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Photos of the family of Charles W. Northup & Blanche Schleicher:

The Family of Charles Northup & Blanche Schleicher

Charles W. Northup1910 approxCharles Wesley Northup was Kelly's father, possibly by adoption. Charles married Blanche Schleicher shortly after Kelly's first birthday, and Kelly has the Northup last name on all records I have found for him.

Charles W. Northup

1914 approxAnother early photo of Kelly's father. I am guessing this may have been taken about the time he married Blanche Schleicher. Kelly was born in Dec 1912, and Charles & Blanche married in January 1914.
Blanche & Kelly Northup1915 approxI am guessing Kelly is about age 2 or 3 in this photo.
Kelly Northup1916 approxKelly Northup was born in Dec. 1912. I am guessing he is about age 3 or 4 in this photo
Charles W. Northup WWI1917 approxKelly Northup's father Charles W. Northup - guessing WWI uniform.
Blanche Northup1920 approxBlanche Schleicher Northup
Blanche Schleicher Northup1920's?Blanche Schleicher Northup. Taken at Clark's Studio, Stromsburg, Nebraska
Charles, Blanche & Kelly Northup1923 approxGuessing Kelly is about age 10.
Blanche & Kelly Northup1924 approxPossibly same trip as the following photo.
Blanche & Kelly Northup1924Possibly taken in Colorado, where Blanche's Claus relations lived. The background looks like mountains to me.
Charles W. Northup (on left)1952 approxCharles W. Northup (Kelly's father). He is on the left in this photo. I am guessing he is about 60 in this photo, but he may be older.
50th Wedding Anniversary Harry Northup #11956 
50th Wedding Anniversary Harry Northup #21956L-R: Mary Northup Conyers, Ruth Northup Murphy, Harry & Lenora Northup, Rachel Northup Easterling, Blanche Schleicher Northup and Charles Wesley Northup
Charles W. Northup1961Charles W. Northup (Kelly's father)
Blanche Schleicher Northup1967Blanche Schleicher Northup, mother of Kelly Northup. She was about age 72 in this photo.