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Notes for Anna Victoria Potts:

The Family of Cyrus Northup & Anna V. Potts

1870 census Aetna Twp., Logan Co., IL, page 21
Census taken July 6, 1870
Household #140
Isaac Potts, age 32, male,b. Ohio, Farmer, $2000 Real Estate, $1000 personal estate
Cornelia, age 30, female, b. Ohio, Keeps House
Annie, age 10, female, b. Illinois
Laura, age 8, female, b. Illinois
Jennie, age 6, female, b. Illinois
George, age 3/12, male, b. Illinois

1880 United States Census Laenna, Logan, Illinois Page Number 272A
Martin LEAGUE Self M Male W 24 IL Farmer IL IL
Cornelia LEAGUE Wife M Female W 38 IL Keeping House IL IL
Annie POTTS SDau S Female W 18 IL At Home IL IL
Laura POTTS SDau S Female W 16 IL At Home IL IL
Jennie POTTS SDau S Female W 14 IL At Home IL IL
George POTTS SSon S Male W 9 IL IL IL
Isaac POTTS SSon S Male W 6 IL IL IL
Ida LEAGUE Dau S Female W 2M IL IL IL
Rooks County, Kansas Marriage Records Book A, 1874-1891
Northup, Charles M McKendry, Sarah E 4 Feb 1879 27
Northup, Cyrus W Potts, Anna V 28 Feb 1882 136
Northup, Daniel T McKeudry, Lottie 12 Nov 1878 22

From manuscript sent from Marie Fox to Charles W. Northup:
He (Cyrus) married Anna V. Potts who had come from Logan Co., Illinois and taught the home school from 1881-1882. They were married February 28, 1882 and moved to the homestead. There were four children born here.

1885 census Lowell, Rooks Co., Kansas
Cyrus Northup, age 32, Broom maker
Annie Northup, age 22
Hugh Northup, age 2
Harry Northup, age 6 months
Jennie Potts, age 17
George Potts, age 14

Because of ill health he gave up the broom business and for the next ten years sold goods on the road. In 1890 a failure of crops caused him to lose his homestead in Kansas. He, with four other families, emigrated to the southwest corner of Missouri, he locating in Cedar County. In the spring of 1891 he moved to Shenandoah, Page Co., Iowa, and remained there until 1896.

Certificate of Birth State of Iowa
Issued April 7, 1954
This is to certify that according to records on file in this office , that Charles Wesley Northup, male, was born March 27, 1892 at Shenandoah, Page Co., Iowa. State File # 73-92-104. Date of Filing May 2, 1892. Father Cyrus W. Northup. Mother Anna V. Potts
1895 state census, Third Ward Shenandoah, Page Co., Iowa
Name: Cyrus W. Northup Age: 42 Race: W Birthplace: Ohio
Name: Anna Northup Age: 32 Race: W Birthplace: Illinois
Name: Hugh Northup Age: 12 Race: W Birthplace: Kansas
Name: Hany Northup Age: 10 Race: W Birthplace: Kansas
Name: Esther Northup Age: 8 Race: W Birthplace: Kansas
Name: Ruth Northup Age: 6 Race: W Birthplace: Kansas
Name: Charles Northup Age: 3 Race: W Birthplace: Page Co IA
Name: Rachel Northup Age: 0 Race: W Birthplace: Page Co IA

From manuscript sent from Marie Fox to Charles W. Northup:
In 1896 he (Cyrus) moved to Atchison Co., Missouri where his wife taught school for a year. Her health failed and after more than a year of serious illness she was taken to the Sanitorium at College View, Nebraska, where she remained for six months. During that time, the seven children were scattered among friends and relatives.

**1900 census College View, Lancaster Co., NE - Nebraska Sanitarium
Anna Northup, patient, Sept. 1862, age 37, Single (?) 17 years, 7 births 7 surviving, Illinois/Kentucky/Illinois, Schoolteacher
**1900 census Industry Twp, Phelps Co., NE
Jacob Cort, head, Oct 1857, age 42, md 10 yrs, IA/PA/PA, Farmer
Estella, wife, Sept 1873, age 26, md 10 yrs, 2 births, 2 surviving, IL/IL/IL
Claud, son, Nov 1892, age 7, NE/IA/IL
Glen, son, May 1897, age 3, NE/IA/IL
Hue Northrop, Boarder, Nov 1882, age 17, IL/OH/OH, Farm Laborer
**1900 census Edison Precinct, Furnas Co., NE
Household #
William Tower, head, Aug 1867, age 32, married 6 yrs, MN/NY/IN
Orpha, wife, April 1873, age 27, married 6 yrs, 2 children, IA/IN/IA
Ward V., son, Sept 1896, age 3, NE/MN/IA
Floyd H., son, Aug 1898, age 1, NE/MN/IA
Edward Gashon, March 1855, age 45, servant, IL/PA/Unknown
Esther Northup, servant, Dec 1886, age 13, KS/OH/IL
**1900 census Sappa, Harlan Co., NE
Charles James, head, Aug 1855, age 44, md 21 yrs, OH/PA/OH, Farmer
Addis, wife, June 1849, age 40, md 21 yrs, 3 births, 3 surviving, IA/IN/IN
Herbert, son, June 1880, age 19, KS/OH/IA, Farm Labour
Ethel, daughter, June 1884, age 15, KS/OH/IA, At School
Carrie, daughter, May 1887, age 13, KS/OH/IA, At School
Salem Buerry, servant, Nov 1879, age 20, IL/PA/PA, Farm Labour
Harry Northup, servant, Aug 1884, age 19, KS/OH/IL, Farm Labour
On index as Harry Nartheys
**1900 census Orleans Twp, Harlan Co., NE
John (?) Harvey, head, April 1846, age 54, md 34 yrs, VA/VA/VA
Sarah M, wife, May 1850, age 50, md 34 yrs, 7 births, 7 surviving, OH/PA/OH
Joseph, son, Jan 1883, age 17, NE/VA/OH
Ruth Northup, boarder, May 1889, age 11, KS/OH/IL
Nellie Kennedy, daughter, Aug 1880, age 19, md 4 yrs, 1 birth, 1 surviving, NE/VA/OH
Fred, grandson, March 1897, age 3, KS/IA/NE
**1900 census Rubin, Harlan Co., NE
Kersey (?) Thomas, head, Feb 1856, age 44, md 22 yrs, OH/OH/OH, Preacher
Elisa E., wife, Nov 1856, age 44, md 22 yrs, 5 births, 3 surviving, IA/OH/OH
George E., son, Dec 1878, age 21, IA/OH/OH, Farming
Bertha A, daughter, Oct 1883, age 16, IA/OH/OH
Harry E., Son, May 1887, age 13, IA/OH/OH, Farming
Mary E. Northup, Borger, June 1898, age 1, NE/Don't know/Don't know
1900 - Cyrus is where??
1900 - Charles is where??
1900 - Rachel is where??

From manuscript sent from Marie Fox to Charles W. Northup:
Since her doctors advised against her living in Nebraska, the family was reunited in the fall of 1900 in Shenandoah, Iowa, where they lived until about 1903. His wife took Mary, the youngest child, and spent about a year in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In the meantime, he took the rest of the family and returned to Orleans, Nebraska, where he built a home. His wife returned to him there in May, much improved in health. They lived there for four years, her health failed again, and his wife went with a friend to California to be with her sister for several months. In 1910 he sent his wife and two youngest daughters to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a year. Then they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, remaining in Nebraska till the fall of 1917, when they moved to Marion, Kansas. They lived in Kansas until his wife's death, July 1, 1920. (She died at Lincoln Nebraska, where she is buried. After that time he made his home with relatives and friends.

1910 census 7th Ward Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, Sheet 1B
594 North 27th St.
Cyrus Northrup, head, age 58, md 28 yrs, OH/OH/OH, hammock maker
Anna, wife, age 48, md 28 yrs, 8 births, 7 surviving, IL/KY/IL
Hugh E., son, age 27, KS/OH/IL, teacher, public school
Ruth, daughter, age 20, KS/OH/IL, teacher, public school
Rachel, daughter, age 17, IA/OH/IL
Mary E., daughter, age 11, NE/OH/IL
Parker Fox, head, age 25, md 2 yrs, KS/IA/IA, clerk, grocery store
Esther, wife, age 23, md 2 yrs, 1 birth, 1 surviving, KS/OH/IL
Anise V., daughter, age 1, OK/KS/KS

1920 census ED 82, McPherson City, McPherson Co., Kansas
Household #176, 709 Walnut St.
Cyrus W. Northrup, head, age 67, OH/OH/OH, Hammock Maker
Anna V., wife, age 57, IL/KY/IL
Rachel, daughter, age 25, Iowa/Ohio/Illinois, Bookkeeper in a bank.
Ruthie, daughter, age 30, Kansas/Ohio/Illinois, clerk in Government
Living in same town as ancestors of Kari Dye, who married Cyrus & Anna's gg-grandson Douglas Northup in 1978. Anna & Kari's ggrandmother Ollie Helsel were both licensed Free Methodist evangelists.

Anna Potts Northup died July 1, 1920. Cyrus W. Northup received deed to cemetery lot at Wyuka cemetery in Lincoln, NE dated August 2, 1920. Deed is for lot #181 section #17. Purchased for $50.40.