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Notes for John Edwin Dyer

Known as Jack Dyer, Jr.

Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 27, 1927 - DYER FUNERAL SERVICE TO BE THIS AFTERNOON Public Rites for Son of Chief of Police to be at Grave Only -
Private funeral services will be held at the Reilly chapel this afternoon at 3 o'clock for Jack Edwin Dyer, Jr., son of Chief of Police J.E. Dyer. Afterwards, the principal service, which friends of the family have been asked to attend, will be held at the grave in Evergreen Cemetery.
The boy, who was 7 years old, died after a short illness, a victim of spinal meningitis. He was ill early last Saturday and was then taken to St. Mary's hospital, where in spite of every medical aid, he died at 8:00 Monday evening.
Because of the nature of the disease which caused the death of the child, the private funeral services in the chapel were announced yesterday. The service at the graveside, however, will be for the benefit of the friends who have been asked to attend.

Arizona Daily Star Aug. 29, 1927 - VETERAN'S WEEP AT FUNERAL OF JACK DYER, JR. Police are Active and Honorary Pall Bearers For Son of Chief -
John Edwin Dyer, Jr. 7-year-old son of Chief of Police and Mrs. J. E. Dyer, was laid to rest yesterday afternoon in the Elks plot in Evergreen Cemetery, while hardened and old members of the police force, friends and relatives wept quietly as the Rev. Julian C. Mc Pheeters, pastor of the University Methodist church, read the benediction and said a closing prayer.
Rev. McPheeters in his talk consoled those whom "Little Jack" had left with the thought that "God plucks the little children from earth for heaven, just as we on earth go into the garden and pluck the bud of the rose."
Services at Reilly chapel were private and brief. Mrs. John ??? sang "God will Wipe All Tears Away", and Mr. McPheeters gave a prayer. The funeral cortege was made up of 20 cars while at the grave where the public services were held as many more were waiting. All cilty offices were unofficially closed during the time of the funeral, while the police force, with the exception of those required to remain on duty, was represented 100 percent. The cortege was led by Motorcycle Officers Belton and Smith. Police Captain Mark Robbins, Detectives A.S. Franco, Cliff Kronauer and Dallas Ford were active pall bearers. Honorary pall bearers were Officers Louis Ezekials, P.B. Wilbanks, Jesus Comacho and Sargeant A.W. Forbes.
Jack Dyer, Jr. died Monday at 8 pm at a local hospital where he had been taken late Saturday night. He was first taken ill Friday afternoon after he stood on the lawn in front of his home at 1622 East Broadway for several hours waiting for Col. Charles A. Lindbergh to pass. Shortly after he complained of feeling ill and Saturday morning his condition became alarming. Every medical aid possible was summoned, but he sank rapidly and Monday evening he died from spinal meningitis.
He was a pupil of the second grade at Miles school and was considered a very bright student and popular among his playmates. At the police station, where he went often with his father, he was the pet of every man on the force. Besides his parents, he leaves his little brother Bobby, age two, and a host of relatives and friends.