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The families of Ollie Phillips

Notes for Ollie M. Phillips

Son Ralph Helsel says her birth place was Forsythe, Taney Co., MO. I also had it in other sources as being Aurora, Lawrence Co., MO.

Sept 20, 1899: Marriage license for J. E. Dyer, age 23, of Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO and Ollie Phillips, age 16 of Phelps, Lawrence Co., MO. License issued by written consent of T. W. Phillips, father of Ollie Phillips, because she was under age 18.
Sept 21, 1899: "This is to certify that I a minister of the Gospel did at the home of the bride unite in marriage the above named persons." Signed Aaron D. States

1900 census East Half Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., MO
John E., .dyer, head, July 1876, age 23, md 0 yrs, MO/CanadaEng/IL, Farmer
Ollie, wife, July 1883, age 16, md 0 yrs, 0 births, MO/MO/MO
Flora Phillips, sister-in-law, Feb 1886, age 14, MO/MO/MO

1902 Canon City City Colorado Directory -
J.E. & Ollie Dyer, hostler, W.B. Knox (305 Main), res. 120 Greenwood
J.H. Dyer, clk Smith Merc. Co, rms 707 Greenwood (James Halbert, son of Wm.)
W.H. & Emma Dyer, bartender St. Cloud Bar, res. 707 Greenwood

Separated 1903??

1903 Canon City Colorado City Dir. -
Albert Dyer, emp C C Mill, res 707 Greenwood (James Halbert, son of Wm.)
John Dyer, hostler W.B. Knox (305 Main), res. 305 Main
Wm. H. & Emma Dyer, bartender 814 Water St., res 707 Greenwood Ave.

Stepson Lewis Helsel is sure Ollie told him that she started the first Free Methodist Church in Florence, CO. This has not been verified.

July 13, 1907 Free Methodist evangelist license issued to Mrs. Ollie Dyer at Bolivar, Polk Co., MO. Chairman W.C. Bastian, Secretary Eliza Witherspoon

July 3, 1909 - Free Methodist evangelist license renewed for Ollie Dyer at Capps, Boone Co., Arkansas. Pres. W.C. Bastian, Sec'y Ollie Dyer There is a postcard addressed to Ollie in Harrison, Arkansas in 1909 from her sister Bessie (Clemmie).

1910 census Harrison Twp., Boone Co., Arkansas, taken April 1910
Eliza Witherspoon, head, age 54, single, NE/TN/TN, Minister
Ollie Dyer, Companion, age 27, divorced, 1 birth, 1 surviving, MO/MO/MO, Minister
Bessie B. Companion, age 9, MO/MO/MO

Sept. 24, 1910 - Free Methodist evangelist license of Ollie Dyer renewed at Harrison, Boone Co., Arkansas. Chairman W.C.Bastian, Sec'y, Ollie Dyer

John Elmer & Ollie's daughter Bessie Belle Dyer has memories of being in Salida CO with her parents until she was about 5 (1906?), says John Elmer was doing some kind of law enforcement work ie sheriff. (Kari Northup visited Canon City in July 1998 - house where John & Ollie lived in 1902 in Canon City was 4 houses away from the walls of the Colorado Territorial State Prison - staff at museum there said they often used volunteer help from the community as needed.)

Was granted an evangelist license in 1907 at Bolivar, MO. This was a license granted to women which allowed them to do some kinds of ministerial work. There are also handwritten renewals of this license for the years of 1908 through 1910. The last two were signed by Ollie Dyer as the secretary of the Harrison District of the Arkansas and Southern Missouri Quarterly Conference of the Free Methodist Church. There is also a record of her evangelist license in the combined minutes of 1913, so she probably also had the license in 1911 and 1912.

Divorced by 1917, when she married S. F. Helsel. Ollie is listed as living in There is also an envelope addressed to Ollie in Harrison, Arkansas from J.E. in Florence in 1913 that was found in a case belonging to Ollie.

March 14, 1919 - listed on Probate record of Nancy Moore as living in ? Oklahoma. Middle initial listed as M. on this record.

1920 census ED 82, McPherson City, McPherson Co., KS
Household #23, 802 South Elm St.:
Frank S. Helsel, head, age 44, IN/IN/IN, Proprietor Feed Store
Ollie, wife, age 36, MO/MO/MO
Raymond, son, age 13, KS/IN/KS
Everett, son, age 10, KS/IN/KS
Wesley, son, age 6, KS/IN/KS
Lewis, son, age 5, KS/IN/KS
Samuel, son, age 1, KS/IN/MO
Living in same town and in same Enumeration District are Doug Northup's gg-grandparents Cyrus & Anna Northup - Anna was also a licensed Free Methodist evangelist. They probably knew each other, went to church with each other! Also in same town and ED were Lester & Bessie (Ollie's daughter) Dye, and Howard Sherman Dye & family (Lester's parents). The census was taken in April of 1920 and Lester & Bessie gave birth to William Eugene Dye May 7, 1920 - William's daughter Kari Michelle Dye married Douglas Northup in 1978.

1925 state census Oketo, Marshall, Kansas
S. F. Helsel, age 49, b. Indiana, Clerk in Seed Store, came to Kansas from Indiana
Olie, age 42, b. Missouri, Housewife, Came to Kansas from Colorado
Evert, age 15, b. Kansas
Wesley, age 11, b. Kansas
Louis, age 10, b. Kansas
Frank Jr, age 6, b. Kansas
Ralph, age 3, b. Kansas
Waneta G., age 1, b. Kansas

1930 census Meade Center Twp., Meade Co., KS
Household #2
Samuel F. Helsel, head, age 54, age at first marriage - 29, IN/OH/OH, Farmer, Wheat
Ollie M., wife, age 47, age at first marriage - 24, MO/MO/MO
Wesley W., son, age 16, KS/IN/KS
Lewis L.,son, age 15, KS/IN/KS
Samuel F., son, age 12, KS/IN/MO
Ralph M., son, age 8, KS/IN/MO
Wuneta G., , daughter, age 6, KS/IN/MO

Email from Carolyn Cumming Heylmun:
I found out about Momo's mother having Lupus from Momo. I'm not sure about all of the early symptoms, but pain in various places, especially joints, would be one. Some people have a rash and are sensitive to the sun. Momo said that her mother couldn't let a drop of sun touch her skin. In later stages, it can attack various organs.

Compiled and submitted by the Meade County Genealogy Society
Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Block, Lot, Row
Helsel,S.,Franklin, - -1918, - -1933,003,017,011,,,,,,,
Helsel,Mary,M., - -1877,Mar-14-1915,003,017,012,,,,,,,
Helsel,Ollie,, - -1883,Nov-17-1933,003,017,010,,,,,,,