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Notes for Mary Katherine Claus Jacoby

The Families of Conrad Claus

Ship name: Augusta Victoria
Shipping Company: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien
Country Flag: Deutschland
Captain: Barends
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Ship destination: New York
Date of Departure: 10.07.91
Passage Number A1891.0222
Accomodations: Zwischendeck
Place of Residence: Saratow
State of Residence: Russland

Listed with passenger number, name, age, occupation.
01.0464 Conrad Claus, age 42, Landmann
01.0465 Elisabeth Claus, age 33
01.0466 Catha. Claus, age 17
01.0467 Dorothea Claus, age 15
01.0468 Marie Claus, age 11
01.0469 Conrad Claus, age 7
01.0470 Dorothea Claus, age 4
01.0471 Elisabeth Claus, age 4
01.0472 Adam Claus, age 5 months

Obit of sister Katie states, "Katherine Claus was born in the German settlement at Norka, Russia on Apr. 5, 1875, the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Conrad Claus. She was 16 years of age (1891) when the Claus family emigrated to America. After a residence of six months at Sutton the family came to Grand Island (Hall Co., Nebraska)."

1900 census Cotton Mill Village, Kearney Ward 2, Buffalo Co., Nebraska, Sheet 14B. June 9, 1900
Adam Klaus, head, June 1869, age 30, md 4 yrs, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1878, in USA 22 yrs, naturalized, cotton mill, laborer
Dora, wife, August 1875, age 24, md 4 yrs, 1 birth, 0 surviving, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1878, in USA 22 yrs, cotton mill, spreader
Mary Michael, foster daughter, June 1880, age 19, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1898, in USA 2 yrs, cotton mill, weaver
Conrad Klaus, head, April 1849, age 51, md 10 yrs, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs, cotton mill, yard man
Lizzie, wife, Nov 1858, age 41, md 10 yrs, 9 births, 9 surviving, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs
Mary, daughter, April 1879, age 20, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs
Conrad, son, Jan. 1882, age 18, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs, mill laborer
Dora, daughter, Dec 1885, age 14, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs
Lizzie, daughter, May 1886, age 14, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1890, in US 10 yrs
Adam, son, Feb 1890, age 10, Nebraska/Germany/Germany
John, son, March 1893, age 7, Nebraska/Germany/Germany
Peter, son, Aug 1893, age 6, Nebraska/Germany/Germany
Henry, son, March 1899, age 1, Nebraska/Germany/Germany
Maria, daughter, March 1897, age 3, Nebraska/Germany/Germany


1900 census Grand Island, Hall Co., NE June 18, 1900
617 Koenig St., household #130/140
Katie Schleiger, head, Feb 1844, age 56, widowed, 10 births, 2 surviving children, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1886, in US 14 yrs, Launderess
Gottlieb, son, Oct 1881, age 18, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1886, in US 14 yrs, day laborer
610 Koenig St., household #131/141
George Schleiger, Feb 1874, age 26, married 6 years, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm. 1886, Saloon
Katie, wife, Apr 1874, age 26, married 6 years, 3 births, 2 surviving children, Germany/Germany/Germany, imm 1891 in US 9 yrs
Blanche, daughter, May 1895, age 5, NE/Germany/Germany
John, son, Jan 1897, age 3, NE/Germany/Germany
Conrad Glous, father-in-law, Feb 1849, age 5, Russia/Russia/Russia, imm 1891 in US 9 yrs, day laborer
Adam, brother-in-law, Mar 1890 (?? was listed as age 5 months on ship passenger list in 1891), age 10, imm 1891, in US 9 yrs Germany/Russia/Russia
John, April 1892, age 8, NE/Russia/Russia

1902 - Mary's parents moved to Windsor, Weld, Colorado

abt 1905 - Mary married John Jacoby. First child born about 1906 in Colorado.


1920 census Denver, Denver, Colorado
John Chickobi, head, age 42, imm 1900, Russia-German/Russia-German/Russia-German, Laborer, City
Mary, wife, age 40, imm 1890, Russia-German/Russia-German/Russia-German
John Jr, son, age 14, Colorado/Russia-German/Russia-German
Henry, son, age 12, Colorado/Russia-German/Russia-German
Fred, son, age 8, Colorado/Russia-German/Russia-German
Leah, daughter, age 6, Colorado/Russia-German/Russia-German
Floyd, son, age 2, Colorado/Russia-German/Russia-German

Mary died January 26, 1930 in Denver, Denver, Colorado

January 27, 1930 (Monday)
Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Funeral for Mrs. Jacoby to be Held in Denver Wed.
Windsor Jan. 27 - A large number of Windsor relatives will go to Denver Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. John Jacoby, who died at her home in the city Sunday. Mrs. Jacoby died near the anniversary of her son, a year ago.
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Clouse of Windsor and a sister of Mrs. William Thoennes, Mrs. Harry Cadwalder, Mrs. John Mahl, Pete Clouse, John Clouse and Adam Clouse, all of Windsor; Mrs. Henry Propp of Denver, and Mrs. John Foos of Nebraska, and Mrs. Conrad Clouse of the east.
Mrs. Clouse is survived by her husband and five children, the youngest of whom is 12 years old.
All of the Windsor relatives plan to attend the funeral, which will be held Wednesday in the Presbyterian Church of Denver.

1930 census Denver, Denver, Colorado April 10, 1930
4438 Lincoln Street, household 340/354
John Jacoby, head, age 50, widowed, imm 1900, Russia/Russia/Russia, Occupation listed as Unknown
John Jr, son, age 24, Colorado/Russia/Russia
Fred, son, age 19, Colorado/Russia/Russia
Leah, daughter, age 16, Colorado/Russia/Russia
Floyd, son, age 12, Colorado/Russia/Russia

March 24, 1931 - obit of sister Anna Propp states " A sister, Mrs. John Jacoby, died a year ago, and a brother Conrad, a few years before."

November 24, 1931- (Tuesday) - Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Windsor - Funeral services for Conrad Clouse, age 82, who died at his home in Windsor Friday night, were held Monday afternoon at the Congregational Church with Rev. John Rothenberger in charge. Mr. Clouse was born in Norka, Russia Feb. 21, 1849. He was married to Elizabeth Jager in 1890, and the following year they came to America, locating in Nebraska. In 1902 they came to Colorado, and farmed near Windsor until 1917, when they moved to Windsor.
He is survived by his wife and the following children: Mrs. Catherine Foos, Mrs. Dorothy Clouse, both of Grand Island, Nebr.; Elizabeth Cadwalder of Windsor, Adam, Pete, John and Henry Clouse and Mrs. Marie Maul, all of Windsor; also by a stepdaughter Mrs. William Thoenneses; also 33 grandchildren and three grandchildren. A daughter Anna Propp, died in March, and another daughter, Mrs. John Jacoby, of Denver, died in January 1930.

November 25, 1931 (Wednesday) - Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Relatives from a distance, who were here to attend the funeral of Conrad Clouse, which was held at the Congregational church Monday afternoon, included Mr. and Mrs. Foos and son, John Schleiger, Dora Clouse and daughter, Grand Island, Nebr., John Jacoby children of Denver, and Mrs. Northrop of Denver.

1946 - Listed as sister Mary Jacoby, deceased in the May 2, 1946 obit of her sister Katie Claus Schleicher Fuss