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Notes for Anna Clouse Propp

The Families of Conrad Claus

1910 Windsor, Weld Co., CO Precinct #19, page 1A
Household #10, North & South Windsor Road
Clouse, Conrad, age 62, 2nd marriage, md 19 yrs, Russ German/Russ German/Russ German, imm 1891, farmer, general farm
Elizabeth, wife, age 52, 2nd marriage, md 19 years, 6 births, 6 surviving children, Russ German/Russ German/Russ German, imm 1891
Adam, age 19, Russ German/Russ German/Russ German, imm 1891, laborer, home farm
John, age 17, NE/Russ German/Russ German, laborer, home farm
Peter, son, age 14, NE/Russ German/Russ German, laborer, home farm
Marie, daughter, age 13, NE/Russ German/Russ German
Henry, son, age 10, NE/Russ German/Russ German
Annie, daughter, age 8, NE/Russ German/Russ German
Weld County Master Index
CLAUSE Annie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PROPP Henry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1918 Sep 10. . . . Mar1916-1930

1920 census Severance, Weld Co., CO
Fred Propp, age 48, imm 1908, Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov
Henry, son, age 20, imm 1908, Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov
Mollie, daughter, age 14, imm 1908, Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov
Maria, daughter, age 12, CO/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov
Anna, daughter-in-law, age 18, CO/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov
Helen, granddaughter, age 8 months, CO/Russia-Saratov/CO
Christine Pfeifer, mother-in-law, age 62, imm 1908, Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov/Russia-Saratov

January 26, 1930 - listed in her sister Marie Jacoby's obit as Mrs. Henry Propp of Denver, Colorado.

1930 census Windsor, Weld Co., CO
Henry Propp, head, age 30, age at first marriage - 19, Husenbach Russia/Husenbach Russia/Husenbach Russia, teamster, farm
Annie, wife, age 29, age at first marriage - 18, CO/Norka Russia/Norka Russia
Helen, daughter, age 10, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Lila, daughter, age 9, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Edna, daughter, age 8, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Henrietta (?), daughter, age 7, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Theodore, son, age 4, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Robert, son, age 3, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Fred, son, age 1, CO/Husenbach Russia/CO
Christina Pfeifer, age 73, grandmother, Husenbach Russia/Husenbach Russia/Husenbach Russia

March 23, 1931 - Anna Clouse Propp died in childbirth

March 24, 1931 (Tuesday) - Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Windsor Woman Dies as Eighth Child is Born
A few minutes after she had given birth to a nine pound son, Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, Mrs. Henry Propp, wife of a Windsor farmer, died. The baby was the eighth child born to Mrs. Propp, who was 32 years old. The oldest child will be 12 years old in April.
Mrs. Propp is survived by her husband, her eight children, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Clouse of Windsor and the following brothers and sisters; Miss Dora Clouse and Mrs. Kate Foos of Gering, Nebraska, Adam, John, Pete and Henry Clouse, Mrs. J. J. Maul, Mrs. Henry Cadawalder, Mrs. William Thoennes.
A sister, Mrs. John Jacoby, died a year ago, and a brother Conrad, a few years before.
The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Congregational Church and burial will be in Windsor Cemetery.

November 24, 1931- (Tuesday) - Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Windsor - Funeral services for Conrad Clouse, age 82, who died at his home in Windsor Friday night, were held Monday afternoon at the Congregational Church with Rev. John Rothenberger in charge. Mr. Clouse was born in Norka, Russia Feb. 21, 1849. He was married to Elizabeth Jager in 1890, and the following year they came to America, locating in Nebraska. In 1902 they came to Colorado, and farmed near Windsor until 1917, when they moved to Windsor.
He is survived by his wife and the following children: Mrs. Catherine Foos, Mrs. Dorothy Clouse, both of Grand Island, Nebr.; Elizabeth Cadwalder of Windsor, Adam, Pete, John and Henry Clouse and Mrs. Marie Maul, all of Windsor; also by a stepdaughter Mrs. William Thoenneses; also 33 grandchildren and three grandchildren. A daughter Anna Propp, died in March, and another daughter, Mrs. John Jacoby, of Denver, died in January 1930.

November 25, 1931 (Wednesday) - Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Relatives from a distance, who were here to attend the funeral of Conrad Clouse, which was held at the Congregational church Monday afternoon, included Mr. and Mrs. Foos and son, John Schleiger, Dora Clouse and daughter, Grand Island, Nebr., John Jacoby children of Denver, and Mrs. Northrop of Denver.

November 25, 1931 - Sister Dora Clouse Claus died in Grand Island, Nebraska, the day she returned home from Conrad's funeral.

May 02, 1946 - listed in the obit of half-sister Katie Claus Schleicher Fuss as deceased sister (Mrs.) Anna Hopps.