estella born in Golden, Jefferson Co., CO
May 04, 1889 - son Ira born in Golden, Jefferson Co., CO

1889-1893 - family moved to Washington

July 02, 1893 - son Jay Elmer born in Washington

1900 - ?? Their 2 oldest children, John & Ella, are working in Small Pct., Walla Walla Co., OR in the household of William Rieser.

Daniel died July 10, 1906

1910 census 10th Ward Portland, 89th Precinct, Multnomah Co., Oregon
1211 Presmonish (?) Street, Household #171/173
Charlotte A. Northup, head, age 46, widowed, md 32 yrs, 6 births, 5 surviving. IN/OH/IN, Boarder, At home
Amy C., daughter, age 23, single, CO/OH/IN, Clerk, Department Store
Ira D., son, age 20, CO/OH/IN, single, Engineer, Steam
Jay E., son, age 16, WA/OH/IN, single, Teamster, Wholesale

----- Original Message -----
From: Charles D. Russum
To: Kari Northup
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2003 12:57 AM
Subject: Re: Ira Daniel Northup

Hi Kari, The information I have is as follows:

Husband: Daniel Taylor Northup
born: February 17, 1849 Gallia Co., Ohio
married: November 08, 1878
died: July 10, 1906 Walla Walla, Washington (Buried Vancouver, Washington)
father: Stephan Monroe Northup
Mother: Harriet Elise Gilbert

Wife Charlotte Anne McKendry
born: October 06, 1863 Adams Co., Indiana
died: November 08, 1918
Father: John Alexander McKendry
Mother: Rebecca Reynolds


name: John Monroe Northup
M born: June 01, 1880 Rooks Co.
married: July 09, 1905
died: 1932
Spouse: Bessie May Johnson

name: Ella Elise Northup
F born: September 27, 1882
died: October 31, 1918
spouse: Herman L. Campbell

name: Minnie Ivy Northup
F born: May 24, 1885 Jefferson, Golden, CO
died: May 24, 1885

name: Amy Estella Northup
F born: August 30, 1886 Jefferson, Golden, CO
married: May 04, 1916
spouse: Ralph Emory Butler

name: Ira Daniel Northup
M born: May 04, 1889 Jefferson, Golden, CO
married: June 25, 1913
died: January 06, 1977
spouse: Mamie Coffey

name: Jay Elmer Northup
M born: July 02, 1893
married: November 03, 1917
spouse: Vincennes Verna Bonsignor

I hope this helps. Chuck Russum
Portland, Oregon