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Notes for Laverne H. Phillips

1900 census Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
531 w. Washington
John A. Phillips, head, Jan 1848, age 52, md 18 yrs, IN/NC/IN, occupation unreadable
Lauretta, wife, Aug 1848, age 51, md 18 yrs, 1 birth, 1 surviving, IN/IN/OH
Laverne H. son, April 1889, age 11, IN/IN/IN
Homer C., son, July 1878, age 21, IN/IN/IN
Porter H., son, Feb 1880, age 20, IN/IN/IN

1910 census Lincoln, Hendricks Co., IN
J. A. Phillips, head, age 61, 2nd marriage, md 27 yrs, IN/NC/KY, farmer
Lauretta B., wife, age 51, 1st marriage, md 27 yrs, 1 birth, 1 surviving, IN/KY/OH
Laverne H. son, age 21, IN/IN/IN

1911 - Laverne married Ruth Bell in Portland Oregon. Family story states that Ruth was his first cousin, but they were second cousins. Leverne's grandmother Emeline Courtney Phillips was the sister of Ruth's grandmother Lucinda Courtney Taylor. Laverne & Ruth had daughter Marjorie and later separated.

April 17, 1913 - LaVerne's mother Lauretta died April 17, 1913 in California

LaVerne's father John Almond Phillips married Lillie Harrod Davis (LaVerne's aunt)

1920 census Ladd Hill, Clackamas Co., Oregon Page 4a January 1920
Leverne H. Phillips, head, age 30, IN/IN/IN, farmer
Ruth E., wife, age 26, OR/IL/IN
Marjorie, daughter, age 1 and 8/12ths, OR/IN/OR
John A., father, age 72, widowed, IN/NC/KY

Is this him?
1930 census Chico, Butte Co., California
Verne P. Phillips, head, age 42, United States/Oregon/Oregon
Myrtle M., wife, age 39, (NE/MO/IA)
Esther B. Burns, step-daughter, age 18, CA/KS/NE
Johnny F. Burns, step-son, age 15, WA/KS/NE
Elsie Burns, step-daughter. age 13, WA/KS/NE

"The Phillips Family Tree" by John Phillips, 1986 & Ken & Lucille Phillips, 1994
LaVERNE PHILLIPS was born in April 1889. He was a half-brother to Homer, Porter and Flora. LaVerne's mother was Retta Herrod. He moved to California with Porter, then went to Portland Oregon, where he married Ruth Bell in October 1911. Ruth, a stenographer, is said to have been LaVerne's first cousin. They had a daughter, Marjorie, then separated. LaVerne later lived in the Los Angeles area and died there in 1960 or 61. (Almond, John T., Tom)
California Death Index, 1940-1997
Social Security #: 562034260
Birth Date: 2 Apr 1889
Birthplace: INDIANA
Death Date: 1 Oct 1963
Mother's Maiden Name: HARROD
Father's Surname:

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> I did wonder who Ruth Bell's mother was as the book said she was Leverne's
> first cousin. I thought maybe it was one of the Harrod aunts. Now from
> what you write I see that they were second cousins as their grandmothers
> were Courtney sisters.
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> > Yes, this is great, just the kind of stuff I need for the revision.
> > I think I likely confused you on the previous note about the banksons. John T. Phillips' wife Emeline had a sister Lucinda who married Thomas Taylor in Indiana. Lucinda and Thomas had a dau. Mary who married William Bankson. They were actors and their kids were actors. The son was quite successful. Mary Bankson kept theatrical clippings. In her old age, she retired to Oregon to live with a sister, Mrs. Emma Bell. The sister's daughter married a cousin LeVerne Phillips. I guess it was a case of relatives visiting there in Oregon and ending up getting married. Anyway LeVerne was Almond's grandson. This marriage produced a girl named Marjorie, who was a double relative. This family moved to Los Angeles. When Mary Bankson died, the clippings or the scrapbook passed to margy. We can deduce that because Margy pasted some of her mementos into the book, along with the theatrical stuff. Somehow the scrapbook got into a flea market in Palm springs, Calif. That's where the Courtney relatives turned it up last year. Not sure this is of any interest to you. You connect to Margy (very tenuously, of course, but not to Mary, etc.)
> > Anyway, yes, I was surprised to learn that Almond was still alive in 1920. I don't know what happened to Margy. She'd be in her 80s now, but I'm hoping Becky can lead me to a relative who knows what happened to Margy. Besides getting news on that branch of the Phillipses, I'd like to find out how the scrapbook got to Palm springs and if there was any other family stuff. I'll print out your data at the library Monday, so
> > I'll need some time to digest it. Thanks. John.