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Notes for Thomas Wesley Phillips:

The Families of Thomas W. Phillips

1860 census Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO
Census taken June 5, 1860
Household #50
Ananias Philips, age 30, b. IL
Delia A., age 24, b. IL
Martha A., age 6, b. MO
Mary L., age 3, b. MO
Thomas W., age 1 month, b. MO
Household #51
Ebenezer Philips, age 28, b. IL, Farmer
Lucinda, age 25, b. IN
William, age 7, b. MO
Sarilda, age 2, b. MO

1870 census Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO page 521
Census taken July 1, 1870
Annanias T. Phillips, age 40, b. IL, Farmer
Delia A., age 33, b. TN
Martha A., age 16, b. MO
Mary U. or V., age 13, b. MO
Thomas W., age 9, b. MO
Millie J., age 7, b. MO
Perna, age 3, b. MO

Father Annanias Phillips died August 18, 1873

Mother Delia Ann Kelley Phillips died August 1879

1880 census Lincoln, Lawrence Co., MO page 424A
Household 84/85
Thomas HAMTON Self M Male W 24 IL Farmer TN TN
Mary HAMTON Wife M Female W 23 MO Keeping House TN MO
Thomas HAMTON Brother S Male W 19 MO At Home TN MO (This is Thomas W. Phillips)
Perna HAMTON Sister S Female W 13 MO At Home TN MO (This is Pernia Phillips)
Living near household of George & Sarah M. Murrell - Thomas W. Phillips married Sarah Murrell as his second wife in 1893.

October 17, 1880 - Married Sarah Jane Moore

March 17, 1891 - wife Sarah Jane Moore Phillips died.

Dec 9 1891 - listed as heir of his grandfather Alfred H. Kelley. Listed as Thomas W. Phillips of Phelps, MO, son of Delia Phillips, Dec'd.

December 25, 1893 - Married Sarah M. Murrell

1900 census Green Township, Lawrence Co., MO June 13, 1900 sheet 7B
Thomas W. Philipps, head, May 1860, age 40, md 7 yrs, MO/TN/MO, Farmer
Sarah M., wife, March 1868, age 32, md 7 yrs, 2 births, 2 surviving, MO/TN/TN
Dosa O., daughter, January 1895, age 5, MO/MO/MO
Hattie R., daughter, February 1900, age 3 months, MO/MO/MO
Clemie, daughter, March 1885, age 15, MO/MO/MO
Flora, daughter, Feb 1887, age 13, MO/MO/MO
Loren, son, August 1889, age 10, MO/MO/MO
Living next door to sister Perna Peebles and her husband George & family.

1910 census Green Township, Lawrence Co., MO April 29-30, 1910 sheet 8A
Thomas W. Philips, age 49, 2nd marriage, md 16 yrs, 6 births, 6 surviving, MO/MO/TN, General Farm
Sarah M., age 44, 2nd marriage, md 16 yrs, , MO/TN/TN
Hattie, daugher, age 10, MO/MO/MO
Erma, daughter, age 8, MO/MO/MO
Willie R., son, age 6, MO/MO/MO
Alta F., daughter, age 4, MO/MO/MO
Stella, daughter, age 2, MO/MO/MO
Living next door to George & Perna Peebles & family. (sister)

Sept. 1, 1912 - Died, age 52. Buried in Summit cemetery near Aurora, MO.

Article in Lawrence County Record, Mt. Vernon, MO, Thursday Sept 5, 1912,


"Thomas Phillips died at the Asylum at Nevada Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. The body was shipped to Hoberg over the Iron Mountain rail road where it was met by friends and relatives and conveyed to Summit church where the funeral services were conducted and the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near the church. Mr. Phillips recently became of unsound mind and was so judged at a trial before Probate Judge Scott B. Dayton last week. He was taken the next day by the Sheriff to Nevada where he only lived a few days."

Note from K: Nevada is in Vernon Co., MO, and is north and a little west of Lawrence Co. I tried to get a copy of the trial transcript mentioned and was told it was not available - that it either no longer existed or was packed away in storage at the courthouse.