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May 11, 1891Application for Administration. States that Millie Kelley died without a will "on or about" May 11, 1891 in Ash Grove, Greene Co., Missouri. Lists as heirs: Heirs of deceased daughter Dela Ann Phillips (Adeline Boils, Mary Hampton, Thomas Phillips, Jane Tidwell, Perny Peoples); heirs of deceased son John Kelley (Millie Hays, Alice Riley, Sarah Reynolds, Charles Kelley, Jesse Kelley); and heirs of deceased daughter Jane Swift (Alice Lusk, Alfred Swift, James Swift, Fletcher Swift, Florence Swift) and lists where all above were living at the time.
Dec. 5, 1891A. S. Appleby, executor of Alfred Kelley's will approaches the court. States that Millie Kelley, widow of Alfred had died, and that according to Alfred's will the heirs of deceased daughter Dele Ann (Kelley Springfield) should recieve $40 ( he doesn't know their names); the heirs of deceased son John should recieve $40 (being Millie Ann Hays, Mary Alice Riley, Charles H. Kelley & Sallie E. Reynolds & Jesse Kelley); and Alfred's daughters Amanda L, Emma C. & Rachel E. should each recieve $40. A. S. Appleby states further that he only has $212.76 in his hands for distribution, and requests a court order for how to distribute it to the heirs. Signed A. S. Appleby, executor.

The Family of Alfred Kelley & Millie Springfield