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Photos of Cyrus Northup & Anna Potts


The Family of Cyrus Northup

To see a copy of this photo with ID's, click Cyrus Northup Family Names. I ID'd the photo based on years of birth of the children. I am not 100% sure if I have Harry and Hugh ID'd correctly. One is age 14 and one is age 16. Descendants of Harry and Hugh that I have corresponded with said they think the ID is correct.
Same as above 
Uncles & Aunts of Hattie StrunkCyrus is seated far right. I believe Anna is standing behind him. Hattie Northup Strunk was the daughter of Charles Monroe Northup & Ellen Sarah McKendry. Her Northup Aunts & Uncles would be children of Stephen M. Northup & Harriet Eliza Gilbert, which would include Cyrus Northup. This photo may also have spouses, McKendry relatives. Would welcome any ID's if anyone knows!
Cyrus W. Northup 
Anna Victoria Potts Northup 
Family of Cyrus Northup

Any help with the ID's of children & spouses, and grandchildren in this photo would be appreciated! Anna died in 1920, and first child married in 1906, so am assuming photo was taken around 1918 or so. Grandchildren(with birthyears) who are possibly in the photo are Hugh's children (Joseph 1912, Lois 1914, Stephen 1916), Harry's children (Ruth 1907, Nellie 1908, Hale 1910, Harry 1912, Helen 1914, Kenneth 1917), Esther's children (Anise 1908, Glen 1910, Frances 1912, Marion 1913) Charles' child (Kelly 1912) and Mary's child (Mary 1919).