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Notes for Rachel Moore Simmons Redfearn

1850 census 2nd District, VanBuren Co, TN page 370
William Moore, age 35, b. TN
Jane, age 35, b. TN
Lucinda, age 14, b. TN
John, age 12, b. TN
Olly Jane, age 11, b. TN
Joel, age 9, b. TN
Maryann, age 6, b. TN
Rachel, age 4, b. TN

1860 Census, Lawrence Co., Mo., Mt. Vernon Township
Household # 1239
William Moore, 45, farmer, born in Tenn.
Jane, age 46, Tenn
John, age 22, Tenn
Joel, age 19, Tenn
Mary Ann, age 16, Tenn
Rachel, age 13, Tenn
Martha E., age 9, Tenn
Nancy, age 7, Mo
Delia O., age 4, Mo
Thomas Holley, age 22, Tenn (Thomas Hollingsworth, who married Mary Ann Moore)
Samuel Moore, age 29, Tenn.

Married McHenry Simmons in 1865

1870 census King's Prairie, Barry Co., MO
W. H. Seamons, age 25, farmer, born Arkansas
Rachel, age 23, born Tennessee

Married David Daniel Redfearn in 1879

1880 United States Census Center, Greene, Missouri Page Number 182D
D. D. REDFEARN Self M Male W 34 MO Farmer TN TN
Rachel REDFEARN Wife M Female W 33 TN Keeps House TN TN
J. M. REDFEARN Son S Male W 13 MO Works On Farm MO TN
R. E. REDFEARN Dau S Female W 10 MO MO TN
Children were Daniel's from a previous marriage

1900 census West Center Twp., Greene Co., MO
Household #82
Daniel D. Redfearn, head, Jan 1847, age 53, md 21 yrs, MO/TN/TN, farmer
Rachel, wife, Jan 1847, age 53, md 21 yrs, 6 births, 1 surviving child, TN/TN/TN
Dee W., son, Feb 1878, age 22, MO/MO/TN, farm labor
Major, son, May 1891, age 9, MO/MO/TN

1910 Center Twp., Greene Co., MO sheet 15A
David D. Redfearn, age 64, md 24 yrs, MO/US/US
Rachel, wife, age 62, md 24 yrs, 3 births, 1 surviving, TN/TN/TN
Major, son, age 18, md 2 yrs, MO/MO/TN
Fanny, daughter-in-law, age 21, md 2 yrs, MO/TN/TN

She is one of the 4 surviving sisters in Joseph Moore's obit printed on Jan. 23, 1919.

Rachel died on January 28, 1919 in Greene Co., MO

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I did state that Drella is a fairly uncommon name. I should add except in southwest Missouri. :) I believe when I checked the SSDI yesterday, all the Drellas got their SSN's in Missouri except for one and I'd guess that her mother was from Missouri or had some Missouri connection. There were 3 Drellas in the 1920 Lawrence County census.

I believe that the Drella Johnson that you found was actually another step-relative of our Moores. She was the daughter of Dee W. and Minnie Redfearn. Dee W. was the son of Daniel David (or David Daniel) Redfearn and step-son of Rachel Moore. Dee died in 1914 and his widow Minnie married John Stewart in 1915.

1920 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Ozark Township, family 10:
John M. Steward 41 yr Mo. Tn. Mo.
Minnie 36 yr Tn. Va. Tn.
John H. 1 6/12 yr Mo. Mo. Tn.
Drella B. Redfern 14 yr Mo. Mo. Tn. step/dau
Mildred L. Combs 6 yr Mo. Mo. Mo. niece

1910 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Ozark Township, family 201:
D. Redfern Head 32-yr M-1-6 Mo. Mo. Mo.
Minnie wife 26-yr 1-1 Tn. Tn. Tn.
Drella daug 4-yr s Mo. Mo. Tn.

1900 Census, Missouri, Greene Co., Center Township, family 82:
Redfearn, Daniel D., head, w, m, Jan 1847, 53, mar. 21, Mo, Tn, Tn
-------, Rachel, wife, w, f, Jan. 1847, 53, mar. 21, 6, 1, Tn, Tn, Tn
-------, Dee W., son, w, m, Feb. 1878, 22, single, Mo, Mo, Tn
-------, Major, son, w, m, May 1891, 9, single, Mo, Mo, Tn

Your guess about Drella was a very good one and the kind that I make many times. Age off a couple of years and different place of birth of a parent is not uncommon for census records.

The lookup person agreed to check for obits for Drella and Juanita while at the library and get copies of them, too. I also hinted that she might see if she can find one for George if she has access to cemetery records there after she finds out where Lenna is buried from her obit. I don't know when she is going but it will probably be a few days.

I did check all of the Smiths in the published transcription of the 1920 Lawrence County census. George, Lenna and their children are not there.

I looked at your web pages sometime ago, but I'll try to check them again this weekend.